Saturday, February 28, 2009


I am so annoyed, about in tears, just wanting to crawl into bed and not get out. You have no idea how much money was WASTED on this night.

-Over $20 a piece per plate of food (2 plates)
-Over $50 dress
-Probably about $25 in accessories
-$20 babysitter
-$3 for drinks
-$ for gas to drive both vehicles 30 minutes away

I'm sure I'm leaving something out.

So, I drop the munchkins at the babysitters. I managed to pump those 4 ounces this morning. Before we left I fed Sweet Pea her cereal and nursed her. I prayed on the drive up. I thought maybe I could last 2 hours, at least until we ate. I thought dinner was at 6. I dropped the kids off at 5.

The Dining Out was so dumb...sorry for those of you who like those things. Talk about having a fake smile plastered on my face. I enjoyed talking to my friend Jenn, that's about it. I think its totally gay that you pay an arm and leg for their food and they charge you for drinks! Anyway, then they had the National Anthem, Invocation and some other remarks. Then they talked about the grog bowl, where they mix all kinds of nasty stuff together. They took forever in calling this or that cadet up to drink from it. I thought it was so stupid and immature...of course they are college kids!

By this point it was after 6 and we were finally told we could eat the salad. No telling how long that and the dessert were sitting out on those tables! Then I asked Zach if he'd felt my phone vibrate at all. Turns out 5 minutes before that the babysitter tried to call. So I snuck out and called her back. I could hear SP crying in the background. So I left. My $20 dinner uneaten. Zach was wanting to leave too but he couldn't, although he did sneak out early.

I am so angry. Not at any particular person or anything, just the whole situation. I hate leaving my babies behind, especially when they're pretty much exclusively nursed. I didn't feel right about leaving her. I should just not have gone. Imagine all the money we could have saved. But I didn't want Zach to be dateless!

Oh, so he asked for a doggy bag or whatever. THEY WOULDN'T GIVE HIM ONE!!!! Something about a liability (it was held in some building on the ISU campus). So, he wrapped up my food in napkins and hid it in his uniform!!! He didn't want our money wasted either! I don't know that I want to eat food that's been wrapped in linen napkins that was in my husband's pockets, but that's not the point! The point is that we payed so much for that junk and they wouldn't allow him to take it home to me! I am soooooo irritated. I made Zach take me home a KitKat...I NEED some chocolate!!!

Off to try to enjoy some sort of food and something of this night...hope your night was better than mine!

there was one small piece of chicken (I think in some sort of raspberry sauce), some potatoes & carrots/beans mixture on the plate. That LITTLE bit for over $20!!!! INSANE!!!! I could have bought myself a few books with that. Or some summer clothes. Or a pair of shoes.

chub a lub lub

Every morning when I wake up the first thing I do is change Sweet Pea's diaper. And every morning it seems that her thighs have grown fatter than the morning before! I love fat baby chubs! This little peanut's gotta stop being so lazy and start exercising;) Or maybe stop eating! Last night at dinnertime she ate her Rice Cereal AND bananas! I was so happy! She just wanted to keep on eating. Lately in the middle of the night she doesn't nurse as much as she used to. If she does its more for comfort than to eat, more to suck than to get milk. So this morning when I awoke I felt pretty full and thought I'd take advantage of that and pump. That way she has milk for tonight. The other morning when I pumped I don't think I even got 2 ounces! Today I got 4 ounces! I know it was totally God!!! Thanks Sadie & Jenn for your prayers;) I think I will be able to enjoy myself a little more tonight knowing that she has regular breastmilk. Now if only she'll drink it from a bottle and be comforted by her baby-sitter, Shekinah!

Friday, February 27, 2009

friday's here!!!

