Monday, June 30, 2008

Fun in Iowa

As Chatterbox has been saying, "Today was a fun day!!!". We didn't really have a plan for the day, besides taking care of 'business'. There's a lake not even 2 miles from our house called Saylorville Lake so I suggested we check it out. There is so much there I'm sure we didn't even see half of it. And the water level is way high so I think parts of it are closed. But we had fun hiking on some trails and playing in the woods. Zach wanted to canoe so we then drove to Big Creek State Park and rented a canoe and paddle boat. The park was free to get into and the rentals were so cheap! We had so much fun! These lakes are beautiful and there seems like a lot to do at them all, from swimming to horseback riding to camping to picnicking! It is nice to live somewhere where there are things to do outdoors (and where you don't sweat unreasonably while doing it). I can't wait to do more exploring of it all!

I see the light!

Two days!!! I can't believe the end is in sight! Zach is off until like the 8th so today we plan to run some errands and make some phone calls (open bank accounts, call to get utilities hooked up in our names, etc).

We had a great weekend. Saturday we went to Zach's coworkers house. They've got three kiddos, ages 6, 5 and 4 months. They were real sweet and it was wonderful to have some adult conversation. Our kids did great there. I think they enjoyed being in a house, playing with toys and kids. Their little baby is so cute and it really made me desire to meet our little girl soon.

Yesterday we went to church. Later in the day we went to the Pastor's house for dinner. It was a wonderful time of fellowship. They live out in the country and the kids had a blast playing outside, playing with the kids, kittens and dog. The boys were filthy when we left, but they had so much fun running around that who cares (and I didn't have to bathe them)! They're the sweetest family and it was so nice to fellowship with other believers.

Speaking of bathing, I'm pretty much at the point where I can't do that anymore. My back just doesn't allow it! That pillow I have does help but sometimes no matter how I sit, stand or lie it still hurts like crazy. I appreciate that I have a husband who helps me out when needed.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


We drove by the house last night and apparently the gas company had been there! I had tried to call to find out during the day but they were unsuccessful in getting a hold of the specific company to get any information. We were unable to get into the house again and it didn't appear much had been done, but there really isn't that much more to do. I'm so thankful that the gas is done though- we'll be able to close on the 2nd! It wasn't looking too promising yesterday afternoon, especially when the realtor called and said he still needed to get some signed forms from the builders. But of course God pulled through for us! I pray there will be no more snags and that Wednesday comes quickly! I'm hoping it stays dry this weekend so they will be able to sod the yard before we move in. I can't fathom the thought of a dirt yard! Anyway, I feel I'm able to relax a little better knowing that our closing will pull through on schedule.

Yesterday I met with a lady I'd 'met' through the Above Rubies egroup. We took all of our kiddos to a park and went out to lunch. It was a fantastic time getting to know her and her children. It's always nice to meet people you've originally met through the internet, although you do have to be wary of such things also.

Last night while in Ankeny I told Zach to drive by the movie theater because its near our house. Then he got the bright idea to take the kiddos to see Wall-e. I was in no mood to sit in a movie, especially with my back hurting, so I went shopping. I browsed the racks of Kohl's, Super Target, and Family Christian Store. I bought myself a pillow for my back and it really helps when I use it. I was so comfortable sitting in the vehicle waiting for their movie to end!

Today we're going to Zach's coworkers for a barbecue. I look forward to meeting them. They've also got three children, one is a new baby. It will be nice getting to know more people and to converse with somebody besides my children!

Friday, June 27, 2008

I want my house

and I want it now. You know, like that commercial.

  • I want my own bed. This bed is terrible and my back aches even more than normal. I can't sleep at night because I can't find a position where my back is fine.
  • I won't have to listen to some bratty screaming kid next door late at night or early in the morning. I understand about kids being off schedule with traveling, but try to quiet your child and be considerate of others. Don't just let the kid scream at the top of their lungs (seriously). I hope they check out today!
  • Why do people walk through the hallway early in the morning talking so loudly? Even in the middle of the day I remind my children to be quiet. It's called consideration.
  • There's some sort of smoke detector or something in here that flashes about every 20 seconds. Very annoying to see a flashing light all night long.
  • Our fridge makes the weirdest noises. In the middle of the night it sounded like an alarm clock going off but it was the fridge. Almost sounds like some sort of breathing machine.
  • I'm tired of eating out, eating junk, or eating nasty microwavable food in the hotel. My stomach is messed up every morning.
  • There's no room to move around. You have to blast the TV to hear it when the kids play because its just a small space.

