Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Last night and the night before G took one or two steps here and there. It is over...He is going to walk so soon. Daddy is sad because he's missing out on G's first steps. I don't blame him, I would be sad too. I am sad because my baby is growing so fast. It is amazing to see him do this and I can tell he is excited about it, but where is my baby? He will be the earliest walker out of all 3 children. I couldn't imagine knowing that he was my last baby and seeing it fly by before my eyes. It's like I can't blink because he is growing so fast. Pretty soon he will be chasing his brother and sister around.

Onto a totally different note I am finally going digital. My aunt is supposed to give me a digital camera. I am hoping then I will be able to post more pictures on here and capture more pictures. I love my camera, but I am excited to try a digital one also. I feel like I will need a class to learn it though- it is all so foreign to me.

H's been reading many words now. I am amazed at how quickly she is picking up on it! I shouldn't be amazed because she is a bright girl, but who would think in like 15 lessons she would be reading words???

J is STILL not potty trained, but he tells me more and more often he has to go potty. Only thing is that he tells me when I have no potty around, so I have to tell him to go in his diaper. I thought maybe being here it would be easy to potty train him, but I have yet to try. At least he is realizing more and more when he has to go.

Zach is learning to fend for himself in his lonely state. Of course, he always can, but he is so used to us being around, helping out and doing the household tasks. He's taken over the house by leaving out work clothes, the ironing board, etc. He's washing clothes and dishes and he is so lonely! I guess it gives him time to work on things he otherwise isn't able to. I am trying to convince him to paint the hallway while we're gone. We have the paint already, so what a breeze, especially with no children around.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Blasted Car Seats

Why do they make car seats SO difficult to install? I mean we are parents, not rocket scientists. I feel like I need to go to Car Seat Installation 101 to understand how to get the seats in. Normally Zach does the installing of the seats, but today I cleaned our van and now I can't figure out how to get the baby's seat tight enough. Our seatbelts don't lock like most do and we don't have anchors in our van for the LATCH system. I think I will eventually take the van in to have them installed (if you have a vehicle without the anchors they are required to install it for free). I heard they'll even fix your seatbelts in your vehicle it they're all twisted and crooked. So, that is just one more thing on my agenda. And who knows if anybody way up here in da woods knows how to properly install a car seat!?! For now I just need to figure out how to make his seat tight enough with the locking clip.


Oh man, I fear these children of mine will turn into Yoopers before we head back south. Today we spent some time with my cousin and her 3 little yooper babies. All of our children are the same ages and they seem to play together well. Her boys like to play outdoors and have some of those Power Wheels 4- wheelers. They also have a real 4-wheeler, a small one. So, my cousin's boys like to take my two older children for rides. By the end of the day my 5 year old could drive one of the small Power Wheels by herself! I was nervous as I watched her but she had a blast (she was also wearing a helmet)!

Another time while they were playing outside we hear the two 5 year olds laughing. My cousin's 5 year old pees outside sometimes. He is a boy, so he is able to do that. Somehow he got my totally feminine daughter to pee outside too. They were underneath the deck in the backyard and H had taken off her shorts and underwear to 'Pee like Nathan'. So, I had to explain that boys and girls pee differently and that she needs to keep her clothes on. Just another Yooper way- peeing in the bush:) I did it many times growing up!

My cousin's husband was on the riding lawnmower and had a trailer on the back of it. My 3 year old little man hopped into the trailer for a ride and before we knew it he was trying to take a nap while riding on it! It was so cute.

The baby loves dogs. He had to follow the dog all over. He was pulling the tail, eating the tail, kissing it... He played with that dog more than anything else!

Just a bit of ramblings about our time in the U.P. I am certain they will come away talking like these Yoopers!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Lost without Little Debbie!

Ok, I admit it- I am addicted to Little Debbie's Devil Squares. Not a good name when you try to tell your children the devil's a bad guy, but they taste so good. Well, I had to go over a week without one of my squares! I didn't buy any while still at home because I wasn't sure when we'd be leaving to come up to Michigan. Then we traveled here and I didn't eat any. When we finally went shopping I searched for my D Squares. Wouldn't you know the measly grocery store here didn't have them???? Isn't that just like the U.P.!?! Then I went to Wal-Mart (which is finally in the process of being turned into a Super Wal-Mart) and found Little Debbies, BUT they didn't have the D Squares! By this time I was aghast and wondering if I'd EVER find them while up here. Finally, when my mom stopped at a grocery store on the way home from work (another small grocery store) she found my D Squares! What a Mom! Isn't she great? So, today I finally had my first one in a little over a week! Thank you Little Debbie:) What do you crave???

