Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fall Breezes

The weather here lately has been beautiful. I've actually been able to open my windows during the day to have a nice breeze flow through the house! I love it. Opening windows is something that rarely happens down south it seems. Today we took our reading outdoors. We're reading Stuart Little and I'm also reading A Hive of Busy Bees to the kiddos. Princess also reads to me from Abeka readers that were given to us. We are really enjoying this book as it gives a story but also incorporates a character trait. I must admit that I've never read Stuart Little before and I'm thoroughly enjoying that too.

Yesterday we didn't do a whole lot of school. I changed around the living room, we did some school, we went to the library and came home and did a bit more school. We hadn't been to the library in some time. I got quite a bit of videos for the kiddos. I normally never get them videos so thought they'd get a little treat. Right now they're watching Veggie Tales. Larry sure cracks me up. I cleaned last night. This place was so dusty!

We've all been sneezing a bit here and there. My throat is a bit scratchy. I'm assuming its allergies since it hasn't progressed much.

It seems all around me people are having babies or getting pregnant. And I'm happy for them, but lately it really bothers me. I guess because my 'baby' is 3 years old! I really miss not having my own little teeny baby to hold. I feel like I 'should' have one by now! And I know it is all in God's timing. But when you've lost a baby (or two) you feel an emptiness in your family.

Princess is FINALLY getting her front teeth in! I'm telling you she has been toothless for at least 7 months! It was crazy and I was really beginning to worry. But right before their dentist appointment those teeth began to poke through. I was tired of looking at the gums but it is weird seeing teeth coming in! She's going to look like a totally different Princess!

Monday, October 29, 2007


Ok, I have some friends (IRL) that are a bit new to blogging. Some of them rather like to slack on posting...just kidding guys I know you're busy! But I thought maybe I could send some traffic their way. So, without further ado...

Angie is one of my sweet friends who lived down here and recently transplanted to North Dakota!!! Poor girl is having a hard time of it (can you blame her)! She was such a help and encouragement when I lost my babies. Oh, and she's originally from Minnesota so that scored even more in my book seeing as she's from 'North country' too (although she's really missing the south).

Beth is my dear, dear friend from North Carolina. She's the main reason I wanted to go to NC this past summer for our vacation. I love her to pieces as my step mom would say. We try to visit one another once a year and have a great time together. I think we both keep each other somewhat sane;)

Jaclyn is my cousin's wife. She's an avid knitter and even teaches it! I've only met her once in person but she is so sweet! She's busy as a bee as a teacher but maybe if she gets more blog traffic she'll blog more!

Lynn is a dear woman down here in my homeschool group. Ever since I first met her she has been a huge encouragement. She's one of those women that just by seeing their face you light up and feel the weight lift from your shoulders. She's so real and has so much love for Jesus and people. The fact that she goes to an AG church and that's the denomination I grew up in that she's originally from the Midwest are only bonus points!

ANOTHER contest!!!

Wow, seems that $150 in products from Vision Forum was not enough. Kim is having another contest! Seeing as I didn't win the first one, it can't hurt to enter this one- this time for $250 worth of products!

The Liberty Doll $89
Just Like Mama (Apron and Utensils) $16
Adult size Apron $12
Teach Them To Your Children $17
Passionate Housewives: Desperate for God $16
The Master's Plan for Fathers $35
The Adventure of Missionary Heroism $24
Of Plymouth Plantation $24
A Church in the House $12

For a total of $245!!! That's my wish list!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Fall Fun at the Flemings!

We had our annual hayride last night for our homeschool group. We had a great time! It is amazing how much fun a simple hayride can be for both kids and adults! That cold fresh air tired me out though. When it was finished I could not stop yawning! Enjoy the slide show!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Drawing

I tend to win on the radio but not too often online, but Kim is having another giveaway with $150 worth of items that YOU get to choose from Vision Forum. IF I am blessed to win, here is my wish list:

The Liberty Doll
Just Like Mama (Apron and Utensils)
Adult size Apron
Teach Them To Your Children
Passionate Housewives: Desperate for God

God is good

What an awesome testimony of God's work. I remember praying for Darling Boy. I even sent a couple of emails asking for help for this boy. Just take a look at how God's hand has worked to change this boys life. God is good!

***If you get through this testimony without shedding tears I'll be amazed.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Brrrrrrrr, but not too cold for worship!

It has been chilly here the last couple of days. Well, Monday it rained and rained. Then it rained some more. And you'd think it would be cold and dreary but it was so humid. There were tornado warnings and all, but I don't even think it really thundered or anything. Just rained. Then yesterday and today have been surprisingly chilly. A nice change, but I wasn't ready for it! I had to dig out all of the kids warmer clothes and realized they're in need of some things! So I'm praying that God provides for us! And of course He always does!

