Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Wow, this week is crazy! All of my days just run together when Zach's not here. While he 'lives it up' in San Antonio going to movies and driving around cadets I don't get a break from my kids. But they haven't been too bad! We've been catching up on school since we didn't get a whole lot done last week. We've also run out every day, whether to church, shopping or errands. Today we went to the Iowa Historical Museum. First, it was free (well aside from putting $ in the parking meter)!!! Well, the kids saw this big box and I told them that was where donations go- Gabe put all of his money in there- at least $2! I thought that was pretty cute! The guy wanted me to sign in, so I signed in our 'group' which included my two friends and their kids. There would be 3 adults and 10 children. The guy came up to us a bit later making sure we had the count correct "because it seems like you have more than 10 children". Sometimes it was a bit crazy trying to keep mine in control by not running and staying by me. It was a neat little museum. I liked that fact that many of the exhibits had things we've recently talked about in school! For example, when we learned about rocks in science we learned about granite. We got to see granite. They've seen granite in countertops before but not really in a 'real' rock! Lately Gabe's been learning about mountain type things and so it was neat to see Native American things, covered wagons, musical instruments and other items. The kid's favorite thing was a replica of a building in Des Moines- built completely out of Lego's. I admit it was rather neat!

As soon as we got in the car Abby crashed! She slept the whole way home and even conked out on the couch for a long while! I guess I wore her out!!! I even managed to do some school with the kids this afternoon. Now we can relax the rest of the day. Maybe I'll go and watch American Idol that I DVR'ed last night.

Friday, February 19, 2010

The new L-O-W

"Kinda like on Law & Order" (Zach's been way into that show lately). Josiah piped up from the way back, "You mean he can be like Low!" (Low rhymes with OW). I asked what he said, as I didn't understand. Well, he repeated it and I figured out he meant that he thought the male detective was named Low and the female Order!!!! Oh man, I busted a gut! It is so much funnier to say the story aloud than to type it. So I explained what Law & Order is.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Roller Coaster Ride

That's what it's been around here. The other day when I was doing our Bible time we were going over some memory verses. We began to talk about one of them and Gabe blurted out, "I'm going to hell." I just lost it and started bawling. I explained to him that we don't want him in hell and began to talk to he and Josiah on how they need Jesus saving grace. We had a very good discussion and they had many questions throughout the day.

Then yesterday we talked about it some more. Hannah was also talking to them about how they need to be saved. I sat down with them after lunch and explained it once again. Then we prayed and they asked Jesus into their hearts! Josiah had done this a couple of years ago but I'm not quite sure he understood. I'm still not sure they fully understand, I can only hope, pray and keep talking with them about the decision they've made and what it means.

Well, I was pretty psyched up about that when I heard from Zach that his supervisor and commander wanted him to remove his Bible and cross off of his desk. It has been there for almost 2 years (since we've gotten here) and we were floored that all of a sudden they're bringing this up. Especially in light of other things that have gone on there that SHOULD have had repercussions. Zach removed it, but then after PT went back and placed it back. He talked to a Chaplain last night (his dad's priest, who is also in the National Guard) and possibly to a few other people. He was ready to contact MEO and file an IG complaint. He had a meeting this morning and was told he could leave it there as long as he was 'cognizant of cadet's beliefs'. Praise God he can leave it there! Is it not crazy that he was asked such a thing??? It is the United States for crying out loud!!!

Anyway, what a roller coaster ride of emotional ups and downs!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Attempt #2...I am on Zach's computer as I await a new cord for mine and I hate this thing...does the exact same things my Dell did, so unfortunately this won't be a long post as I don't have patience for it. Every time I go to type a T a new tabbed browser pops up. How annoying!