  • After school & lunch we ran out. Some books I had on hold at the library were in. I am so excited since I just finished the other one last night. I had lost my card awhile ago and FINALLY remembered to take in $1 to get a new one. I've been scamming off the kids!
  • We ran to the mall. I have been dying for more Bath & Body Works hand soap and finally I got some. I printed a coupon from online so I got quite a deal (free aromatherapy), and the soaps were on sale for $3!!!
  • I got my eyebrows waxed. I almost forgot that was on my list of things to do.
  • It was about dinnertime so rather than running to Walmart for groceries (I didn't have a list anyway) I came home and cooked.
  • Junior Squirrel has this stuffed frog named Grover. I was playing with it with Sweet Pea & she was just cracking up! It was so cute!!!
  • I cannot wait until tomorrow is OVER. I am so stressed over leaving Sweet Pea for the dining out. If I weren't so worried about Zach getting in trouble I'd just take her. Apparently last year there were babies there, yet we were told its not appropriate to take her. It's not like I'd let her be loud (remember I said she's my quietest baby) or cry! Just very frustrating. So, I'll get dressed up and we'll take separate cars so I can leave when I want. There's an award ceremony that Zach has to stay for. Like I care about that! I will need to get home to my baby!
  • Off to watch the movie The Secret Life of Bees. I LOVE the Redbox!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I am EXHAUSTED. It has been a long trying day over here! I don't know what the deal was! I know we really had school work to crack down on as the past two days we didn't do a whole lot. I am so glad we took those days 'off' when the weather was nice because today wasn't nice. We had thunderstorms! We even had a bit of hail! Now this I expect in Mississippi at this time of year once in awhile but not in Iowa! I love that there is no snow. I just wish the temps would've stayed warm. It looks like there's a chance of snow the next couple of days though (at least the last time I looked). I hope its not too cold for the Dining Out Saturday night!

I love the new laptop. It's given me no problems at all. I can type and type away and I have no boxes popping up! Amazing! Lovely!

I swear my little Sweet Pea says her first word. Granted its when she's crying, but she says so clearly, "Mama". She said it yesterday when I was at the baby-sitters house. She was doing it a bit ago when she was fussing and as soon as Zach gave her to me she was fine! And hear I was thinking she didn't 'talk' much but she's been doing baby babble more and more lately. I LOVE it! I LOVE that she says my name! She's been a bit fussy today. Probably a growth spurt as I don't see any teeth yet, but she sure does chew on everything.

I am missing AI again tonight because Zach got a movie from Redbox for the kids. Oh well, I really don't mind since I didn't see last nights anyway. I suppose there's somewhere online where I can catch what I missed. I really would like to finish my current book so I can watch the movie (The Secret Life of Bees). If I'm not mistaken its free on Starz. Just something I picked from the library while waiting for other ones I have on hold.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

can i hope...

That our new laptop will work properly? I guess I can. We went to Best Buy and got an HP. It is very similar to the Dell Studio 15 we had. I wanted to stick with the basic specs of that computer and was able to find this one. I'm trying to 'clean' it up. Get rid of things we don't need, install things we use, etc. We were gone for forever though and I totally missed American Idol. I am SO bummed. I'll have to try to get online tomorrow to see what I missed. So much for voting for somebody tonight though! I'm just thankful I should have a working computer at my fingertips!

real quick

Yesterday we didn't do school. I went up to Ames, met Zach for lunch and then met my friend Janis & her brood of young'uns at BK so our kiddos could play. Then I went to the consignment store up there and found a few things, picked up my old items and dropped off a bin. It was nice to take a break from school. Well, I say we didn't do school but boy as I was getting ready there were my children working independently on school! They kept wanting me to check their work but I refused- I wanted a break! The weather was decent yesterday and its even nicer today!

I thought American Idol would be on last night but was mistaken so I was able to call Dell. I was probably on the phone for less than 15 minutes! Today UPS is supposed to pick up the laptop. I am so relieved. Now, to look for another like it (only not a Dell). I am hoping they didn't try to come by when I was out.

I had a dentist appointment this morning. I was really worried because I hadn't been to the dentist since like last March. I was certain I'd had a cavity but all was good! Yeah! Then I had to run to Wal-mart to get a few items. I walked away with way more than I intended. Got Sweet Pea some baby food. She didn't think too much of bananas! At least not yet! My baby is 6 MONTHS OLD TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How is that possible???????? Time FLIES my friends! It is so fun to see her grow but at the same time I hate that she's getting so big so fast. I want her to stay small forever!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

never again

It will be a long while before I decide to purchase another Dell. This morning I sat on the pone for an hour and a half being transferred back and forth between technical support and customer service. All for nothing because I got nowhere. I was going to exchange this laptop for one just like it but I don't want another Dell at all. Not to mention that you can't understand the people half the time because they're from some other country! So now I need to sit on the phone again and figure out how to get my money refunded and how to return this. We'll be finding a new brand.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


As I was preparing school lessons for the week I noticed that we're really cruising along. Last year I was so sick with morning sickness that we fell 'behind'. The year before I was dealing with losing Malachi so we fell 'behind' again. So, when I was printing off a Chapter 11 English test for Chatterbox I realized there are only 16 chapters! A chapter usually takes us two weeks. It seems weird that we're just cruising right along. It also feels good. Once it warms up here I look forward to going outdoors more and hitting the park. None of us will want to be bound to schoolwork! So, better to do what we can now!

