Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Pictures

Here's more pictures...enjoy!

From a thoughtful daughter

She told me all day she had something to make me. Finally tonight she had her chance:

It was delicious!!! She is such a thoughtful little girl for thinking of mom on her birthday! Now she wants to paint my finger nails;)
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Life in the M household

It's funny how a baby totally changes life like its like they've always been a part of it! And how do you love somebody so much that you just met (even though I carried her for nine months)? And how did I miss her SO much yesterday when I was gone to have my surgery? Well, I guess she's been a part of me since January, so to be apart had me in tears! I'm glad its over with so now I don't have to part with her!

The surgery went well. I was really, really nervous. Zach just dropped me off at the door (who'd wanna haul 4 kids in) but that didn't help the nerves and I was about in tears as I walked in! But I managed to hold it together for the most part! They got me all ready and I had to talk to so many different people about the process. Two nurses were so wonderful to me when they'd realized I just had a baby AND a c-section! That's what really brought the tears on!!! They showed me pictures of the stones and then it was like everyone was staring at me as they waited for the medicine to knock me out. That is so weird, just laying there knowing you're going to be knocked out. I wonder, what happens in those hours of your life that you totally miss??? Next thing I know some guy is talking to me and telling me I'm in recovery. Apparently they were able to blast (through shock waves) both stones and break them up and they took out the stint. I am so thankful!!! I go back for an x-ray and appointment in the middle of September. At times my back is a bit sore in the area where I got 'hit' but its not bad at all (especially since I'm still taking pain meds at times for my other surgery)!

Today Sweet Pea had her first bath. I've got to put more pictures on the computer so once I do I'll share them. She seemed like she was up a lot last night. She only seems to sleep well next to mama or on me. I put her in her cradle all wrapped up and snug but a lot of times she'd squirm and if I gave her her pacifier it'd eventually get spit out and I'd have to keep putting it in. I was so tired!!! I did get a good nap in this afternoon so that was really nice. I feel like I could use another one though.

Today is my birthday. I would totally have forgotten but the kids kept reminding me! They made me cards and other gifts and Zach got me 2 Cd's, a book and a necklace. Part of me is wanting to get out and go out to eat at Olive Garden. It has been months since we've been there and I feel like now that I feel ok I just want to get out and celebrate all the goodness of the past week (and my birthday too). We'll see what happens. A lady from church brought us 'maid rites' and some other food for lunch. I guess they're kinda like sloppy jos (in a way). They were really good and it was a blessing for her to do that.

The kiddos got to play in the pool today. I was going to snap some pictures but I was out cold on the couch! They certainly had fun though (it was the first time they were able to do that since we've lived here).

I am praying for all of my friends down in MS who may be affected by Gustav. Please be safe and I pray it stays away from you all!!! I remember all too well the feeling of preparing for a hurricane....all the uncertainty and unknowns.

Well, I better figure out what we're going to do and either take another nap or get ready for some delicious food! I'll try to put pictures up soon.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Big Brother Protectiveness

Booty Shaker is such a proud big brother. Not an ounce of jealousy. He is so happy to hold the baby and love on her. Yesterday when I was being discharged from the hospital I was nursing the baby. When I began to burp her he was near me. He got this concerned and almost mad look on his face, grabbed my hand and said, "Don't hit the baby!" I had to explain about her need to burp. It was hilarious though!

Everything went fine today with my surgery. I'll post more tomorrow. Got a lovely diaper to change;) But I don't mind I am so in love with this little girl!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Home at last

We're home! It is nice to be home again. I was so ready to leave the hospital. I think I was getting rather irritated with things this morning, people in and out and all that, while trying to shower and get things ready to come home. Not like I showed anybody the irritation but I felt it! The baby stayed in the nursery a few times last night because I didn't get much rest yesterday and I really wanted to get sleep before coming home! It felt good to sleep! Our car seat is screwed up so Zach will have to go out today to take care of that and to fill some prescriptions of mine. I've got to call and make sure the whole surgery thing is set to go. All I want to do is rest! But I better eat lunch first! Oh before I forget, go here to see the hospital photo! I just may have to order a bunch! Ok, off to eat, sleep and enjoy my baby! The last thing I want to do lately is be online (hard to believe huh).

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baby Blues Hit

Well, the baby blues hit thanks to some rude receptionist at the urologist's office. She was very rude when I returned a phone call and didn't know who had called me and I just started bawling! Then I was told that my insurance won't cover the surgery I'm supposed to have on Friday for the stones...but now I'm told they will. We're getting conflicting information from various places and it is rather frustrating!

Other than that incident all is going great. I am very tired and didn't really get to relax today because I had visitors and all sorts of this and that people coming in. Baby is doing great- she is a trooper at nursing and my milk came in already. I'd write more but there's a precious little gal who wants to eat.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our Newest Blessing

Abigail Hope (aka Sweet Pea) was born yesterday at 1:23 via c-section. She weighed 6 lbs 3 oz and is 17 1/2 inches long. She is tiny yet has chubby cheeks! She reminds me a lot of what Booty Shaker looked like as a baby.