Ok, enough complaining. Some reasons its nice to be in the Midwest:

  • People say pop. Not soda or Coke, but pop. It's almost weird to hear people ask what kind of pop you want after living down south for so long. Sometimes when I say it I hesitate, almost wanting to say soda.
  • Can you believe I was cold yesterday? We had quite a storm in the morning and it was real windy. I was so cold! Normally in the south if it rains the humidity remains but here it really cooled off.
  • Have I mentioned I can go outside and breathe, even when its hot? It's nice not to sweat the minute you step outside.
  • For the most part the cashiers and waitresses and such have been super friendly.
  • I see a lot of Scandinavian looking people. To me they just have a certain look about them sometimes. I feel right at home!

Alright, I better get us some food. I know my belly is growling so I imagine everybody else's is. Then again, maybe not. I seem to be constantly hungry lately. Of course I haven't had nice big meals like normal either. More like greasy burgers and pop.

Only 5 days to go, trusting we indeed close on time.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What's the black stuff?

We switched hotels today. With the whole fiasco with our card being outrageously charged Zach was just fed up. The money still hasn't been refunded to our account. They charged our whole checking account a total of $900!!! For like 5 nights! Is that insane or what? Of course it said 'pending debit card purchase' but we still don't have that money accessible to us...we have $40 to our name because of this mess. The actual total of the room came to like $300, so we were 'overcharged' $600. Well, they claim they make sure your account has the funds but don't take it out. Whatever...that's why I can't get any money out??? What a mess!

So Zach took the afternoon off so we could 'move' right down the road to another hotel. We went to lunch at Old Chicago Pizza. I was the only one who wanted to try it but even Booty Shaker, our non-eater, at it right up. Thankfully there's one in Ankeny too so hopefully we'll head there again. There's so much more I'd love to try besides just their pizza.

Then we drove to Ankeny and checked out our house. The selling agent was in the neighborhood and gave us the ok to go in (so we didn't have to sneak this time). We spent a bit of time looking around. I admit to you that I haven't really been too excited about this purchase for some reason. I keep thinking it is too small for our family, even though the family next door has 5 children (most of whom are teens). But after being in there today I was more excited. I love it. The doorknobs, light fixtures, etc. BUT the basement is growing MOLD. I PRAY they deal with it before we close since we have a LOT of things that need to be stored down there, especially considering we have no garage. I talked to our realtor about it so hopefully this will be cleared up before next Wed. Good thing there's only a tiny bit of drywall down there...most of it is cement.

We also bought a fridge finally. Now we REALLY have no money!!! Country Inn & Suites better refund us soon! Thankfully we still get to use Zach's travel card or we'd be hurting. I can't wait to move in. I'm confident that we'll close on the 2nd (at least for the moment). I just hope the basement is cleared up and the sod is in!

I must be popular amongst the ranks right now. All the kiddos are in the bed with me. That's a good thing, lately they've been little heathens!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Update....the good, bad and ugly

I've managed to keep us pretty busy thus far, miraculously. Zach began work and is settling into that. Being summer things are pretty quiet for him, but he's trying to get in-processed here and all that fun stuff. It's not as easy when you're not attached to a particular base!

Yesterday we met him for lunch and then the kids and I drove to Ankeny. I wanted to check our mail there and make sure it was indeed being forwarded. Chatterbox was really wanting a library so she could get her hands on more American Girl books so we went there and created accounts. Nothing like not even living in your house yet but making sure you have library accounts! Either you know you're a geek or homeschooler (or maybe both) by doing something like that! It was a wonderful library, they have a great children's section and such helpful people. We got free kids tickets to the zoo and the kids signed up for the summer reading program. Next to the library is the aquatic center. It looked pretty cool (and crowded) with two smaller water slides, a splash park and more. I also drove by our house and noticed the carpeting is in. I took them to a park for awhile also.