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

One Proud Mommy!

As mother's we teach our children many things. We teach them to walk, use the potty, identify shapes, colors, etc. I have been teaching H how to read for about 2 weeks now and it is the best feeling to see my daughter reading right in front of my eyes! She is still a bit unsure of herself, but she is reading words like am, mat, sat, rat, ram, eat, see, and me. It is so proud of her! With the majority of the population sending their children to school, how many mother's can say that they are the ones to teach their children how to read!

On the other hand, G has been "barking" like a dog whenever he hears a dog bark. He sure likes dogs and gets real excited whenever he sees one. He likes to copy sounds and faces we make too. He is getting better about walking holding onto just one of my hands and he stands in one place without holding onto something for much longer periods of time.

J is getting better at knowing his colors. He is asking to go potty more often now, so I need to find a potty seat for him to use and take advantage of that! It is hard since we aren't in our own home, but if he is ready I am willing!

The accomplishments of my children never cease to amaze me. I am proud of the things they do!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Movin' On Up

With all of our traveling I forgot to mention some great news. No, I'm not expecting again, although that would be great too. My dear, wonderful husband has once again blown me away! He is going to be promoted! Back in March he tested for Technical Sergeant (Tech Sergeant) or E-6. In the Air Force it is the hardest rank to test for. You hear that NOBODY makes it their first time testing and you have people that have been in for like 12+ years that can't pass the test! After all, they are very hard tests. When 'grading' them they also look at how many years a person has been in the service, their EPR's (performance reports), decorations and all that. Well, Zach has been in for about 6.5 years and it was his first time testing. He came away saying the test was so hard and that he'd have to study harder next time. He was certain he didn't make it. I didn't think he made it either, just knowing some very smart people that haven't yet made it. But, lo and behold the results came back last Thursday and he was given his stripes!!! He was at the very end of the list, barely making it so he won't be able to sew on his stripes for about a year. I am SO proud of him! God has been so faithful to us. Zach has put up with a lot of garbage with his job, but God has been so good to us and rewarded Zach for his perseverance. This is truly a sign that Zach will more than likely make a career out of the military. After all, he'll have about 8 or 9 years in once his time is up, so what's another 10? It is a bit scary in a way, but hey, one day we could call him Chief! Anyway, I just wanted to 'publicly' congratulate him on this huge achievement!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Home Sweet Home

Well, we are in the U.P. I can't believe we are here. I don't think it has sunk in yet. I have anticipated and wondered for so long if I would make it here and here I am. It was quite a drive. Not only did we have to drive through the WHOLE state of Mississippi, but through a bit of Tennessee, Arkansas and Missouri. That was day one, which went pretty smoothly. We ended our day on the border of Missouri and Illinois. I was surprised how well the baby did on the drive. I need to admit that I have started kneeling on the seat still buckled in, leaning over G's seat so I can nurse him. It beat stopping every time he wanted me. I nurse him on demand so I wasn't sure how it would go. I did buy him some baby food to eat, but he wasn't too keen on it. He likes 'big people food', but not really baby food (can I blame him). It was nice to get out and stretch our legs for a few hours and catch some zzzzzz's.

Friday we woke up and drove through Illinois...wow that was just as long as Mississippi. After awhile I got pretty tired of seeing farms and I wondered if I were heading back to North Dakota! Then we hit Chicago. We got pretty ripped off and ticked off about the stinkin' tolls we had to pay. We never left the one road we were on (I-94/I-294) and we had to pay at 5 or 6 toll booths. We had JUST enough change! It was unreal. The thing that really bothered us was that the roads were crap. They were so bumpy and full of holes. Made us wonder where on earth the money is going that we are throwing into their machines. Chicago seemed like a whole state in and of itself, what with the time it took to get through it. At least it wasn't rush hour! Then we hailed into Green Bay and Z was excited as a little boy. He hoped we could swing by Lambeau Field, but there was no way. We just wanted to arrive home!

