Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hump Day

Last night our dinner at Olive Garden was so delicious! I decided to go ahead and get the All-You-Can-Eat Pasta too (it was way cheaper). And you know, our bill was under $30! Isn't that amazing! We got the kids two kid pizzas to share. Between that, the breadsticks, salad and letting them 'taste' our pasta we all walked out stuffed.

Today in history we learned about the Dead Sea Scrolls. Have I mentioned how much I love learning with my children? I just LOVE it. I learn so much (or relearn). It is just amazing how so many of these ancient documents were preserved. We're making an ancient document and we're making salt crystals. Both take a couple of days to complete, but we're in the process. I love doing hands-on things with my kids!

I really need to hit the grocery store tonight. We're out of so much. I haven't really even had food to make lunches! I want some mac n' cheese (remember, my 'doctor' prescribed it). Good thing it's payday at last!


Kim said...

That is really good to get out of there for a big family to eat under $30. We always spend like $50 thats why we dont eat out too often. Mother Hubbards Cupboards are bare here too. Glad tomorrow is payday.

Becki said...

I am also thankful payday is here, we've been scraping the bottom barrel!

When we lived in Wa.state we had the opportunity to visit the Dead Sea Scrolls traveling exhibit at the Seattle Science Center. If you ever have the opportunity to see it, it is well worth it!