I had a stressful morning yesterday though. I had an email from my stepmom that my grandma only has a short time to live....her lungs still have fluid, her kidneys aren't functioning well and her heart is weak. Needless to say I was so sad and cried for a good while. Then I was trying to deal with Tricare to get our insurance switched (again). They'd kept telling me I could do it online but come to find out that is not the case...go figure. I would have had the papers all filled out before we left MS if I'd known. It takes at least a week to process them all. Then I tried to call different OB's in the Des Moines area. I had found one I'd wanted. But of course none of them are taking new patients. So I'll be coming to Ames for my care. At least I've heard nothing but good things about the doctors and hospital in Ames but I really wanted to be nearer to home. Oh well, God knows what He's up to! This morning I went ahead and scheduled my first appointment. I figure if I don't I'd have to wait forever to get seen and be delivering the baby....even though our insurance hasn't 'approved' it all yet I'm sure it will be fine. Also yesterday I thought somebody had hacked into one of our bank accounts. Thankfully that wasn't the case, it was a spam text (which I knew) and I'd typed in the wrong pin which was why it said my account was frozen.

Last night we went to see the movie Get Smart. It was pretty funny.

Today we slept in nice and late (besides Zach). We went to lunch with him and I took the kiddos to the park for a while. It was beautiful out- breezy, not too warm. I could breathe and I didn't sweat! We came back and I gave the kids some fun activity sheets we'd gotten from the library. They had fun doing those...well besides Chatterbox who threw a royal fit about something being hard. Yet her brothers could do it!?!?

Update on the house, apparently the electric is hooked up but the gas isn't yet. They're hoping to get to it by the end of the week but can't guarantee that it will be done by the 1st. I'll call on Friday to check on the status of it and in the meantime I'll be praying it gets hooked up so we can close on the 2nd with no problems. Nothing like the Lord really wanting you to totally rely on Him in times like this! I asked if we can still close on the 2nd, whether we have gas or not (have yet to hear back about that). Zach has all next week off for moving in purposes, as you know my mom flies in and we're to get our stuff delivered so I'd like to close so we can take care of that all!

More stress today...the hotel we're at was charging our debit card rather than Zach's travel card.... I was able to get it taken care of and they'll credit our account BUT we had negative funds in there until I just transferred some. What a pain! And there's nothing more frustrating than being gone for hours only to come back to your room STILL not being clean! Guess if I go out tomorrow I'll request to have them clean my room while we're gone!

Hmm....sorry if I'm boring you all to death with everything. I'm getting rather bored so I'm just trying to pass some time!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

First Weekend in Iowa

Well, we experienced our first weekend in Iowa. Zach already goes to work tomorrow. I'm wondering how I'll keep the three kiddos busy while he's gone! I guess I will have to find some parks or something to occupy our time or I may go mad within these walls;)

Friday we drove back down to Ankeny. We wanted to try to find a fridge. We met some of our neighbors, who all seem really nice. They also pured the cement for our driveway and sidewalks. Then we went and bought a new dining room table! I've been wanting a new one for awhile...we outgrew our other one awhile ago. You can see a picture of it
here. We also drove around the campus a bit so Zach could be familiar with it. It certainly is a beautiful campus.

Yesterday we drove down to Des Moines just to weigh the vehicles. Fun. Then we checked out the mall in Ames, briefly. I was actually looking for a new maternity swimming suit since the clasp on my other one broke. No luck at the mall so we went to Target. Yes, Target!!!! For those of you who don't know we had NO Target in Mississippi. The closest one was in Mobile, about an hour away. Well, in the town we'll live in we'll have SUPER Target!!! Can you believe the luck in that!?!
? On the way to Target we spotted a park and let the kiddos burn off some energy.

We also got an email from our realtor saying they're having a hard time getting somebody out to the house to connect the gas and electric. Apparently most people were sent to Eastern Iowa to help, but in my mind you'd think they'd leave some people here for work. This may all set our closing date back...which would really, really stink. So please, please pray that everything goes well and they're able to get out there this week to hook us up so we can close on the 2nd like planned. My mom flies in that same day and I really need her here to help me out or I'll really have back pain!!

We ate at a Panera Bread for the first time...oh it was delicious. I'm so sick of greasy food and wanted some healthy. We came back to the hotel and the kiddos and Zach swam and I did laundry. I would have swam but my back and stomach have really been hurting lately so I just watched.

Today we went to church. It was nice to see familiar, friendly faces. After church they had a potluck picnic at the park and we were able to go and eat healthy food and more importantly fellowship. The kiddos made some fast friends, especially Chatterbox! She really seemed to hit it off with one of the Pastor's daughters. My back was just aching when we left and I came back to the hotel and crashed and feel much better. The left side of my back has really been bothering me. Wish I had my heating pad or something. At least resting in bed seemed to help today though.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

We've Arrived!!!

