Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow and school

We had our first snow yesterday and boy...what a storm!  We didn't get much snow at all (this coming from a Yooper girl), but once the wind picked up it was just blowing everywhere.  I couldn't sleep last night, I could just hear the wind howling.  I thought for sure our roof would blow off or a window would break, it was seriously that windy.  When I stood by the front door to look out I could feel snow coming in from above the door.  We told our builders about this within the first year of living here but they sure didn't fix it.  Makes me all the more ready to move out of this house. 

We haven't been up to much of anything.  The kids had their Christmas program Friday night and that was really cute- they did a great job!  I am amazed how well they remembered the songs- even knowing them when I'd practice with them!  Thursday night I went and decorated Christmas ornaments with Mommies with Hope (you can read more about that on my other blog).  We're supposed to have our Christmas party for small group this coming week but I'm not sure we'll be able to go as we can't find a sitter.  All of our sitters (like 2 of them) have church things on Wed. nights.  I really hope we can go, I was looking forward to it.  Then next Saturday I think we have a Christmas party for Zach's work.  It's crazy that I have no details other than it's on that day and that's the same day as the commissioning.  I really hope to find out more at the beginning of this week....I am one who likes to know these type of things in advance.  Do I have to make something?  Find a sitter?  And my mom comes in like 9 DAYS!!!  I can't wait!!! 

As I was lying in bed last night thinking about how winter is here I was trying to think back to summer and the warm temps and I couldn't really remember much of summer.  It is such a haze!  I was just in a fog, getting through each day was a major accomplishment!  I can't wait until about April/May when the snow will start going away (I know we just started to get it, but I hate the cold). 

I think this week will be our last week of school for the year.  Since my mom comes the following week I'll want to get ready for her visit and I figure we can do Christmas projects and baking that week.  We've cruised right along in school so far and I'm thankful for how far we've come!!!  Hannah and Gabe are both on like Chapter 11 in their math books!  They're just cruising!  We're all on about lesson 75 in English.  Josiah didn't do well this last week on his English test so I think this week will just be review of that chapter (plus I hate to start a new chapter when we'll be having a long break).  I'll probably do the same with Hannah.  I'm reading them the book, 'The Best Christmas Pageant Ever' and they love it.  Can you believe I've never read that book before!?!?  We're almost done with it so then I'll have to dig out another one of our Christmas books to read.  Speaking of reading, I have many books on my list to read but I haven't been in much of a reading mood.  I wanted to get a book out yesterday but I'm not sure I have any 'easy' readers for myself and that's the kind I'm wanting.  Ok, off to browse my library in the basement...