We've had a Bible conference at church from Sunday through today. It was so good. Refreshing. Convicting. Just when you think you heard a great preacher the sermon the next night blew your socks off even more. I love men of God who preach the Word of God and don't water it down to please people. Sunday we had a man by the name of Emir Caner. He's a former Muslim and his testimony and preaching were amazing. Just read about him on his site and it will blow you away. God is amazing. Then we had a couple of other Southern Baptist preachers who were also exceptional (Johnny Hunt and Junior Hill). Tonight we sat under the teaching of John Avant. His church is on fire for the Lord through prayer. His message was so convicting that I left with tears in my eyes and my heartstrings being pulled. There was an evangelist for the kids and they enjoyed the puppets. And he was awesome! I sat in there last night to help out and it was a blast! I don't know how those puppeteers can do what they do- especially SING! They also had special musicians come in. It was a blessing. And though we had late nights so far this week it was well worth it! I love to come away refreshed and with a new outlook on life- with God's view on things and a new passion for serving Him.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Winner!

As a child I'd often listen to the local Christian radio station. And I'd win things! Not only from the radio station, but I'd win drawings at stores and such. Well, about 6 months ago I won movie tickets from a Christian radio station down here! Today on our way to Krispy Kreme for a field trip the lady began talking about winning a Veggie Tales video. You had to be the first caller. I didn't think there was any way I'd win, but I whipped my cell phone open and dialed the number she rattled off. Lo and behold~ I won!

When I Grow Up

Last night on the way home from church I asked Cuddly Boy what he wanted to be when he grows up. During church I had whispered to him asking if he wanted to be a pastor. So, his answer was 'Pastor' (in addition to a dinosaur and race car). My children love the pastor. Every Sunday they want to run to him with 'hello' and hugs! We are having a conference at church through Wednesday night this week. Cuddly Boy just LISTENS so intently to the music. When its time to pray he folds his hands and bows his head so nicely. Of course, he's trained to do that as he is always in church with us. Anyway, I'm going off on another tangent. I figure, it doesn't hurt to whisper to our children, to encourage them to be men and women of God!

Of course, on this same trip home Little man claimed he wanted to be an Army man, a police man and a Walmart man. He explained that a Walmart man is the person who gives you things at the store. I wish they simply GAVE you things. And I certainly hope his highest dreams aren't to work at Walmart!!!

Princess thinks she can be a ballerina for awhile and then a mommy for forever. If only she could take ballet lessons...

Its funny to hear the dreams of children.

Monday, October 22, 2007

You know you read too much when

you hear there's a fire in Malibu, CA and you wonder if Dayne Matthews and his home are OK. Those of you Karen Kingsbury fans will know what I'm referring to.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Funnies in our House

When 'quizzing' the kiddos the other day on some Bible knowledge while in the car...

Mommy, "Cuddly Boy, who was Jesus' mommy?"

CB, thinking for a second, "Mama!"

Mommy chuckles and agrees and then says, "Was his mommy Sarah or Mary?"

CB thinks on this for a while and answers, "Jamie!" proud as can be!!!
Yesterday Little Man had some quality time with Daddy and went fishing. When they came home I asked him about his excursion. He begins telling me how he caught this fish (Zach had shared with me on the phone before they came home how they didn't catch any fish). Apparently Little Man was referring to the minnow he used!
Princess still sometimes thinks our church is called John the Baptist Church! I think she hears the term Baptist and automatically thinks of John the Baptist!

What Next?

I am floored. A few days ago I was told by a friend about this but not until I read the article did I really almost just break down weeping. What is wrong with this world? Four simple words- mom, dad, husband, and wife. Simple words that hold so much meaning. And now they are being banned from California schools? We as a nation who believe in the FAMILY the way GOD designed it really need to begin falling to our knees in prayer for this sick world. We need to take a stand against this filth. I don't know about you, but I will stand up for my rights, be it in a California school or my own home. These words- Mom, Dad, Husband and Wife will always be an important part of our vocabulary. What about yours?

Friday, October 19, 2007

Another History Lesson...

Yesterday we talked about the Early Egyptians in History. It just baffles me that they thought they could take possessions with them in the 'afterlife'. The kiddos really enjoyed pretending they were kings and queens and mummifying their stuffed animals!

Then, since Little Man was the last to mummify his dog, he was turned into a mummy!