Here we are, in our new home state! Today's drive wasn't bad at all. Well, the last leg always seems the longest and it did in this case too. But it all went real well and it is so nice to be settled somewhere for more than a week, even though its a hotel! We have a nice king suite. We checked our house out and it was nice to see it in person. Seems like they have so much more to do, but its all little stuff so I'm sure it really won't take them too long!

This morning shortly after we left I was having contractions and it was freaking me out. There I was driving down the highway in pain! I was worried for awhile there (I've never had Braxton Hicks with the other kiddos), but they finally went away. Silly baby sure likes to keep mama on her toes;) It seems my belly just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger;) But at my appointment I think they said I only gained like 13 pounds since the beginning, so that's not bad.

I'm off to just chill out and relax, although I'm contemplating bathing the boys but I think they'll do without...mama's just too tired and sore for that. Oh, and please pray for my Grandma Mary. She has fluid in her lungs and didn't remember any of the family last night. It just breaks my heart. I wish I were there to visit with her. But at the same time it is almost relieving because I don't have to see how she suffers and I can remember the good days. I have so many wonderful memories of my sweet Grandma and I hope to have more in the future. Thanks for your prayers!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We're getting there

We're well on our way to Iowa. The long stretch is behind us and we have 6 hours at the most left. Yesterday we drove to the MS-TN border and stayed the night. It takes forever to drive through MS!!! It went real well, considering we have no second parent in the vehicle to care for the kiddos. SpongeBob has become a way to pass time, thanks to the laptop;) It's really been my life saver!

Today we drove through the Ozarks. It was really pretty. Normally we'd take a different route but with the threats to the Mississippi River we took an alternate route. It's taken us through some small highways and backwoods looking places, but it has been a beautiful drive. We stopped on the border of Arkansas and Missouri for lunch and 'toured' a little caboose that was their visitor center. Under the caboose were about 4 kittens that the kiddos fell in love with. Booty Shaker and one really attached to one another and it was so cute. I have pictures and will post them another day.

I needed a snack stop so pulled off in Manchester. As I was pulling off of the highway I saw a sign for the Wilder House & Museum. So, we took some down time and toured Laura Ingalls Wilder's House. It was really neat and fun. We could have spent more time there but really wanted to get back on the road again so we weren't driving too late. That's the nice thing about splitting up the drive in three days- we can stop at a decent hour and relax.

I am excited to get to Iowa, our new home state. I can't wait to see our house in person! I can't wait to get to know the area. It will be nice to have the drive behind us!

Oh, I forgot to mention that Zach got a phone call yesterday morning stating that our stuff is already in Iowa!!! I'm SO thankful it made it there!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Last day in the south

It's really hard to believe that today was our last day here. And I don't feel an ounce of sadness for leaving. It really still hasn't hit me, but I really don't think I'll be sad at all, more like relieved. Today was a busy day. I had a doctor appointment where I did the wonderful glucose test and had my Rhogam shot. My belly measured right on and the heartbeat was 147. We had to run to the hospital twice because the Rhogam wasn't ready and we had to go to our housing inspection. Well, we get there and wait and wait...Zach finally calls and they didn't even have us on the schedule!!! WHAT?!?!? SO, we had to drive back there later in the day, all for not even 5 minutes with the inspector. All he looked at while we were there were the garage and behind the stove and fridge! At least they weren't real picky but what a waste of gas!

We then came back to TLF where we had no electricity so we just laid around. The walk up the 60+ stairs (yes, I counted) gave me quite the headache and I finally gave in and took some Tylonel and it went away. I got the vehicles loaded up with everything we don't need. Zach has his final out-processing appointment tomorrow morning, I pick up my records from this pregnancy and off we go.

Another thing that blew me away with the day- I called to make a car payment and the bank wouldn't accept a payment over the phone because we don't have a checking or savings account with them. Well, I take that back...we could have paid $10 to make a payment over the phone! How ridiculous is that?!?! I really want to look at refinancing with our own bank once we're settled and to see if its worth it.

