Thursday, October 29, 2009

Careful with that aroma

I got this new deodorant today. The instructions said remove cap and push up bottom. I can barely walk, but whenever I fart the room smells awesome.

Somebody posted this on facebook and I thought it was so funny (once I "got" it). I wanted to share with you all!

The Week in Review:)

The other day Junior Squirrel was standing next to me and he kept messing with his pants/underwear. I asked him what was wrong, if his underwear were tight to which he replied, "No, I just don't like when it sticks up." Oh goodness, I about died laughing.

This morning we talked about Attila the Hun in history. I read how the Huns had scarred faces and they asked what a scar was. I couldn't think of any I had on my off-hand, besides my c-section scar so I proceed to show them. In turn both boys stand up and pull there pants down a bit past their belly buttons trying to look for their scars! They're so funny!

Sweet Pea thinks she's such a big shot. She loves pencils, books and papers. She just wants to be like the other kids. She grabbed a pencil and JS's reading book, brought them next to me on the couch and just gave me this look, like "Ah ha." Boy, did I get a laugh out of that! She's no dummy! You ask her if she wants to go upstairs and she'll go over to the stairs. If you ask if she wants a bath she does the same. If you ask her if she wants to eat she'll smack her lips together, point to the kitchen or go to her chair. I am utterly amazed at how smart she is! She's such a joy! She's been getting one of her molars in and not eating and boy was she a stinker last evening. But then she'll do the goofiest thing and just cheer me right up! Gotta love the little munchkin.

I've been taking a break this week from Booty Shaker's normal school. We've been writing letters and words and just practicing. Well, he totally gets it. Yesterday he read me his 'reading' book. So I think next week we'll break out the regular books again. He just needs to realize its ok to sound out each letter in the word to see what it says.

Chatterbox...hmmm. She's just plugging away at school, reading and writing letters to people. She is so much like me when I was her age. She's been playing Lego's in the basement with the boys a lot and made the cutest animal shelter! I am amazed at the things these kids come up with with Lego's! I never was that creative with them!

In regards to my post about my dad, thanks to all who are praying. As soon as I wrote it the thought occurred to me that maybe he was just saying that and 'pulling my leg' again. I really don't know, but I pray for him. I certainly couldn't understand how somebody could NOT believe. In our science we even have little "Evolution stumpers" and boy, it sure makes you think "DUH" in regards to evolution! Sherry, thanks so much for sharing on that one:) It's so reassuring to know! I'm praying for you and Paul daily!

I can't remember what else I was going to post about this week that just got away from me. I'm sure there was more, but this will do. It's the weekend for us, as Zach is supposed to have tomorrow off!!! Of course I'll do some school but we'll just take it easy! I need to get some groceries in the house.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

upside down Sunday

It has been a backwards and upside down day. Have I mentioned on here about my ear hurting? Boy, its been hurting for over a week but I've just not done anything about it. One day I tried to put silver drops in my ear (it's a natural antibiotic) but it felt like it just pooled in my ear and didn't even go in. Great. Then one night I tried peroxide. Same thing happened. Last night I read online some other tips so I tried vinegar and then I tried peroxide again. I was laying there for over 10 minutes and it would not go down my ear! I couldn't even hear out of my ear. And that ear won't even pop. When I was eating dinner last night I could barely chew because it hurt so bad. So I decided right away this morning I was headed to the walk-in clinic. I knew I wouldn't be going to church anyway because Sweet Pea had a fever yesterday.

I've been nervous to go to any sort of doctor. I got there before the clinic opened and was 8th in line. Oh boy you should have seen the people file in. There had to be 30 people in there by the time I got called back, and I was called back fairly quickly. Meanwhile I'm sitting in that waiting room trying to stay clear of anybody and just praying I don't get sick! I wish they'd make all those sick people wear masks! Yuck! As soon as I came home I changed and showered. Anyway, the doctor comes in and then says, "Maybe you have a wax buildup." Ok, maybe but i do doubt it. I clean my ears daily. So, he looks in my ear and says it looks fine. He said he can't see in my middle ear that maybe that's where its inflamed. I was thinking, "Just great, I'm not going to get any relief from this" but he gave me an antibiotic anyway! I'm not a big medicine taker, I hate taking it, but it hurts that bad. So when I picked up my meds I also got acidophilus (a pro biotic) because I'm not letting my immune system shut down! As it is I've been pumping the Vitamin C and D! So I've taken 2 doses now but it still hurts.

