Tuesday, July 31, 2007

If you didn't like my last post or think it appropriate too bad. This is my blog and I'll complain when I want to. If you don't like it then just don't read it. We all have good days and bad days...times of complaining and times of rejoicing. Just remember that.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Sick and tired of this long, frustrating, ridiculous, stupid waiting game

We have a moving truck. It is packed to the brim. We still have furniture in our house. The car and van are packed up. Everything is ready to go. But we still have no house. That's right. No house. Zach called this morning and was told that the 'cleaning man' had more cleaning to do. I tried to call this afternoon to see if we could at least get an address so we could park this moving truck somewhere but I was unable to get an answer. So I tried again. And again. Finally I get the lady. I apologize for us being so pesty but kindly explain that we need to get out of our house and that we have a moving truck filled with stuff. She tells me the man is going to clean two four bedroom houses first thing in the morning and she'll get back to me right away. So I have two addresses- I just don't know which will be ours. Or when she will call. It is so frustrating. And if this truck isn't back by tomorrow at 5 pm we have to pay way more money. And did I mention that the toys are packed up? The house is empty and the kids are driving me crazy. I'm so crabby, tired, annoyed and frustrated that I don't know whether I want to cry or punch something. Oh yeah, and we found out today that we have termites....there's $800 less that will be ours once we close on the house. Flippin' termites. Please take me off of this crazy ride I got on. I want it to be over. I'm tired of it and I just want to be settled somewhere.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Not Now

I have the worst back pain. Sometimes my sciatic nerve acts up, maybe like once a week to every two weeks and sometimes more often. This is not my sciatic nerve and if it is I haven't experienced it being this painful. It's my lower left side and it HURTS. It could be that that time of the month is drawing near but I normally don't get back aches from that. I have felt miserable all day. I took two Aleve and it didn't even touch the pain. Pretty difficult to move around and pack boxes with a sore back. I can't imagine how it will be once this move is over...I'll really need that free massage I've been meaning to get! It's days like this I just want to crawl into bed in my PJ's and a good book but no time for that! Princess has her Choir concert tonight at church. I can't wait to see it! Speaking of...I better go and practice with her. Hope to have some pictures at some point!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Burning, Packing & Taping

We have made so much progress today as far as packing. It is amazing how much a person can get done, and I really don't find it too much work! I kind of enjoy it, but then again I'm weird like that. Zach's gotten the entire garage packed and emptied the attic. I managed to pack up bathrooms, my bedroom, the rest of the playroom and much of the kitchen. The kids were so awesome today and played well together while we worked! That sure helps when you're trying to do things! There really isn't much more to pack at this point. It is hard to pack everything not knowing exactly what we'll need considering we really don't know when we'll move, although I'm positive it will be Monday. Positive thoughts, positive thoughts;) I'm just hoping we're able to find some helpers to help us load up and unload at the other house. One reason I hate being away from family!

Yesterday Princess and I had a great time at the water park. I'm really paying for it though with some major sunburn. That's what happens when you don't wear sunscreen...you live and learn! I was surprised at how brave Princess was on the slides! I thought she'd be terrified- of the heights and water- but she wasn't at all! I was SO proud of her and we had a blast! I want to go back!

As I was folding some laundry a bit ago a shadow fell upon the black TV screen. Little Man looked at it and commented that it was a cowboy feeding his dog! It was a shadow from my lamp and shade and it really did look like a cowboy! I was amazed at his imagination! We sure got a kick out of it.

Princess has been asking many questions about her 'husband'. And marriage. And intimacy. Like, "Can my husband lift up my skirt and touch my leg?" I have no idea where these thoughts are coming from! Guess she's getting to that age? Then Little Man pipes in...with more graphic things! Uh, yeah...you guys are too young for this! And NO they don't watch TV or movies with things of this nature!