I had my amnio and it went fine. I don't really know what the big deal is with really wasn't bad at all. First they did an ultrasound and we met with the doctor and she explained everything and answered our questions. Then right before I got SO nervous I was crying a bit! But it is all ultrasound guided and so quick and painless. Really, the anticipation is the worst. Of course you worry about baby too, but they found a pocket away from her and everything went well.

I was then sent up to Labor & Delivery to be monitored and await the results. It was the longest hour of waiting and I just prayed that everything would work out according to God's plan. The nurse came in and said, "You're having a baby today!" I just started to cry I was SO excited! Wasn't nervous about it at all!!! I didn't think my doctor would do the section because it was getting to be past lunchtime, but he came for 1 pm and did it. From what the nurses and all were saying he's very good at it. With my section with Chatterbox I don't remember feeling a thing, but this time I could feel tugs and all that. And I could move my legs way quicker than I had with CB.

They had to put Abby on oxygen for awhile (I think maybe off and on for a half an hour) and they took her to the nursery to monitor her so I really didn't get to see her until just after 4!!! THEN she didn't nurse until after 7! I was a bit ticked about that, but they were wanting to monitor and make sure was was ok and she's been just fine. Nursing is going great. The first few times it took quite awhile to get her to latch on (she just wanted to sleep) but the past couple of times she did great. She is so sweet and adorable. It is unreal to me that I am holding this gift that I carried for what seemed like so long. I am very thankful for everybody's prayers and congrats (and thanks Angie for posting a quick update).

I had my CAT scan done this morning nice and early (gotta love how they wake you up early)! Still waiting to hear what the word on that is but the OB said they can go ahead and do what they need to to remove the stones and stint. I sure hope they're able to take care of it today or tomorrow. I'll be here in the hospital until Thursday I think they said.

Today I will have to get up and walk around more and I'm hoping they can take the catheter and IV out soon! It sure will help with moving around! I have some pain but it hasn't been too bad. My uterus is still contracting when I nurse (probably because I haven't done it too much yet) but I'm hoping it will get to 'normal' soon. It is weird not to have such a big belly anymore!

So I suppose you would like to see some pictures? Alright, here they are! Enjoy!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby Update!!

This is Angie, Jamie's friend.

I just got a call from her....Baby Girl Mleko has arrived!!!
Everything went really well and Jamie sounds so happy and relaxed
(that might be from some pain meds she said :)
Zach said baby looks a lot like Chatterbox when she was born.

The hospital does have internet so Zach will bring up their laptop
and Jamie will post more about the
baby and pictures later in the day if she is up to it.


A Baby Girl!

Pink booties and yellow ribbons,
pure delight in every gurgle and coo!
A bundle of love from heaven above
is a new baby daughter for you.

Infancy is precious and fleeting,
enjoy the enchantment of each day.
Cherish each magical moment,
fill her life with love in every way.

When you're reading this...

I'll already be gone. It is almost 4 pm on Sunday and I thought I'd type this post up real quick. I have no idea what will happen tomorrow (today for you all) but I'm really praying my baby is developed and that I can just get the c-section. I am really at peace about it and just ready for it all to be over. I'm tired of pain and pain pills. I want to meet our newest blessing. I have no idea if the hospital has internet but I will somehow try to get somebody to post something regarding what is going on. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts! Hoping the next time I post it will be with news and pictures of our baby!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I really guess I tend to go back and forth on the whole childbirth thing. Sometimes I think I could do a homebirth (not lately, but other times) and now here I am requesting a c-section! In 'normal' circumstances I would not request a c-section though.

This morning as I was readying for church I was thinking of my conversation I had with a midwife I'd called weeks ago. I wanted her advice on the stones/pregnancy. I think I'd mentioned before that I'd called her. Well, this morning I remembered part of our conversation. Somehow I'd ended up telling her how I'd lost my last two babies. I don't remember her exact wording, but I felt like she was almost 'blaming' me for my losses for not drinking enough water (remember she'd told me to drink TONS of water a day, more than I'd ever heard of). That really stung. I know it wasn't my fault my babies died and for somebody to insinuate something like that...

A few days ago I'd emailed a midwife I know through Above Rubies retreats. I remember how she'd prayed over my body as I carried Malachi's body in my womb knowing he was no longer alive. In my email I told her a bit of my situation and asked if she had any advice. I know people are well meaning in their words, but... Here is part of what she emailed back: I am believing you are a Christian. If so, then remember scripture tells us that there is a TIME to be born and a time to die.That the fruit will fall from the vine in it's due season.So I firmly believe that induction is out of God's order and interfering with HIS dates.

