Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Last night I was skyping with my mom.  She noticed Abby's pajamas and said something about them.  When I asked Abby to tell Nanny who was on her pj's she said, "Cinderella" and started to sing.  I had only told her one time who was on her pajamas and she totally remembered!  My mom says, "Oh, those are nice pajamas, Abby.  Where did you get them from?"  Abby's response, "Garage sale."  And sure enough that's exactly where they came from!  She is so smart and just growing so fast.  When I call for her she'll say, "Ok, coming!"  She will let the dog in and out when I ask if someone can do that!  She just amazes me!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I know so many people who have bigger problems than I do right now, but that doesn't mean I can't complain does it!?!  I am so tired of this whole deployment thing.  It really stinks.  It is so tiring.  I'm tired of always trying to put on a happy face and "look on the bright side."  It's really hard to find a bright side when you're in my shoes.  I'm just so sick of it all- every single part of it.  I'm so glad we're done with school (aside from math) so today I can just stay home, be a bum and fester over it all.  Although I do need to run out to the store at some point- I could've sworn I had another bottle of baby aspirin but when I went to take it last night I couldn't find any!  First time since Sept. or Oct. that I missed a day!  I only have 2 more weeks to go of taking it anyway, so I'm not worried.  Thanks for listening to me complain...if only I could provide some details!

Monday, May 09, 2011

A funny

OK, I just finished reading my friend Sadie's blog.  I love how she posts funny things about her kids.  My friend Jamie also cracks me up.  Anyway, I need to get back to posting funnies about my kids!  So here's one for you:

Abby pretty much always says, "My butt hurts."  I don't think it always hurts, I just think she likes to say it, although she usually says it about the time she's going to poop or has pooped.  Anyway, yesterday we were sitting outside and she was hanging all over me and she said, "Butt hurts" again.  I either asked her if her butt hurt or said my butt hurts too (sometimes I will reply that mine hurts too to see what she says, and let's face it- I am pregnant and sometimes it DOES hurt)!  She proceeded to pry herself off of me and was lifting up my shirt in back.  I was a bit confused until she tried to move my pants away from my body to look down them- to see if my butt really did hurt!!!  I still laugh pretty hard about it! 

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Oh poor, neglected blog!

I'm horrible about blogging.  I wanted to blog at least once a week but I believe it's been longer than that.  As you can imagine, life it quite busy with being alone with four kiddos day in and day out!  I do manage 'down' time of course, but my blog seems to not have a place in there! 

We had a great time with Zach's brother and family visiting.  The boys had so much fun wrestling, playing Wii, guns and who knows what else with their 'boy cousins'.  Hannah enjoyed little Sadie over.  I enjoyed the adult time and help.  Miah even watched all the boys and all us girls went out and did a bit of shopping.  It was wonderful and such a blessing!

My aunt came also, on her trek back up to Michigan.  We had a good time with her.  We even hit some garage sales.  The kids love their Aunt Cindy- even Abby!  Abby still asks for her dog, Keesha!  Most dogs to Abby are "Daisy" but there's been a few times where she's asked for Keesha!  It was so nice to have the company.  You don't realize how 'lonely' you get for adults.  Sure, I'm busy all day long and with 4 little people around me, but come night time when they finally quiet down in their beds I really miss my 'socialization'! 

Last week I ended up going to the hospital.  I had this horrible pain that was a kidney stone!  I didn't know it at the time, but the pain I was in I knew I couldnt' stay home!  By the time my friend got me to the hospital the pain was pretty much gone (go figure) so of course they couldn't say for sure that's what it was.  But that night, sure enough, I passed a stone.  A funny part of this whole story: While I was in the bathroom leaving a 'sample' the nurse was asking my friend questions about me.  I guess she asked how to spell my last name, what number pregnancy this was.  Then I came back and she began asking me questions.  After she left Sonja was telling me about the questions she was asking her and we put two and two together and we think she thought Sonja was my PARTNER!!!!!!!!!!!  We just laughed and laughed and laughed about it.  Both Sonja and I didn't have on wedding rings and her hair is a bit shorter...it just could have looked that way, especially in Des Moines! 

I tackled a lot of garage sales last weekend and made out like a bandit.  I spent entirely too much money so I am not even looking at the options for this weekend (plus I already told my sitter I don't need her tomorrow).  I think I'm really getting squared away on things I need for Naomi.  I finally began buying diapers for her this past pay check so that I can be stocked up on those.  Right now my friend Sarah is watching the kids for me.  She offered to take them and I also passed up the offer!!!  I was thinking how we have school to do and yadda yadda.  I went grocery shopping ALONE for the first time in 6 WEEKS and am just enjoying the silence at home.  At night I've been having to deal with the boys playing, laughing, playing and not going to sleep so it's never really 'quiet' for me, I feel like.  So this is wonderful! 

Speaking of nights, Abby has been waking up a lot lately.  I'm not sure what that's all about but it drives me crazy.  She will stand at the gate in her room and won't say anything (but I hear her there).  I guess she eventually lays on the floor there and falls asleep.  No way am I getting up every time, as it is there are probably about 2 times a night I do have to get up with her and put her back in her bed and explain that I need to sleep in my own bed!  Add in 2-3 bathroom trips a night and I'm already back to sleepless nights!  I'd much rather have sleepless nights with a new baby in my arms, but that will be here soon enough!

There's a little update for anybody who still checks this thing.  I'm going to enjoy some more of my book in the quiet before I have to go and get my little munchkins!