I will leave you with a few pictures. I haven't posted pictures in forever...I really haven't been taking any:( But these are a couple I meant to post awhile ago.
Here's Cuddly Boy running on the treadmill in daddy's shoes;)
Zach, Zach, he's a Lego maniac;)
"I see you"

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday's Update

Looks like Monday we should have a house? I put a ? because you just never know. But Zach has all next week off, so it better be Monday! I guess they need to clean a couple of them tomorrow. I feel like I can't rest easy since my house is a wreck with packing. Today we had our appraisal and home inspection. Tomorrow is the termite inspection. Who would think so many people who trudge through their house as they go about selling it??? And not just potential buyers!

It really stinks about our appraisal because we just had one last month when we were going to refinance. Well, the lending company didn't 'accept' that appraisal because the appraisal company wasn't on their 'list'. So we'll have to pay for two:(

I took the boys and my friend's two children to the park this morning for a play date. It was hot. My boys were CAKED in dirt. I had to come home and bathe them! Normally they get dirty, but not like that. They all had a good time though and I got to socialize. Oh, well they did too;)

The neat thing about the appraiser today...he saw my crazy boys all dirty. He told me he's got two boys, an 8 and 11 year old. Then he said, 'Then my wife and I got crazy and adopted a little girl from Vietnam'. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES, PEOPLE?????? It was just another confirmation from God. This man had no idea that we're in the process of adopting! I thought it was so cool. Adoption isn't a common thing, and for that man to be the appraiser and for me to be home...it's a God thing!

Just like on the bottom of the contract that the people filled out they put a Bible verse: It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in man. Psalm 118:8. It is so God, guys! I see His hand so clearly in this all and its the most exciting thing!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Not the way we planned it

This morning Canaan and I were going to take the kiddos to Lynn Meadows and meet up with some fellow homeschoolers. I dropped off Princess at church and off we went. We drove the 1/2 hour there only to discover it doesn't open until 10! We were an hour early. No problem, there's a 'Old McDonald's' right down the road with a play place. We get there, BUT the play place is outdoor and locked. Now what? We drive to a new park only to get bit by fire ants and some other bugs. The kiddos had fun the whole 20 minutes we were there. We didn't have drinks as we didn't anticipate being outdoors. So Canaan went her way and the boys and I met up w/Zach on the base. It was his lunchtime. We picked up some snacks and went and walked the pier at the park on base. It was nice. We saw fish jump, boats go by and just enjoyed the outdoors. Now I'm ready to pack some more but I just don't seem to have the right size boxes. They're all too big and therefore when I load them up they're too heavy. Humph. Still no word on a house. It makes me nervous, yet I know it'll all work out. I just hope its sooner than later!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

School Books

This is what we'll be doing for school this year. Princess is a 2nd grader and Little Man in Kindergarten.

Princess will be using Bob Jones English 2. I was able to purchase everything but the student workbook from eBay for much cheaper! We really enjoy the Bob Jones English. She'll also use their Handwriting and Spelling. I was able to get some of these from eBay also! I'll also start Little Man out with their K5 Beginnings. I will only need to buy the student workbooks for him!

For math I decided to use Math-U-See. I'll start Princess on Alpha so she can better master her math skills and Little Man will begin Primer. I already have the Alpha teacher book, if only I can get my hands on the DVD!

We're all going to be using Apologia's Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day for science. I ordered it from eBay and received it yesterday. I cannot wait to start it as it looks like a lot of fun! For history we'll use The Mystery of History (Vol. 1). I also want my children to learn American history, so I bought (from eBay) the Early American History Primary study guide. I should be able to find most of the books listed at our library. I'm debating whether to buy A Child's Geography as I've heard wonderful things about it and you can purchase it for a fairly reasonable price.

I also have a list of books I'd like to read to my children throughout the year. I have no idea when we'll start school, but we normally don't start until the end of August or early September. The schools down here start Aug. 6, but I certainly won't be following!


Yesterday Princess, Little Man and I had eye appointments. I was almost dreading Little Man's as I didn't want another child in glasses! But, since Zach and I are so blind I figured he'd need them. Nope! That kid has 20/20 vision!!! I was thrilled! To top it off, my prescription didn't change in over a year! Princess needs a new pair of glasses, but I figured that was coming.