I haven't been online much due to this annoying laptop. I think I'll return it. Maybe ask them to send another or else get a totally different brand. We'll see. I also began another book, though not in the Twilight series, but I have it on reserve at the library. I also managed to clean the house this weekend. It always feels good to have a sparkling clean house, though it sure doesn't last long!

This is a busy week. Got vet tomorrow, another appointment Tuesday, dentist Wednesday, Dining Out Saturday. Plus I'd like to try to get in to a chiropractor. Good thing the temps should be decent. Oh, and us heathens, we skipped church today. I really haven't been sleeping well lately and with my back/butt/leg/headache issue... It was nice to stay home but I hate missing church!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

one unhappy customer

This is the third attempt at this post. The past two times my computer highlights my words on its own and deletes it. I am FED UP. I spent at least an hour on the phone yesterday with Dell and 3 1/2 hours on the phone with them today. My problem continues. I am so tired of it. I left a message telling them to send a tech out here to look at it or to send my money back and I'll send this piece of crap back. I'll get a HP. I'm not dealing with this no more. I had to restore the computer yesterday and today I had to reinstall every single program! So that's what I spent my Saturday doing. My house remains a dusty mess. My children go unplayed with. I was a stinky pig until a bit ago. At least now I know how to restore a computer. I'm going to take the important things off of our old laptop and restore it. Maybe it'll work a bit better. I'm ending now before I lose it all again...

Friday, February 20, 2009


It's a sad night around the M household. Zach went down the basement and discovered our hamster, Jingle Bell, is dead. Chatterbox is shedding tears. I am a bit sad myself, for some reason. Which is weird, I was TICKED when I discovered Zach & the kids bought that thing while I was at a Ladie's Night Out. Ohhh, poor Booty Shaker is in denial. He just said, "She's not dead." I am grateful we have the puppy so they won't be so saddened over the loss. I am also relieved that I will no longer have hamster shavings being dragged all over the house! But the kids really liked that little critter. I hope the poor thing didn't freeze to death in the basement, though I don't see how considering its been colder down there than it is lately and it was fine. Guess we'll never know... RIP Jingle.

friday's here

Yeah! It's the weekend! We finished school before 10:30 today! I could not believe it! Of course I hadn't really been online or hadn't showered by then but it sure was nice to be done with school. I spent lunchtime online with Dell. This laptop has some issues. I thought maybe they were resolved but even as I type this a sidebar opens with my history or favorites. It is rather annoying. I had to do a complete system restore on this brand new thing! I must tell you for the money we paid for this I am not that thrilled that it keeps happening. At least three times now that stupid sidebar has opened by itself. And I thought I'd just lost this post that I was typing! Unbelievable! Annoying!

I took the kids to the library this afternoon. I was hoping book 2 of the Twilight series were available but it wasn't. Oh well. I have it on hold. Hopefully it won't take too long for me to get it. Then the crazed woman that I am took all 4 kiddos with me shopping for a dress for next weekend's Dining Out. I tried on about 4 or 5 at Kohl's. The kids all voted for one while I liked the other, but there wasn't much difference between the two. I decided to get the one they liked. Zach's taking them to see "Mall Cop" tonight so I'm going to take the baby and go and get everything else I'll need (pantyhose, black bra, maybe some jewelry, shoes). Hopefully I don't take too long to find something I like. I did look at Kohl's a bit but its rather pricey! My dress was on sale and wasn't too $. I can't wait to show you a picture!

Ok better run now. That's my Friday update! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

guest blogger

I like horses, dogs and American Girl stuff. I have a pet dog named Daisy. I like her because I like her soft fur, she looks like a teddy bear and she's so cute. I have a baby sister. I like to make her laugh. I will enjoy playing with her when she grows up. I like helping out with her with Mom. Mom likes my American Girl books because they have peeks into the past, like history. They're good books. My favorite book is Felicity, an American Girl. It's about a girl named Felicity and there's a horse named Penny. It's owner is mean and bad and she rides it in the dark, its a secret. I have an American Girl and Coconut dog. My favorite school is handwriting. It's fun. I like to eat junk food and sugar.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i heart milk

I am stealing Mama's computer to write a bit to you. I am the baby of the family. I like milk. Mommy has been trying to feed me this other weird stuff and shoving it in my mouth. I don't like it. It is not milk. I spit it out, but I pretend to eat a bit of it because then mommy gives me a big smile. I just want mommy's milk.