Many have asked about our house and if we're affected by the flooding. Our house is fine and the area we live in is thankfully not hit with any damaging floods. We're in the center of the state, close to Des Moines, and while they have had some flooding there hasn't been any near us. We may need to find an alternate route there though. Our realtor took some pictures for us this weekend and emailed them. It was so nice to get an idea of what the house looks like! What? You'd like to see the pictures? Ok, I suppose I'll share;)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Double Digits

Just a quick post as we sit outside the library using their internet. First, Happy Father's Day to all the dads in my life and more importantly to the father of my children. Second, if you've looked at my baby counter on the side bar you will see that I'm now down to double digit numbers. I am 26 weeks today. I've been really tired lately and a bit congested (probably a touch of what the kiddos had), but otherwise my legs no longer hurt and I feel fine. I went to lunch yesterday with a friend and had a wonderful last time with her. Hmm...other than that we've been chilling and looking forward to leaving. I'm a bit apprehensive about traveling through the Midwest though. Well, off to lunch we go. Hopefully I can check in again real soon.

Spellcheck is not working so pardon any mistakes! I don't have time to check.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Remember MASH???

Behold... My Future
I will marry Zach.
After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in Houston, Texas in our fabulous House.
We will have 19 kid(s) together.
Our family will zoom around in a red Ford Tempo.
I will spend my days as a Navy Seal, and live happily ever after.
whats your future

What? I have internet!?!?

This is my what seems like millionth attempt to get online. Go figure the lodging they stuck us in on base doesn't have internet at this time! Then I went to the base library because I saw they had wireless, only their computers were acting up so I wasted over a half an hour trying to get to a page, any page, online!!! Finally I drove to a Coffee shop I knew had internet and here I am, online and experiencing my first Bubble Tea. I must say I like the strawberry flavor but I don't like the tapioca balls.

Since I wasn't able to get online for a few days I typed up something in notepad the other night (for some reason this laptop doesn't have Word). It is rather negative as I wasn't having a very good day, but I'll post it so you can see what was happening.

