Wednesday, April 29, 2009

potty in the night

So I've been staying up super late lately. Mostly because by the time my kids actually fall asleep I just need some quiet, down time. Before I go to sleep I put Booty Shaker potty one last time, or else he pees his bed. I have to crack up because there are some nights he'll stand there and scratch his belly before he pees. It just reminds me of a typical male thing for some reason. Last night he was completely out of it. I carried him into the bathroom and he just stood there (I wonder if he was sleeping still, it was dark). So I pulled down his pants and tried to sit him on the potty but he wouldn't bend his legs! He kept trying to not sit (we make our boys sit to use the potty). I was trying so hard not to laugh and to just get him to sit and pee! He had no clue what was going on! I'm sure one day he'll really appreciate me telling you these stories, but its little things like this that I don't want to forget!!!

hump day

Is it seriously Wednesday already? Boy, does time fly! This morning I had a pleasant surprise- a voicemail from my Aunt Cindy. I called her back and found out that she's going to visit me- THIS weekend while on her way back to Michigan from Florida! I am SO excited! So are the kids. It's always nice when she comes for a visit and it really means a lot to me!

Today we didn't finish school until much later but that was totally ok. I guess I just resigned myself to it and it wasn't so stressful. And after breakfast we had done chores before we began school so that took some time away from when we'd normally be schooling. It really wasn't a bad day. I think the most problems I had were with Junior Squirrel not being kind to his brother. His attitude has stunk lately but we're working on it. He's the one who doesn't do well with changes so it may partly stem from Daddy being gone.

I clipped out the garage sales from the paper. There are 30 sales!!!! WOW! Tonight I'm going to go through it and mark what days and times they are and then try to plan the best route to each...last time I felt like I was driving all over (its hard when you don't know the town completely well). I am PUMPED! I don't really need anything at all but if I can find clothes for the kids for cheap I'm a happy mama. Especially if down the road they prevent garage sales and such.

Dinner's just about finished. I'm attempting to feed Sweet Pea sweet potatoes and oh the faces she's making! Too funny!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i think the heats gettin' to him...

Sooo, Zach's been in Florida for not quite 2 weeks yet. He loves it down there! He said the weather is good (I say wait until you're in Mississippi again in July). He says the base housing is new and really nice. He likes the base. He says he misses the south!!! I reminded him of roaches, hurricanes and humid summers! Sure, there are things I miss about it too but not enough to consider moving back! Then, get this...apparently he emailed his old supervisor from Keesler. The guy is a civilian and has been there for forever it seems. Anyway, Mr. C told him that anytime Zach wants to go back there's an instructor job open for him. You know what Zach says to me???? He mentions about going there after his time in the military to be a civilian instructor! Are you NUTS!?!?!?!?!? I ain' wanna go back do dat place in Mississippi, no way no how! Like I said I really miss things about it now that I'm not there, BUT that doesn't mean I want to go back!!! He is crazy!!! The grass is always greener on the other side...

it began good.......

The day, that is. It started out pretty well. We plugged along at school. We plugged along at school. We plugged along at school. I sat and sat and sat next to Junior Squirrel to ensure that he works. We eventually got through it all, with lots of breaks! Breaks as in taking time away from it, not as in breaking things!

Then Zach called quite alarmed about the Swine Flu thing. Apparently they had a briefing on it down there and were told to call their families and let us know all about it...not to go out unless we need to, wear a mask, etc. What's the whole deal with the 'officials' not wanting us to call it swine flu? Who cares? Obviously somebody termed it is what it is! I'm really not concerned about it. I figure I rarely go out. I figure God's in control. I figure the media makes such a big deal out of what they want to make a big deal out of. But, I did get the sitter again and ran to get groceries. Just in case. So, my evening was spent at the store during dinner time, then trying to juggle putting groceries away, dealing with a fussy baby, getting the kids bathed, cleaning up the was crazy. I just now finished eating MY dinner!

I am so tired of my kids NOT going to sleep. They're always up there monkeying around and just will NOT go to sleep! Well, Chatterbox does well, its those boys. They're going to make me pull all of my hair out. Tonight the pastor from the church I visited called and while I was on the phone with him the boys were so wild. I think they threw something downstairs (there was a big noise) so I went and grabbed their big ol' batmobile they got from the garage sale that was sitting at the bottom of the stairs and threw it outside! I'd had it! Can't I even have a conversation with this Pastor!?!?!?

I told my mom I wish she could come down for a bit while Zach's gone. That was my hope for my time in July (before I knew we had this 6 week stint). But she'll be going to Alaska in July so I won't get to have her help here! It sure would break up some of the everyday stress for the next how many weeks! Man, even though we'd still have school to do I imagine things would be so much smoother with her here helping!

I feel like all I do is whine here lately. It is SO hard being the ONLY parent to 4 kids ALL DAY LONG!!!!! It's not like I ship them on the school bus in the morning and have 8 glorious hours to myself! I know God will supply me the strength to get through it. I can't even think of what else to say as I continually hear one little boy up there who needs a good whipping. Going to go take care of that now...