Anyway, today is the 3 year mark since we found out Malachi was no longer living and growing in my womb. In ways it seems like yesterday and in ways it seems like forever ago. It was weird how all week I knew this day was approaching and was mentally preparing for it. Well this morning when I awoke it was almost erased from my mind. Instead, the recent young widow from my church was heavy on my heart. As I prepared to go out with Gabe doing some errands and such, God placed an idea in my head on how to bless her. It was a blast to have such a 'task' and gave me an opportunity to meet her, although I felt a bit weird, a stranger showing up on her doorstep! I just hope she knows how much I've been praying for her. Even last night when Zach asked the kids what we could pray for Josiah said, "Josiah's family". How sweet!

I still cannot believe 3 years have gone by since we got such dreaded news about our little boy. I often wonder what he would look like- would he have Gabe's silly grin or Josiah's blue eyes? What would our lives be like with another little boy tearing apart our house? I'm so thankful I had the opportunity to be Malachi's mommy, even for a short time. And as much as I miss him I am thankful he doesn't have to endure the pains and trials in this world. Jesus, please kiss my special boy for me! Mommy loves you, Malachi!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Back to that doctor appointment. I felt like I had to strip to get weighed, taking off my boots and heavy winter coat and all! I didn't want those to mess with my weight! I thought for sure I'd be at least 10 pounds heavier than I wanted, what with the little belly I have. WOW! I weigh my 'normal' weight! I seriously have no idea how that is possible! Well, maybe because I really *am* still young :) I was totally psyched about it though~ nothing better than that :) Guess I can still keep eating all the junk I eat? Naaa, I need to begin to eat healthier.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Glad THAT is over for a year, or until I get pregnant again! I had my 'yearly' doctor visit today. I always find it a bit awkward how a doctor can talk about such little things (I was talking about Hannah, he was talking about his oldest, a 2nd grader) while doing an exam. I suppose he just tries to make people feel comfortable but it strikes me as funny. Then he said something about 'all these little bruises' and I'm thinking at first he means down there, only to realize he's talking about my legs! I told him I always have bruises on my legs, always have! But what are you supposed to think when he's examining parts that just shouldn't be examined!?!?

I must say though, that he is such a good doctor. So personable and friendly. He doesn't try to rush you out of his office, but talks and listens. And I've seen him all of 4 times now (the last time being when Abby was 6 weeks old) and he seriously seems like he remembers me!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Melt my heart

Tonight I ran to a few stores and took Josiah with me. We passed a billboard with a baby on it. On the way home he was looking for that same billboard and I asked, "Do you want me to have another baby?" There was some hesitation and I asked again. He said, "Mmm, I want another brother." Then he said, "I want you to adopt but not have a baby." I was a bit surprised and asked, "Why?" "Because I don't want you to hurt having a baby." Ooohh talk about so sweet! I just wanted to pull over, stop the car and give him a big hug! I told him that it doesn't always hurt if you have medicine, but it probably fell of deaf ears. He's probably thinking about the pain I was in with kidney stones and then he also asked about the staples in my stomach after I had Abby so we had a discussion about all that the doctors probably saw when they cut me open!

Looks? Voice?

Is it just me or is American Idol all about 'looks' lately? Seriously, the shows this week were all about how great they look, their hair, dress, etc. And what was with having Casey James (I think that was his name) take off his shirt? Was that really necessary? I can see why Simon won't stick around after this season!

I do understand to a point that most of us also like a singer who is at least somewhat attractive, but it just seems this time its way more of an issue. I'm not sure we'll watch after this week, with Ellen being on. Yuck. Zach says he won't watch it anymore. I'm torn...I guess I'll see what next week brings.

On another note I love my DVR! I'm able to watch it at my convenience and not have to worry about what time its on at! Love it!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


There's a gal I've known since kindergarten, Almerry. I saw on facebook that her sister died. Her sister was 2 years older than I, but being such a small town I knew who her sister was, though I didn't *know* her. I can't help but think of Almerry at this time. Then, a good friend from college, Jen, said on facebook how this gal died also. Apparently Jen went to the same church as Tacy. I've been praying for the friends and family of Tacy since I heard the news. She left behind a husband and two children. Her obituary is just beautiful, truly a tribute to a woman of God. What kind of obituary will they write for me? Will it be just as lovely? Will those who know me but don't *know* me know that I loved Jesus? Is it evident in the way I live? What memories will my children have of me?

