Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hands-on Learning

Friday for school we went to a bread baking day. A friend in one of our homeschool groups has been grinding her own wheat. I knew Princess would enjoy it, so off we went for a different education for the day! We got to see different forms of grain- from buckwheat to winter wheat to millet. The boys played with play-doh and ran around and played a couple of games. Princess and I got to see the wheat being ground- pretty neat and fast! Then they worked with the bread dough. While we waited for the bread they made pizza dough. Princess got right in there- even feeling so comfortable as to eat the cheese while spreading it on the dough! Though a long day it was very informative and interesting. Of course I've baked my own bread before, but never ground my own wheat.

Saturday we took a science field trip as a family to Gulf Islands National Seashore. It is not too far from home and the park we often go to to see the alligator. Since our science this year is about flying creatures we were mainly looking for things related to that. We had a scavenger hunt list from our book that we tried to follow. Although it was HOT we had such a good time out in nature exploring. I brought little sandwich bags and the kiddos picked up everything from flowers to acorns to different types of grasses.

I will add some pictures of our day in a slide show soon. I forgot my camera for the bread baking but had it at the park.

Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm Going Home!

That's right. Last week Zach approached me and told me he wanted to do something nice for me. I assumed he meant something completely different than what he did, for he told me on his next long weekend I should fly home. I was floored! I haven't been home in over a year. Sure, I saw my mom in March but I miss home. When I mentioned it to my mom I took her by surprise and she didn't seem too keen on the idea (but then again I was looking to fly into Milwaukee to save money and she'd have to drive there).

So my hopes were dashed and then Zach said I should fly to D.C. to see some friends. Well, ticket prices kept rising as the dates drew nearer. I hadn't heard back from my friend. Another one bites the dust.

Plan C fell through too. My friend and I thought we could take a road trip to Savannah, GA or somewhere else for a little getaway.

I was down in the dumps. Now what? It was too much to fly home! Time is nearing, as we're talking this coming WEDNESDAY. Well, after some discussion and searching it looks like I'll be flying home after all. In only 5 DAYS!!!!!!!! And I'll be there for 5 DAYS as Zach has a LONG weekend, plus took off some time. He is SO sweet! After this he deserves to fly to Green Bay for a Packer game and some guy time with his buddy that lives there.

An update on the r' far since the bug guy came back we haven't seen any. I'm praying that between their 'hotels' and the spray that they're dying off in the droves wherever they may be. I'm also praying I'm not greeted by mice when I go home. The r's seem to like Zach, but the mice like to visit me when I stay with my mom!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

R+Bug Man=Dead

That's right. Mr. Bug Man came today and sprayed a stronger spray. So those suckers better end up dead!

How do your apples grow?

Those are not real apples the kids are picking in the pictures. I wanted to do something 'special' for Johnny Appleseed Day, so I cut out 'apples' from construction paper. I made their buckets out of paper bags. I cut the bag in half and used the top half as a handle, just cutting it thinner. I was going to have them wear pots on their heads as they picked their apples but most of our pots are dirty. We will eat apples for snacks later. We talked about Johnny Appleseed and colored a picture of him. Did you do anything special with your children?

Happy Johnny Appleseed Day!

The R Word Update

It is 6:17 am. I have been up for almost two hours as I never did fall back to sleep when Zach awoke. I am still in bed, but nonetheless I am awake. I'm sure after yesterday's post there is no question as to why. I heard two being squashed by my hubby this morning. Yesterday I didn't call our pest control, but we did lay out the 'hotels'. Well, I can tell you that at 9 am sharp I will be calling for Tom to come and spray our house and spray it good. This is ridiculous. Many people (from here) will say, "Well, it is the south" or "We live with them" or whatever but I can't live with them. It is disgusting. And if it is the south, why didn't we ever have any in our other house? Or in our house in North Carolina? I am so irritated. I lay in bed in fear of stupid, tiny, disgusting bugs. My stomach hurts because of it all. I mean for crying out loud, one was in my BED. Wouldn't that disgust YOU???? Did I mention the lack of sleep over this? No wonder I've had a short fuse lately. So, looks like I'll be seeing Mr. Tom today. And I can tell you that tomorrow morning we better see some...but they better be DEAD!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Reason #929999999933434474 why I HATE the South