Monday, April 27, 2009

the end is in sight....somewhere....

Well, Chatterbox is just about done with her school. She can probably finish up most of it within two weeks. And that feels so good. Junior Squirrel is a completely different story. He's been sitting here working on his math for well over an hour now (again). I'm making him do 2 pages because he needs to get on the ball or he'll be taking his schoolwork to Michigan with him (and I do not want to be teaching in June). It is rather maddening to see the end is here with one but not the other. I feel like he'll never be done. I think I'm going to have to attempt to double up lessons every day but then that makes for some long days. He is so easily distracted. I wish I had somewhere to put him where there were NO distractions but I don't have an option like that. Even if I stuck him in my bedroom he'd be doodling or something. One thing, the weather isn't supposed to be as nice this week so we should get a lot done! Providing that a certain boy actually WORKS that is. He works fine if I sit right there next to him and devote every ounce of my attention to what he is doing but that is impossible. I have three other children to care for, a house to care for and a puppy.

I'd also like to get in the basement and straighten that up sometime. I've got baby clothes to store away and a ton of things to get rid of. It's all made its way into my laundry 'area' and I am crammed in there for space! Well, I better put another load of clothes washing and get ready to run some errands. Looks like the boy will have to take the math with him. And it looks like I'll be doing school with him when we return home as he still has science and reading. I wish it were summer break....I wish I could guarantee that I'd get a summer break...and sometimes I wish I could just throw this kid in public school!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

soakin' sunday

It is WET out there! Don't have to worry about if the grass will be green but I do need to wonder what I'll do about the weeds growing (weeds when it SHOULD be grass). Which is rather annoying...$700-800 worth of sod and our yard is the worst looking on our street...only because that sod was planted in the dead of summer (and it was hard for me to constantly get out and water it when I was dealing w/kidney stones). I want green grass and a yard that looks nice!!!

I wasn't sure if we'd make church or not today. Last night as I went to bed I thought we wouldn't. We're supposed to get wind and thunderstorms, some of which could be severe so I thought we'd just stay home. We didn't get up until like 8:15 this morning (that rarely happens these days) so we never would've made it to church. But with Zach gone I've been thinking of finding something a bit closer. I don't want to always try to rush out the door with 4 kids and drive the 40 minutes to church! It's just tough! Well, I thought how nice it would be to stay home today and do nothing. But then I thought of all the running I did during the past week and didn't feel right skipping church. So we went to a church near us that a friend of mine goes to. And it was GOOD!!! You see, how do you go to a new church with 4 kids??? We don't put our kids in the nursery or children's programs so I was a bit concerned. But the kids were awesome. Sweet Pea fell asleep and the others listened or were at least quiet. And the singing and sermon were great- just what I needed. I'm so glad I went!!!

This weather is so weird. Been raining and thundering and lightning. Hailing. Now its calm but I'm sure its not over. Looks bright out again, but you can't see the sun. Weird. And its humid in my house but I refuse to turn on the AC. Friday was sooooooooo warm and wonderful, yesterday was chilly and today the temp. is decent. Crazy. I didn't sleep well last night with the weird weather (I kept being awakened by the thunder and hail). Then Sweet Pea kept waking up for some reason.

Here's some stray thoughts going through my mind lately:

  • About a month ago I went to Movie Gallery and rented a Wii game. They tried to get me to buy into their special rental program but I told them we rarely rent and that we've been using Redbox. The lady told me that Redbox is going to be increasing their prices. I swear she was just saying that because still you can rent a movie for .99$. I'm just a bit irritated by that.
  • I was looking online at the Disney specials for military. It is amazing you can do Disney free! I've never been there. I looked and its only like $138 to fly from Des Moines to Orlando. That is so super cheap. I called to tell Zach about it but he's so anti-flying he said if we went to Florida he'd want us to drive. Whatever! It's so much easier flying! He can drive but I'll fly:) I love to fly!
  • In regards to the weeds I mentioned above I need to see about somebody mowing our lawn while Zach's away (or else I guess I could get the babysitter to watch the kids so I could do it). All these things to think about when a man's not around!
  • Earlier there was the biggest clap of thunder and Daisy jumped so high! It was so funny!
  • Sweet Pea sits so well. She'll just sit there and play. I stuck all her little toys around her and she had fun picking them up and chewing on them, putting them down and picking another, etc. Her two bottom teeth sure make her smile look different!
  • I am tired. I keep trying to finish Pride & Prejudice. It's taking me forever to read it. I think once I finish it I'm going to treat myself to a book (there's a couple of new Karen Kingsbury ones out that I haven't gotten yet).