Oh and let me tell you about my Saturday. I know I've mentioned here about my friend, Jennifer. She's about ready to have her baby. She's dilated to 1 cm. Well, she's not due until the 14th but she's feeling ready. Well, at the beginning of the month Sadie and I got together and decided to throw Jenn a surprise shower. Now, we decided to include Jenn's neighbor/friend in on it (who I hadn't met but Sadie also knows) and she opened up her home to have it there. Ok, I mentioned it's a surprise shower, right? Well, how tricky would it be to be right next door! Oh, we had so much fun planning it! The night we were out buying stuff we both got a text from her at the same time! We were rolling in the aisle with laughter saying how we couldn't wait to tell her. We all chat online together at night and it was so hard not to say anything to her! It was a blast planning behind her back when she didn't' have a clue. Well, finally the big day came! I couldn't even sleep the night before. I was so excited!!!

We parked down the street so she wouldn't see our vehicles. Then we called Heather (the neighbor) and her daughter came to 'shuttle' us to her house. As we drove by Jenn's her daughter was right at the door, letting in a friend who was there to 'distract' Jenn. So here we were trying to duck and hide in the car!!! We shuttled most other people down to her house also. It was a riot! Finally the moment came and Jenn opened the door, saw all the people and you should have seen her eyes bug out! She turned right around and I knew she was crying! Of course that got all of us teary eyed too. Even typing about it I'm teary eyed, lol. So, she finally came in and she'd see somebody and be like, "WHAT?" and hug them and then sit down. Then she'd look around, see somebody else and do the same thing! She could not believe how we'd all gotten together! It was awesome! It was wonderful to bless her, to give her some light and laughter during this difficult time in her life. To let her know that we're here for her and we care. Her husband has still not come home and still seems to be proceeding in the direction he's taking so please continue to pray for her. She did finally find a nanny that will begin work tomorrow. It was such a fun Saturday!

Last night Zach had his work 'Halloween' party/dining in. He dressed up as Jesus. Apparently somebody else there had the same costume. Bummer. But I think he had fun. He never did get sent up to the grog so I know he was thankful for that.

Today I managed to clean out the spice/medicine cupboard and the junk drawers. It's nice to find what I'm looking for now! I have yet to plan school lessons for the week but I don't think I have too much to do!

three words

There are three words you never want to hear somebody say to you, much less a family member. Today is my Dad's birthday. So, I called to say "Happy birthday." Then, our conversation turned to other things. Here's part of it:

“So, do you still watch church on TV?” I asked.
“No, I never did. I was just pulling your leg.”
“Really, I thought you watched it?”

“No, I don’t believe in organized religion," my dad said.
“Well, you don’t have to believe in religion, just God,” I pointed out.

We got to talking a bit more about priests molesting kids, pastors and other ‘bad’ things he sees of such figures in the news.

Then he states, “I’m an atheist.”

You have no idea what that did to my heart. I about busted into tears. To hear your father say those three words, words you’d never think you’d hear. Please, please remember to pray for my father’s salvation. I will pray harder than ever before. I thought, hoped he'd at least believed in God but per today's conversation it doesn't appear so. He then changed the subject and asked how the weather is. Safe topic there! It just goes to show that we just do not know the conditions of people's hearts. Don't be afraid to step out and talk about God with people. I know I don't do it enough, but boy I certainly don't want anybody, much less my family, going to hell.