I know I've mentioned it before. But when your husband feels one crawling on him in bed in the middle of the night and you find one in the bathroom in the morning. A roach. In our BED. That is SICK. Now not all of you know me, but I am a CLEAN freak. This is not something that should be happening to us!!!! Then this morning I'm awakened to 'CLUNK, CLUNK, CLUNK' downstairs. Zach. Killing ANOTHER roach. I will be calling our pest control as soon as it opens. I can't take it anymore and I certainly can't sleep well at night knowing there was one in my bed.

Reason #2836...

why I'm glad I homeschool....the school bus driving by at 6:30 am!!! I could not imagine my children being whisked away on the yellow bus for 8 hours out of the day!

Oh, and reason #2837 is because I don't need my daughter coming home telling me she's got a boyfriend- in the 2nd grade. Apparently 2nd graders do now. Geesh.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Manic Monday

That's what it seems like. I've realized that lately Mondays seem like this. Time to come back to reality and our weekly schedule, whereas on the weekend we lounged. This past weekend we had two birthday parties plus we had Awana last night. My kids are probably coming off of the highest sugar high ever! Talk about junk! Every night they come home from Awana with more and more candy. Thankfully we don't go trick-or-treating. We wouldn't need to with the stash we're collecting!

It seems naps are coming fewer and fewer. Which is kind of ok. We seem to enjoy our days together (for the most part) and the kids go to sleep much better at night. But, I miss that quiet time in the afternoon. Even if I try to put a movie in it seems they're still needy. So I will have to find something so that we all get a bit of quiet in the day if we don't nap. Even Cuddly Boy has been falling asleep in his OWN bed all by himself because he's been so wiped out.

Today we talked about The Sumerians in History. We built a ziggarut out of Lego's. Notice Princess's tag on her hat. She got that from the Awana store and hadn't realized the tag was on (or maybe she liked it). Also, notice a little head on the other side of the other picture. He wouldn't get out of the way;)

That was fun. . Little Man is doing well (and reading) with the book "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons". Princess is learning the writing process. While I really enjoy English she doesn't like it as well. I'm really hoping she will learn to. As we revised her story today she seemed a bit frustrated at my suggestions, thinking her story was fine. It was, but it did need some revising too.

Tonight I have my Bible Study. I'm not sure if I mentioned that I started a Bible study in my home- The Power of Motherhood by Nancy Campbell. I'm sorry if I've mentioned it before...I honestly can't remember if I did or not. About 4 other ladies attend and we have a blessed night of fellowship and studying God's Word about being a mother.

I am off to finish making dinner and prepare for my Bible study. I'm praying Tuesday will be full of grace and not crazy like today was!

For Jodie...Rember this song...Happy Birthday (3 days early)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Goofy boy

Working on her math

Here he is again...

Little Man's pumpkin he made from our math blocks

Princess with her new glasses

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Coffee Talk

Little Man- "I'm calling 991". He was pretending there was a fire. Um...I don't think those numbers would help;) Then he said, "I'm going to use my 'hockey talky'". I busted out laughing. My poor kiddos have no idea what hockey is all about. Weird, coming from this UP gal and guy. So, I had to correct him and say walkie talkie! Oh, they're so funny!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Freedom and Flexibility

I feel like a whole new woman this school year and I love it! No, I haven't nailed that patience thing and I'm not a saint because I homeschool (seriously guys, people say this stuff to me). I have learned to be more flexible. Last year, at least at the beginning until I lost the baby, I would have freaked about not getting everything done in one day. No, we had to do every lesson every day. Then I lost Malachi and life really changed, even for our homeschool. We didn't school for about a month and then I was scrambling in the summer months to finish so we could have somewhat of a break.