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I don't know what it is that 'cuts' parts of my pictures. I've tried to reload them many times. It's not like that in Picasa, just the slideshow. And its not like that in facebook. Really annoying. Glad they turned out so well! It's hard to believe Sweet Pea is 8 months old! Time flies!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

skip day

First I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my WONDERFUL Mom. I LOVE YOU!!!!! I'm so thankful for a mother like you! You are the best and I hope you had a blessed day!

Today we ditched school and instead we hit the garage sales. I love that here you have garage sales sometimes on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. I will have to try to get done with school quick so we can enjoy those sales while we're here! The kids love it too! Today we got some things, but not much. A lot of old people were having sales selling old people things it seemed. I got quite a bit of things for Sweet Pea for the fall/winter. I think CB got a few shirts. I got me a sweatshirt, some delicious smelling (Red Velvet Cake and Frosting) body wash and a basket for misc. junk for my kitchen counter. And of course the kids used their spare change to waste on new toys.

At one sale Booty Shaker couldn't find anything and the other two got something. So the lady gave him this ugly old teddy bear. Yuck. I hate used stuffed animals. I think its so gross, even if they do get washed. So when we came home after I let him love on it a bit I told him it was going to have to go in the garbage and that I'd give him some money instead. I said we just don't know what people do with stuffed animals and sometimes there's dangerous stuff in them. So then at a sale we went to this evening they saw stuffed animals and were inspecting them for drugs. Oh boy!

I've had a headache since like 1 pm. I took Tylenol awhile ago. It's slowly somewhat fading. I think I'll have to take something else again soon. My ear is hurting a bit too so I think I'm going to try some silver.

The kids are having their sleepover night. Oh, the weather was up to like 86*! It was real windy though, but it was gorgeous. Now its thundering and lightning out. I guess its a good thing they'll have their sleepover. The hide-a-bed is out and ready for their night. Right now they're playing their new Wii game Daddy sent them (Monsters vs. Aliens). Well, I was playing a bit. They couldn't figure it out so Mom got stuck doing it. I'm a genius! haha Anyway, I'm glad they'll be sleeping down here with the storm. My *big* fear with Zach being gone is that we'll have the tornado siren go off in the middle of the night and how will I get all 4 kids in the basement (sorry if I've already mentioned that before). SO, with them downstairs no worries;) Afterall, this IS Iowa and it IS April which IS tornado season. It was reassuring when I was talking to one friend (an Iowa native) who's so afraid of tornadoes (she was in one). Glad I'm not the only one. I do love thunderstorms now though. I was always afraid of them as a kid, I think because I'd see my Grandma afraid and jumpy (she was struck my lightning).

For awhile I went and sat up on my deck upstairs. I was trying to rock the baby to sleep. It was lightning in the distance. The sky was beautiful- stormy looking yet you could see the setting sun.

Ok, I better get off and take something for myself. I also need to have them finish their game soon so we can watch a movie. Perfect night for chilling out with the chillens! Also want to turn this off and unplug it, just in case I may need it to check weather in the middle of the night (I'm so paranoid)!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Another day down. It was another busy one too. I swear tomorrow and Saturday I am going NOWHERE. And not doing much of anything. I'm tired of running and being so stinking busy.

We ran to the chiropractor, Walmart, the park. We came home and our baby-sitter stopped by for a little visit. I tried to cook dinner while the kids played outside. It's hard to cook, try to care for a baby and watch all the little ones outside (I missed my fenced yards). No wonder I don't really cook when Zach's away! Because then after dinner is the clean up! And the kids do help but still I get the brunt of the work. The floors still haven't been cleaned but that can wait until the morning. I've got one last load of clothes washing (some throw rugs and my living room curtains...I noticed poop stains on the carpet...thanks Daisy). Then I'm hitting the hay. I'll probably be up late again but at least I'll be relaxing in bed doing so!

While we were outside today Booty Shaker had to use the bathroom. I told him to run in through the front since I was on the side of the house. Well, he must not have heard me too well for her yanked down his pants and watered the lawn! I sure got a chuckle out of that! Oh and after dinner we went for a walk. Then it was time to try to coordinate everybody getting a bath! Such fun!

It's nice that I'm busy in ways but in other ways not so. And Jamie, thanks for your comment about my attitude...honestly I must not come across too accurately in my posts! Because most times I feel like my attitude stinks. But really, there's nothing I can do about the situation so I just try to live it up, well as much as a mom of 4 little ones can! I told the kids that if they are good and go to bed good either tomorrow or Saturday night we can pull out the hide-a-bed and watch movies and sleep downstairs (though I'm going to enjoy my own bed to sleep in). They're excited for that! Let's just see if they're good...

Last night as I went up to bed I heard Chatterbox sniffling. I asked if she was crying and she mumbled something so when I asked again she said her music made her think of Malachi and she was sad. Oh, another thing about her...she met the new neighbor girl behind us. Apparently while they were riding their scooters she asked the girl if she knew Jesus! That's my girl! I was telling my mom how I love her innocence. I was always too ashamed and worried what people would think as a kid to say much about Jesus. But CB has such innocence and I hope it stays with her for a long time!

the head in the drain

After every pregnancy I lose hair. Lots of hair. It comes out in clumps for months. Good ole hormones doing their thing.

