Saturday, April 04, 2009

the quietest sleepover

Yesterday Chatterbox was gone all day to Teenpact. She went with some of our friends. She had to write up a bill for it, in which she said every home in the state should have a pet (it didn't have to be a serious bill). She had a few other homework assignments to do as well. I missed her terribly when she was gone! I had my friend's 4 yo boy here that while so the boys had a blast playing! I was so excited to hear how her day went. One of the first things she said was, "My bill passed!" Way to go CB! Maybe she'll be a Senator or Congresswoman one day:) Haha She got to tour the capitol and took some pictures. I'll have to share some with you when I load them on the laptop. She sure had a fun day! Thanks for taking her along, Janis!

Since she didn't' have a birthday party I'd told her she could have her friend spend the night after Teenpact. Being that our church is a ways away I said she could stay until Sunday and we'd just take her to church (church is actually closer to us than S's house). She was really excited! She's only had one other person sleep over before and that was probably 2 years ago. I remember that sleepover clearly. I heard her friend, R, giggling all night long and repeatedly had to tell them to quiet down (the boys room was right next to them). Last night the girls were so quiet. I imagine it helped that they were up early for Teenpact and busy all day. We made some brownie cupcake things last night from one of CB's cookbooks. They are yummy! Make a box of brownies in mini cupcake pan. When they come out of the oven top with 2 teddy grahams, 3 marshmallows and 5 chocolate chips. I think they're called S'more Brownies. They're so good! The girls are enjoying their last hours of playing. We're supposed to get a snowstorm so I won't be going to church tomorrow (and if I didn't mention before Zach has a concealed weapons class so he'll be gone all day tomorrow) so S will have to go home today. At least the girls got quite a bit of playing in.


Kim said...

sounds likes CB had a wonderful time at teenpact. Love her bill. That's nice she got to have a friend stay over. MMMM those brownies sound so good. SNOW, yuck!

Darlene said...

Proud of you H. for your bill passing. Keep up the wonderful work you do. Ilove you. Nanny