Monday, March 29, 2010

No way

Ok, so I totally should blog about my retreat this weekend. Instead I'm going to gripe. Friday night while I was gone Zach took all 4 kids to the movie. I'm thankful they did the 2D and not the 3D but I found out the next day they made him pay for Abby!!!! She watched the previews and slept through the movie. She's 19 months and he had to pay FULL price!!! I think I should call the theater and complain about that. That's bull crap!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


My cord came in today! Earlier than I thought it would! I'm so happy! Every time I'd type on Zach's computer I'd have so many issues, which is one reason I never blogged. I hate that computer! Just like the Dell laptop I bought last year and had problems with. So, I'm back. Hopefully I can blog a REAL post real soon :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Let's try again...

Ok, I had this post started once and am not going to elaborate again, unfortunately. Here's our updated dream sheet. It doesn't guarantee a thing, but Zach needed to update it for applying for a new Air Force job.

1. Randolph AFB San Antonio
2. Scott AFB in Illinois (near St. Louis)
3. Peterson AFB Colorado Springs
4. Davis Monthan AFB Tucson
5. Hill AFB Salt Lake City
6. Mountain Home AFB south of Boise, Idaho
7. Buckley AFB near Denver
8. Lackland AFB San Antonio

For overseas:
1. Lakenheath England
2. Mildenhall England
3. Elmendorf Alaska
4. Alconbury England
5. Moron Spain
6. Aviano Italy
7. Croughton England
8. Stavanger Norway

Dream Sheet

Well i had a nice long post and Zach's dumb computer deleted it...I'm too mad to post about itagain so I guess it'll have to wait...grrrrrr

Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Break is for the Birds

I wasn't planning on doing any sort of spring break, I really never do as we take breaks whenever we want/need them. But, I've decided we're going to have "Spring Training". We'll do some light schoolwork probably throughout the week, but I mainly want to focus on REtraining my children in all sorts of things- manners, obedience, kind words, patience, learning to ASK kindly when they need help, etc. These are things that have just been GRATING on my nerves and it's my own lack of dealing with it. So, it'll be a boot camp sort of deal. I'm not sure even what I'm going to do or how I'm going to do it! Totally winging it here. But, I'm tried of the behavior of my children. I don't enjoy them these days and I want a home filled with peace. So, it's time to do some work in what REALLY counts. We'll be spending a lot of time in the Bible, doing a lot of teamwork, and simply being together and enjoying one another. I plan on cutting back on my computer time as well, as I know I need some 'adjusting' in my attitude also! Please pray for us! And if you have any ideas, send them my way!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spilling beans

I have some beans to spill. I really wanted to keep it a secret longer but people are finding out so I figure I may as well let you know. I'm going to post it here before I facebook it (not sure when I'll announce it on facebook) so please keep it quiet on facebook!

We are going to have another baby!!!! I am shocked, ecstatic, shocked, excited, shocked, thankful, did I mention shocked!? I'm 6 weeks today due about November 3. I found out Friday night.

When I was out shopping Friday night I bought a test. I think I get obsessed with taking them! I honestly did not think I was pregnant, so I'm really not sure why I bought the test. Back in Feb. I had gotten what I thought was a 'light' period that was a bit earlier than what I expected and just not 'normal' (then again they haven't been too normal). So I assumed it was just a weird period, but at the same time had a nagging thought that maybe it was implantation or something. Also, I've never before gotten pregnant while still nursing. I know its not a sure form of 'birth control' but its worked for me in the past.

Not like we were trying to use it as a form of birth control. We're just like 'if it happens, it happens'. We believe God controls the womb and He is the Giver of Life. For a few months I'd kept having baby dreams, but every month was not pregnant. I hate when 'getting pregnant' consumes your thoughts and one night when Zach was gone I had a really good 'God time'. I remember asking God to take away any baby thoughts if He didn't plan that for me right now. I was completely content either way, to have another baby now or not. I know it all lies in His hands. So, the next day when I started that light bleeding I chuckled to myself thinking how God was showing me now was not the time. Little did I know...

Fast forward to this past Friday night. I got home from shopping and took the test. Zach and the 3 older kids were at the movies, so he had no idea I'd bought it. I took it, turned to wash my hands, glanced at it and already saw a visible + sign. I had to read the paper to see if I was reading it correctly because I didn't believe it! I was so tripped up, I called my friend Angie just flipping out! "Oh my goodness!!! You're not going to believe what I'm looking at!!! Oh my!!!" I was freaking out! Excitement and shock just took over! I honestly did not expect to see that + sign! It was so cool to call her first and share with her! I remember when she'd done pretty much the same thing to me! So, she knew before Zach even knew.

Then I texted him a picture of the test and asked him to pick up another. I later heard him driving up and met him at the door. He didn't get the text! So, he checked it and was like, "What? You're pregnant? How did that happen?" LOL Duh I wonder! So he ran right out to get another test and that too showed up positive right away. We were in shock. We're still in shock I think!

I wasn't going to say anything for awhile. I know how people will react. They'll think we're crazy. They'll wonder why. They'll worry. They think our hands are 'full enough'. They won't be happy. They won't say 'Congratulations'. It's a new LIFE!?!? Why can't people be happy for that??? It's such a shame! This is why I didn't want to say anything for awhile. Plus, I think about my friends (quite a few of them) who desire a baby sooooo badly and are just unable to have one. I know how much they're happy for us, yet how much it hurts them. And I can't help but feel bad, if that makes sense. Needless to say, I don't live for other people and I don't live for myself. I live for God and put my trust in Him. Obviously God wants to bless us with another and He'll provide the strength, stamina, etc to raise another! Its all a matter of trust. I trust in God. I live for God and I will submit to God. I praise Him for the blessing of another baby!