We had our break. Now we're back into the school year. I was nervous about having two 'in' school. Let me tell you- school here has changed! Sure, every day we try to do our lessons, but it doesn't bother me if we don't get something done. The other day we didn't do math. Yesterday we didn't do history. Today we didn't get to spelling. And I'm NOT freaking out!!! It's a miracle!

Today Princess had to have an 'experience' to write about. So we put on our shoes and walked to the pond, talking of what we saw and heard. It was wonderful. It was LIFE. It was learning! Yesterday at the grocery store I even Incorporated a bit of learning into our escapade. We just seem more relaxed...or I should say I do. And if mama ain't relaxed ain't nobody relaxed, right?

Little Man isn't yet getting how to read words. He's learning his letters and his sounds, but to put them together he can't get it. So I've stepped back and I'm working with him. I think if it were last year and this were happening I would have freaked! But I'm being patient and enjoying teaching him and watching him learn.

It's not about how fast you go through it. It's about immersing yourself in it so you understand it. It's about enjoying what you are learning while enjoying one another. It's about being flexible. And just like the McD's saying...I'm lovin' it!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

When all is stinky...go shopping!

Since the end part of my week was pretty junky and I was not too pleased with a certain child I asked hubby if I/we could go shopping. I still hadn't gotten a birthday gift and I still had birthday money to spend. I wanted some new clothes. I never shop for myself and it was a treat to go to Old Navy and splurge a bit. I got a real cute pants outfit for church, two pairs of pants that could work for being either dressy or casual, a package of underwear and 3 t-shirts.

It encourages me that I still fit in my size. When I was at the doctor and stepped on the scale I was a bit peeved at the number. It is all in my thighs and heiny, although I'm starting to sport a belly...and its not a pregnant one! I'm trying to go on the treadmill almost every day and trying to stay away from sweets. I'm doing good with not drinking much pop, but sweets are my downfall. But, to still be fitting into my size floored me!

We also went to eat at Logan's Roadhouse. Normally when we go out to eat the service is terrible (no matter where ya go nowadays). We had the best service and the food was delicious!

Today we don't have much on the agenda. I tackled pretty much all of the little things on my to-do list but I still have to make up my menu for the remainder of the month. We have a farewell dinner for some friends from church tonight. Tomorrow will be busy with church and my friend Angie is coming back in town for the week. I can't wait to see her! She's only been gone since June but I sure do miss her!

Oh, the other night we watched a movie called 'Hotel Rwanda'. I got it because it is about Africa. It was really good, but real difficult to watch. It is hard to fathom a genocide taking place. What is even harder is when nobody steps in to help those affected, all because of their race. Good rent- I recommend it!

Anyway, that's it for the weekend. Thought I'd post while I had a quiet moment! Off to make up that menu!

Friday, September 14, 2007

My record

Yesterday I didn't turn on my computer until after 3 pm! And I think the total amount I spent on it was at the MOST 30 minutes. That is SO rare. But, we went out to lunch with daddy and came home and had some company. Then we tried to do some more school. I had a real rough day so I cleaned in the evening. Today it is 2 pm and I'm just now getting on. I have been so busy dealing with behavior issues of a 3 year old and trying to do school. We went outside and flew some airplanes I made to see which would fly further- the long, narrow wing or the short, wide wing. It was fun. The clouds the past two days, from Humberto, have been amazing. We've had some rain. Nothing exciting, although when I was driving home from lunch yesterday I was going real slow for awhile there. I can't even think of what else our week has entailed. I hope the weekend is a bit slower!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oh, who are the people in your neighborhood?