So, for months clumps of hair has been getting stuck in our drain. Wouldn't you know our drain doesn't come off? Who's the idiot that makes things like that??? This is the second house we've lived in where you can't take the drain 'cover' off. What if I wanted to clean down there! Last week Zach attempted to take the 'clean out' cover off and put a snake down there. He said he got a lot of hair out. It was quite a bit, but I knew there had to be more. And sure enough the shower was still backed up (and that is so nasty). Finally, last night I took a flat head screwdriver and was hoping to somehow just pop off the 'cover'. No luck. So I just stuck it down there and managed to pull up clump after clump of hair. I was going to take a picture just to show y'all! It was so gross! I felt like I was in a or something and I was pulling a head up out of the drain! Then I thought what a shame it was to lose so much hair...somebody could have used all that to make quite a wig! So that, my friends, is the story of my postpartum, fallen out hair! And now my shower is puddle free!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Celebrating God's Creation- Plants

oh beautiful day

I forgot to mention how Booty Shaker has been ending up in my bed every night since Zach's been gone! It's one thing that I sleep with Sweet Pea, I still get quite a bit of bed. But when BS comes in I'm the white creme inside an Oreo cookie! The other night as he was sleeping in my bed he jumped up and tried to climb out of my bed. I grabbed him and told him to come lay down and sleep. He was adamant about there being spiders in my bed, two big ones and two small ones. I had to turn on the bathroom light, but that wasn't sufficient for him to see that there were no spiders. I had to move the pillows and blankets around! Finally he laid back down snuggled in my arms! It was so funny!

We had a good time at the Botanical center. Funny thing though, when I picked up my baby-sitter, her mom and sister I had Chatterbox sit in the way back with her brothers. I'm not sure if it was their bickering about buckling seatbelts or that CB moved but Sweet Pea did not like that her sister wasn't by her! She cried the entire way there! I thought I'd have to nurse her, but as soon as she got in her stroller she was fine. She was so content. Until we got back in the vehicle to leave. And she cried most of the way back home! Stinker! I seriously think she didn't like that her sister wasn't by her. Normally she is fine in the car!

The weather was wonderful today. The kids got to enjoy the outdoors. We ate dinner at Sonic and got some ice cream. We ran to the library. It was a pretty productive day but boy I was exhausted. I'm tired of running around! I don't have anything Friday or Saturday (that I remember) and I hope to just take it easy and do nothing but relax. Being the only parent constantly is really taxing.

Ok, I'm going to attempt to make a slideshow of pictures. 'Night.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

another day down

Yesterday was a pretty good day. After I watched my friends kiddos we went to IhOP for lunch. It was 'kids eat free' day so we made out (though I still couldn't believe how much I paid)! It was nice to get out and visit a bit. I ran some errands and came home. For dinner another friend had invited me to her house for dinner since her hubby was out of town too. It was a great night of fellowshipping with them.

We came home and I put the kiddos to bed. They wanted to listen to music as they fell asleep so I let them listen to one of their Jesus CDs. They went to sleep so well! I stayed up and watched 'Nights in Rodanthe' (the book is much better of course). Here I thought maybe the music helped them go to sleep well so I allowed them to do the same thing tonight. An hour and a half later they're STILL not asleep! Are you kidding me???? Can I get a BREAK at night!?!? lol

This morning we had a real good Bible time. We read about Paul and his last visit to Ephesus. We talked about how he wasn't afraid to die and the kids couldn't believe that. They had all sorts of questions and I answered what I could and told them I didn't know for the others (most were about heaven). It was just awesome to have such a conversation!

We did school and then I ran out and tried to find a stroller. I went to 3 or 4 different thrift stores and not one had a stroller! I had even looked online for ads and such. Nothing. So I finally succumbed to getting a brand new one at Babies "R" Us. This is the one I went with. It is way more than I wanted to pay but I love it. I tested quite a few of the cheaper ones but they were just too cheap. I've had cheap strollers. One thing I like about this as opposed to other umbrella strollers I've had is that the handles aren't real low. Being tall, I've always had to hunch over to push a stroller! I also managed to get Junior Squirrel a pair of church shoes and sandals and a few other things (from thrift stores).

I love that we have so much going on while Zach is gone. My calendar is just filling up so quickly. We have a Little House on the Prairie play, a field trip to a farm, a 'tour' of our new police station, and I'm not even sure what else! We're pretty excited that its supposed to get in the 80s at the end of the week. It's hard to believe that they're being hit with tons of snow at home in Michigan! Yuck!!!

Tomorrow is 'Earth Day'. I'm not a huge proponent of such a day (I think we need to care for God's creation but don't necessarily agree w/all the 'tree huggers'). Our local Botanical Center has free admission tomorrow so I'm going to take the kids! I'm just hoping I can maybe snap some good pictures of them while there! I've never gone to a 'botanical center'. I just hope my boys aren't too wild. Lately whenever I take them anywhere they've been wild! I think my baby-sitter and her mom are going to come along so that will be fun (and help me out)!

