Saturday, March 20, 2010

Let's try again...

Ok, I had this post started once and am not going to elaborate again, unfortunately. Here's our updated dream sheet. It doesn't guarantee a thing, but Zach needed to update it for applying for a new Air Force job.

1. Randolph AFB San Antonio
2. Scott AFB in Illinois (near St. Louis)
3. Peterson AFB Colorado Springs
4. Davis Monthan AFB Tucson
5. Hill AFB Salt Lake City
6. Mountain Home AFB south of Boise, Idaho
7. Buckley AFB near Denver
8. Lackland AFB San Antonio

For overseas:
1. Lakenheath England
2. Mildenhall England
3. Elmendorf Alaska
4. Alconbury England
5. Moron Spain
6. Aviano Italy
7. Croughton England
8. Stavanger Norway


PBJCJ said...

You know what I am hoping for :)

Amie said...

I see lots of sunny places on that list. Alaska is considered overseas? I guess, it mine as well be for how far it is.

Kim said...

Its funny to think how many times you moved compared to us. Hope you guys will get your bop.

DDK23 said...

Best wishes:-) It has to be kind of exciting but also very nerve wracking to make a list like this.

Sherry said...

When are you planning on moving?

Becca said...

It's so interesting to think you don't really get to pick where you'll be living....but exciting too. How possible is it that you'd be placed overseas? Remember Eric Tauren from HCH? He was a few years ahead of us but he's a fighter pilot for the Navy (I believe) and was stationed many years in Scotland with the British Royal Air Force.