Friday, October 31, 2008

Sweet Pea this week

This was Sunday, Junior Squirrel enjoying holding Sweet Pea, but she wasn't too happy.

Here she is in her Sunday dress

Mama & baby
My little sailor girl talking to her swing: Mama cleaning up the kitchen with my little 'help'A little spaced out looking but look at those blue eyes!
What ya looking at baby?
Eyeing Mama So cute and sleeping away. She is getting so big...sigh...

School week in pictures

These pictures didn't turn out but I wanted to put them on for my own record. We dyed carnations and the orange took right away. It took some more food coloring for the blue to work. It was neat. You could even see some of the color on the stems. Good project when you're learning about plants!

Here's our sweet potato. You can see a couple of roots that grew from it as we had it sit in water in the sun. Another fun project to see, learning about roots. In history yesterday we read about Hippocrates. We read how he's called 'the father of medicine'. We got to make up our own concoctions of various herbs. They chose honey, cinnamon, basil leaves, garlic salt and a few other items. They could taste them if they wanted, which they all did. I didn't try it- the smell was awful enough. Look at how nasty it looked:
Before they actually tried it...mixing it up

Junior Squirrel did NOT like it at all! Just look at the faces he's making! I can't believe I caught them! I could not stop laughing! Even afterward as he sat by me his breath just rotted!
Mom, this stuff is gross!

With water, glaring at his 'nasty medicine'!

Then on the flipside you have the boy who is so picky...who is currently sitting at the table playing with his food, Booty Shaker. He wanted to eat it all! Yuck, yuck!Chatterbox says she kinda liked it. Here she is trying it:And that is some of the school fun we had this week. I must say that little projects certainly help us all to enjoy school and have fun with it!

It's the facial hair...

I figured out what it is with the neighbor. He has facial hair. Looks 10 years younger if you ask me. Got a moustache and goatee going on. Glad I don't have to wonder about it anymore!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

not a creature was stirring....

It's finally quiet in our household. Zach hauled himself up to bed at 8:30 when the kids went! I'm just revving up at that time; a bit of quiet all to myself (well, including Sweet Pea). I've got pictures to post on some school things and some of Sweet Pea and hope to load them on the computer tomorrow. Tonight while throngs of children went door-to-door we watched Finding Neverland. I really liked it. I'd gotten it from the library for the kiddos. A good, clean, family movie. They tend to roll their eyes at those, at least Zach & the boys....I guess not enough action for them. Those are the kind I prefer though! I've been becoming quite addicted to various games in facebook and that also has stolen some of my time. Other than that nothing too exciting. We had beautiful weather today and the kiddos got to play outside a bit.

Can I get on a political rant a bit? I am SO sick of hearing about Obama this and that. I'm absolutely tired of his name! Everybody acts like he's a savior or something and I just get an ill feeling about the guy...I tend to call him the anti-Christ (am I even allowed to post that?). I know many of my family is Democrat as well as the people where I come from. It's not like I wear a pin that says Republican. I think we really need to look at the ISSUES. More and more these days its been on my mind how far our country has fallen from where it was founded. It just breaks my heart...I can't imagine what it does to God's. On a quick we learned about Hippocrates, the 'father of medicine'. Did you know that in the original Hippocratic Oath it stated how they would not allow a woman an instrument with which to have an abortion? I found that very interesting. Ok, anyway...every website I go to all about Obama yet we hear nothing of McCain (or the others for that matter). And Zach told me that the people in Kentucky that hung an Obama mannequin by a noose were arrested but not those who did it to a Sarah Palin one??? That is secondhand info...I didn't look it up to confirm. It just irritates me. I was reading our area's online newspaper a few days ago and they were saying how they endorsed Obama. Uh, yeah the whole media has painted him in such a light, making him out to be a kind of god. It is really scary. This world is seriously coming to an end. Thankfully I have my trust in Jesus and I can have peace through Him.

On to another (less controversial) subject. I do have more I'd like to say on the whole political thing but I really need to form my thoughts better... I am really, really, really confused about my neighbor. I've seen the guy numerous times, talked to him, etc. A few weeks ago a man knocks at my door handing me a flier for our block Halloween party (uh, no thanks). He looked SO familiar and I was just looking at him weird, knowing I knew him but trying to place which neighbor he was. I could have sworn he was Gene, the guy next door, but he looked so different. I've seen him a few other times now (at his house) and he looks completely different and I can't for the life of me figure out why. It's not like I want to stare at him when I see him! I told Zach I'm not sure if he had Botox or what. It really bugs me!!! Hopefully I can figure it out soon...I guess maybe one day I'll have that AHA! moment where the light bulb goes off!