Tonight I met some of the neighbors!!! I was just telling my friend Canaan right before that how normally in military housing you have people (friends/neighbors) stop by and visit all the time. That's something I've really missed while living down here. Not being in military housing, we didn't have that. Once we moved out here I thought for sure we would. I guess with the humidity people tend to stay indoors. Tonight it was cooler out and as I got the chalk out for the kids to draw in the driveway it seemed the neighbors flocked...well only two. But two is better than none! I'm very thankful to have met them. They seemed really nice and the lady across the street has a boy the same age as Little Man. The other lady has a 7 year old girl just like Princess. Maybe my kiddos will finally make some new friends like they've been wanting! Oh, and me too;)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This is the living room from the front door above and below is the living room from the other opposite corner where the TV is.

Dining area


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This is the living room from the dining room vantage point. Below is the built in desk area. Not quite big enough for a computer but I love it. The door leads to the laundry area. To the right there is a door that leads to the garage.

This is part of my laundry area. There are SO many shelves in here! I love the storage in this house! I can't even almost fill up the closet space we have here!

My downstairs 'palm tree' bathroom. It's the first time we've had 2.5 baths. It is hard to keep track of the bathrooms as far as cleaning. And to try to maintain an upstairs and downstairs. Good thing the kids are good about picking up toys!

I have yet to take pictures of the upstairs but once I do I'll post them. Gotta make sure its clean and spiffy first;)

9 1 1

Today we reflected on what today is. Princess remembered me talking before about this date. I told them at 9:11 we would have a minute of silence and then pray. So at that time (Eastern time) we *tried* to be quiet for a minute and then prayed for the families of the victims, the President, our country and even the terrorists. For some reason I'm more choked up about it this year than previously. At least Little Man knew what the numbers 911 stood for!

Sunday, September 09, 2007


If you give them wings they will fly. Hey, come to think of it, we learned about wings this past week in science and how they work to make a bird fly. Quite interesting. Anyway that is not my point. Today Little Man went home with a friend after church. This is his first time to have a play date without mom or dad. I talked to the other mom and I know he's having a blast, but it is still a bit weird that he is not here and to think he's old enough to do something like that. We are a very 'close' family and we don't like our children to just go off with anybody, so for our family this is a 'big' thing! Meanwhile, Princess has her friend here playing with her (actually the boy Little Man is playing with- its his sister). Oh, and we had nursery today. When I went to get Cuddly Boy from Sunday School he looked at me with quite the look and said, "Well, I'm going to eat!". Like, "Duh Mom, its snack time". So he got to stay in his little class while we did nursery. They're all in different stages of getting their wings. Time sure flies;)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Letter to My Son

Dear Malachi,

Has it really been 6 months since I delivered your tiny body into this world? Has it really been 6 months since I held your lifeless body in my hands? I don't know where the time has gone. We went to visit your grave yesterday. Your sister and brothers like to talk to you there. I think they feel closer to you. They like to tell you what they've been doing. They tell you how much they love you and how cute you are and that they wish you were here. Your sister asked if you would be here now, if you hadn't died. I told her yes. You would be about a month old.

As I was lying in bed last night I began to wonder what you would look like. I imagine you to have fairer skin and sweet baby blue eyes. What would it feel like to hold you in my arms? To look into your precious baby blue eyes as you nursed? What would life have in store for us if you were here? I am certain that we would all be in awe of you and that we'd be fighting over who got to hold you next. We miss you.

It has been so long since we've had a baby in our home and sometimes it seems like we never will. I know if God wants us to we will. At times I think I'm ready and at times I think its the craziest idea ever. But God knows and it is all in His hands. But sometimes I feel like I don't want a baby because I feel like I was robbed of not having you. Then there are other times when I am content with what has happened, knowing that God had His hand in it all. Sometimes I feel like I don't or haven't grieved like maybe I should. But other times I cry tears of grief as I think about you. Every month around the 8th I am really emotional and it is because I miss you so much. I wish I could hold you, kiss you and love you.

