Friday, February 13, 2009

Are you ready????

This is a day in the life of us...although I didn't get as many pictures as I'd hoped. This was awhile ago...I just was unable to put them on the blog!

Here we are waking up in the morning. Some nights Booty Shaker crawls into our bed. So in the morning he was laying next to an awake Sweet Pea while he didn't want to wake up! Chatterbox is looking at her little sister.In the mornings I've been reading the Bible while the children eat breakfast so SP swings that while. It's become a routine. Unless Daddy's home- then he rocks with her. Either way the first thing she seems to do every morning is rock one way or another!Here are the children eating breakfast. I am NOT a morning person. I rarely cook breakfast. Zach makes breakfast more often than I do. So, we eat cereal. Shhhh, don't tell! That's our story Bible we read- we love it and have been reading it over & over for years!While I take a shower I have been taking the baby up in the bathroom with me. She loves to play in her bouncer. I love her company. More often than not I have other children in there as well!

Here's CB working on her handwriting. She likes to try to get it done right away.
Junior Squirrel working on his handwriting. Some days he's quick and others it takes him awhile. This particular day was laundry day. How do you like the big ol' TV (thanks Erica) sitting in the laundry area? Oh how I'd love a more functional basement!
It was also our day to work on our history timeline. It's fun!


Here's SP playing on the floor.And there was much more to capture that day but with 4 children that's not likely to happen! This is it in a nutshell!

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Kim said...

What is it like to get a shower by yourself, right? Baby Girl always gets a shower with me. The boys are older, but are always at the door yelling into me. Looks like baby land around there with all SP toys. My living room use to be like that too. It's nice once they get older to move stuff to their rooms and claim your living space back. I'm a cereal person too. I don't like to have to make eggs and all that stuff especially once I roll out of bed.