Well, I'm getting sleepy and the time's getting late. Goodnight!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

skip day

Today we skipped school. I knew the weather would be fairly nice and I've been wanting to drive to Ames to consign some of my children's clothes. We do have a consignment shop here, but I haven't heard much about it (though I've shopped at it) and you have to pay yearly to sell there. The one in Ames I've heard good things about and you don't have to pay. So, we met Zach for lunch. He took us to Hickory Park, a really good barbecue type place. The inside reminded me of what a bus station would look like. The food was delicious and the service great. I was able to find a few needed items for the kiddos at the consignment shop, but I didn't want to get too much in hopes that my clothes will sell and I can use in-store credit if I want. I planned to come home and give spelling tests and do history but I just wasn't in the mood at all! So, I did a bit of cleaning up, cooked dinner and then tonight cleaned the upstairs. It was an eventful day but very pleasant.

I think I forgot to mention that Chatterbox bought a latch hook kit last week. Tonight I sat with her to try to teach her how to do it (I haven't done it since I was probably her age so I had to read the directions and refresh my memory). She seemed to have a hard time and I was trying to clean so couldn't/wouldn't keep showing her but I know she'll get it.

I also forgot to tell you that the other night (Sunday) Junior Squirrel pulled his tooth out! Here I thought he was going to sleep but he must have been wiggling it (which he'd been doing for some time). So now he's missing both of his front top teeth! He talks pretty funny now;)

I can't remember if I mentioned that Sweet Pea woke up the other morning so smiley and just talking away! She seems to smile a bit more every day. She's also been awake much more lately. Right now she's cozily cuddled up on me and I love it! She is growing so quickly!

The big news on Booty Shaker's end is that he's finally sleeping in his own bed all night! It took long enough! I am so proud of him! It is nice to have more space in the bed! Speaking of co-sleeping, I forgot to mention how when the doctor asked where the baby is sleeping I said in our bed and she had to talk to me abut how baby's can suffocate. Dude, they could suffocate anywhere!!! Anyway, it is late, and I am tired. I've been waking up rather cranky lately, but it doesn't help that I'm being awakened earlier than normal! This morning CB set her alarm so she could wake at 7 and read! And you could tell she was up too early for what she needed...she was a bit testy with me at times! Normally she does wake around that time on her own...I should make sure her alarm is off tonight!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

a new set of vocab

Lately I've been thinking how we have a new set of vocabulary in our house. Especially new with the kiddos, though not as new with Zach & I. Words like boppy, Ergo, onesie, spit-up have overtaken much of our words! (I SOOO want this onesie for my Sweet Pea!)

And I love it! It had been so long since using many of these words, as well as the items themselves! What would we do without our boppy to keep our arms from getting sore? I love, love, love my new Ergo! So does Sweet Pea. That girl could sleep in that thing against me all day long! At the Palin rally she slept the whole time (probably at least 3 hours) and I could barely wake her to eat! Last night we ran to the mall to get some much needed winter clothes and she just cozied right up on me. I even use it around the house when I need to. Onesies are a great invention also. Who was ever so wise to come up with them? After looking just now I see its Gerber! Doesn't surprise me I guess. I also love gowns, although I certainly have a difficult time finding ones to fit. Usually they say for 0-6 months but they are huge!
Any new words around your house???

Monday, October 27, 2008

another round at the doctor's

Today was Sweet Pea's well-baby appointment. She weighed in at 9 lb 1 oz and was 22 in. long. I thought for sure she weighed more than that- to me she seems huge! I guess to me she is huge since she was so tiny when she was born. The little sweetie woke up this morning smiling and cooing away- the most she's ever done! It was such a treasure and a wonderful way to start the morning!

Back to the doctor's though. The nurse stated that she'd get her two month shots today and I said that we wouldn't be getting them today, that we do a delayed schedule. She looked at me as if I knew what I was talking about! Then she told me that even homeschoolers need to get shots now, but I told her that we're also able to sign a waiver. I also informed her that the other children were currently updated on their shots (since we updated them when we were in the adoption process). The doctor then came in and was very nice, but also asking when I planned to begin. "I'm not sure" I said and told her that it was different for all of our children. You know, with the first you do everything 'by the books', the second you are a bit more lenient, by the third I felt more educated and he didn't get shots for a long time and I suppose this will be the same. My children also don't do well-child appointments. I did this one because SP's weight issues at the beginning but I didn't even schedule the 4 month appointment! She said, "We like our kids immunized". Great, good for you woman...but as my parental right I decline at this time!

Well, SP is wanting to be held and I've got to try to get some things done around here before bed. My house is a disaster (well, not really but to me it is) and its driving me nuts!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

thoughts on Palin...