See, things like that just irritate me. Just because I may decide to have my baby early does not mean I'm NOT a Christian. I KNOW God has our appointed dates and I guess I'm feeling like maybe there are other reasons that I don't know about why this baby may be born this way rather than VBAC as I'd hoped. Of course I don't even know what tomorrow holds...we still may have to wait. And I will believe that that is God's course, His plan, even though honestly I may be a bit disappointed about it at first (only because I want my pain gone). But, if we're able to have our precious one I believe it is His plan for this baby.

Either way, there are risks in all ways of birthing babies (the interference of drugs, the cord could wrap around the neck, etc). No matter in which manner we birth our children we need to trust in God that He will bring our babies safely into the world. I know people who are firm home birthers and I know those who will never birth without an epidural. Does that make those who home birth 'better' or more of a Christian than those who don't? Just like homeschooling...are the homeschoolers 'better' than those who send their children to public school. Or just how some people believe in women wearing only dresses, are they more spiritual than us who wear pants and shorts? I believe God convicts us all in different areas at different times in our lives. Maybe one day I'll be convicted to only wear dresses and homebirth! But even if He doesn't I don't feel like I should be made to feel any 'less than' those who have that conviction. Does that make sense? Confession time: And I know I've come across before (and even thought in my mind) that I'm better than so and so because I __________ (fill in the blank). That is SO wrong!!!! Help me Lord to not be that way!

I don't want to start a debate on my blog, just trying to process some thoughts going through my mind right now. I appreciate everyone's emails, comments, etc as I've weighed it all in my mind. It's been an interesting 5 days as I've seriously prayed and contemplated what I should do in this whole matter. I look forward to seeing what the Lord will do tomorrow.

Birthday Boy through the years

Yeah! I found these pictures on our normal computer and thought I'd better post them! Here's my boy after he was first born:

1 year

2 years

3 years

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Today: 4 years old!

Happy Birthday Booty!

I can't believe my 'baby' is 4! Time has just flown by! I look at him and see a boy growing bigger and bigger yet I also see my precious Cuddly Boy, the sweet baby I first held 4 years ago. He has brought so much joy and laughs to our lives. He's the smartest little boy I know, but he's got two older siblings to keep up with. He loves to help out in so many ways and to do 'big boy things' yet he's also still such a little guy. He still drives me nuts staying up late at night but who can resist when he climbs into bed close to me, plays with my hair and is soon asleep. I wish I could do a picture collage like I've done the other two this year but many pictures are buried or not on this computer and I just don't have the energy to locate them (I'm sorry my sweet boy). I look forward to seeing him grow into a young man. Happy, happy birthday my precious, cuddly Booty Shaker!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Little Mommy

Chatterbox testing the Ergo I got from my mom. Thanks Mom! I can't wait to use it on the baby!!!
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Tomorrow is Booty Shaker's birthday. Today we allowed him to open a gift and we celebrated a bit. We took them to the Splash Park (the pools were closed ALREADY), went to get ice cream at The Marble Slab and ran to the store. He wasn't too keen on the toy that was picked out for him, plus one of the wings didn't work, so we returned it and let him pick out what he wanted. He's a much happier camper! Now they're watching Batman. A simple yet fun day. Check out pictures from their water fun here.

Friday, August 22, 2008

More Friends

I have an IRL friend, Kim, who recently started her blog. Please hop on over and say hello to her!!! She's looking for other military wives also!


Still weighing my options. Here's the latest. Saw the urologist this morning. Very nice. Had to take the kids and he didn't mind in the bit (sometimes you never know). He said that when I'm in the hospital he will come and get me a CAT scan so he can see what's going on with the stones and we'll deal with them and the stent from there. It's uncertain at this point (because he hasn't seen the x-rays of them) if it will be done while I'm still there but it looks hopeful. Praise the Lord!

While I was there my OBs office called. I guess that if everything looks ok on the amnio they can do the c-section at lunchtime on Monday!!!! Holy smokes!!! I dropped my records off at the office I go to on Monday for the amnio and they were real nice and told me what happens and all. That whole hospital complex is HUGE! There are so many different buildings- it is so easy to get lost in that place! It's very nice though. For some weird reason I like hospitals. Maybe because at one point I wanted to work in one. They have a children's hospital too and we had to walk through part of it. It was so neat and cute, the different things they had.

I came home and installed the car seat. I will have to make sure everything is packed up and ready on Monday morning when I head out. As long as everything looks fine on the ultrasound and amnio I think I'll be holding our precious baby on Monday. Unless the Lord maneuvers me in a different direction in a big way.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Rebecca and I have been friends since grade school. It is so neat how we both blog now and can keep up on one another's lives and families that way. Well, she was holding out on us for all this time. Check out this post... I can't believe how sneaky she was- I could never do that! Congrats Becca!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Decisions, Decisions...