Little Man cracked me up with the eye doctor. He asked him if he had a mom, if he knew Jesus and was being so silly. Normally this boy is quiet around strangers, but I've really noticed him coming out of his shell.

Last night Cuddly Boy asked me if pigs eat chickens. No idea where that came from!

We're still waiting to hear about housing, when our home inspection is, etc. I hate being in limbo. I just want to move already. And its hard to pack because I'm really not sure when we're able to get a house so I don't want to pack things we may need! Just give me a new house!!!

Princess has choir camp all week at church. Friday they're going to the water park and I get to go with her since she can't swim. I think I'm almost as excited as she is! I haven't been to a water park in probably 14 years when my mom took me to Wisconsin Dells! Bring on the slides, the water, the laughs and fun! It will be fun to spend that time with my daughter! Just like my mom did with me.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


We had our garage sale and we made somewhere between $200-$300 (all 3 of us made quite a bit of money)! Also, we had some showings last night and today AND we accepted an offer!!!!!!!!!!!! We will close August 8th providing all falls into place with inspections and all. I am SO floored and so thankful that God has sold our house this quickly. I really had FAITH that it would all go very quickly. It is a relief and we feel so good, blessed, excited and relieved!!! Thank you Jesus for working in our lives so mightily!!!!!!! I am so happy I feel about to burst. I want to go and dance in my back yard while jumping up and down and shouting!!! God is SO good!

Friday, July 20, 2007


We had two showings on our house today!!! The one lady liked it best out of 8 houses, its just a matter of whether she's approved!!! Tomorrow we have two more showings!!! That is at least 5 showings in one week! God is gonna move to sell this house! We also began our garage sale today while we were getting things ready. So far I made $60!!! All of our money from the garage sale is going toward the adoption. I'm sure tomorrow we'll make MUCH more $$$. I even made a little sign about our family adopting from Liberia to hang so people can see. It can't hurt to 'advertise'. Maybe somebody will feel led to give. I'll let you know how it all goes.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Where, oh where has the week gone???

We thought maybe we'd get paid by the military to move ourselves into base housing, as that is what we'd heard from various sources. Looking into it we're not eligible because we're going through the Navy housing office and we're not Navy and Zach isn't working on the Navy base. Bummer.

Haven't heard anything about how our showing went the other day. We have another scheduled for Saturday morning. Hopefully they'll call with more throughout the rest of the week. I tell you thought, it is HARD to keep this house clean with my two little boys!!!

Saturday my friend and I are having a HUGE garage sale. So if you live around here come and see what we've got! I'm telling you it is going to be big! But its at her house so you'd have to email me for directions!

We found out that we're 4th on the housing list but that the first two people have houses, they just need to be told and that the lady is finding a house for the 3rd person. That means we're pretty much 1st. So, we need our house to sell so we don't have to make a lot of payments with no BAH (housing allowance). But just because we're 4th or 1st or whatever on the list....it could mean next week or it could mean the end of August. You just never know with the military! But Canaan went on the list last week and they're getting their keys right now!!!

We got our birth certificates and marriage license back from the State of Michigan. That was fast! We also have started applying for adoption grants. This whole move thing has kinda taken preference lately as I've been getting things ready for the garage sale and packing what I can. So I need to get on the ball applying for more grants and doing what I can with my paperwork!

My wonderful friend
Beth from NC has finally moved her blog to blogspot! Now that makes 3 Beth's in my links! Don't get confused now;)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Little Details

The thought of selling my home never really crossed my mind. We were going to refinance last month but then found out we would have to pay a prepayment penalty, so then we had to wait until August. A few months back we'd talked of selling and moving into base housing but that was just a fleeting thought. The thought of living in that housing was not what I wanted. I've been thinking off and on for some time about whether our house will sell when we have to move, which will hopefully be next summer. I have a friend from church who is moving to Germany and her house hasn't sold. I do not want to be in that boat!