There this big white thing that sometimes comes toward my face. I smile at it, thinking it wants to play. Then it goes up my nose holes and sometimes it hurts! I cry! But last night I thought that white thing was so funny I was really smiling and laughing at it. I think they all call it a booger cleaner. Whatever a booger is? I only know mama, dada and milk. And my sisters and brother.

Sometimes I'm put in a bunch of water and scrubbed. I sometimes like it but sometimes I don't. I am really scrunched in it now, but when I first came out of my mommy's belly it was too big for me and mommy had to hold me to make sure I didn't fall in! A couple of times mommy sat it up in the big tub, I think they call it, but it didn't work so well. I don't want to sit up by myself. I like to be lazy and just let my mommy do all the work for me! After all, I am the baby! But I know my mommy likes it. She always smiles at me and kisses me.

Well, I am very sleepy now. After that stuff being shoved in my face and the water I was put in I just want to sleep. I am too afraid that big white thing will try to get me again so I will just sleep on my mommy. I hope to tell you again about me sometime. Remember, I am baby, I think mommy calls me Sweet Pea. I like when she calls me beautiful.

hump day

What a day it's been! Where to begin? I was up bright and early thanks to a barking puppy. Nothing annoys me more than her waking me up too early! Zach had let her out when he got up so there was no reason she had to be doing that! Stinkin' pup is worse than a kid! lol

Our new laptop arrived bright and early. Here I was, reading about the American Revolution with the kiddos, all cuddled on the couch still in our PJs. It was 8:30 and the Fed Ex guy stopped by to bring my new toy! So, there went history for the day! We were all pretty excited to check it out! It is way better than the other ancient relic.

I was finally able to pull myself away from my toy and get in a shower and actually do some school. We got quite a bit of school done. I also managed to vacuum and put the playpen in our room in place of the cradle. I admit Sweet Pea used the cradle all of one night;) BUT I'm hoping to see how she does in the playpen and hoping to use it. We'll see...

She ate cereal better tonight, only a bit, but its a start. I mix it with water. Being that she's so little yet I don't want to mix it with juice and I don't have breastmilk stored to mix it with. So when big sister ate it yesterday it was only the rice cereal with water! Ew! As I was readying her for her bath her biggest brother had her cracking up! Was that ever cute!

Did you watch American Idol last night? Boy, that Danny stole my heart! He did great! I tried to vote for him for 1 1/2 hours but the lines were so busy! Tonight they're showing Iowa basketball and not having Idol on until 10!!! How DARE they??? I already know the results though because my aunt was watching it and I asked her to tell me (thanks, Cindy). Those were my top 3 choices so I'm glad they continue!

We have that Dining Out next weekend. At first Zach thought we'd just take the baby but we're not able to. It wouldn't be bad if it were in the same town, but its up in Ames, a half an hour away! I hate the thought of leaving my baby that far, especially since she's pretty much exclusively nursing! Which is one reason I started her on the cereal when I did. Anyway, we have to pay an arm and a leg, plus some for the meal. I have nothing to wear, though a friend here did offer me a dress so I'll see if it fits and if its fitting for the occasion (what exactly IS fitting???).

I had a blast teaching the kiddos Health today. Chatterbox began her Health unit, in correlation with science, and I have the boys following along for part of it. We talked about posture and demonstrated good posture. They enjoyed it. I made it fun, or attempted to! CB is almost done reading 'The Wind in the Willows'. What an enjoyable book! I never did read that one as a child. I also enjoy reading 'The Boxcar Children' to Junior Squirrel.

In March Zach has an NCO Conference in Dallas and wants the kiddos and I to go. At first I was excited because I'd get to meet Tanya (she is a 'friend' I met through the Above Rubies egroup...we've emailed, talked on the phone, sent Christmas cards, etc for at least 5 years) but turns out her family will be out of town. What a bummer!!! SO, I hope I will find somebody to visit with while Zach whiles away his time learning such meaningful information (sarcasm). I wish we could stay the weekend. They only give him one travel day and its like 10-11 hour drive! The travel days are Monday and Friday. We have to travel those days (I'm assuming) in order for the military to cover the expense. We also get to stay at a real nice Marriott hotel while there, all on the government's dime so I can't complain too much! I just don't want to be holed away in a hotel room in a huge city for 3 days!