But as I told your siblings, you are in the best place~ heaven. And we will see you someday. And since the day we found out you were no longer alive I've known that God has something bigger in store. He gives and takes away. I am blessed that He gave you for such a short time as He did. Even though we never got to know you outside of the womb, our lives are changed by you. You are just as much part of the family as the rest of us. Same with your brother or sister who is up in heaven with you.

I wonder if God gives you glimpses of us down here. Do you see a mommy and daddy who love you and who loved you even in death? Do you see a sister and brothers who miss knowing who you are?

And about that bigger picture...It is amazing how we can see a glimpse of it. We would not be adopting if it weren't for your sweet little life and death. We would have not seen this part of God's heart had we not gone through this journey with you. And I know that this is only a part of His plan and the picture He has for us. I still wish you were a part of it here on earth with us, but I also marvel at the fact that you are face to face with Jesus.

I love you my sweet boy. We all love you. I miss you with every core of my being. I look forward to the day I will meet you. Please tell your brother or sister the same. He or she would be 6 months old already! Not a day goes by that I don't think of both of you. My arms ache to hold you each close to my bosom and to rejoice in our reunion.

Love with all my heart,


Thursday, September 06, 2007

On the Sixth Day...

This is Princess' Adam. Notice his 'rib'. This is what Eve came from. Below is her Eve and Adam. The little thing between them is the 'fruit'.

This is Little Man's Adam. A bit crushed looking;)

Little Man's Adam and Eve. I'm so glad God did a much better job in making man than the play-doh creations, aren't you? Although they are cute;)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I think maybe I have this ingrained on my head? This evening Zach went to Bible study at church so I decided to take the crew to the playground that's pretty much in our back yard. I couldn't believe that as I was walking there I actually saw people there- the first time in a month! Not like we go there often, its usually too hot, but when I do see the playground nobody is there. So I thought, 'Maybe this is my time to meet somebody in my neighborhood'. I know my friend, Canaan, that moved here right before I did and the people we're connected to. Well, the people live right by it and the parents were sitting between the playground and their house. Didn't say hi or anything and I just felt like the guy was STARING me down with the evilest eye. Princess ran right up to the girls- she's dying for some friends out here, although she does have two now. I'm not kidding- as soon as we got there those people fled like we were lepers. And I wasn't even wearing my 'Jesus Freak' or 'Homeschool Mom' shirts. Just kidding, I don't' have shirts like that. But I seriously wonder if something is wrong with us! Ugh!


We have immersed ourselves in books this week! That's what happens when you go back to school! Things are going really well so far. I've really had some great prayers lately asking the Lord to help me enjoy my children throughout the day- through the lessons, playtime and all. Not just at bedtime. And I really have been enjoying them! Not just 'tolerating' them as sometimes seems to be the case.

Cuddly Boy had fun doing his 'school' this morning- putting stickers in his Brighter Vision books and going over his colors. He likes to watch Little Man do some of his school too.

Little Man is enjoying kindergarten. Today he had me in tears, laughing over something that really wasn't even that funny. But I was enjoying him and really enjoying that time with him. And I can tell that he likes the one-on-one with me too.

Princess grunted the first day (yesterday) I took out English but she seemed to enjoy it more today. She is really impressed with math (Math-U-See) and is always saying how she likes it better than Bob Jones! Maybe because she gets to play with blocks? Or maybe because it is really easy for her as we've backtracked? Anyway, I'm thrilled to see that she likes it!

I am enjoying our science (Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day- Apologia) and history (Mystery of History). I like the fact that we can sit and read it all together and then we get to do something 'hands on'. Today we brought out the play-doh (I hate that stuff) and they 'created' Adam and Eve. I'll try to post some pictures of their creations soon.

This afternoon while the boys napped Princess and I sat on the front porch and she read to me. I am really enjoying the beginning of this school year. I'm thankful for the opportunity to teach my children and spend this time with them. I've even made a point of getting up early two days in a row (7 am and 6:30 am) so that i can be ready and awake for my children. I haven't even been 'wasting' time on the computer and I make sure my phone is on vibrate! My children are only young once and they are so precious. I want to treasure my time with them. How have you been blessed by your 'treasures'?