June 11
We made it through the day. I couldn't sleep well last night and I had the strangest dream. Little Princess woke at 6 am saying her belly hurt and was in the bathroom. She nor I fell asleep after that. I finally got out of bed at 6:30and decided to finish up what I had to do before the packers came. It says we're supposed to stay at the house from 8-5but of course they never arrive on time! They got there shortly after 9 though. There were three of them and they worked quickly and efficiently and were done around 3!!! It was nice that it was earlier rather than later, especially considering the kiddos were with us. They did pretty well. The boys had fun playing in the packing paper for awhile and the teacher in me came out and we made books called 'Moving Day'. I also began reading the book Ralph S. Mouse to them by Beverly Cleary.
Shortly after they left we left to come to the base and check into lodging. For those of you who know this base, they've got us in Tyer House on the top floor. This is all fine and dandy but get this...Monday they will have no electricity!!!Erica, now I can really empathize! SO, we are on the 5th floor with NO AC in 80-90 degree heat. I have to haul my pregnant butt up and down 5 flights of stairs anytime I want to go somewhere (and I have a doctor appointment and our housing inspection that day). I have a hard enough time climbing our stairs at our house! Maybe they want me to go into pre-mature labor! Also, their telephones don't work (good thing we have cell phones) AND they have NO internet service!!! Oh, and they get about 10 channels, if even, on the TV (Zach was really bummed about this as he was wanting to watch some cable). It's ironic how when we moved here we had one less person and larger accommodations than now...these rooms are small compared to the others by the pool!
We've been trying to make arrangements to move Malachi. Last year when we went through it all we were told the military would move him for free. Then a month ago they told us that we couldn't move him at all. After looking into it further we found out we can move him but we'll have to pay. I guess it really won't be as much as we originally thought, but still when we were told one thing and now we're told another it is very frustrating. It's not like we're made out of money, especially when we're in the process of buying a house! We will move him to the Baraga Cemetery so we won't have to go through this again and we'll be able to visit the grave when we're home. Also, family will be able to do so, if they wanted.
Speaking of money...I think I mentioned awhile ago how Iowa gives this military grant to home buyers. We looked into it, saw that we qualified and proceeded to find a lender to work with that IFA accepted. All was fine, we've been busy emailing them required documents, both for our loan and the grant. Today we get a phone call from somebody at the bank we've been working with stating that they need something stating that Zach was deployed since September 11. Ok, never anywhere have we seen something pertaining to needing to be deployed or we wouldn't have applied (he hasn't been deployed). So now they're trying to say that we aren't eligible for this grant!!!! It's $5,000 that we would lose out on on going toward our home!!! We're not giving up on this though. We drove our to find internet to print up the form stating the requirements and it says nothing about being deployed! It makes me SOOOO mad that now they're trying to jip us out of this grant.
I had a meltdown tonight. My back is killing me today and I'd just had it with everything today. Whoever said moving wasn't stressful??? I just started to cry and let it out. It felt good. We need to try and figure out what we'll do with our time in here so we're not twiddling our thumbs in this place. I want to relax but the furniture is not exactly comfortable so that makes it difficult. I do have at least one friend to visit with before I leave.
The other day I met my friend Becky at McD's and we got to visit before I leave. She also stopped by for a bit last night and even called tonight. It was so nice! To feel I'm loved and will at least be missed by somebody!
I really pray our house is ok in Iowa! I see there is much flooding there. We'd hoped our realtor would have taken pictures for us to show us some progress but we haven't seen any. We'll be there in a week anyway, but I wonder how far they've gotten.It's hard to believe we close in 3 weeks! That's another thing, we've looked forward to this time for soooo long and now its here and it seems unreal. You know, you just anticipate something for so long and of course it turns out to not be quite as exciting!Not like it's bad, its just not seeming very real at this point.
We've got Cuddly Boy lying in a playpen next to the bed! He's a bit big but this bed is so small! I doubt he'll stay in it for long, but right now its cool to him! Little Man and Little Princess are in the other room needing to go to sleep.They've all been feeling under the weather and really need their rest! Of course I am beat and need mine too but its like as soon as I lie in bed I wake up. I hate that!
Tomorrow we get our stuff all loaded up and maybe we can get the house cleaned as well. I'd like to find something to do around here to enjoy our last weekend here, but there's no saying what that may be!
Since then the movers came and loaded up the truck. While they were doing there work I was busy cleaning where I could without being in the way. I got quite a bit accomplished yesterday and so did Zach. We had to go back this morning to finish up on a few things and now the house is clean and ready for inspection. It's nice to have that cleaning out of the way! I am very, very sore though and hope that by the time we travel I'm not quite as sore. I can barely walk and must be quite the site waddling around. We found out we are indeed able to get that grant, praise the Lord. The kiddos are coughing a bit but seem much, much better- thankfully!!!
I think I've come up with some new nicknames for them. Since I am Princess Ruby I thought I'd change Princess' name so as not to be confusing. She will now be Chatterbox because she talks incessantly and asks the most obvious questions. Which is very likely of children, but lately I just can't tolerate it too well! Rather than being Little Man anymore, he will now be Junior Squirrel. I know most of you don't know us from college, but for some reason there were some nicknames going around for awhile. Zach got named Squirrel. From what I hear its because of the way he eats, but he says its for other reasons. Well, LM tends to really eat like a squirrel. The other day at Zach's going away I was watching him eat and he had both hands up by his mouth nibbling on something. So, we have Chatterbox Junior Squirrel. And last but not least Cuddly boy. He still is rather cuddly but not as much so. He certainly loves to still shake his bottom, so he will be named Booty Shaker. I hope this doesn't confuse anybody!
I think I forgot to mention the other day about Zach's going away lunch. It was held at Siciliy's a local pizza buffet joint. It was my first time there and I really enjoyed it. I tried bread pudding for the first time and discovered how delicious it was! So many people turned out for his lunch. They awarded him with two different awards/plaques (the day before he had been awarded his decoration). I was so proud him and was getting a bit teary. He has worked very hard here and was rarely shown any sort of thanks, so this was special and I'm glad I got to witness it. Another man read some of the comments Zach would write on report cards and boy were they funny. I don't know where he'd pull some of that stuff from! More importantly, they recognized how hard Zach worked and all that he contributed to the squadron.
I know I had tons more to blog about but I just can't seem to remember now that I can actually be online. I should sign off and move on the more boring things, such as paying bills. It will be nice to be lazy the next few days and to relax before our long drive. I hope we don't run into bad weather. And I really can't believe the storms in the Midwest and that we're headed there! I think we had our share of storms with Katrina, so I really hope that things settle down soon in Iowa. Hopefully we won't encounter any detours or anything either.
Oh, and things still don't seem real to me. I can't believe we leave in 4 days!!!! That is unreal! It really hasn't hit me, even with our empty house!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bye Bye

I'm logging off, packing up the computer and saying good-bye! I'm hoping we'll have Internet in our hotels and all to update when I can! I can't believe its here- I am SO excited!