You never realize all the little differences between the U.P. and anywhere else until you are back near the U.P. Back to a two-lane road. So much for an interstate or a four-lane highway. We saw some slow drivers and felt like we were crawling as we drove 63 mph trying to obey the 55 mph speed limit. You know you are in the U.P. when you see some dude with his chic in his big ol' loud truck with its big ol' wheels. You know you are in the U.P. when everybody is wearing pants and you have been wearing shorts for the past 3+ months. You know you are in the U.P. when you can't drive faster than 55 mph and when the deer run out into the road in front of cars. You know you are in the U.P. when it is 10:30 pm and you can still see the sunshine! It is a different way of life, but I am so glad to be here for awhile. It is so nice to see family again.

To top off our drive as we drove down one of the hills to get to my parent's house Lake Superior looked like glass or a diamond, it was so clear and calm. The sun was setting behind the trees across the lake and was reflecting on the water. It was God's way of telling me, "Welcome home, dear daughter. Enjoy your time." I said a quick prayer of thanks for that breathtaking view.

The kids were pretty excited to see their Nanny and Papa. We stayed up late just burning off some energy from 2 days of driving. Today Z and J are gone to visit with his dad and H is enjoying time with Nanny. I am enjoying some quiet time with my mom and on the computer while G explores his new surroundings. The weather is actually nice. It is a perfect way to start a vacation. We may get to visit with my cousin and her family later tonight and that will end the day perfectly.

I will be sad to see Z fly out tomorrow. I know the kids and I will really miss him. He will be pretty lonely all alone. Hopefully he can catch up on some sleep and some time to himself to do all those things he wants to do that he never gets to do. I can't wait for him to come back up in July so we will all be able to visit people together as a family. I certainly hope that even though he has to say good-bye to us tomorrow and won't see us for a month that he has a blessed Father's Day!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Looking Up

Well, things are looking up around here. We have FINALLY come up with a date to travel home! Miss Arlene, the first Tropical Storm, decided not to hit so hard and was to the east of us. We saw very little wind and rain- it was just like a normal rainy day. I finally made up my mind to have a garage sale and have gone through the entire house getting rid of things. I have much to get rid of, but most of it was tucked and hidden away so really I don't see any difference anywhere. I still feel like we have tons of stuff lying around. It is always hard trying to eliminate the kids toys and figure out what to get rid of. Yesterday I stayed home from church because I have some sort of cold and had lost my voice on Saturday. Z took the 2 older kids and so I had the chance to go through their things with them out of the way. Made for an easy time! I am not sure if H realizes all that is missing in her room. She must, but she has been pretty good about not saying anything about her stuff. Those kids just have SO many toys!

So finally I feel much is lifted off of my shoulders with resolutions to many of my 'issues'. It is a good feeling. Now to price everything...I never know how much to charge!

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Friday, June 10, 2005

Hurricane season

Well, even though it isn't quite the middle of June yet, hurricane season is upon us. It only officially began 9 days ago and already there is a tropical storm headed this way. I am not sure I will ever get used to this type of weather phenomenon. I have to admit that I do NOT miss all that snow they get in the U.P. You know, the kind where the wind howls and blows and the snow swirls around so much you can't even see out of your window? Everything is cancelled and the snow is up to your waist. I don't miss that. But at least with those nasty blizzards you are not forced from your home. You know you will be safe, warm and snug in your own home. Maybe for a longer time that you'd like, as you are stuck indoors until you can open the door, but at least you can stay where you are comfortable in a familiar surrounding with your family.

With this tropical weather it is a whole different ballgame. I haven't even been here for a year yet, but was forced to evacuate with Ivan. We had just bought our first home, had a baby and Z had to stay behind while I left. And let me tell you, trying to find a hotel at the last minute this side of the Rockies, well that is impossible. Ok, so I'm exaggerating a bit today, but really I don't like leaving my home. The base has hurricane shelters, but I would much rather leave town than stay in a nasty shelter with who knows what kind of people. Especially with 3 kids under the age of 5. That's asking for a breakdown! Well, of course Z got chosen to be on the hurricane shelter team, so if there is an evacuation he has to go to the shelter. Lovely to choose the guy with a family. Just make the wife deal with the kids and find a safe place alone. Like I said, I could go to the shelter but that is the last thing I'd want to do. Z would be there, but he would be dealing with all those student's issues he wouldn't have time to help me out with the kids. And do I want G crawling all over a place like that??? NO! So, as I sit around watching the satellite pictures of this storm, watching as the wind picks up and waiting, I wish for just one day of another U.P. blizzard that will keep me in my cozy abode and not take me from it.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Oh what a beautiful morning

