Thursday, February 18, 2010

Roller Coaster Ride

That's what it's been around here. The other day when I was doing our Bible time we were going over some memory verses. We began to talk about one of them and Gabe blurted out, "I'm going to hell." I just lost it and started bawling. I explained to him that we don't want him in hell and began to talk to he and Josiah on how they need Jesus saving grace. We had a very good discussion and they had many questions throughout the day.

Then yesterday we talked about it some more. Hannah was also talking to them about how they need to be saved. I sat down with them after lunch and explained it once again. Then we prayed and they asked Jesus into their hearts! Josiah had done this a couple of years ago but I'm not quite sure he understood. I'm still not sure they fully understand, I can only hope, pray and keep talking with them about the decision they've made and what it means.

Well, I was pretty psyched up about that when I heard from Zach that his supervisor and commander wanted him to remove his Bible and cross off of his desk. It has been there for almost 2 years (since we've gotten here) and we were floored that all of a sudden they're bringing this up. Especially in light of other things that have gone on there that SHOULD have had repercussions. Zach removed it, but then after PT went back and placed it back. He talked to a Chaplain last night (his dad's priest, who is also in the National Guard) and possibly to a few other people. He was ready to contact MEO and file an IG complaint. He had a meeting this morning and was told he could leave it there as long as he was 'cognizant of cadet's beliefs'. Praise God he can leave it there! Is it not crazy that he was asked such a thing??? It is the United States for crying out loud!!!

Anyway, what a roller coaster ride of emotional ups and downs!


Kim said...

Well I'm sure they know all about asking Jesus into their hearts even though they are young they still remember alot. Its just our jobs as parents to keep instilling that into their minds. I read about Zachs work on FB. Totally ridiculous! Glad he got to put his bible and cross back on his desk. That is just absurd!

I am OK said...

Wow, that is so sad. I am glad that Zach stood up for himself and for Jesus so quickly, after the initial shock.