Monday, June 09, 2008

So, So Tired

I just want to go to bed! But I've got rugs washing and need to wait to stick them in the dryer. Last night I took Cuddly Boy to the ER. He is fine during the day, doesn't cough a whole lot, but at night he wakes just coughing away, trying to release phlegm (which is weird because during the day he's not stuffy nor does he have a runny nose). Of course it was a wasted trip and I didn't get home until after midnight! But at least I was reassured it was nothing serious (like fluid in the lungs or something). I had given him some nighttime cough medicine and so he was out the whole time there, so of course the doc thought he was fine (but it was the medicine). As soon as we got back home he started to cough again (but not a cough out of him while there)!

Today I ran all day and didn't get home until after 2. Then I went out and cleaned out the Suburban. Even though I took it in it still wasn't clean. And they supposedly snapped the door back into place but its not fixed right (and I REALLY have run out of time to deal with it, but I'll let my insurance know). So, I was outside in 90 degree weather dealing with that mess. I'm also trying to get our clothes organized that we're going to take with us but its hard when there's still some in the laundry! Hopefully I can finish that tomorrow morning so that the rest of the day can be spent figuring out what will fit where in our vehicles. It feels like crunch time now. I will be relieved when Wednesday is here and all I have to do is watch them pack my stuff (and make sure my kids stay out of trouble). My bed will be so inviting tonight. I just pray CB sleeps well so I can too.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

JCCHE Mama's

Here's a picture that was taken Thursday night at the Mom's Night Out. I have known some of these ladies since Cuddly was a wee baby. They were there as I began the homeschooling trek and I will really miss them. Many were there with a hug, dish or childcare as we dealt with the loss of Malachi. And of course as I went through daily trials with schooling and children they were there with an understanding ear! A truly sweeter group of ladies I'm not sure can be found;) I love you all and will miss you!!!

Saturday, June 07, 2008


Time is really flying and yet its not, although we only have 4 more nights sleeping in our house. Things are getting done and yet I feel there's so much left to do. I've said some good-byes and shed a few tears. Trying to get together last minute with various friends (good thing I don't have too many;)).

We got our Suburban back. At first everything looked great. But it is so dirty inside, a white chalky dust everywhere so I will take it in Monday morning for them to clean it. I also noticed the one door isn't sealed right (if that's the right terminology). So they better fix that on the spot because at this point we're in need of our own vehicle!

We got to spend some time yesterday with our friends Scott & Jamie. We were stationed with them in Minot, North Dakota. I love those friends you have where you can go a year or more without seeing one another and just pick up like you saw one another yesterday. We had so much fun visiting...I only wish it were longer but I'll take what I can get! They have been (or at least Jamie) everywhere to visit us and I feel terrible that we've not been to visit them where they've been stationed (California and D.C.). One time I was going to take a trip to Cali to see them but I just didn't feel right getting on a plane and leaving my family at that time!

Tomorrow will be our last Sunday in church. We'll still be here another Sunday but we'll be staying on the base so we figure we'll just make this the last.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


We have been busy doing our share of preparing for the move. Even though we don't move ourselves there is still quite a bit to do. Tack on everyday life, kiddos, trying to get our Suburban back, getting things ready to purchase a house and I am just beat! Here's a list of things we've done to prepare for the move:

  • Zach took the trampoline down about a week ago.
  • He also mowed the lawn and did some work outdoors to get ready for the housing inspection.
  • Last night he took down the boys bunk beds. Now we have the mattresses stacked on the floor. I thought it would be a good idea, but they think its their new trampoline. Now they need constant supervision in their room!
  • I took down pictures, shelves and such off of the walls upstairs.
  • I took down curtains and washed them.
  • I took bedding off of beds and washed them.
  • I packed clothes in Rubbermaid's. What I am doing with linens and many clothes is packing them in large Ziploc bags or Rubbermaid's. We have free water in base housing so I'm washing everything here. When I get there all I'll have to do is unpack and put away or hang up! They won't be nasty from cardboard boxes!
  • I went through my cleaning supplies and packed them up well in one box. We have to take them with us.
  • I did the same with shampoo, soaps and things of that nature that they don't pack.
  • I have pictures, important papers and other things all packed up to take also.

