Thursday, October 01, 2009

sometimes you just want to

Throw in the towel and QUIT! Today is one of those days. I just wanted to sit in my pj's, throw in movies all day for the kids are read. The weather is awful, although it's a bit peaceful too. Just rainy and dreary. Sometimes you'd think it'd make homeschooling easier to have such weather, but sometimes I think it just affects us all. Sweet Pea has been extremely cranky today. Whenever I sit at the kitchen table she just clings to me and wants to be held. If I hold her she tries to get into whatever is on the table! It's miserable sometimes:) Junior Squirrel is still not done with his work and I made it clear that he will have to finish it on his own time- I'm done for the day. We made a fun science project about the planets. We sure have been fun learning about them. Been reading many library books on them. I really am enjoying our science curriculum this year. The kids are too- they love the hands-on things.

We now have so much food in the house there isn't even room for it all! Tonight on the menu is Sloppy Jo Squares. Everybody LOVES them. I'm not sure what I'll make tomorrow, maybe something in the crockpot. I was up until midnight last night engrossed in my book. Then I was awakened in the middle of the night with thunderstorms. Now I think I'm going to find my book, grab a blanket and relax. It's days like this I miss my fireplace!

Must go...SP spit up???


Kim said...

I'm w/ you. Crappy weather makes a crappy day. Sloppy joe squares, MMMM share that recipe w/ me. never had squares before.

Sherry said...

Our weather sounds just like yours. I too am taking tonight to just hang out in my jammies and enjoy some down time. I never heard of sloppy joe squares ~ do you have an easy recipe?

Anonymous said...

I know just how you feel.
Sometimes on days like this you have to just let it go and do something out of the ordinary and FUN! I have been bracing for our winter but it is taking its own sweet time getting here.... OK by me:)