It is crazy to think this is my 7th pregnancy, my 5th baby!!! Please pray for the baby. Pray for me to have peace and to eat healthy! The kids are all excited and they all say they hope its another girl! They're so funny!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Three Years

Three years have gone by in a wink and a blur. In ways it seems like just yesterday, as I can recollect this day so vividly. In other ways it seems like ages ago as the pain has eased. My boy is blessed to be in heaven, not having to face a day in this ugly sinful world, but that doesn't mean I don't miss him. I often wonder what it would be like to have him toddling about the house. I'm sure he'd love his big brothers and follow them everywhere! What a delight he would be to watch as he grows and learns new things daily. Who would he resemble? Gabe with brown hair and eyes or would he have lighter hair and blue eyes? Our house would be a whole lot wilder with another boy running around, but what joy and fun that would be! What a blast!!! Life with children is never dull and you're always bound to be entertained and I'm sure he'd just add to my daily smiles. I miss him. How can you meet somebody you never got to 'meet', whose personality you don't know? He was a part of me. A part of Zach. A part of our family. He is a special little boy to be able to pass by this place into the heavenly realm. I cannot wait to get there, to meet my precious boy, to hold him tight. What a delightful day that will be! Malachi, you are missed beyond words. Time may have healed some of the pain of 'losing' you but there will always be some there until we meet face to face. I feel so blessed and honored that God chose me to be your mommy, if only for a short time! My love for you only grows over time. I love you my sweet boy. Mommy will always love you and you'll never be forgotten.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

God's Voice

I love when God speaks, don't you? Last night we had Zach's Dining Out. I was dreading it for so many reasons for a really long time. I love being a military wife. Take me to a base picnic any day. I'll even go to a Christmas party. But the more 'formal' type things just aren't my style! Good thing Zach isn't an officer or we'd be having to do them a lot more often, probably! When we got there Zach had to use the restroom so I stood outside of it and just prayed for God to give me a good attitude. We arrived later than we were supposed to (they wanted us there at 5 sharp for the 'social hour'). Those are the things that make me nervous...schmoozing with the 'big guys'. Anyway, we were way later than that and didn't have much time to socialize! And God really heard my prayer because I had a really good attitude and enjoyed myself. Definitely not something I want to do, but at least I can say I had a decent time. Maybe because we had some decent company at our table this year (last year, for the whole 1/2 hour I was there there wasn't really anybody at our table to talk to).

Anyway, I got a bit sidetracked in my brain when the speaker was speaking! I wondered how my children were and was missing them. Isn't it funny how I crave time away from them when I'm with them, but when I'm away from them I miss them? I don't miss them or wonder about them as much when Zach is with them, but when somebody else watches them I wonder more. Anyway, as I sat thinking about them God quietly whispered to me. You see, lately it seems I see or hear of more and more people taking little trips away from their children (whether alone or with their spouse). And I become quite envious of that. I want to get away! I want a trip away with hubby! Or people will tell me how I need a break, some time away. Zach is SO GOOD about giving me time away when I need it. He's wonderful about staying home and helping with the kids while I go to a Mom's night or shopping or whatever to get out for a few hours. And that is all I need! Something I just thought of, the book I picked up a while back but haven't had much of a chance to get in to yet talks about this very thing, but I haven't read this chapter yet. Well, until last night.

God really spoke about how He created me to be my children's mother. To be with them, nurture and care for them. That is what He has called me to do- it is my high calling. I knew this of course, but it was so nice to have that still small reminder from Him! Normally I get these little glimpses and reminders from Above Rubies retreats and magazines. And isn't it funny that I got my magazines Friday but haven't had time to read them? They always encourage me in my walk with God and in my role as a wife and mother. I am SO BLESSED to have 4 beautiful children! Thank you, Jesus, for the sweet reminder! I don't need a ticket out of here. I need to immerse myself in God and my family and give myself fully to them!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


I have a post I started last week and have yet to get back to it! I keep wanting to blog but just haven't had the time. Facebooking is so much easier because you can just quick log on, check things out and leave. Blogging you need to think, type, edit, etc. More brain power, of which I'm lacking these days.

I went to the doctor the other day as it was like 9 days of my cold and I couldn't stand it anymore. Turns out I have bronchitis. I've never had it before so part of me wonders if I really do have it. I am on some meds. You'd think they'd have kicked in by now but I'm still hacking away. I'm not blowing my nose as often so that's a good thing- it is so raw from blowing it so much. But this cough is just annoying. My back feels out of whack from coughing so much, my stomach hurts from coughing so much and I'm sick of hearing it!

We've had temps in the 30s and beautiful sunshine lately and I'm digging it! I'm so ready for spring! Grass, parks, garage sales. Plus I can toss the kids outside when they're getting out of control. I think they're as cooped up as I am!


My sister-in-law, Amie, is having a contest! She's the 'crafty' one who made my blanket and diaper bag for Abby. She's talented. Check it out and take a shot at winning! And if you need anything 'custom' made she's the one to see :)