There is nothing like waking up to your sweet chubby cheeked baby smiling and cuddling with you. This morning sissy came into bed before he awoke and when he finally arose he laid his head on her and said, "Oooohhhh". He then turned to me and laid his head on me doing the same. Then he tried to give me some slobbery kisses all over my face. We then had an unnamed culprit who passed some gas rather loudly. I will protect the innocent by not giving any names. G is to the point where he will copy noises and sounds, so the next thing I hear is him going, "PLLLLLLLLBBBBBTTTTTT". He was copying the rather obnoxious sound of flatulence and it was hilarious! I decided that waking up with such a chuckle surely must bring forth a blessed and wonderful day.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Frustrations abound

I am so tired of this whole fiasco of me trying to get back to the U.P. for a visit. Nobody wants me to drive alone with the kiddos. I don't really want to, but I would. It has been almost 2 years since we've been back to Michigan and I am SO homesick. Z is only able to get 2 weeks off, if even they let him take time off. I want to go before his scheduled time because I have family and school reunions and because I would not do that long trip for only 2 weeks. We originally thought maybe my mom could fly down and drive up with me and then Z fly up later and we could split the ticket and change the name but we just found out you can't do that. We don't have stinking' $300 to buy a ticket (well, we do, but then it would be my mom paying $300 for her own ticket, us paying $300 for Z's ticket plus the money it will cost for me to drive up)! And the one-way tickets are way more than round-trip, so we would just buy a round-trip ticket. I would consider flying up with the kiddos alone but tickets are so expensive to fly into the U.P. And then I wouldn't have a vehicle while there either. I am SO tired of dealing with this and wondering if I will even make it 'home'. It is stressing me out so bad as I am SO homesick! I just had to vent...

Saturday, June 04, 2005


Well, living down here we usually always have sunny, warm weather. Finally this weekend I have been able to lay out and enjoy some of it. We have a blow-up pool, the kind that is big enough for an adult or two to sit in. Yesterday we all had a blast in the pool and I got a bit of sunshine! Today while the children napped I went out in the pool and caught some rays. Ohhh, it was so relaxing. There is something about laying out and tanning that just relaxes me. I have been doing it since a wee child. I remember my baby-sitter from when I was about 5 years old. She would pack up me, herself and her children and head to the beach every day. That's probably why I love the sun so much. What I would give to go back for one of those carefree days as a little girl playing on the beach with my best friend and Barbie dolls. Oh, but it is a delight watching my wee ones enjoy the water (granted, its a pool) as much as I did.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

I cannot imagine...

Life without children. We recently met a couple that have been married for 6 years just like us. They have no children. They haven't wanted any. I just try to comprehend that and I can't even imagine what my life would be like. I think it would be so empty and boring. I know I would still have God and Z, but without children, what would I do? Work outside of the home? And what would that accomplish? What kind of reward would I receive? I know I don't get 'rewards' for being a mommy, at least not in the way the world thinks. They are rewards though. They are blessings. Every day they bring smiles to my face numerous times. The things they say and do. What other type of job could bring me such joy and satisfaction? Of course being a mommy isn' t always easy. I struggle every day. But to have J walk up to me in his little football clothes and say, "I love you", or to have G reach for me and say mamma, or to have H come and give me a big hug out of the blue. These are priceless. To me other types of 'jobs' in the world are meaningless.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Military Housing

We currently do not live in base housing, but we did at our other two bases. We were blessed to buy a home this time. The house we were offered made me cry, literally. I have a friend here who lives in base housing. She told me about a month ago about herceiling caving in and the housing not doing a thing about it. Today I went to her house. This poor woman has two children and you should see her ceiling! In the living/dining area part of it is starting to come apart and sag. You go upstairs into her bathroom- there is a HOLE in the ceiling. Housing maintance has been there many times and has not fixed it. She has 'yard Nazi's' come and give her lawn tickets for her grass being an inch too high (no joke)- yet her ceiling is caving in! As I was driving to her house through housing you should have seen the number of vacant houses. Now tell me, why can't they move into a house that isn't falling apart????? There is NO reason ANYONE should live in conditions like that- much less somebody serving our country!!! Prisoners live better than that! Just a rant about my poor friend and how she's living.