This morning I woke up with a whole new outlook. I wasn't necessarily in 'pain' or anything but just the fact that my bladder and whole female parts constantly hurt I was determined I don't want to deal with it anymore. I'm tired of it and I want my body back to being normal. I want to be able to enjoy my husband and children, enjoy going out, enjoy the normal things in life that I just can't lately. So I decided that I would tell my doctor that if he'd do a c-section tomorrow I'd do it. I just want it over. I know the end of pregnancy is tough and sometimes seems to take forever as it is but with all the added crap I've been dealing with I'm so over it.

I was at my doctor office for a long time. His nurse was real nice. I was surprised when he walked in to find a younger doctor (he looks older in his picture online). I was all ready to go with my page long of questions, concerns and complaints. I shed tears. I let him know what is going on and how I'm feeling. He listened. He didn't rush me on, he didn't tsk me or anything. Wonderful! I got the Group B Strep test done and he checked if I have a yeast infection. Sure enough. Funny (or not) thing is when I mentioned my symptoms to the other Dr. last week she said it sounded like one but didn't even check!!! So who knows how long I've been dealing with this now! No surprise though since I've been on antibiotics for at least 3 weeks.

Ok, so here are my list of issues (besides the 'normal' pregnancy things):
Bladder infection (maybe its cured with the antibiotics though)
Yeast infection
Kidney Stones
Very anemic

I have an antibiotic for the bladder issues, new medicine for the yeast problem, iron pills and of course my pain meds. What, I ask you, is next???

Well, I have an appointment with a urologist on Friday. We'll discuss what can be done with the stones and when. I'm hoping that maybe they'll be able to take care of it when I'm in the hospital.

Monday I go to a different doctor who will do an amnio and ultrasound to see how developed the baby is. If the baby is developed well I can schedule a c-section for Tuesday. This is not the route I planned to go (and maybe by then the baby will come on her own or I'll change my mind) but like I stated above I am so sick of it all. Of course I want the baby's best interests and want to make sure she'll be ok if delivered early. I really didn't want another c-sect. and the idea of an amnio freaks me out so I'll just be praying in the meantime that God intervenes in a huge way! Otherwise I may be holding my baby next week!

On a totally different note, I've been searching for a baby book. They are SO expensive! I didn't want to pay $20 for one! And I couldn't find any that could be for boy or girl- it was either pink or blue. Tonight I stopped at TJ Maxx just to check if they had any. Only girl ones, but I looked at the price- $5.99!!!! I decided to get it and just wait to write in it- can't beat that price! I figured everything else I have is girl I may as well just get a girl baby book too;)

Well, I need to fill out pre-admission papers and make a list of phone calls I have to make tomorrow. Please pray that Zach and I make the best and wisest decision in this all and that we follow the Lord's leading. I don't want to be selfish in this and think only of myself. Which I'm not, I am very concerned about how these medicines I keep taking repeatedly could affect my baby. Zach is too which is why he's been saying for awhile now that I should just get the c-sect. Maybe God is slowly nudging me that way for some reason I don't know about. I don't know. Just pray for us as we seek God in this.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

33 Days Left

I never dress nicely anymore, unless I'm going to church. Who feels like it when they feel so fat, pregnant and they're in pain? Well today we had a picnic to go to for the spouse's wives from Zach's work and I wanted to dress nice. What better day to take some pictures!?! So, here you have it... Big fat mama;) Oh and all pictures were taken courtesy of Chatterbox, besides the last one...Junior Squirrel took that one.

Notice Booty Shaker hiding behind me;)

It really looks much bigger in real life...and feels it too;)

Silly Booty Shaker

Posted by PicasaStill my Cuddly Boy

Monday, August 18, 2008


Today I was so blessed to be able to really relax. Zach had today off, but better than that (sorry hon) our Pastor's wife paid for a massage therapist she knows to come to my house and give me a massage. It was so wonderful! The guy is a Lutheran pastor (what a combination, huh) and was so nice. At first I felt weird with another person massaging me (I thankfully DIDN'T have to undress) but soon I was so relaxed as he worked out kinks and all. Then tonight I was really hurting (I figured out the right side of my back hurts so bad because the baby is really laying on that side) so I took a nice, long bath. It felt so good and I was so relaxed! I didn't have any pain until I sat down again and now my back is starting to hurt again. It was nice to lie in the tub and just pray to God about my pain, the baby, labor and all that.

Yesterday evening I was having a lot of Braxton hicks contractions. They were like 5 minutes apart from one another! I hope my body is preparing to have this baby! We're all so ready to meet our new blessing. I even packed what I could of my hospital bag tonight!!! Oops, gotta charge the camera batteries though!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

An attempt...

