Thursday, September 10, 2009

out east

I haven't blogged in forever! My mom was here last weekend. We went shopping and I got a dress for the wedding we're going to on Saturday. We went to the Farmer's Market and to the new Bass Pro Shop (SO cool). We went to church and had my friend, Jenn, over for dinner. It was a great time. It went by real fast but it was fun.

Yesterday we drove from home to Cleveland. It was a long day but went surprisingly better than I thought it would! I wasn't sure how Sweet Pea would do traveling, but she was great! We saw a rainbow as we drove through Indiana. It was so beautiful. I just love seeing God's handiwork. You know something I don't understand? You have all these people talking about overpopulation. And then you have SO MUCH EMPTY LAND! There's 'free' land everywhere! Our earth is NOT overpopulated!

It was so neat driving through certain areas and thinking how this friend lived here or that friend is from there. I was reminded of so many friends on our drive! I had driven through New York my senior year of high school (we went to NYC, Niagara Falls & Toronto for our class trip) but I don't remember the scenery. I was probably too busy being silly on the tour bus! Anyway, I really didn't' expect NY to be such a beautiful state! Then we hit Massachusetts and I didn't expect it to be all hilly, mountainous and beautiful either. My best friend is from there but she never told me how gorgeous it is:) Now, Connecticut I expected to look as it does, at least the little bit I've seen so far.

We saw Zach's sister tonight. His brother and dad are gone out. Tomorrow I'm sure we'll see them and meet Emily, the new sister-in-law. I think his other brother and mom will be driving in too. It'll be nice to see everyone!

Ok, I'm exhausted, SP is not going to sleep like I wanted so I need to close this for now. I really need to get back into my blogging groove!


Kim said...

Glad to hear you made it out there safe. Hope you guys have a wonderful time at the wedding. The best part of traveling is the scenery. My favorite state that we ever drove thru so far is Wisconsin.

I am OK said...

Enjoy! Glad the trip went well. And yes, New England can be just breath taking 8)