Then when I began to tell Zach about it while eating dinner I finally broke down crying. He wasn't very sympathetic though...more like "That really surprises you?" Actually yes, I'd at least hoped there was a BELIEF in GOD... So, my question is: Do YOU believe in God, in Jesus Christ His only Son? Do you believe Jesus died on the cross for your sins and mine, to save us from hell? If you do, what are you doing about it? Are you living for Him? Do you have a relationship with Him? Do you pray and read your Bible? Would other's say that you know Him? I'm not talking about religion. I'm not talking about being a good person. I'm talking about the condition of your heart and the eternity of your soul.

Friday, October 23, 2009

God is SO GOOD!

Wednesday night my friend/neighbor watched the three older kiddos and we checked out that small group. I honestly didn't know what to expect. I think I expected families with 1.5 children, women who work outside of the home and send their children to daycare and public school and younger families. Now there's nothing wrong with this, but it's just that maybe we're not on the same 'page' in life. I mean I have friends that do all of the above and we get along great. But it's also nice to have people who have the same goals for their family, if that makes sense. And being that we were 'different' in a lot of respects at our church in MS I guess I just assumed that would happen here. But, God knew the desires of our hearts. He had the perfect group picked out for us at His perfect time. He is so good!

The leader and his wife were so super friendly and nice. She's the pastor's daughter. They were very welcoming. The other families started coming in. They all have either 2 or 3 children. One was a new baby, I'm not sure she was even 2 weeks old! I think the oldest in the group of children is 7. Anyway, everybody was so friendly. If I remember right all of the moms stay home, two homeschool and the other two are undecided (their children are not yet school age). I think Zach really will have some great connections too- one guy is a police officer, one is a Packer fan, the others are sports fans, one is a coach at the Baptist college here. We're also able to bring our children as most times there will be a gal there to watch them. That's a huge relief! They're going to be doing a marriage book called Love and Respect. It's Family Christian Stores number 1 book and that almost concerned me. I think because sometimes I feel a bit more 'conservative' than most of the stuff out there (if that makes sense). But it looks/sounds like it will be good. We watched part of a video of the guy who wrote the book. He was very funny and it certainly made a lot of sense. I'm really looking forward to building some friendships in this group and getting to know some people from church!

Sweet Pea is walking all over the house. It is adorable! She has really just taken off! Last Saturday she was taking more steps and ever since she's just gone! I don't even count but last night Zach counted 26 steps! She'll walk almost across the house! I love when they just toddle, when they're new at it. It's so cute! And she always looks so proud of herself when she's done. The kids love to see her walking too! They get a kick out of it.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. It will be a blast and relaxing. I just hope it warms up a bit. I ran out for a bit today and brrrr. As I was pumping gas my hands were freezing! I'm not ready for winter at all.

Alright, Booty Shaker is not finishing his dinner so I need to go...sigh. This boy is the pickiest eater ever.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun

He blew up!

Last week we made the Solar System out of balloons. They're hanging all over our ceiling. The other evening as I was washing dishes I heard this huge pop- at first I thought it was a gunshot and I jumped so high. I'm honestly surprised I didn't pee my pants! Well, our sun must have been blown so big (he is a big planet after all) that he finally just popped! So now we have our Solar System with no sun. Hmm...that should be our next science lesson. What WOULD we do with no sun!?! It has been a lot of fun learning about the planets and I'm surprised how much the kids remember the order of them!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sweet Pea again

She's really taken off the past couple of days!!!

Sweet Pea dancing!

Sweet Pea's first steps we caught on tape...

two fer tuesday

Sunday I went to a Lia Sophia party. I wish I were more into jewelry. I really liked their stuff. But why pay that much money for how often I would wear it? When you have small children that kind of thing is just not feasible, at least for me. I could just see Sweet Pea yanking it off of me! But I did manage to find a necklace for Chatterbox for Christmas.