Last Tuesday I called up my friend, Canaan, who told me she was moving. I thought she meant away, but she told me of the Air Force is overtaking old Navy housing (the one Navy base has closed down). I remembered passing that housing in the past and it was nice. It's not too far from where we live now, just north of the interstate (we're south). Once she told me that I thought, "That is what I want to do". I don't remember if I told Zach that night or the next day, but he thought that was a good idea too. So, Wednesday evening we went and drove by it and peeked in the window of an empty one. Thursday he put us on the waiting list (as of yesterday we're 5th and they're moving quickly because many people are moving out). That same night I called our realtor and she came Friday night. Saturday morning we had a sign in our yard and yesterday I found the listing online.

We aren't playing around, are we? Yet this is so clearly another thing from God. I didn't share right away because I didn't want devourers to bring me into the darkness. If you'd have told me 4-6 months ago to sell my house and move into base housing I would have laughed right in your face! But now I am SO excited!

First, we won't have to worry about our house selling when we do move away. Second, we will be making quite a profit which we can put toward our adoption, debts and into savings. There are other bonuses as well. We'll have sidewalks! I know that sounds silly but we have no sidewalks here and the people drive pretty fast down our street. It is a small housing area and is protected. There are numerous little playgrounds in the housing area and there's even a little lake. And lots of Canadian geese! To which there's an abundance of their poop;) Also, we've recently gotten some new neighbors...two women...

Sunday we drove by there again and saw some people moving who let us look at the house. I really like it. It's smaller than what we have now and two stories (I haven't live in a 2 story in 5 years). It doesn't have the storage space we have now, doesn't have a big yard or a 2 car garage but I don't care. I won't have a schoolroom because I don't want to have it upstairs, but I am excited about our dining room being our schoolroom! There are so many pluses. We will be right off of the interstate so Zach's drive to work may be a bit quicker!

These are just some of the perks. We'll let you know more as things happen. It was so hard keeping it all a secret when we were so excited (I hate keeping secrets). Well, I need to get ready for us to head out as we have a showing in 45 minutes!!!! Please join me in prayer in believing that our home will sell fast!

For Sale

We're selling our house!!!! More details to come when my children aren't fighting...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Busy-ness mixed with a bit of preaching;)

We have had a busy yet productive weekend. Friday night we went to a 'block party' here in town. A bunch of Baptists from Georgia came down to do 'Backyard Bible Clubs' and other ministry type things down here for a week and to top it off they throw a 'block party'. They had one last year too. We thought we'd get rained out, but the rain let up just in time (it will not stop raining here lately). The kiddos had fun in the jump house and playing some of the games. We didn't stay too long because we had other things going on. I think I got more socializing in than the kids did playing! One of the ladies that was at the Bible Club my kiddos went to came up and talked to us. Turns out we have a lot in common. Both military, homeschooling, quiverfull families. It was nice to meet a like-minded individual and to share my heart with her and have her understand! Too bad they live in Georgia...actually they're moving to Guam! But, we did grab one another's email address. It is always such a blessing to meet people 'of the same mind'.

Zach had a softball game that night. I got the kiddos tucked into bed and all was quiet. Here I was on the computer when I kept hearing this weird noise in the other part of the room (behind me). I heard it twice and looked but nothing was there. All of a sudden the smoke detector says, "Beep". Just a subtle beep. Well, we JUST changed those batteries at 1 AM the other night. What on earth??? It kept saying, "Beep" every minute...then all of a sudden all of the alarms went off! I was SO mad but was glad my kids slept through it! I was sitting here wondering what to do. Usually if you take the battery out they will still go off. I tried to call my neighbor, looked online (where it said to vacuum those out monthly...I've never done that in any house I've lived in, have you?) and just waited for Zach to return home. He puts it back together and all was fine. We're in bed SLEEPING and it starts to go off AGAIN. Stupid thing! Zach got up, took it down, opened the front door and threw it on the ground!!! Took care of that! Now, we just need a new one for this room. So far no more beeps from those annoying things!

Yesterday we were busy working around the house. We've been doing so many odd jobs: planting flowers, touching up paint, replacing lightbulbs, filling in holes. Then last night we baby-sat for one of Zach's co-workers. It was a long day and night!

