Thursday, February 19, 2009

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I like horses, dogs and American Girl stuff. I have a pet dog named Daisy. I like her because I like her soft fur, she looks like a teddy bear and she's so cute. I have a baby sister. I like to make her laugh. I will enjoy playing with her when she grows up. I like helping out with her with Mom. Mom likes my American Girl books because they have peeks into the past, like history. They're good books. My favorite book is Felicity, an American Girl. It's about a girl named Felicity and there's a horse named Penny. It's owner is mean and bad and she rides it in the dark, its a secret. I have an American Girl and Coconut dog. My favorite school is handwriting. It's fun. I like to eat junk food and sugar.


postpre said...

Hi Jamie,
thanks so much for the invite to join and read your blog. Your family is so adorable. Loved the pictures. The other day I was crying out to the Lord to break thru to my heart and show me his goodness. As it says in the psalms, David says he needed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Me too! What a blessing it was to meet you and Hannah and Abbie today. It was encouraging to my heart, and I know meeting you was an answer to my prayer. Hope I didn't overstay my welcome. I just really enjoyed our conversation and before I knew it time had gotten away from me.

I remember you talking to me today about raising your voice and I can completely relate. It is an area of my life God is constantly working on in me. Self control is not easy that's for sure. But I know I can have victory. For Christ in me is the hope of glory. And if we ask according to his will it will be done for us. Anyways, a verse that comes to mind is in Ecclesiastes he has shown me lately.

The quiet words of the wise are more heeded that the shouts of a ruler of fools.

Anyways, thanks for blessing me today with your friendship and hospitality.

In Him

DDK23 said...

I think I would have loved the American Girl books when I was younger.....heck I guess there is nothing wrong with me reading them now lol:-) Keep up the reading Chatterbox, it will take you to so many places!

Kim said...

Just like you, I like to eat junk and sugar too. It's so good isn't it? I know your mom loves having help from you by helping take care of your little sister and brothers too. I saw pictures of your puppy Daisy. She looks so cuddly
and cute.
Those sound like really good books you are reading. Keep up the hard work.

Darlene said...

I like to read too. I love to eat chocolate, I went out to buy chocolate ice cream as I have been craving it. Nanny

Angie said...

Hi CB!!

You will have to have your Mom drive you to the Mall of America this Spring or Summer. There is an American Girl store and restruaunt there~it is AMAZING!

Miss Angie

Anonymous said...

I love the AG books, movies, dolls, and things. Nicole has an American Girl Doll. Have you heard about the AG teas? There may be one in your area - check it out and if you go I want to hear all about it! Which Doll do you have?