Friday I had a breaking point. I broke down. I cried before God and my children. I sought forgiveness from all. For the way I was living was NOT the way I wanted to live. I was so selfish, living for myself and totally not living with the Holy Spirit indwelling me. As I read a new devotional I bought and a book for book club, in addition to my Bible, I can't help but grow. I can't help but see my fault in it. For so long I've wondered HOW to change. I wanted to change but I just felt stuck. Well, duh, I was not allowing HIS Spirit to live in me and guide me. I'm thankful for His grace, His forgiveness and His nudges. I'm thankful for the Spirit that can live inside of me to guide me to live for Him. And I pray that this is just the beginning of me being back on the 'straight and narrow'. Please pray for me!


Last time I talked about Gabe's schooling. Today I'll touch a bit on Josiah's. I have to admit he is not always an easy one to teach, then again teaching each of my children is a challenge! They tend to whine when they don't understand something, rather than ask for help. It is something I'm really trying to work on with them.

Josiah does not like math. I'm actually quite surprised because when Hannah did this math book she really *got* it. He doesn't always get it no matter what we do and I'm uncertain of what to do. I certainly will not move him forward after this book until he gets it. While the other two children are way more than halfway done with their math books, he is not (and that is totally ok). I just wish I could get him to get it and enjoy it! I really believe they go hand in hand. I love the way Steve Demme teaches math concepts- even to me a light goes off like "Yeah!" I'd wished I'd learned math the way he teaches it! He is slowly improving though, but there will be times when I ask something simple (like what's 4+2) and he has to really think about it. Last week he learned about inches and measuring with a ruler. I thought maybe he'd really like it, but I was wrong! This week he's learning about the perimeter of things. Hopefully he'll enjoy it. I'm even sad to say that today he didn't even know what shape was what for a square, rectangle and triangle. I think maybe with him I need to go back to sitting with him at the start of the school day and doing math, while his mind is 'fresh'.

He does great at spelling! He really surprises me in this area. I really like our Spelling that the kids have. They do a test three times a week (pretest, practice test and final test). They have two workbook pages they do on Tuesdays. Wednesdays they have a dictionary skill where they learn something about the dictionary. Thursdays they write in a journal (and the words they misspell in their journal they write in the back of their spelling book to use as 'climbers' that they pick every week, which are two words they pick to learn). Fridays they also read 'The King's English' where it gives a word and elaborates on it, like sacrifice, grace, star, pure.

We've been reading Abeka readers that somebody had given to me years ago. He really seems to like the stories in them. We usually read out loud, he and I, taking turns on each page. He reads pretty well (in my opinion) but I'm not really sure how well kids are "supposed" to read in 2nd grade! I know Hannah read great, but she's always excelled in reading!

English is going well. This unit he's learned about pronouns, plural nouns and abbreviations. He's done great at it!

His handwriting is going well, he's almost done with his book. It is his favorite subject. I haven't even taught him any of it! He's learned cursive this year and he seems to just follow right along on his own! There are some times when I've had to try to show him various letters, like the Z (I think that's a hard letter to write in cursive). When he wants to he can print and write real neat, sometimes even neater than his sister! Mom, I'll have to have him write you a letter sometime!

I think I've pretty much covered everything. We also do history and science but we all do it together. Oftentimes outside of school Josiah will be found drawing. Sometimes he'll even draw things we've talked about during the day. Or he'll go and build something with Lego's that we learned about, which is a great way of remembering! I need to learn to be more patient with him, as he does work at a much slower pace than what I'd like at times!