Ok, I've got to go through my newspaper before I head to bed so I better get off and do it. I'm also hungry so I think a snack is in order. As good as Turkey Wraps and Turkey Pitas were for lunch and dinner today they're just not the most filling food.

Monday, April 20, 2009

and here i thought i knew what i was doing....

In one of my online homeschool groups for the state somebody mentioned something about paying supervising teachers. I had NO clue they were supposed to be paid!!! I've never paid mine. Here I thought it was just a kind service they did to help us out! So now I've emailed my teacher asking what she charges. I feel horrible. She probably thinks I'm so big cheapo! At the same time I think its pretty sad that they charge at all. It's not like they do much besides come and see us once or twice and communicate through email or phone once or twice to make sure we're doing what we're supposed to do. Huh. Mississippi was so much easier when it came to homeschooling. At least we're not in Pennsylvania (I don't know how you do it Angel)!

This morning I have gotten so much done. I didn't go to bed until midnight and then Sweet Pea woke up after 6. She fell back asleep going on 7 but not me. I heard the two older ones downstairs so I cam down. They were already working on school!!! I LOVE seeing that! Booty Shaker was sound asleep in my bed with Sweet Pea (what a cute sight that is). Anyway, we're just about done with school (its almost 10 am), I managed to shower (sometimes that doesn't happen until noon lately), bathe the baby, bathe the dog, clean my shower, clean the kitchen, get the boys ready for the day, begin laundry. Wow. I feel like Superwoman! Ok, better put those jeans in the dryer so I have something to wear...

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Sweet Pea's tooth is in real well now (has been for at least a few days). I just discovered for sure tonight that she's getting her other bottom front one. Unreal. Seriously time has just flown with her! I keep feeling like I'm missing out on her, even though I'm trying to enjoy it all. It's so different from when you have your first baby and you can devote all your time to him. With my 4th sometimes I feel like SP gets jipped. I'll be busy doing school with the kids or whatever and realize I haven't had much time with Sweet Pea besides feeding and changing and maybe some smiles and tickles here and there. I guess we make up for it at night when she is pretty clingy! I just don't want to miss out on anything because time is f-l-y-i-n-g!

Earlier she was nursing and pulled herself off of me. As she did her tooth scraped me and I shouted "OW!" The kids were all wondering what happened and Booty Shaker came over to try to see and asked, "Is it broken?" lol I'm still cracking up about it.

Alright, it is really late. I suppose that means I'm going to be really tired tomorrow. The baby went to bed later tonight than usual, so by the time I finished school lessons and my Bible study...and now here I am.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

rising w/the roosters

That's what it felt like this morning! Sweet Pea was wide awake after 6 am! She was chatting away and woke up the rest of us. So I lay there thinking about garage saling. I thought, "Gee, its early enough, we may as well just get out of bed, grab something to eat, throw on some clothes and go." Now, the last time I've been out saling (how do you spell sale-ing?) I didn't have a baby. I was in Mississippi where I knew my way around. I went alone. This was a whole new experience! But it was ok!

The kids were excited. They grabbed money from their banks, I gave them each $1 and off we went. I'd written some down that I found in the newspaper and then by driving to them I'd see signs for others. There's no telling how any we hit. We came home with a few treasures:

  • Sweet Pea got two new outfits, a pair of PJs and a shirt.
  • Booty Shaker got a Bionicle, watch and tank for his GI Joes
  • Junior Squirrel got a Bionicle, airplane and 4 wheeler for GI Joes
  • Chatterbox got a new Barbie with some clothes, a cute Barbie dress and a bracelet, in addition to her dress for her American Girl that she got last night (for only $10)
  • I got a new cookbook (a huge, nice hardcover one that looks brand new) and a new purse
  • And I got both boys a Batmobile thing (a huge Batman car-type thing)

Last night I took Chatterbox and went to a homeschool 'sale'. I didn't find any books but that's where CB got her dress for her doll. While she and i went i had S baby-sit the other kids.

This afternoon we were supposed to go to a birthday party for S's nephew but she called like 40 minutes before it was supposed to begin to say that it was cancelled. Apparently nobody could show up (but we would've been there). The kiddos were bummed but it gave me an opportunity to get some things done around here and Sweet Pea got her nap in. Now I'm wondering how we're going to spend the rest of our day. I know one thing- it will be an early bedtime in the M house!