Last night I did a bit more shopping. Mostly to browse, but I did find a book from the Christian bookstore for CB. I also found these great devotionals for boys that I called and told my mom about. We are so done shopping for the boys yet I really want them to have them. The boy's 'devotional' book we have now for our Bible time is not what I thought it'd be. It's great but let me tell you we've not moved beyond like Chapter 2 or 3 because they can't learn to be
R-E-S-P-O-N-S-I-B-L-E! But they ARE boys!!! I also went to my book club get-together. It was a good time.

Today I feel like poo. I know there are so many sicknesses going around and I really hope I'm not getting one of them. I've been to the bathroom many times, my stomach is kinda weird (yet I have eaten my meals today) and I'm a little tired. But this could also contribute to the fact that it is about *that* time of month. So, I sit here contemplating whether I should make dinner. I have items to make homemade pizzas so should I just do that? Then again I have hamburger in the fridge that needs to be used...I just want to rest and yet there's so much calling my name...dinner, unfolded laundry, toys to be picked up, etc.

Small group at last?

Last night I received a phone call from somebody regarding small groups. I was out so asked that he contact Zach. Apparently Wednesday night is the night this particular group meets. So, tomorrow will be the day. I was trying to ask Zach questions but he was tired and wasn't too helpful but it sounded like they want you to find babysitters for your children. BUMMER! See, our small groups in North Carolina were perfect. We got to take our kids with us! Then they'd go off into a separate room and play (sometimes a teen watched them or one of us moms would go and keep an eye on things). Here in Iowa i don't know a lot of people babysitter wise. Our usual sitter has church on Wed. nights as I'm sure most Christian teens would. That doesn't leave a whole lot of options. Tonight I'm going to ask one of my friend/neighbors if she'd be willing to watch the older 3 tomorrow night and we'll take Sweet Pea, but I'm not sure what we'll do every week. BUT, the leader's wife requested to be my friend on facebook and I told her how we don't have family here and may not be able to find a sitter. From the sounds of it some of the people take their children there and they play in the basement that while. She said not to let it stop us from coming. Soooo....we'll see how it turns out. Now I'll be nervous until I meet them! I hate situations like that. I'm all fine and good when I know somebody but it's that initial meeting that kills me;) Although I guess I could get to "know" her through facebook. And we were always the 'younger' family but now it looks like we'll be the 'older' ones! It's so weird, I certainly don't feel 'old'!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Christmas shopping in October

Yesterday I began Christmas shopping. It had to have been the earliest I've ever done so. It is easier this year because I have ideas what to get the kids. So, the boy's are pretty much done, I only need maybe one more thing for the baby and I have yet to find what I want for Chatterbox. But at least it's started! I went with friend's and we had a good time. We went out to lunch at Ruby Tuesday. That was the fanciest RT I've ever been in! RT makes me think of the times in North Carolina when our CARE group gals would get together for birthdays. Those were fun times and I sure do miss them.

After I came home I went out again to Kohl's and Wal-mart. I needed to find a winter coat for Junior Squirrel. How is it that a size 7 is like $50 yet a size 8 is like $80!?!?!? I bought the size 7 but its a bit too snug. I'd like it to fit awhile! So I guess I'll return it and try to look elsewhere. I should have picked up the nice one I'd found at Old Navy!

Last night after dinner and baths I played Clue with Chatterbox. That sure is her favorite game. Then the boys brought up a game and were playing next to us. Fun times!

I could not sleep last night. I was so tired so I went to bed after 9. Then I could not fall asleep. Probably the junk I ate and the pop I drank later at night. I swear I was probably up more than I slept. I'm not too tired yet but I bet come about 3 I will be. I had lots of time for thinking and had an idea. I think I want to host a "Game/Snack" night. Sounds like fun, huh? I ran it by Zach but he said, "You mean only one family, right?" He doesn't like a bunch of wild kids running around! It's crazy, when kids come over mine just go nuts! Especially the boys. You won't see the girls too much. But I'm thinking maybe if we can do Wii games or movies for the kids. I'll have to give it more thought. I was also thinking about progressive dinners. It'd be fun to do something like that.