Our Pastor has the best sermons. It is great when you go to church and get fed by the Word of God and when it applies to your life. Lately that is how its been. I know its not always the case as sometimes we hid road bumps and are stuck in the mud puddles of life and our outlook isn't quite so clear. Today he preached on Genesis 15. One of the things he said was about 'devourers, darkness and delay'. In v. 11 it talks about the birds of prey coming down on the carcasses God told Abraham to bring to Him and how Abraham drove those pesky birds away. It made me think of the recent 'devourers' in our lives. Those who have told us, whether in actions or words, that what we're doing needs more thought, time or prayer. Or that they don't agree with it. It is funny, because this week in my mind I have DRIVEN THEM AWAY. Gone...they are gone. Their opinions don't matter to me any longer. Their words don't hurt. Because I am living for my LORD JESUS and nothing they can say can change the road He has put me on. Can I get an amen? Oops, sorry...just getting a bit charismatic! He also talked about the darkness and the delay. Verse 12 says that Abraham fell into a deep sleep and that a thick and dreadful darkness came over him. That's how I felt earlier in the week. Like I was stuck in this dark ominous cloud and couldn't make my way out of it. But I did. I have overcome the enemy and I see such light like I didn't even see at the beginning of the adoption journey! Then there is the delay. Hmm....because we're adopting doesn't mean we'll get our child TOMORROW. Time goes by and I'm sure often it seems like a LONG time and that we will never see our daughter. But we will.

Well, I have more sorting, cleaning and all that to do and then we're going to play at good ol' McD's with some friends later. Maybe you feel like you are in the darkness or that you're being devoured by others. Remember that HE who is in YOU is GREATER than he who is in the world (1 John 4:4).

Friday, July 13, 2007

Two Cool Men

The latest thing has been for the boys to 'dress up' in their jackets and baseball caps. I must say, they look cool...if not preppy!

The Home Visit

The home visit went really well. She got here early (I wonder if they purposely do that) and I wasn't quite ready. I was brushing Cuddly Boy's teeth, then had to brush my own. So, Little Man kept her occupied. Of course, she likes to ask the kids questions so she had her opportunity there. I guess he was really good, telling her he wants a sister and is going to help her and share his toys. It was really sweet. He was all over that woman like jelly on toast! Maybe because he's known for some time that she was coming! Most of the things she asked were the same things that were asked on the forms we had to fill out. So, Monday it should be sent to the state! Sometimes it seems unreal that this is really happening, yet it is so exciting. I'm in a couple of different yahoo groups about adopting and the people keep getting their referrals. It is so fun to see their children! I love to read the stories of those who have already adopted too. The groups have also been a great help as I have so many questions. There's so much that goes into it all that it can seem overwhelming- yet I'm not at all overwhelmed. God is moving so magnificently in our family that it amazes me. I know I was down for awhile because I was letting people's opinions get to me. No longer. It has disappeared and it feels GOOD!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cruising Along

Tomorrow is our home visit for our homestudy. Somebody asked if I was nervous. I am not at all nervous. I have nothing to hide or anything like that. I'm excited that its one step closer in this process. Also, in the mail today we got our fingerprinting appointment. It is August 3rd. So, things are cruising right along.

Why is it...

that when you are in a deep sleep the smoke detectors start going off? Why does that always happen at night? Let me tell you, I had some choice words when I was bolted upright wondering what was going on! I have NO idea where they even came from...and I kinda chuckled at myself. Good thing nobody else heard me. It NEVER fails to happen at night. Let's just say I didn't sleep much after that incident at 1:30 am...so I am wiped out!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I am so tired of this potty training business. End of story.