It was pretty funny and he even enjoyed freeing himself! Then they all had fun with the toilet paper all over the floor, especially Cuddly Boy!

We are 1 out of 200

houses to be struck by lightning a year. That's right. Yesterday evening our house was struck by lightning. I was upstairs and all of a sudden saw a blue flash behind me and heard a static type of noise. It freaked me out and I jumped so high! The rest of the family was downstairs where they saw the TV spark, make a fizzle noise and turn off. Our TV was struck by lightning! I guess the kids pretty much jumped in Zach's lap they were so freaked out. Funny thing, it turns on and you can see a picture you just can't get sound and the color is funny.

Then, go figure, our modem must have gotten struck too. Even though its connected in a totally different area. It was off to Walmart this morning for Zach to buy these new items. I'm going to call our insurance about it and see what they say. Hopefully we can get some money back for our purchases.

Then, six miles from our house there was a tornado yesterday morning. I'd had NO idea it was that stormy! So last night when it was storming like crazy I couldn't sleep for fear of tornadoes (I'm paranoid like that). It has been weird and wet and stormy here. Although now the sun is starting to shine. So next time lightning strikes I'll be sure to unplug the important things! And you all should too because if it can happen to us it can happen to you!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My New Toy

I have been waiting for October for quite some time now just so I could get my new phone. Here is the one I decided to go with, a Razr and camera phone to boot. I could care less about either, but I have had success with Motorola's and this was the cheapest after the rebate! Now to just play with it and figure it all out, not to mention loading all of my phone numbers in it. Looks like I have a night of playing ahead of me;)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm Nice

"This award will be awarded to those that are just nice people, good blog friends and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others that are there to lend support or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world!"

Thanks Angel for the Award!!! It was quite a surprise! Sorry its taken awhile to post it. And now I nominate all of you whose blogs I read on a daily basis...there are too many to name but please feel free to give yourself the award if I comment on your blog and read it!!! I really enjoy getting to know you all and the encouragement you bring to my life!


Yesterday in History we talked about Stonehenge. I just find it so fascinating to be learning with my children. Princess was quite surprised to learn that I didn't even know what Stonehenge was all about. I hated history growing up, but now it fascinates me a bit more, especially when you tie it in to the Bible. I had no idea that it was in England either! Anyway, we created Stonehenge too. Rebecca, did you go there when you lived abroad? Well, I'm unable to post the pictures right now but the kids are saying, 'Stonehenge'!

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Monday, October 15, 2007


Last week Bob the Builder was in town. So I took the kids. I wondered how cheesy it would be. We had went to see Clifford at the same place before and it was real cheesy. This time we had a membership so I didn't lose out on any money. It is only about a half an hour show, you have to pay extra for the hard hats (I was hoping we'd walk away with some free ones) and you can't even take a picture with Bob! The kids enjoyed it, even Princess who didn't want to go. I'm thanking my old neighbor for that gift membership last year though or I would have felt like I wasted my money (not to mention the gas to drive there). So, if Bob comes to your area would I recommend you see him? Not if its through the same company as what came here! Save your money!

All about My Trip

It is amazing to fly in an airplane. As we flew out I could see this tiny strip of blue. On both sides were white. As we flew higher the blue grew and the white began to disappear. Amazing. The whole flight to Memphis we flew along the Mississippi River. That was neat. I hadn't flown in years, so I was a bit freaked out at take-off, but my fears soon were gone as I watched in amazement the beauty of God's creation.

Wednesday I flew home and was greeted by my mom and Aunt Gloria. My next treat was a delicious pasty for dinner. It was so nice to be 'home'! My mom had painted her downstairs and it was a treat to see that!

Thursday I visited my dad and stepmom. We had a great visit with one another and I wish it could have been longer. I also went to visit my mom's parents. My Grandma is very hard of hearing so after awhile of shouting it is a bit annoying, but I enjoyed it. My Grandma plays favorites and I hate to say it, but I'm one of them. She does NOT allow anybody to take her picture but I was able to get quite a bit with her! It was quite a surprise. That day I was able to get a sub from the Ambassador, a local restaurant that everybody seems to need to eat at when they return to the area. Oh, that morning my mom and I went out to breakfast- it was delicious! We watched the movie, "Facing the Giants" that night. I had seen it before but I really wanted my parents to watch it.

Friday my mom, Aunt Gloria and I went shopping in Marquette (the biggest town up there). This is the same town I went to college in. It is the only town in the U.P. that I could see myself moving back to. We went to Target, Kohl's and Shopko. I found some clothes, and of course Mom bought some stuff for herself, my kids and I. We ate lunch at the Portside and got coffee from Starbucks. Oh, we also went to Menards, which is like a Home Depot or Lowe's. It was nice to see Marquette again and to shop with my family!