Zach will actually make it to Florida today! Think he's down in hickville Alabama or something.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Ok, it is really annoying. The first few times when I look at my blog the pictures appear, but then when I come back they're gone. I'll show YOU blogger, I'll just make a slideshow. So there. I wonder if it has anything to do with my web albums being full? Probably. I'll have to take care of that, in my spare time of course. What spare time? I am not sure;)

So, Zach wasn't supposed to leave until tomorrow for Tyndall AFB in Florida. I thought he was crazy only giving himself 2 traveling days. Thankfully (in a way) he left today. He is crazy to drive that long distance by himself! He thinks flying is dangerous. I've tried to explain how you're more likely to get in a car accident than die in a plane crash (but I love flying)! Anyway, we'll see what he thinks of driving 20 hours alone! It's really weird, a few weeks ago when he left for a week I really was glad that he left. We just were kinda cranky with each other at that point and it was a nice little break. I think God must really be working (He's ALWAYS working, of course, but I think I'm more open to His work and can see it). I cried when he left today. He hasn't been away from us for such a length of time in almost 7 years (when Junior Squirrel was a baby)! We are so blessed that he's never been deployed or anything! But still, the separation isn't easy. I just hope that I have patience for the children and that they're obedient. Please pray for safe travels for Zach.

Sweet Pea has been napping for like 2 hours! She's never slept that long for a nap! She must be one tired baby! It helps that the other kids have been outside playing so they're not fighting and making ruckus! I love this spring weather! I wish the rain would stay away, but this weekend its supposed to appear. Great. Just in time for the weekend.

stupid,stupid blogger

I hate you blogger. I spend time putting up pictures and when I looked they showed up, so where oh where are they now? I'll try to fix it today...thanks blogger for making my morning (not).

Thursday, April 16, 2009

squared away

Why is it that planning a 'vacation' can be so stressful and so much work? Normally when we go home its not a problem, but the past few times things have come up that make planning so difficult. And it all falls on my shoulders. So while I try to school two kids, I have a neglected baby, a hyper boy running around and I'm trying to make arrangements to go home! Did I sign up for all this!?!? It's like we keep running into walls on this one.

So, we'll stay here the first week and then go to Iron River the second week and spend it with Zach's sister. After that Zach will have to come back here to leave for AL/MS and I will stay up there, more than likely, until the 4th of July. I'll probably stay with my mom but I hope to venture up further north and maybe stay with some family up there. I also hope to make it to Marquette (the town I went to college in) to visit with friends there. A busy month it will be, but a fun one indeed! I'm also trying to get my little cousin to come and visit me here in Iowa for a bit. I really hope that will work out, it would be fun having her here.

So I feel a bit of the stress lifted off of my shoulders in having this planned out. Now to worry about what to do with the dog in our 'non-pet-friendly' accommodations!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Today the weather was just gorgeous. I wish it would stay this warm and get warmer! I love it! We enjoyed the outdoors most of the afternoon. We didn't even finish school, which means a longer school day tomorrow. I'm so ready for summer, although I need some summer clothes! It was a crazy day and now it is so nice and quiet- even the baby is sleeping! I ought to get off and do some reading but it is so relaxing to just relax:)

Oh and I was rather pleased with American Idol tonight, though I do think that the other person should have gone.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

hodge podge

Today was 'Park Day'. I set it up maybe about a month ago. I invited friends and a few different homeschool groups and circles I'm in. The 'bad weather' place was set to Burger King. We got quite a bit of rain yesterday. This morning it was mostly cloudy for a good portion of the morning so I thought I'd just make the location BK, not knowing what the park was like (wet, muddy, etc) and not sure on the temperature. So, I show up a bit early 'just in case'. I had three friends show up. Another lady came in and I asked her if she was with one of the groups (they're quite large and I don't know anybody). She wasn't but she does homeschool so I invited her to join us, which she did for awhile. And one other lady from one of the larger homeschool groups showed up for a bit. That was it. Out of probably 100 people there was about 5 moms. How sad!

In Mississippi I think we all lived for park days!!! Which is why I miss them (and Mom's Nights) so much. Which is why I went ahead and just started my own. I admit, after I invited all the oodles of groups I wondered why I did that. I'm not very happy with the groups I'm in. But I also thought maybe people would not be so cliquey at the park. Anyway, there was no way to find out! Oh well. Since a friend and I are going to start our own little group with just a small group of friends (does that make sense) we'll just stick to inviting us to park days. Because I will plan one again soon. And a Mom's Night.

I never thought I'd 'start' a homeschool group. I'm just not that 'type' of person. I don't mind helping or playing some role in a group but I'm not a leader. But, I miss the structure of my MS groups. I miss a small, close-knit 'family' of friends. And I know Sadie has things she'd like to see in a group here. I'm so thankful to have met the few friends I have so that we can make it what we want it to be!

On another note, I can't believe Zach leaves this weekend for 6 weeks. Whatever will I do? I know I'll have lots of playdates! We'll do lots of school. Hopefully I'll have a bit of company (the door is open to you all) to keep me sane! And hopefully I can utilize my baby-sitter once in awhile (I really want to start hitting the garage sales).

