Friday, September 04, 2009


What's my deal with not blogging??? Well, I've been busy, busy, busy! My mom arrived yesterday afternoon! Even though she's here for a short time I'm super excited! I love living 'closer' to home! I had tons I was going to blog about and now of course when I have time to blog I can't remember.

I really need to figure out how to put pictures on my blog. I have so many to share with you from all summer! What a pain in the butt!

Sweet Pea is cutting more teeth. She wasn't sleeping well for a few nights but last night slept a bit better. Her nose is like a faucet. Poor baby. She know how to push herself on her little ride on already! She will also walk pushing it! She's getting so big so fast. Right now she's on the floor with her big sister and Nanny, 'playing' with a Barbie! Don't grow up too quickly little girl!

Today we went shopping at the 'big' mall in West Des Moines. I wanted to find some things we need for the wedding coming up. I found me a dress from Dillards for only $24!!! I was super psyched! I also got the kids some dress shoes for super cheap. I love sales. Tonight we're going to go to Kohl's and probably some thrift stores. I need to get Zach some dress clothes (hopefully I can pick out something he'll like). He has nothing 'wedding worthy'. Even the clothes he wears to church are in dire need of replacement!

The boy's weren't too keen on shopping. They kept thinking we'd hit a toy store but there weren't any. I guess they're in high heaven now as Zach took them to the movie.

Oh, my cousin, Risa, drove through the other day again on her way home. The kids all got along GREAT and it was fun visiting with her again! I wish we could see each other more often.

We also got school done this week. We're learning about the constellations in science and doing some projects pertaining to that. In history we learned about Pentecost and Paul. Last night my mom helped me put the timeline together (and Zach helped a tiny little bit).

Last night I made lasagna in the crockpot. It's called Slow Cooker Lasagna, found at Kraft foods (it's in their latest 'cookbook' they sent out). It was awesome! Today I made some sort of chocolate/peanut butter cookies/bars from it and they're wonderful!

Ok, I'm just rambling now. I know I had more to say and can't think right now...


Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about how long it has been since I have been able to sit down and just browse other blogs:) I do have a hard time keeping up with mine too. That's Mommy-hood though:)
Be Blessed,

I am OK said...

I love your ramblings. :P)

I am going to have to try that lasagna. I love making things in the crock pot. Recently I made a cake in one, and it came out sooooo good.

glad you had a nice time with your mom. And that Sherry's update is a postiive one.