Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Last night I was skyping with my mom.  She noticed Abby's pajamas and said something about them.  When I asked Abby to tell Nanny who was on her pj's she said, "Cinderella" and started to sing.  I had only told her one time who was on her pajamas and she totally remembered!  My mom says, "Oh, those are nice pajamas, Abby.  Where did you get them from?"  Abby's response, "Garage sale."  And sure enough that's exactly where they came from!  She is so smart and just growing so fast.  When I call for her she'll say, "Ok, coming!"  She will let the dog in and out when I ask if someone can do that!  She just amazes me!


Kim said...

Awww How cute! Your baby is growing up fast

I am OK said...

She's such a smartie! Love it!