We had a quiet Easter. We went to a local church rather than our own because Zach's friend was here. It was a great service. It was a quiet day. I fell asleep with the baby. We went to eat at Olive Garden. I haven't been there in probably a year! I don't think I've ever eaten out on a holiday! It was nice to not have to cook! One thing I have to say is that I was surprised by all the businesses that were closed on Easter. I mean its a good thing, but I'm certain they don't close to celebrate the Risen Savior. And for Target to be closed is a double shocker! These are the people who won't let the Salvation Army have bell ringers at Christmastime yet they can close on Easter? I guess it's all about the famous Easter bunny, huh?

I went to the chiropractor yesterday but it was a 'guest' one. I don't know what that woman did to my back but it HURTS! I think I'm going to see if I can get in tomorrow rather than Thursday because ever since I left there yesterday I've been hurting (especially my sciatic nerve). See if I let any other chiropractor adjust me again! lol

I began reading Pride & Prejudice. This book is hard for me to read!!! I am forcing myself to read it. I hear how great it is so I want to see for myself but boy it doesn't really hold my attention. But I'm determined to finish it, even if it takes all summer;)

Well, the squirt is finally falling asleep so I need to spend some time in The Word.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Photos from Resurrection Day

cleaning up

I went through my list of friends and deleted some. I feel horrible for doing so but I rarely check blogs these days. And some of those I deleted haven't updated in forever. And I am able to see who updates through my feeder, which makes it easier for me! So, please don't feel bad if you no longer see your name on the side. It's not personal at all. And if you begin blogging regularly again let me know! I know nobody seems to blog as much as they once did. I think facebook took over!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


She sits alone!

Baby blues

Wait, THAT's NOT Mt. Dew!

Handsome boy
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The Ultimate Sacrifice

This song really brings tears to my eyes whenever I hear it. For those from Glad Tidings don't you just picture Zach Eshbach singing it??? Happy Resurrection Day!

Friday, April 10, 2009

more to chew on

I've been reading again. Experiencing God. Some good stuff to chew on that I really wanted to share. Chapter 4 is titled Doing God's Will and these notes come from it:

  • You don't have the ability to do what the Lord commands except to be where He wants you to be.
  • You relate to God, respond to Him and adjust your life so that He can do what He wants through you.
  • Anybody who takes the time to enter into an intimate and close relationship with God can see God do extraordinary things through his/her life- God uses ordinary men (like Elijah, Peter and John).
  • When you believe nothing significant can happen through you, you have said more about your belief in God than you have said about yourself (ouch, this one hit home). You have said that God isn't capable of doing anything significant through you. The truth is, He's able to do whatever He pleases with an ordinary person who is fully consecrated to Him.

1 Corinthians 1: 27, 28 But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. He chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things—and the things that are not—

He chooses ordinary men- then everybody will know that only God could have done that work!

  • If you feel weak, limited, ordinary, you are the best material through which God can work.

And I leave you with a verse I read in Ephesians the other day that encouraged me:

Ephesians 2:22 And in him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit.


Took these of Sweet Pea at dinnertime on the webcam. She's so cute!

Posted by PicasaHmmm, I think she thinks her toes are yummy!

weird dreams

Ok so I was craving egg salad sandwiches this week. Now on to the weird dreams. I know for a fact I am NNNNOOOOOOTTTTT pregnant but boy, weird.

So, the dream last night. We were looking at an older house to rent or something. The realtor took us to the house and began to explain that it may not be in the best shape because of the circumstances surrounding the situation. For some reason I'd figured out that it was a homeschooling family with 8 children and the mother had recently passed away. Understandable why the house wouldn't be completely picked up! And for some reason in my dream I'd heard of a family in that situation so though I didn't know them I'd heard of it all, if that makes sense. (In real life recently a homeschooling mom around here did pass away but I am not sure how many children she left behind).

We looked through the house and eventually children kept popping out of places. They were all shy. We never did see the dad but for some reason we saw the Mom!!! How is that possible when she was dead???? But then I got to thinking maybe she was helping out the family and how she looked so much like Michelle Duggar!

We were then left alone with all these children, plus our own were somewhere in the mix. We ended up staying and having a blast with the kids and spent the night. For some reason I was really mad at Zach about it all because I remember waking up in the morning (in my dream) mad at him. He was downstairs in the house cooking pancakes for the brood of kids- 12 total kids! Eventually they all arose and then my dear Sweet Pea woke me up IRL (in real life) by pulling my hair. So I have no idea what happened. It was a strange one!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

a recipe to share

Last night I tried a new recipe that's in my Southern Living at Home cookbook. I love that cookbook. It's called Busy Moms or something like that so all of the recipes are super easy. This pasta dish was SOOOO yummy!!! I told the kids we were eating at ''Mommy Pasta Garden'' and were just lacking in the breadsticks and salad! I didn't have spinach so I substituted with green peppers. I also added extra cheese on top since we're all cheese lovers. I don't like to be chopping away in the kitchen much (thankfully I have a food chopper) but this one was worth it all! Oh, and I didn't have a food processor for the cottage cheese so I tried my blender but it wasn't working right. It was still delicious. Even as leftovers today for lunch it was scrumptious. You can find how to make this dish here!