We had church at home today. It was nice. We even had communion. I am getting a little annoyed that we STILL haven't been plugged into a small group at the church. What are they waiting for? Last week a guy told us that he talked to 'Abe' and that he'll get us into a group, that it shouldn't be 'too hard'. Ok, but WHEN? Next year? I loved our CARE group in NC and I'd love to have something like that here in Iowa.

Oh but speaking of church, this morning when we were singing Sweet Pea was just dancing away! It was just so cute and funny. I couldn't sing for I was laughing so hard and then I was crying from it because it was so cute and I was laughing so hard. She was holding on to the couch and like bending her legs and it just looked so funny the way she was moving her butt! Speaking of Sweet Pea, she took 4 STEPS in a row yesterday and ever since she's been so much braver and taking a little here and there on her own. I think my baby's growing up!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

funny of the day...

Today I gave the kids balloons. Wow, you'd think they were energy drinks. Those kids were bouncing off the walls like you wouldn't believe! I finally sent them in the basement! But before they got sent away Chatterbox was pretending she was having a baby, with her balloon under her shirt. She kept asking if I wanted to feel the heartbeat! Then she said, "Oh my baby's about to hatch." I busted out laughing and asked, "Hatch?" She was like, "Oh yeah, be born." TOO funny!!! Much more to post about at another time.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday's Thoughts

I've been itching to paint. Yesterday I picked up some paint samples. I'm very tired of my drab, dirty walls. The thing is I don't want to do it. I'd much rather pay somebody. I wonder how much they charge?

The dog had poop stuck on her butt. She was either outside or locked in her cage for like 24 hours until it got taken care of. I don't even feel bad for her. Time for her to get groomed! I have enough of issues with my kids that I really don't need to be dealing with poopy butted dogs.

My stomach has been hurting off and on for a few days. Sometimes it feels like cramps but other times it just hurts. Frustrating. I didn't even drink my normal can of pop today because I just don't want it to hurt any more! AND I drank some juice (I never drink juice).

I must admit that I have a tiny bit of fear of the stupid pig flu. More so because I read a link somebody had posted on facebook about the flu mist and how people who get it are contagious for like 21 days. So, I could be in the store or at church and be getting exposed because somebody got that stupid thing! I hate flu shots. You won't catch me getting one. Nor my children. So I'm really trying to be aware of germs and such lately. Of course I also know God is in control and trust in Him, but I can't help but have a tiny nagging fear.

Why is it already this cold? Brrrr. Although today it was in the high 40s and it felt warmer to me than I thought it would. Am I already getting used to these cooler temps? Of course, at least we don't have snow like back home!

I know there was other things I wanted to say but Junior Squirrel wants to read to me and then I'm going to play Clue with Chatterbox. So, this'll have to suffice for now:)

Sunday, October 11, 2009


That's what this weekend consists of and it is wonderful! Yesterday I tried to sleep in bed longer. It was nice to have the whole bed to myself, wrapped up in my flannel sheets, but I could hear the excitement in the kid's voices downstairs, exclaiming over the fallen snow. I did not want to get out of bed and see that white stuff BUT it was rather exciting to hear their delight over it, so I managed to leave the comfy confines of my bed. Then I declared that I wasn't going to do a thing all day! We had leftovers for lunch and dinner and Zach took care of feeding the kids. I just laid around. I finished a book I'd started a day or two before. I played on the computer a bit. The kid's were great. Sweet Pea took two naps. The others played Lego's in the basement pretty much all day. They were to good that I ran to the grocery store and picked up some ice cream as a treat. Of course THEN they started to get hyper and crazy. I wanted to play a game with them but we couldn't really come up with one so we ended up playing 'hot potato'. I was in control of the music. Even Sweet Pea was throwing the ball around! It was so cute and she was getting so excited about it! Today for dinner we're going to get Pizza Hut. I have been craving it for a few days now.

