Monday, October 29, 2007


Ok, I have some friends (IRL) that are a bit new to blogging. Some of them rather like to slack on posting...just kidding guys I know you're busy! But I thought maybe I could send some traffic their way. So, without further ado...

Angie is one of my sweet friends who lived down here and recently transplanted to North Dakota!!! Poor girl is having a hard time of it (can you blame her)! She was such a help and encouragement when I lost my babies. Oh, and she's originally from Minnesota so that scored even more in my book seeing as she's from 'North country' too (although she's really missing the south).

Beth is my dear, dear friend from North Carolina. She's the main reason I wanted to go to NC this past summer for our vacation. I love her to pieces as my step mom would say. We try to visit one another once a year and have a great time together. I think we both keep each other somewhat sane;)

Jaclyn is my cousin's wife. She's an avid knitter and even teaches it! I've only met her once in person but she is so sweet! She's busy as a bee as a teacher but maybe if she gets more blog traffic she'll blog more!

Lynn is a dear woman down here in my homeschool group. Ever since I first met her she has been a huge encouragement. She's one of those women that just by seeing their face you light up and feel the weight lift from your shoulders. She's so real and has so much love for Jesus and people. The fact that she goes to an AG church and that's the denomination I grew up in that she's originally from the Midwest are only bonus points!

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