I am so tired of bugs! First the black widows outside. So Zach did this big lesson with the kids on poisonous spiders. That creeped me out a bit. Then we watched the movie, Hangman's Curse. Ok, that really creeped me out about spiders. The other morning as I was vacuuming I saw a brown spider RIGHT NEXT TO OUR BED on the floor. It creeped me out! Had it been in our bed??? I had a hard time sleeping that night as I envisioned spiders crawling all over me (thanks to that movie). I tried to see if it was a brown recluse but its so hard to tell the difference between that and a wolf spider. I'm sure if I got closer I would have been able to tell, but I hate spiders and didn't get too close, just sucked it up in the vacuum! Now we have earwigs every day. Let's not forget the flies that come in at the drop of a hat. At least I can handle those. Spiders and roaches, no way. Thankfully we don't have a roach problem! Oh, and I hate centipedes too. Pretty much, I hate bugs. I need to move somewhere bugless (is that even a word?). Although then its too cold. At least I haven't had somebody pick up a centipede lately! LOL

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Last night I had a dream that I went to Africa. It was really bizarre and I'm sure not at all what Africa is really like, after all we drove over a big bridge from Europe to Africa. Only Europe was in the place of the US. Weird, I tell ya. I was hoping to get to see some of the little orphans faces in my dream but I didn't make it that far before I was awakened. That has been happening quite a bit lately- I'm in the middle of a good dream and then I wake up before the good part. What's the deal with that???

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I posted what's been weighing on my heart at my other blog. And please, if you know how I can put titles back into my posts- HELP!

Women at Home

How appropriate that Amie sent me a link to this article at such a time. I think I've read it before (probably saw it linked at another blog). But today I NEEDED it. I know not all of my readers are in the 'same boat' as myself and that's ok. But this article reminds me of how important my 'job' is in my home. So often Christians and churches today teach of being busy with this or that ministry (like the article states) and forget to encourage women to be keepers at home. Which is one reason why I LOVE Above Rubies so much. It encourages me in what I know God wants me to be doing. It reminds me that changing diapers (or in my case lately poopy 'unea'), wiping snotty noses and bathing children is all a ministry unto my family. I know sometimes in the midst of that poop and snot life really stinks (literally). But, it is so worth it don't you think?

Please pray for us (again). We're just a bit discouraged this afternoon about some stuff. I'm not sure if I will be sharing about it on this blog as I'm not sure who all reads it! You know how when you're in God's will Satan will try to bring you down? Well, I know that is what's happening regarding our adoption. UGH, it makes me mad!!! Anyway, off to spend some time with Zach.

*****And since I added my other blog I can't seem to post titles. HELP!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Quiet Weekend

For some reason I am unable to click in the title box to make a title. I have started a new blog...about our adoption. I want it to not only be about our adoption but to be a resource to others. I have found so many sites, blogs and information on adoption and Liberia that I want to share! It is a work in progress, but you can check it out if you're interested!

There was a freaky occurrence in our area this week. Check here to read about it. It looks like the guy is caught and for that I am grateful! I wouldn't go to Wal-mart alone today and so we all had to go, just to get a few things! And I was still a bit nervous!

I haven't done much of anything this weekend. It's one of those times when I want to be lazy. Last night Zach tried to get guys together from church to play Risk and there were only three of them. He still had a good time though. Next time he'll have to give more notice! But, you know how men plan...or don't plan;)

Today we slept late and this afternoon Zach & the kiddos played in the pool. I know they had a blast! I just feel so blah so I stayed indoors in the AC! While outdoors Zach found at least 3 black widows under the kids turtle sandbox (that is our outdoor toy box). How freaky!!!

Well, we got our first Netflix movies so we'll be chilling and watching one tonight. I have yet to bake something for our Sunday School class in the morning. It's our turn for 'breakfast'! Hope you're all having a good weekend!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Fun! Fun! Fun!


  • Lately Cuddly Boy is heard saying, 'I peed-ed'. He also says underwear, 'Unea' (pretty much take out the consonants in the word). It is so funny hearing kids pronounce words!

  • We had a nice 4th. It rained a good portion of the day and was just a relaxing afternoon at home. That evening we went to a friend's house from our Sunday School class. The kids got to play on a waterslide and we got to fellowship. It was a good time! We tried to see the fireworks but an hour later we decided to leave. I hear they started about the time we left. Oh well.

  • I started reading Pollyanna. Princess wants me to read some of her books. I must admit that I like it. We all need a Pollyanna in our life to bring out the 'glad' in every thing!