spiritual food

Lately I've been into God's Word more than in the past. It helps when you have a friend to hold you accountable to reading! That's what started it all. We read Romans and now we're in Ephesians. Great books! My mom's church has been reading Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby. My mom has been telling me for some time what a great book it is and how much she is learning. It is great to see how much their church is growing spiritually! I knew we had the book but kept forgetting to look on the shelves for it. Finally, I dug it out and opened it up. Yesterday before I did anything else I was in God's Word, reading Ephesians and Experiencing God. And you know what? My day was SO much smoother! Now it is hard to get into the Word right away in the morning with 4 kids. That was probably a fluke thing! It's almost 2 and I've read most of a chapter in the book and haven't done my Ephesians study yet. But I really wanted to share some things that spoke to me from the book. I'm only on the second chapter, but these really stuck out to me:

"God will never give you an assignment that He will not, at the same time, enable you to complete."
"If you were to do everything that Jesus tells you one day at a time, you always would be right in the center of where God wants you to be. Can you trust God to guide you that way?" (italics mine)
Whew, it's 'common sense' stuff but it really spoke to me! I have such a hard time focusing on one day at a time! Especially lately when I think of Zach being gone so much within the coming months. There was probably more I was going to say on it all but my children are being rather rude and interrupting me.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Maybe one day I'll learn to shop alone. This, of course, is difficult with four young children. Maybe I should've learned after my last fiasco when I was dress shopping for myself at Kohl's. My mom bought the kids some clothes and I wanted to try to get Sweet Pea's dresses in a size larger so thought I'd venture to Kohl's. Not alone but with my little ones along. Uh! The girls were good but the boys were just rambunctious. I am exhausted from that little trip! I'm pretty bummed that the particular dresses SP had didn't come in any larger sizes. I could have gotten a different dress but I wanted to get the same ones my mom had gotten her. So I guess I better just wear them on her and pray the weather warms up so she can wear the more summery one. Boy I wish I had oodles of money to spend at that place! Such cute girl clothes, for both baby and Chatterbox. I can't ever find much for my boys though. SP's up, gotta run. Maybe a rest on the couch is in order!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

for all you deprived...

who haven't experienced a pasty look here

do you ever wonder just what to title a post?

Last night I went to a homeschool group meeting. I'd invited a few different friends but nobody was able to make it. It was ok. I saw a lady there that I met back at the September meeting (I haven't been to one of their meetings since November). It was nice to see a familiar face amidst a room of unknown people! As I said before, people here just aren't as open or something. It's like people know people but don't realize if you're a new face. So it was nice to 'know' Angela. I also knew another lady. Guess what she told me? A grocery store here carries PASTIES!!! Her mom is from the U.P. and when we went home I'd brought back a couple of pasties for her mom, who lives here now. So to hear that Dahl's has pasties...I need to head over there soon and get some! What a treat that will be!

Anyway, back to the meeting. They broke up into groups and shared some of the curriculum they use and what they like about it. I saw My Father's World up close. It looks really, really good. I really like what we do now but after seeing MFW I feel like I could switch! I probably won't but its a thought! I also learned about a few other interesting books.

This group is a big Charlotte Mason type group. Which is fine but I'm not quite as CM as most of those people. And not like it matters because I won't be joining it next year anyway. I think I'll join NICHE just to get the discounted price for the conference, but I have to make sure I can go to that first!

I was changing Sweet Pea's diaper a bit ago and noticed she's going to have a tooth popping through soon! Her gums have been swollen for some time now but its really white now, you can see the tooth just underneath the gum. My little baby is growing up way too quickly!

I know there was more I was going to write about but I seriously can't remember what I wanted to say. Obviously nothing real important! I finished the Glenn Beck book already (its on my reading list) and recommend it. It was real good. I think I'll just go kick back and read for awhile while the kids play. Maybe I'll think of something exciting to write later.

Oh, but I'll leave you with this. It's from Glenn Beck's book:

Sometimes the hardest part of the journey is believing that you're worthy of the trip.
Love that.
**Let me clarify that the Glenn Beck book was 'The Christmas Sweater' and not a Mormon book!

Monday, April 06, 2009


Here she is all dressed up and ready to go!

Here's the pictures she took (just a few) while she was gone!

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Hannah and her friend, S.

think spring

I used up all the eggs today and Booty Shaker took the egg carton so I thought we'd make some caterpillars. Sad to say I'm not sure I've ever done this with my kids before! They were so excited! I earned 'Cool Mom Points' today! Score!

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friday's fun

Uh oh! Sweet Pea had a gun so we were all making guns!
Here's the fun we had on Friday while friend, J, joined us!

Silly Boys!

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Had to throw these ones in of Junior Squirrel and Sweet Pea. I seldom get pictures of the two of them for some reason. So sweet!