I was having quite some issues with this computer at first. I wasn't sure if it was Vista or Internet Explorer 7 or what, but I changed a few things and so far so good. Hope I got all of that taken care of! Otherwise I like it!

I'll be having some guests on my blog in the coming days so stay tuned. Oh, and I can't believe how often I'm blogging again! Woohoo!!!! There was more I was going to say but I think I've bored you with all my random thoughts enough...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

first food

Tonight my Sweet Pea tried Rice cereal for the first time. She wasn't sure what to think of it and didn't eat much.

So, big sister took over and tried it. It didn't go to waste, she liked it and ate the rest!
Yesterday SP fell asleep on the floor and looked so peaceful I had to share.
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sunday best

It seems that lately on Sundays I capture photos...
Silly boy's with silly faces

Look at my smiling baby!

Me and my girls

Booty Shaker didn't want in on this...

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Even sweeter

this n that

  • When I cleaned out the basement last week I went through a bunch of the kid's books. I posted a bunch on Paperback Swap and today I mailed out 5 books! I love that! That means I'll have that many credits to get some books for either the kids or myself!
  • Speaking of books I put a few on hold at the library. I figured since I started to read Twilight I'd better put the others in the series on hold. One is already in. Guess I better hurry and finish this one!
  • I had yet another playdate today. It is wonderful to finally be meeting some people and making some friends. I met this lady at our homeschool group's Valentine's party. Chatterbox took right to her daughter so we decided we should make a time to get together and play. She also has a 3 year old boy so the boys had somebody to play with!
  • When we left I told the kids that we're not going to anybody's house to play for awhile. Girls, well you never see or hear from them. For some reason Junior Squirrel hasn't been the best the past couple of play dates we've had. So, until his behavior gets better and he can show me that he can be kind to people and belongings we'll be having people here.
  • I found a Mary Kay lady. I haven't used MK in a long time. I switched to Nicole Miller when I was doing Melaleuca and ran out of that quite a while ago. I've just been buying cheapo stuff from Walmart and haven't been satisfied so I thought I'd 'pamper' myself a bit. I rarely wear makeup, but when I do I'd like it to look good. And I figure since I barely wear it I won't be spending too much money on it when I won't go through it so much.
  • Did you know Nancy Campbell has a blog??? Is that cool or what!?! It's just a family blog, nothing 'inspirational' but I admit that I'm inspired just by her huge dining room table & family get-togethers! Interested? Check it out here.
  • Zach is home. He thinks he did alright on the test. He was looking through his CDC's and all trying to see what he got right and wrong. He had to take both the SKT and PFE this year so that stinks. And we won't find out until June, like usual, if he made it. At least he won't have to worry about studying for that for awhile.
  • And last but not least, Sweet Pea finally made a decision on her sucking issues! She couldn't decide between her pacifier, thumb or fingers. Although I did catch her sucking her thumb briefly last night I believe she's going to be a finger sucker after all. It looks cute. While at our friend's house today I put her next to me on the couch and she started to suck her fingers and fell asleep. It was so cute!
  • Oh, one more thing. Check out this house for sale... Beautiful, but seriously why would you need that much room? Look at the football field!

Monday, February 16, 2009

News at the M household

Today I took the boys to the dentist. Junior Squirrel needed sealants and Booty Shaker needed a filling. JS did great and I didn't even have to go back with him. BS wanted me to go back with him, and I preferred that anyway. He was SO good. He was rather subdued and shy- he wouldn't say a word! He didn't flinch for any of it! They were originally going to fill a tooth on the top but upon looking at it discovered it wasn't so bad so they 'sealed' it a bit (and didn't' charge me). He discovered a much larger hole in a tooth on the bottom and that is the one he filled. I felt so bad for my little guy sitting there. He was so tiny to sit in such a big dentist chair! Then they put sunglasses on him because he didn't like the light. It was just the normal ceiling light! He wouldn't even open his eyes with his glasses on though! I got the cutest picture of him on my phone...if only I could figure out how to get it online! I'm so proud of my brave boy!

Zach went to Offutt AFB in Nebraska for the night. He tests for Master Sergeant at 7 am. If you read this before then please pray for him. I really hope he makes it this year. I can't wait until its over (and I'm sure he can't even more so). I begged him not to take a class for awhile since all he's been doing lately is studying!