  • I have been craving S'mores so yesterday I cooked a couple in the microwave- YUM!

  • We finally joined the ranks and signed up an account with Netflix. With all the movies we seem to rent it seems the most feasible thing to do. It is kinda fun to look online and pick out movies! Then again, I am an internet junkie (there's just SO much to do).

  • It is nice to be done with school. I still try to get a bit of 'learning' in every day. We've been playing games, reading books and going to the library.

  • Last week I received a newborn baby diaper in the mail. This isn't uncommon since I was due with babies in March and August. Normally it makes me mad. This time I held it and just cried. I can't even picture a baby that tiny! Yesterday we went by the cemetery. For the most part I'm doing ok, but always at this time of the month it hits me. Which I know is normal. Next month will be the kicker...August 4th is the day I lost the one and the day I was due with Malachi.

  • Our neighborhood is turning into a hoodlum it seems. Last night kids were shooting off fireworks right in front of our house. First, there was no adult supervising. Second, shoot them off in front of your own house! One time it sounded like one hit the house (it may have). Then somebody rang our doorbell and ran. Zach & I went out and these kids were hiding in the trees across the street. Well, I let them have it! So did Zach! These punks that I think were causing the trouble don't even live on our street! Oh yeah, they were also throwing fireworks at a little 7 year olds face!!! Brats!

  • This past week I cleaned out our closet in the play/school room. I also changed the room around. Since school was done I needed a change. and the closet was a mess! We had a book swap at a Mom's Night Out and I was able to get rid of some things I didn't need (in addition to picking up more books). One book I received was So Much More by Anna Sofia & Elizabeth Botkin!!! The rest were pretty much preschool books to do with Cuddly boy when the other two do school.

Here is the pile of books that I had to go through. Most of these are from Pre-K to 2nd grade!!! Like I needed ALL of those!?!?!

Here is one part of the closet before:

And after:



Thursday, July 05, 2007

Brown Crayons???

The other morning as I was dressing Cuddly, Princess was in the bathroom getting ready for the day. The next minute I hear her FLIPPING out. I had no idea what was going on until she started shrieking, "I just picked up a centipede!!! EW! I just picked up a centipede!" She was almost in tears! She thought there was a brown crayon on the bathroom floor and went to pick it up, only to pick up a nasty centipede. While she had the willies from touching the nasty thing I couldn't stop cracking up! I still chuckle over it. Sometimes these nasty centipedes find their way into our house...normally a bathroom. I guess its better than roaches, but I hate bugs just like my daughter does!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Have a blessed and safe 4th everyone!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


We got a call last night that we were accepted by the adoption agency, Acres of Hope!!! Not that we doubted, but it is so nice to get the confirmation! Just wanted to share!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Home Visit

We have an appointment for our home visit with the social worker scheduled for the 13th!!!! We cannot wait! It seems so unreal, this road we're traveling! We're so excited! Just had to let y'all know! Time to finish cleaning the house and folding the laundry!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

"The Greatest Show On Earth!"

That's right, folks! We went to the Ringling Bros. Circus! Princess had learned about the circus in school this past year and I've had it written on my calendar for months! My mother was SO kind to buy us tickets...and let me tell you that those things aren't cheap! Thank you mom! It was fun to see our children experience the circus! I must admit that parts of it seem different from when I was a kid. I remember there being 3 rings. This time there was only one. I remember a bunch of elephants and even the lions that jump through the fire hoops. This time there was only one elephant for a short time and not lions or tigers. Oh yeah, and the clowns just don't dress the same anymore! It was fun though! We always talk about our 'favorite' thing from what it is we've done. So, here are our favorites:

Zach & Little Man: When the elephant first walked out and he just started pooping everywhere. It was so gross and that thing just wouldn't stop! It was hilarious!

Cuddly Boy: The clown with the green ball. And I remember him laughing when the clown popped a bubble and made a 'fart' noise.

Princess: The acrobats swinging!

Me: I liked the elephant the best...after all I had been waiting a long time to see him! I also liked the clowns. But, I really enjoyed it all and got into it way more than the rest of my family;)