Did I mention it is cold outside? Brrrr. On the way home from church it said only 36* on the suburban! Way too cold for October. Speaking of church, I recently discovered this song (I can't remember if I saw it posted on somebody's blog or on facebook or what). I've had it in my head lately and yesterday I downloaded it to my iPod. Guess what song was sung in church for the first time today??? THAT one! That isn't the first time I've had a song in my head, go to this church and they sing that very song! Such a cool GOD thing! Anyway, you can listen to the song here.

Speaking of cool God things, the benefit for my cousin's husband was yesterday. Remember me mentioning how he has cancer? Well, there was a benefit for them. My mom said they made like $5,000 on the ticket sales alone. I'm curious to see what the total is. We live in a small community and this just blows me away! I'm so glad people came out and pulled through to help them! God is good! I wish I'd been there to help in some way.

Well, my Sweet Pea just made a mess of all of Booty Shaker's kindergarten books so I better go clean up. I forgot what else I was going to tell you!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

How I get distracted~

TWO DAYS AGO SWEET PEA TOOK HER FIRST STEPS!!! And I forgot to blog about it! Last night I was sitting at the kitchen table talking on the phone to my mom and I look over. There is my little SP TAKING STEPS! I have no idea how many the stinker actually took before I caught her. I probably scared her with my shrieking, "SHE'S WALKING AGAIN!!!!!" but I couldn't contain myself! My mom was telling me to get the camera ready, but of course if I'd gone to grab it then she wouldn't have walked again! Today I think she took just a couple here and there. Ohhh it is so exciting! My little baby is growing so much, the sweet thing. I look at her and think how much I love her and wonder how people can NOT want what I have! Then again I look at my older children who can disobey, talk back, etc and then it makes a little more sense:) Don't get me wrong I love them too, but they're just not as sweet as a baby!

Yesterday Zach had to drive to Offutt AFB. He took Chatterbox with him. So I only did a bit of school with the boys. Then we grabbed some Happy Meals, went to Kohl's, played the Wii and did some drawing and puzzle building. I was going to take them to the library but never did make it there.

I've got cabbage rolls cooking in the crockpot and I made bread in the bread machine last night. Ohhh did the house ever smell good when we went to bed! The kids and I ate some for lunch and boy is it good. I wasn't sure how it'd turn out since I only had all-purpose flour and pretty much every bread machine recipe calls for bread machine flour. I didn't know if it'd make a difference or not, but it didn't to me. It's the perfect day for using the crockpot....cold, wet and dreary. Oh and I heard the word snow today. Possibly for this weekend. That is just NOT right. It's weather like this that really makes me miss the south! But I do love spring and summer here! I'm just not a cold weather fan!

Monday, October 05, 2009

I am PooPed

Boy am I tired. Too much fun the past few days!

Friday after dinner we went out bowling. Holy smokes, it ain't cheap, my friends! I had two coupons so two people got one game each free. We all played two games. Walked out paying $50. Highway robbery I tell ya. And they had the nerve to say, "We're the cheapest place around." Well, I wonder why. It certainly wasn't the nicest bowling alley I've been to. The bumpers weren't automatic so Zach and I had to bowl with bumpers. Next time we'll go to the nice places the kids and I had gone to for free homeschool bowling. Zach and I tied the first game and the second one I did awful. We sure had fun though. Zach got them the first Indiana Jones movie when we came home and the kids had a sleepover on the hide-a-bed. Well, besides Booty Shaker. He came and had a sleepover with Mom, Dad & his baby sister.

Saturday I went shopping in the morning. Junior Squirrel needed some jeans that didn't have holes in the knees. I needed some new shoes, which I still haven't gotten to wear yet! I found some deals and opened a Kohl's account (it was 30% off if you opened one, I couldn't beat that). I came home and we hung out at home for awhile. Then we went off to the free pumpkin patch that I'd taken the kids to last year. It was quite muddy and boy were our shoes a mess, but it was so much fun. I just didn't care. Normally I'm so anal about things like that, I admit, but that time I was like, "Who cares if you get dirty, just have fun." It was mostly the hay maze that was so muddy and I didn't go in. Chatterbox's and BS's shoe came off from the mud! Crazy! We bought a few pumpkins and such and had lots of fun. I made Cheese & Tamale Pie for dinner that night. Yummy. Zach and I played a couple of games after the kids went to bed and that was fun.