The kids and I had an uneventful day. Did a whole bunch of school because tomorrow we have a play date and won't get as much in. We also talked about President's Day (it was our history lesson). Tonight we watched a movie and ate some popcorn. Now they're all exhausted in bed! I'm in bed too as I've had a horrible headache since like 3! I took Tylenol but it hasn't done much. I probably need to see a chiropractor or something. My butt still hurts on one side from when I fell a couple of weeks ago and I wonder if that's not impacting something with my head as I've been getting headaches more frequently.

Just a little update. I'm off to read Twilight. I can't put it down. I've already reserved the next two books in the series from the library. Who would've thought such a book would be so good!
Zach's been calling me Emo! LOL

Sunday, February 15, 2009

in the news...

If you've read my blog for awhile you know that I am not big on immunizations. Our first two children I really followed the books, but with the last two I haven't. I feel I've educated myself more. I'm not saying those who immunize are uneducated. But I think it is a decision each parent needs to carefully consider for their children and family. That being said, I really don't think it's the government's right to force us to immunize our children. Just one more of our 'freedoms' taken away. I've been thinking a lot about all this lately as SP will have a doctor's appointment coming up in March and I know the issue will arise. I've decided that if they really question or hound me about it I will have to find a new doctor. I want to be free to decide when she'll get immunized and not fear being turned into any officials or anything like that. I also notice that WIC here requires you to bring immunization records to your appointment so I wonder what they'll do when I don't have any. Anyway, I saw these two articles today and wanted to share with you.

Here and here.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just an ordinary day

I'm not a big Valentine's person. I feel like if you want to get my flowers, just spontaneously bring me some- not on some designated day that every man feels the need to buy flowers for his love! To me it's a big money-making Hallmark holiday. I just don't get it. It's fun for the kids, I know, but I could care less. Zach asked me a couple of times yesterday if I was sure I didn't want anything! I told him he could just get me a Kit Kat & I'd be happy! And it seems you spend so much money on flowers that die in no time at all! Actually we'll be getting our new laptop and that's enough to make me happy! After lunch we went out to ice cream at the Marble Slab. I got mint ice cream with brownie mixed in in a Heath/chocolate waffle cone. YUM! We then went grocery shopping and brought those bags of toys to Goodwill. They didn't even ask what was in there- they just took them! I'm so glad they're off of our hands!

I feel like the past couple of days I got a lot accomplished! Between getting the basement straightened out, putting pictures on here, doing bills, putting away laundry I feel like I deserve a medal;) Not really....I just want some quiet so I can finish my book. I got a phone call that a book I have on hold at the library is in. I think its Twilight. I've heard so much about this book that I want to read it for myself. I'm taking the plunge and joining the ranks;) I'll let you know what I think! For now, I'm off to read about the Amish...

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had our Valentine's Party yesterday. The children had such a good time. Chatterbox made a new friend. Junior Squirrel had fun playing games. Booty Shaker didn't want to stray from my side but he enjoyed some candy and he says he had fun. Sweet Pea fell asleep on mama in the Ergo. I love when we leave somewhere and the children right away say, "Thank you for taking me there!" Such wonderful children I have! Happy Valentine's Day!!! (Oh and I got no pictures of SP because she was ON me)!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Here's Zach's edible locust that we made in our unit on John the Baptist. He did a much beter job at it than I did...

Here's our finished timeline from The Mystery of History volume 1 and the two proud students! It is so cool!

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Sweet Pea's Debut

Ok I am tired of trying to arrange these all in order of appearance so in this post they're not! This is today. Sweet Pea is looking at Daisy like, "What ARE you and where did you come from?"My bright eyed gal

This was Sunday. She looked so cute all dressed up for church
Of course I had to get a self-portrait with her!

This one was a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday.

All dolled up for church again!These were all taken right in a row, so smiley!
All clean after a bath

Such a serious look!

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Daisy Girl

This is the day we brought Daisy home. We gave her a bath. How mean huh?
I love this look on her face!
So sweet!

I love this one of Daisy seeing herself in the mirror on the toy!

Baby meets Puppy!

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A boy n his pup...he's smitten!

So excited!!!!

This is one loved puppy!

This is today. What's this look about?

Isn't she cute? Like a stuffed animal!



One day this is how I found Sweet Pea...sleeping! It was the funniest thing!

So cute!

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Funny Faces