Sunday, October 07, 2007

Fall time in the UP

Well, my trip home is almost over. Tomorrow at this time I will be on a plane headed back to my family. I have missed them like I never thought possible. I feel, as the Southerners say, 'neked' without my husband and children by my side. This has been a wonderful trip and a huge blessing. THANK YOU ZACH for allowing me to do this. I will post more once I'm settled in at home, with pictures and all.


Becca said...

So glad you enjoyed your visit, Jamie....I heard it rained. I hope it didn't rain during your whole visit. looking forward to pictures and more on your trip. I hope you're having a safe flight home!

Mom said...

Had a great time with Jamie home. Thanks for taking your vacation days to stay home to watch the kids. And giving this time for Jamie. She does deserve it. I know that could not have been easy with them busy and all, cooking, cleaning, dressing, baths and everything in between.

Thanks for coming home Jamie. You can't do this again for a lonngggg time! :) I did miss having the busyness of them around and did enjoy the quiet times! LOVE TO YOU ALL.

Kiddos - I hope you were on your best behavior for your dad and you obey your mom now when she gets home. G. keep up the great job of using that potty like a big boy. H. I am sure you were a great help to your dad and J. hope you helped out without fussing. I know boys don't like to do work but it will build character.