Sunday we went to church and didn't do much more. Zach watched football and worked on homework and I went in the basement and went through the toys- I have such a huge pile of things to get rid of now! Now to only get rid of it all... I hate that stores no longer take kids toys because some of those things I don't just want to throw away, ya know. I put stuff on freecycle and hopefully I can get rid of it quickly. Some items I do want to try to sell though. I love seeing the results of a clean basement!

Today the kids and I went to the Apple Orchard. I set up a tour and I'm so glad I did and got a group together! It was cheaper plus you got to do so much more. We got a hayride (without hay?), got to pick 2 apples each (it was cool using the apple picker to do so), got some learning time (about the seasons and different things that happen with the apples during the seasons), got to see them sort the apples and hear them talk about how that works, got to see the huge 'fridge' they're stored in (it smelled wonderful in there). Then they had this corn pool. It was seriously as big as a huge swimming pool. The kids had so much fun in there and us mom's got to relax a bit and talk. Then they went on a jumping pillow which was like an inflatable, in ground trampoline. Next we saw the one-room schoolhouse, the 3 Little Pigs houses and some animals. It was so much fun. We spent 4 hours there! I was exhausted when I got home! I'm so tired and I'm going to try to go to bed early tonight. Sweet Pea wouldn't nap the whole time there but as soon as we got in the car she was out cold! Poor girl. I have yet to eat one of my apples. I probably should snack on one of those rather than the Oreo's that are calling my name.

Speaking of Oreo's, they now make Cool Mint ones. Oh man, they remind me of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies. They're delicious and dangerous:0. Tomorrow it's back to normal school even though I'm not at all ready for it this week. Good thing tomorrow doesn't require much planning!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

he he he

And I have much to blog about the weekend, but for now I leave you with this:
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Friday, October 02, 2009

Help for the Black Widows

Yesterday in the mail we received a card for 14 days of praying for Christian martyrs so I thought we'd utilize it in our Bible time.

Here's Day 1: Ruth is a widow whose husband was killed in a religious riot in Nigeria. Pray for Nigerian widows.

So we looked at a map to find Nigeria and talked about what we could pray for for these women. When it was Junior Squirrel's turn to pray he said, "Dear Jesus, help the black widows...(pause). Mom, what are they again?" Oh I about busted out laughing for I never said they were black, although I did say Nigeria is in Africa. I think he was trying to be funny with saying black widow as in spider. I just told him they were women whose husband's have died, not wanting to get into that yes they actually were black widows. I'm still cracking up about it.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

sometimes you just want to

Throw in the towel and QUIT! Today is one of those days. I just wanted to sit in my pj's, throw in movies all day for the kids are read. The weather is awful, although it's a bit peaceful too. Just rainy and dreary. Sometimes you'd think it'd make homeschooling easier to have such weather, but sometimes I think it just affects us all. Sweet Pea has been extremely cranky today. Whenever I sit at the kitchen table she just clings to me and wants to be held. If I hold her she tries to get into whatever is on the table! It's miserable sometimes:) Junior Squirrel is still not done with his work and I made it clear that he will have to finish it on his own time- I'm done for the day. We made a fun science project about the planets. We sure have been fun learning about them. Been reading many library books on them. I really am enjoying our science curriculum this year. The kids are too- they love the hands-on things.

We now have so much food in the house there isn't even room for it all! Tonight on the menu is Sloppy Jo Squares. Everybody LOVES them. I'm not sure what I'll make tomorrow, maybe something in the crockpot. I was up until midnight last night engrossed in my book. Then I was awakened in the middle of the night with thunderstorms. Now I think I'm going to find my book, grab a blanket and relax. It's days like this I miss my fireplace!

Must go...SP spit up???