Tuesday, February 17, 2009

first food

Tonight my Sweet Pea tried Rice cereal for the first time. She wasn't sure what to think of it and didn't eat much.

So, big sister took over and tried it. It didn't go to waste, she liked it and ate the rest!
Yesterday SP fell asleep on the floor and looked so peaceful I had to share.
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Kathryn Caldwell said...

She's really growing! What cute pictures! I'm so glad things are going well with you guys. We miss you here in Mississippi- hope you're staying warm up there :).

DDK23 said...

Cute cute cute! I love watching sleeping babies.
I can't believe M ate the rice. Daniel never wants to ever try anything close to baby food. He just gets the most disgusted look on his face when I offer it to him lol! At Christmas my MIL gave me (well technically "us"....but really me lol) one of those bullet chopper things. Well it works great for making baby food, which Manu is still kind of eating. I tried to make a smoothie for Daniel and he wanted none of it. I think he thought it was baby food...and well apparently baby food is disgusting!

Kim said...

I remember BG eating cereal for the first time. She wasn't a big fan and spit it out. I can't believe CB ate the cereal. Did you mix it with juice? It might of been ok. I always mixed mine with formula, and oh it tasted so gross. Sweet precious pics of SP. I use to sneak pics of my kids too when they slept. They just look so peaceful.

Darlene said...

You are so beautiful A.