Saturday we stayed at home. It was relaxing and I felt so lazy. My mom and I went for a walk in the afternoon. I wanted to try to get pictures of all of the fall colors. I hadn't seen that in years- since I lived in the U.P. it seems. It was such a treat to see the beauty of it all. By the time we got back home it was so foggy. It was strange. The weather while I was home was bizarre. It was pretty warm- I barely needed a jacket! But, it rained a LOT and was often very foggy. My mom and I got to make dinner together that night, to serve my stepdad and one of their friends. It was nice working alongside her in the kitchen.

Sunday we went to church. My mom has a new Pastor and it was a treat to hear him. I had heard so much about him. My Aunt Gloria surprised us by showing up! The pastor had an awesome sermon on marriage and also talked about TV and how it influences our thoughts. They had coffee and Nisu afterwards and it was nice to see some of the 'older' folks. Old Sunday School teachers, friends' parents, etc. That afternoon my mom and I went four-wheeling. I can't remember the last time I'd done that. As a child I'd often get four-wheeler and snowmobile rides with my aunts and uncles. We went for the longest ride and I was able to get some beautiful shots of the colors. We even saw a deer that didn't even get freaked out by the noise of the machine. It just stood there and looked at us while I snapped pictures. We got home just in time...it began to POUR. Which was weird because when we left home it was so sunny.

Monday I was ready to come home. As we were driving up to the airport (my mom lives over an hour away) I got a call that my flight was cancelled. It was quite foggy up there, but I didn't think it was that bad. I was so bummed and freaked about who would care for my children the next day (they had rescheduled me for the next morning). I was on pins and needles all day and wondering how the fog would lift by 7 am if it was foggy at 2 pm! I sat at my Aunt's house for awhile while my mom visited a friend in the hospital. Their cousin came to visit and we had a great visit with her, even ending our visit in prayer!

Tuesday morning hailed clear as can be. You could see the stars shining in the sky! It was amazing. Of course, Monday night got quite windy and rained cats and dogs so I wondered if that would push the fog away. Praise God it did and I was able to fly home! I really love flying and enjoyed my flights. I even like the layovers as I love to watch the hustle and bustle of the airport and see all the various types of people. It was so good to see my kids, but once they gave me a quick hug it was all about the surprise I had bought them. Stinkers! Oh, and there were a few nights where I heard mice upstairs. One night I went down on the couch and another I slept with the light on. There's no way I wanted them in my room! Stinkin' rodents. My poor mom's gotta live with them. Yuck.

Thank you mom for allowing me to come and visit. Thank you Zach for letting me go and watching the kids! You are a wonderful husband- there are not many men out there that would do that!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Friday, October 12, 2007

Not Quite an Update...Yet

I'm just not knowing what to all update on about my trip. I've got pictures to share also. I'll get around to it...soon. I had over 100 emails to filter through! But I wanted to share a funny.

Last night I took Princess out to teach her to ride her bike. The girl is 7 and still can't ride a bike!!! See, in our old house we didn't have sidewalks and people flew down the street...just not safe 'biking grounds'. Anyway, Little Man was out with us too. Across the street is an African American family. The boy, who was older than my children, was out on his bike. His dad was sitting on his porch. Little Man says "HI" to the boy and then says, "Will you be my new friend?" or something like that. The boy says sure and Little Man turns to me and says, "Mom, that brown black boy said he'd be my friend." I about died and really had to stifle a laugh. I know the dad heard too. I didn't even look over there, but just said, "Well that's nice of him." I'm sure the dad was chuckling too. I'm sure they understood it was not meant in a bad way...he was simply stating the boys' skin color. Oh, it is funny the things these kids say.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I Made It!

I am now home. Thanks for all your well-wishes. I will try to update as soon as I can.

Monday, October 08, 2007

I Wanna Go Home

Stranded. In the UP. Fog. Can't see in front of you. If only the airport weren't on top of the hill! I miss my babies and can't wait to see them again. I really want to go home! Please pray I get out tomorrow!!!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Fall time in the UP

Well, my trip home is almost over. Tomorrow at this time I will be on a plane headed back to my family. I have missed them like I never thought possible. I feel, as the Southerners say, 'neked' without my husband and children by my side. This has been a wonderful trip and a huge blessing. THANK YOU ZACH for allowing me to do this. I will post more once I'm settled in at home, with pictures and all.