Monday, February 16, 2009

News at the M household

Today I took the boys to the dentist. Junior Squirrel needed sealants and Booty Shaker needed a filling. JS did great and I didn't even have to go back with him. BS wanted me to go back with him, and I preferred that anyway. He was SO good. He was rather subdued and shy- he wouldn't say a word! He didn't flinch for any of it! They were originally going to fill a tooth on the top but upon looking at it discovered it wasn't so bad so they 'sealed' it a bit (and didn't' charge me). He discovered a much larger hole in a tooth on the bottom and that is the one he filled. I felt so bad for my little guy sitting there. He was so tiny to sit in such a big dentist chair! Then they put sunglasses on him because he didn't like the light. It was just the normal ceiling light! He wouldn't even open his eyes with his glasses on though! I got the cutest picture of him on my phone...if only I could figure out how to get it online! I'm so proud of my brave boy!

Zach went to Offutt AFB in Nebraska for the night. He tests for Master Sergeant at 7 am. If you read this before then please pray for him. I really hope he makes it this year. I can't wait until its over (and I'm sure he can't even more so). I begged him not to take a class for awhile since all he's been doing lately is studying!

The kids and I had an uneventful day. Did a whole bunch of school because tomorrow we have a play date and won't get as much in. We also talked about President's Day (it was our history lesson). Tonight we watched a movie and ate some popcorn. Now they're all exhausted in bed! I'm in bed too as I've had a horrible headache since like 3! I took Tylenol but it hasn't done much. I probably need to see a chiropractor or something. My butt still hurts on one side from when I fell a couple of weeks ago and I wonder if that's not impacting something with my head as I've been getting headaches more frequently.

Just a little update. I'm off to read Twilight. I can't put it down. I've already reserved the next two books in the series from the library. Who would've thought such a book would be so good!
Zach's been calling me Emo! LOL


I am OK said...

Oh the dentist.. C always makes me bring his sunglasses! Last time we were there he raised his had and asked the doc if he could hurry up becuase he had to poop. - ahh the embarassing moments of a mother. C didn't seem to mind though.

Kim said...

I was proud when Jarrett went to the dentist for his first filling. I was unable to go back with him because I had all the kids by myself that day and Jalynn flipped out when she saw the dentist. But he was so brave. My kids never complained about the light though. I had to laugh at J's above comment with C. That kind of stinks he had to go all the way to Offut to test. I will pray he will make it. I'm sure he will though. I can't believe you still have headaches. You should go one time to the chiropractor. It may fix everything.

Amie said...

Elijah used to zone out at the dentist when he had his teeth cleaned. It's like he would go into his "happy place". He is a lot better now though.

Not surprised you can't put Twilight down! I read all the books for the second time in December.