I'm sure there are other little things we've done around here. There seems like there is so much more to do but really I'm sure there's not. I figure I don't want to have to do everything at once at the last possible minute so I may as well tackle what I can when I feel like it. To think that a week from now we'll be packed up and hopefully our house will be emptying out so we can clean it and be done with it. Then we get to chill in a hotel for a few weeks until we're busy moving in. At that point my mom will be there to help me out! She's great at hanging pictures and things like that so it will be nice to have help! Not to mention she loves to wash dishes. I'll have a list of things for her to do while I keep my feet up so as not to swell;) Just kidding, mom, I'll be busy also!

We get our Suburban this afternoon and I have my last Mom's Night Out with our homeschool group. Tomorrow our best friends, Scott and Jamie, will be in town visiting! I can't wait to see them!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I thought I'd heard it all...

Until I read this. Am I really moving near these weirdos!?!?

Lovin' It

Thank you so much Jen for my new look!!! I LOVE it!!! If any of you want a new look, you should head on over to her site. She does great work and is FAST! What do you all think?

**I'll post a picture of my hair soon. Maybe tomorrow I will fix it and snap a pic! Today I just let it go as I've been busy working around the house and I even managed to get the kiddos to take a nap and took a little one myself! Hopefully CB will feel better once he's had more rest.

Go Figure

Monday Cuddly Boy awoke with a fever. He sat around all day, was in alright spirits but just not himself. Yesterday he didn't wake with a fever. He had a few meltdowns but nothing horrible. Last night rather than watch a movie with Dad he came up in bed with Princess and I (we were reading). He fell asleep. At one point it seemed like he was shivering but he had no fever. Before I went to bed I gave him Motrin anyway, he just seemed 'weird'. This morning he's waken up SO cranky I am already miserable. Now I feel terrible saying that, considering he probably doesn't feel well, but no matter what I try to do to make him happy it makes it worse. I wish I knew what was bothering or hurting him. The other day he said his head, but now he hasn't said anything (at this point). My friend's son has a case of pneumonia and I'm praying whatever CB has isn't leading to that. He did share his ice cream with the boy last week... It doesn't help that his brother is egging him on a bit. It will be a LONG day. I just pray he gets better. I really want to be trying to get together with the few friends I have that want to see me one last time, not dealing with a sick, cranky boy. If nothing else I'll get a lot of rest today and be able to read the book I started last night. I'm flying through the books I have.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

When It's All Said and Done

I made about $250-300 on my garage sales. There was still a LOT left over that I didn't sell. Some I kept but most was taken to the thrift store...where they can turn around and sell it! I can't complain about that money though- it will be used to buy new things for our house....towels, bedding, curtains, etc. I have yet to get rid of a computer desk that sits in our garage. Even if I can get $10 for it at this point I'd be happy! It's just not really something I want to give to the thrift store so they can sell. I can tell you I'm rather miffed (and I know you are too honey) about spending $20 on a newspaper ad. I thought it would generate much more traffic but it really didn't. What a waste! If I still lived in Ocean Springs there would have been swarms of people. That's what happens when you live in the 'sticks' a bit more!

I also walked away from the sales with such swollen ankles. It doesn't help that it is so humid. Sunday (the day I didn't even do anything) my ankles were so swollen I was a bit worried! But I drank lots of water, tried to sleep on my left side, elevated my feet and now they seem back to normal. Until I go out in the humidity and it seems they swell right back up! Yesterday was almost 100 with the humidity- truly unbearable!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Good-bye Books!

We are DONE! I pushed us today so we could finish, finish, finish school! I will have Princess work on math off and on during the summer and I will have Little Man practice reading. But as far as our 'formal' studies we're DONE!!!! I am SOOOO excited and relieved. Now to focus on moving... Is it really next week that the movers come???


Missed an important date. Saturday was my 'blogiversary'. It's been 4 years since I began this blog! But I remember sitting in my little computer "cubby" in our house in N.C. reading blogs long before I finally joined the ranks. I love blogging and hope to be doing it for many years to come!

New Looks

I woke up this morning to an email stating that I won the blog makeover!!!! I am SOOO excited and I can't wait to see what Jen will do with my blog! Thanks so much Chelsey for this contest!!! We'll soon have a new home and I'll have a whole new look on my blog! Oh, and I got my hair cut this weekend so I've got a new look there too;) I'll have to take a picture of the new 'do soon.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

24 weeks

It is hard to believe I'm already 24 weeks! It is so exciting! Princess took these pictures for me since I had a few belly requests. I'm a bit embarassed posting my belly, even though its small:) I guess just because normally its hidden and now people can see it! Oh well, I'm private so at least I know who's seeing these shots!

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