I wanted to take a test run by the new hospital because I had no idea exactly where it was. I was hoping we'd 'pretend' I was in labor. All was going well while Zach drove (and talked on the phone to his brother), until he missed his exit. Then I flipped out! Of course the next one was miles down the road, so 10 minutes later we finally get onto the road we needed to be on! Once we got on the right road it was so easy to find the hospital. It is huge- there are so many different buildings. I knew the one I needed and we finally found it. After figuring in the time we spent 'detouring' it only took about 15 minutes to get there. Not bad at all! Much closer than the hospital in Ames! Now hopefully Zach will have a clue how to get there when the time really comes and I'm in too much pain to direct him! I can't wait for that day!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Conversations with Chatterbox

Last night Chatterbox and I went out to Chinese. I think she was expecting a buffet, but thankfully it wasn't. I'm not keen on buffets and preferred to just sit for awhile. We had a great time and wonderful conversation. I love going out with my daughter! I had asked her what we would do if they baby is a boy (I keep wondering now) and asked what we should name it if it were. She said the name of one of my ex-boyfriends and I told her that we couldn't name him that! So she got to asking questions, like if I kissed him. I was honest and told her yes, but that its best to save your kiss for your husband. Then she asked how I kissed him! She asked if I put my leg up when we kissed!!! I think that was in one of the Princess Diary movies, where Mia kissed a guy and put her leg up behind her as she kissed him, so I'm assuming Chatterbox thought that! I couldn't stop laughing about it!

Last weekend when I took her out I'd asked her something about her Barbies and she told me that sometimes when Booty Shaker plays with them he'll have them be naked and on top of each other (or something to that effect). I told her she didn't need to play with her Barbies that way (she insisted she didn't) and that that is only ok if a man and woman are married. She was really shocked about that and wondered about it. She apparently thought that its not ok for a husband and wife to see each other naked. Then she said how she never sees daddy & I like that and I had to explain to her that people need to do that stuff in private! It was hilarious!

I'm so glad she's still so naive to it all! I still can't believe she hasn't wondered where babies truly come from. But its all ok to me!!! The more 'innocent' she is to it all the better for now;) I'm sure the time will come soon enough.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I couldn't resist

I had to post how I'm feeling today. I have not taken pain meds since I went to bed last night! I have no pain! I've been real tired today and finally got a nap in this afternoon. I've also been having to run to the bathroom quite a bit, but what else is new with that? It is nice not to be in pain. I just wish I didn't have to pee every 5 minutes so I could go and shop. We're in desperate need of groceries. I may just have to chance it and head out anyway, I guess. I'm also craving Chinese food so maybe we can eat out? Although I am nervous to be out too long!

A different subject

Ok, time for a different subject here for a change;) Although that is difficult for me to do considering my entire life lately focuses on the other. We moved into our house a little over 6 weeks ago. Can you believe that? I can't believe its been that long! There were things we noticed on our walk-thru that we addressed, but we still closed because we had to get in (good thing we closed when we did considering all that's happened since then). Anyway, they've addressed hardly any of the issues. They told us they mail a letter 30-45 days after we move in. We got the letter, with the list of items at walk-thru that we addressed and they'd marked that all of the items were done! Meanwhile, since we've moved in I've been emailing them with things that come up (since they only want you to contact them through email). I think like one thing was fixed since then. I am so fed up with it! Even the neighbors have said that they're not very good on getting to things. But some of these are more 'serious' than others. Like rain leaking in from under the front door. Some plumbing issues. Then there are other things, like caulking in certain places, cleaning up their paint messes off of the windows and giving us our new door for upstairs. Of course there are more than these. I emailed the lady the same email today, with the list of things, but I also stated we are disappointed in their lack of response and that we'll take further action if something doesn't get done soon (meaning I'll contact the BBB and such). So, meanwhile we have to manually stop our toilet from running after we flush, be aware of any rain so that it doesn't come in under the door and just wait around for them to get their act together. If you make a statement that you fix things then please follow through!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

More pregnancy stuff

Well, I have an appointment with my new doctor next week. I've heard good things about him so I'm looking forward to it. BUT I guess they will not induce, unless I want to have a c-section. They won't induce on VBACs. I was really hoping I could just get a 'date' so I could arrange for child care, my mom to be here, etc. Oh well, I need to remember that God knows when the baby's time is to come and rely on Him to provide for our needs. These goofy rules and laws are so irritating though. No wonder people homebirth!!!!

I can't believe I'm almost 35 weeks. I will have to take a picture of my belly soon as it seems even bigger, although I only gained 1 pound in 2 weeks. I've been feeling more pressure and have had other issues. Not sure if time is getting closer or if I've now got a yeast infection. It will be such a relief to have this baby!!!

I've been in more pain lately than I was when I left the hospital last week. I have more pain meds, but she sure didn't give me much so I'm trying to withhold from using them. But its miserable to sit here in pain and be fearful of going anywhere!

Sorry if this post doesn't make a whole lot of sense, I've got a lot of distractions right now. Oh and I got my diaper bag in the mail from Amie! She also made an adorable dress and a beautiful quilt. I was almost crying as I saw it all! Thanks Amie! Maybe she'll post pictures on her sewing blog, so be sure to check and see!

