Monday, February 23, 2009

never again

It will be a long while before I decide to purchase another Dell. This morning I sat on the pone for an hour and a half being transferred back and forth between technical support and customer service. All for nothing because I got nowhere. I was going to exchange this laptop for one just like it but I don't want another Dell at all. Not to mention that you can't understand the people half the time because they're from some other country! So now I need to sit on the phone again and figure out how to get my money refunded and how to return this. We'll be finding a new brand.


Shari said...

Maybe you should chat with my hubby later tonight. He's pretty good with computers, he might be able to help.

I LOVE my Dell. What kind did you get?

Kim said...

That's so ridiculous. I can't believe nobody has helped you with that laptop yet. Oh I hate it too when someone calls and you can't understand one word they are saying. Well good luck with that. I hope you get it resolved soon.

Darlene said...

You can ask for someone that speaks ENGLISH!

I am OK said...

Wow, that all sounds so rough!

I have a Dell printer that is pretty much garbage. Every now and then it just deletes itself or stops scanning. Anyway, I go to their website and "chat" with customer service. Next they log into my computer from a website and they fix it, I just sit back and watch - sometimes I just leave the room. Maybe you could try something like that? - Maybe you already have. Good luck - Jamie

Beth said...

Krysie has a Dell that has been really great, but we bought it refurbished.

I hope you are able to resolve the problem quickly.