Monday, September 03, 2007

So Long Summer

I can't believe that our summer vacation is over. It will be nice to have a schedule again, but its also been nice going out at the spur of the moment to play with friends or shop. I'm really hoping that all will go smoothly but I'm also expecting some glitches. I sat and tried to plan out our week. We'll see how it all goes. I can't believe I have a kindergartner and second grader!

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Princess: Mommy, if kids don't have moms and dads where are they born from, an animal?

Last night before the kiddos went to bed we watched the beginning of the movie Titanic. We were telling them what it was about and that a boat really did sink but that the movie wasn't 'real'. I told Princess that somebody falls in love in the movie and when 'Jack' was on the screen she pointed and said, "Is he the one that falls in love?" I told her I couldn't tell her and then she whispered to me, "I think he's nice". Oh, I couldn't stop laughing! Then later she told me, "I think I'm falling in love". Ok, time for bed;) They wanted to see the boat sink. But my 7 year old was getting a bit out of control over a certain man! I wonder if she had sweet dreams?

This morning Princess asked Little Man why he left his frog at Megan's when we were on vacation. Mommy had just forgotten it. Little Man replied, "Probably he wanted to stay there for awhile and visit them".

Sometimes when you ask my kids something that requires a 'because' answer instead of because they say, "that's why".

And Cuddly Boy thinks that if you kiss then you're married. So when he gives his mama a kiss he thinks he married me. Uh, not quite buddy!

The things they say just crack me up.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Rain, Rain Go Away

It is that time of year...where it just doesn't want to quit raining. It doesn't rain all day but lately its been so blah out there. Not to mention the thunderstorms.

We have had an uneventful weekend so far. We went to Mobile on my birthday. I got to go to Target! And a whole slew of other stores I normally don't go to. I didn't find anything for myself though- besides some stuff from Bath & Body Works (thanks Mom for the gift card). While I was shopping for some school supplies Zach and the kids waited in the car. There was the loudest boom of thunder I think I've ever heard. I must have jumped to the ceiling! Then it was just down pouring! We got to eat at Olive Garden for dinner. I admit it was the first time I've had dessert there. Normally I'm SO full that I can't get it, but I made sure to save room! The kids really wanted the people to sing (I didn't) so I allowed them just for my kids;) Plus my back was facing the rest of the restaurant so nobody could see my embarrassment;)

I have been cleaning and getting ready for school. We're supposed to start on Tuesday but I think everybody is coming down with colds so we'll see how we feel. Zach brought it home from work and now my throat is starting to hurt a bit. Lovely. I'm really looking forward to the school year but I am also a bit nervous. I've never had 2 students before. How will I juggle teaching 2 plus keeping an eye on the littlest one who gets into EVERYTHING. If he's not attempting to eat candles he's playing with toilet paper or dousing himself in hand soap. I'm hoping to have little activities to do with him while I'm working with one of the others or else who knows the mischief he'll get in to.

I read the latest Karen Kingsbury book, Summer. I admit that I normally cry a bit while reading her books but I never cried so hard as I did during this one. It just hits home with me considering all the past year had in store for me.

I figure since I'm now 30 I better try to get myself in shape (I am afraid to get a pouch looking belly like my Mom and Aunt). I started to take my vitamins again and have been going on the treadmill. My vitamins really make me gag and I think once I'm done with them I may have to find a different brand. They're awesome because of all they offer but the smell is unbearable and then to swallow them... I'm hoping once school starts I'll be able to wake up early enough and walk on the treadmill.

I'll also be starting a Bible study on Monday nights at my house (The Power of Motherhood by Nancy Campbell).

I'm really looking forward to a new start and more of a schedule! I cannot believe it is September!