Whose decision is it, anyway?

I know its becoming more and more common for hospitals not to allow VBACs. Here in Iowa this is a new thing. Apparently somebody in Iowa City has made the decision that only hospitals in Iowa City and Des Moines can offer VBACs to patients. Is it right for one person to make a decision for hundreds if not thousands of women? For me driving to Des Moines is no big deal, but what about for those who live far from these cities and who don't want a repeat cesarean.

I know there are some cases where a cesarean is needed, but more often than not I think it is just unnecessary. It is becoming so commonplace nowadays though, almost the norm. Why is that? Do these doctors just make more money from the insurance companies? Or is there really a need for so many women to have them? And I wonder if its not their way of 'cutting off' women from having so many babies. After all, how many doctors will perform multiple c-sections on one person? I know its been done, but I know they don't recommend it.

With my first baby I wasn't too educated. I simply followed the advice of every doctor. My baby was breech. I was supposed to go in and they were going to try to turn her but she broke my water that morning. I believe it was a God thing. I was really nervous about them pushing here and there but I was at peace with a c-section. Even now I have no regrets about that decision. It was what had to be done. Since then I've had two successful VBACs. So, because I had a c-section over 8 years ago I have somebody telling me I need a repeat one? Is it really their decision?

I know there are risks associated with VBACs. And I'm open to getting a c-section if it is absolutely necessary. But if its for the simple reason that some supposed 'expert' thinks it necessary and they don't know my past medical history, or current for that matter, then I say bologna on that! God designed a woman's body to birth a baby naturally. And that is what I intend to do, with the help of drugs (I just am not Superwoman).

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I began a whiny post yesterday but was interrupted. I guess that's a good thing. Yesterday we began some school. We did Bible, history and science. The kiddos seemed excited to start but when it came down to it they wouldn't listen and I was frustrated! I was going to read too, but we never did get that far. In the evening we did a little more work, just fun little things. I can't believe its that time of year again. Normally I don't start so soon but I figure since I'm feeling ok and with a baby on the way I better do what I can now! We don't have all our books yet and I still have to order math, but I figure we'd do what we have. It's nice to be in more of a routine.

Today it is raining. I love it. It is watering our 'golden' grass and now I don't have to! I just hope it quits by this afternoon when I have to go to the doctors. I'm assuming this will be my last appointment with her. I haven't been needing my pain pills as much but I really hope she'll give me a refill on them because they sure do help when I need them. I will not be a very happy patient if she denies them and I'll request to see the doctor who checked me in to the hospital to see if he will give them. It's nice I haven't needed them as much. I'm really thinking that UTI was giving me all those problems. I've been having pain on my right side (did I mention that before, sorry if I did) and I'm praying there aren't stones over there.

Well, I better feed this hungry belly and get us ready for the day so we can begin school. Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm so glad this wasn't me!!!

I read about this on our local TV station's site and finally watched the video. You won't believe it. I would absolutely freak out!!! Check it out here or at the TV site. Guess the Iowa State Fair is a hopping thing!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Successful Saturday

I must say that today has been quite the successful day. Thanks to the 'drugs' I was able to get out of the house! Zach took the boys fishing and Chatterbox and I went shopping for dresses for her and baby items. I wanted to hit the local thrift stores. First we went to the Salvation Army one and weren't there even 5 minutes. All the children's clothes were bunched together, not even categorized into sizes and I wasn't about to go through it all. After that we went to the Goodwill. It was a little more organized but I admit I found one more thing I miss about Mississippi (SHOCK, I know). I miss America's Family Thrift Store! I think there's one in Des Moines so I'll have to find it sometime, along with Once Upon a Child. But we have a local baby/children's consignment store so we went there next and I hit the mother load! I spent $60 and got like 15 things! Most brand names, all in excellent condition! I was so excited!

I took Chatterbox to lunch and while we were eating Junior Squirrel called excited as could be, "I caught two fish!!!!!!" It was so exciting to hear him so thrilled and I was proud of him! I guess by the time they came home Zach caught about 4 and all Booty Shaker caught was a branch;) They had a good time though and what a wonderful way for them all to 'bond'!

Chatterbox and I then went to a local 'teacher type' store. It reminded me a lot of one I'd gone to in Mobile. They had so many cool things! I will definitely be back there! I didn't buy anything although I was tempted to.

Off to Super Target to try to find some receiving blankets for baby and dresses for Chatterbox. Online Target has so many dresses but the store had like 2 and they were UGLY! I bought more baby items and we went to Kohl's where CB found 1 dress. I'd like to hit TJ Maxx but by that time I just had to come home and relax a bit! I may resort to buying dresses for her online but she's so tall that I'd really like her to try them on first. The dress she got is a 10 and fit her perfectly!