For the record, I never really considered myself a 'political' person either. I don't get all into politics like so many others I know. I know the 'general' things and do study a little bit deeper but not like some people. I just don't have the interest for it. I am thankful for a husband who keeps tabs on the political scheme a bit more (it runs in his family) and who keeps me updated and in the loop of it all. So, through his "teaching", emails and all I have learned a great deal about the candidates (more than I would have if I'd been on my own). Also through reading others' blogs and going to various links they've posted I've been able to learn a bit. Anyway, I in no way claim to be a political expert! But I do want to support a man who will uphold the very things our country was founded on. I want to support a candidate who will look at the sanctity of life, who will support our military & my man, who will hold fast to marriage as God designed it, and so much more.

I have liked Sarah Palin since I first saw her on TV. She seems so down-to-earth, so real and like one of us "normal" Americans. She even seemed that way in person! I was surprised at how skinny she is! I mean she just had a baby not too long ago and she's so thin! I suppose being on the campaign trail will do that to a person! You can tell she adores her children and is proud of them- allowing Willow to say a few words, speaking of her son who is in the military.

The kids were rather bored with it the time she came out there they were ready to go home (we waited over 2 hours to see her). I think Chatterbox had some interest. We explained to them who she was and why we were there and afterwards I told them how lucky they are to be able to experience something like that. It is something few Americans get to do, it seems. I never had opportunities to do those things as a kid, and I probably wouldn't have been interested either but if I had done something like that and to look back I think it would be neat. So I hope that one day down the road they'll thank us for taking them to such 'boring' political events. Life isn't all about fun, we tell them;) CB was looking forward to shaking Willow's hand too, but we weren't able to.

Ok, I am exhausted, my children should be sleeping and are being loud in their beds and I can't think straight anymore. I hope this post made a bit of sense...maybe I should have waited to write it when I was more awake...

Happy 2 months baby!

Guess where we went today?

Some of you may know if you saw my status on facebook, but for you others...I suppose I'll share;) No, just kidding, I'm excited to share! Last night we heard on the late news that Sarah Palin would be in Des Moines today. So we logged on to the internet to get the details and ventured out this morning to go and attend the rally. You always see them on TV and never think you'd be one of the people cheering, but this time it was us! We got there really early, but it was good we did- at least 8,000 people showed up! And of course across the street you saw all the Obama supporters with their orange t-shirts on! Just like you hear about! We waited around, for what seemed like forever, put up with country music by Aaron Tippin, heard speeches by those running for office in Iowa, chanted for Sarah and finally she appeared- with her two daughters, Willow & Piper! Pictures didn't turn out well, I can't figure out how to get my camera to work well in darker settings (it is so annoying), but here are some to share anyway:

For more pictures go here.

Friday, October 24, 2008

From Royalty to Greek Actors

*****Stupid, stupid blogger...when I viewed my post earlier all of the pictures idea why they aren't now...I will fix it...I hate when that happens!

Here is Queen Sweet Pea! The kids made crowns today (we learned about Queen Esther this week) and wanted to share with the baby!

Booty Shaker wouldn't get in the picture...guess he didn't feel royal enough!

This is me make-up and just 'bumming it' at home...definitely shouldn't be hanging out with royalty!

In history we talked about 'The Golden Age of Athens'. No, these aren't Halloween masks they are Greek theater masks the kids had a lot of fun making. They think they'll scare daddy when he comes home!

Not too difficult to tell who's who!I just realized that this actor looks like a watermelon!

We haven't done our timeline yet, but after that I think our school week is done. I believe this was week 6 of school. Hard to believe that much time has gone by! Broccoli cheese soup is on the dinner menu...perfect what with the chilly weather we're having!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Peek into the Past

I have been going through old pictures, putting them on facebook (very addicting). I thought I'd share some of them here. The first one is me as a baby. Wasn't I just adorable!?

These are my cousins (who were more like sisters as I grew up, being I was an only child) and I with our great Uncle Ilmer. Uncle Ilmer has since passed many years ago. He holds a special place in my heart. He lived with my mom and I for a time before he died.

Here's my kindergarten photo, my absolute favorite school picture of me (way before 'mall bangs', glasses and zits)!

Zach & I in 1998 at a His House retreat...we'd been engaged only a week or two!
Here I am, an official college graduate from Northern Michigan University! I have a BSW (Bachelor of Social Work) degree for those who didn't know. I've not used it a wink in my life since and I'm STILL paying on student loans! BUT I learned so much through my college experience and met some wonderful people (including my husband).
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This is Chatterbox and I a few years ago at a Mother's Day tea our church had. Who knows, it may even be on my blog from a few years ago!
And there are many other photos I've added to facebook. If you don't have it you gotta sign up! If you do, add me!!!