We came home and moved the baby cradle from the basement to our room. Most of the baby things are washed and I'm trying to get organized. I know I still have time but I figure since I feel good I better do it. Once I have all the clothes and blankets washed I can figure out what I still need. It is hard to get organized with baby stuff when I don't have a lot of space to put it. With the other kiddos I could use the changing table, closet space and the baby's dresser. So I'm trying to work with what room I have and figure out what to do! But its fun stuff! It is fun to prepare for a new baby. I'm REALLY hoping it really is a girl or I think our boy will be dressed in nothing but pink!

Yesterday was also successful. I brought all my 'forms' into the local school office stating that I'm homeschooling. I was able to clean up the house a bit and water our 'golden' lawn (as Chatterbox called it). A sweet family from church brought us the most delicious dinner. We are reading the book, "Minn of the Mississippi". Some parts the kids seem enthralled in, others it seems they care less! So I decided we'd do a project. I printed up a turtle, they colored it, we glued it to cardboard and cut it out. Then they painted a box that will be the turtles habitat. I think I'll have them make trees or whatever else they'd like to go in the box. It was fun and we enjoyed ourselves (especially the boys whose hands were COVERED in paint)! Junior Squirrel hurt his toe last night. Poor boy's toe nail was just hanging off! I've never had that happen but I imagine it hurts! So Zach took it all off and its bandaged up. He's as good as new now;)

Did you have a successful weekend? What did you do?

Thursday, August 07, 2008

my vacation

I had a vacation yesterday and it felt good. Where to? The hospital! I was so sick of dealing with the pain that I finally called the doctor. My doctor wasn't in, which is a good thing (I don't like her) and the one on call said to come in to be observed and get checked out. Well, in addition to everything else it looks like I have a UTI so that could be contributing to all the pain as well. They gave me Percecot for pain and put me on antibiotics. I stayed overnight to make sure the pain meds would work. I didn't see my doctor until this morning and let me tell you I am glad I have to switch doctors (more to come on that). The other two doctors I'd seen while in there were so willing to give me something for the pain. I was crying as I described to them how I couldn't even function. Well, she didn't seem to care and said pain was normal with a stint and I'd have to learn to live with it or get it out. I didn't think she was going to give me pain meds to take home at first!!!! I can understand some pain, but to the point of not being able to do a thing??? She also told me to keep myself busy to distract myself! As if!!!

So, why am I switching doctors (beside the fact she's 'old-school' and rude)? I found out last night that Iowa passed a law and most hospitals no longer do VBAC's. I knew before I moved here that this may happen, but when I was looking for a doctor this wasn't an issue. So, the hospital I've been at (which I really liked) won't do them anymore. I will get referred to a doctor and hospital in Des Moines, which is actually closer to us anyway. I really hate to deal with another new doctor and all the pain in that but I will not have a c-section unless necessary and I am not happy with the current doctor. I see her again Tuesday for my appointment and we'll go over things to transfer me then.

Oh, the hospital has valet parking and room service! I know most people don't like hospitals but I was being taken care of and it felt wonderful. I didn't have to worry about the kids, dinner or things like that. The food was actually good and the nurses wonderful!

On a different note, please check out my SIL's sewing blog. I asked if she'd make a diaper bag for the baby because I really like those styles and she did! I can't say how much I LOVE it!!!! Let's continue to hope its a girl (I had a dream last night that they did an ultrasound and the baby was a boy).

So, I am home now with some drugs to hopefully keep me feeling well. It is amazing that when I take them I feel a whole lot more like myself. It is wonderful! I just hope I don't run out too soon and that she'll give me a refill!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I am so thankful for my daughter. She's been a huge help to me. She will fix she and her brothers (and sometimes me) lunch when I ask her to. She'll sometimes get them breakfast. She sorted the laundry (it is crazy how much there is). She gets me things I need and helps with the boys. I'd be so lost without her help.

I'm also thankful that God provided us a church family already. How often do you move to a place and already have a church family (before you even move there)? Normally it takes us awhile! I know God provided it because He knew we'd need it. The Pastor's wife brought dinner last week, another woman called and said she'd try to bring dinner this week and another has emailed. I just wish we all didn't live so far from one another!!!

Well, off to rest. I am exhausted after a night of hardly any sleep.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

never a dull moment...

The other night while Daddy read the Bible this is what Booty Shaker did:

He was one tired boy!
And just a bit ago he put this on his head and asked me to take his picture.

He's so silly! In this last picture I think he looks so much like his Uncle Adam for some reason!
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Watch too many movies?

Well apparently I do (though not as much as my husband). I can't believe I forgot to blog about this!

The other night I just could not sleep (what else is new) and I thought I'd try the couch once again. When I came down and plugged in my heating pad I noticed tail lights outside in a driveway across the street. Weird, it was almost 3 am. The people had just moved in, but the house was dark. When I looked closer I saw the lights on. I lay down and tried to sleep. When I got up to use the bathroom I noticed the lights were STILL on! It was like an hour later! And the lights looked quite dimmer. My first thought was somebody was trying to commit suicide! I think I posted over a year ago that they'd found a woman down the road from us who had done this and that was all I could think about.

I contemplated what to do. Go over and look, call the police, wake up Zach? I finally thought I would wake Zach and he thought it quite weird as well. He didn't want to go over for fear of finding a dead body. Finally we decided to call the police to check things out. FORTY minutes later they finally come (I'm NOT out in the country that it had to take that long). We watched out of the windows as the cop shined his flashlight on the car, tried to open the door, etc. The windows were quite fogged up. He stepped to the end of the driveway and talked into his radio. I was like, "OH no...he's calling in for help" but then he got in his car and left!?! A few minutes later we get a call from the police...apparently the people just left their lights on. Do you know that that NEVER occurred to me???? I think I've watched one too many movies or something!

An update on me. Yesterday I talked to the urologists nurse and apparently my back pain was my sciatic nerve. I've had problems before but really didn't think it was that. I was able to voice concerns and ask questions about when I get the stint removed. I lay on the couch all day trying to just get rid of the pain however I could. I decided to call a midwife to see what she would recommend for me to do with the stones, sciatica, pain, etc. She was helpful (and very harsh)! She told me to drink like a whole milk jug of water a day (and I'm tyring). I wasn't eating very well for awhile because of the pain and all and she pretty much scolded me. So I forced myself to cook dinner and even made myself a healthy breakfast. Last night I slept a little better, though was up peeing all the time, at least I wasn't in the pain I was in the night before. So, I'm really going to force myself to eat (even when I don't feel like it), to drink lots of water and hopefully I continue to feel better. I felt good all morning until I got out of the shower...crazy how it seems that can really wear me out!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Happy 2nd birthday Precious Child

Two years ago today I lost our precious baby. This day 1 year ago was Malachi's due date. To think our precious Malachi would be 1. To think that its already been 2 years since I lost the other baby. I wanted to write a poem or something but lack of sleep and intensity of pain has kept me from it. So I will share this with you:

Happy Birthday my precious baby!!!! We miss you and can't wait to meet you!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

not much new

Don't have a whole lot to blog abut. Felt so crummy all day yesterday and just laid around. Finally got my Above Rubies mag. so was able to read that! Zach took the boys fishing and canoeing and I really wanted to try to get out with Chatterbox and do some shopping but there was no way it was going to happen. She happily played some computer games, we ate lunch together and watched her Barbie movie. The kiddos played outside with the hoses yesterday while Zach finished painting the shed and I sat on our upstairs porch for awhile.

Today we skipped church. I was almost hoping Zach & the kids would go so it would be nice and quiet but it wasn't bad with them here. When I woke up this morning my left side was hurting again and my left leg was NUMB. It must be either from the stones or stint but it is annoying! Right now I'm sitting with heating pads to try to get rid of the pain! I didn't get out of bed until 10 this morning and after breakfast I fell asleep on the couch for at least an hour! I feel so stinkin' lazy! I haven't been showering until well into the afternoon, which is rare for me! It is kinda nice though, just to be a lazy bum. I know that in about 6 weeks I won't have time for that as I'll be on my toes with my precious baby and trying to homeschool the others. So I'm trying to enjoy all this rest and its not bad when I'm not in so much pain or not running to the bathroom as often!

I feel horrible that I haven't been able to cook a whole lot of meals for the family. Hopefully tomorrow I will force myself to do it, but I don't want to overdo it because then I end up in worse pain.

Oh, and remember my eBay deals on baby clothes? I saved over $70 on school books for the year (so far) by bidding on eBay! Now I just need to get the workbooks and we'll be good to go. I LOVE saving money!!!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Hooray for eBay!

Today was another pretty rough day, though not as emotionally draining (I was an emotional wreck yesterday). At least Zach was home so that helped a bit. I barely slept last night so I napped off and on through the day. Then I began craving Olive Garden food so we ventured out. Of course being a Friday night it was jam packed so we went to a steakhouse instead. Not quite Olive Garden, I just ordered a salad as my appetite hasn't been the best lately, but it was good. I managed to do ok, just walked real slow and sat real still. The trick was on the way home I had to go so bad! But then we passed a Baby's R Us and I said we should stop and get some diapers and a car seat. This is the one we got. I figured we'd better get a more neutral color to be on the safe side!

I've also been busy bidding on eBay. I ain't got nothin' else to do when I lay around;) I managed to win three different auctions of baby clothes and I only spent $15 total (that includes shipping). I got them all in the mail today and here is what there was:
The onesies are all brand new and the original package!
The blanket seen on the top and in the picture below is also brand new. Let's just hope this baby really is a girl with all the stuff I'm getting;)
I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions through the day. Sometimes I notice them and sometimes not, but tonight they're a bit more uncomfortable. Think its time for bed, or at least an attempt!