Thursday, April 09, 2009

spiritual food

Lately I've been into God's Word more than in the past. It helps when you have a friend to hold you accountable to reading! That's what started it all. We read Romans and now we're in Ephesians. Great books! My mom's church has been reading Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby. My mom has been telling me for some time what a great book it is and how much she is learning. It is great to see how much their church is growing spiritually! I knew we had the book but kept forgetting to look on the shelves for it. Finally, I dug it out and opened it up. Yesterday before I did anything else I was in God's Word, reading Ephesians and Experiencing God. And you know what? My day was SO much smoother! Now it is hard to get into the Word right away in the morning with 4 kids. That was probably a fluke thing! It's almost 2 and I've read most of a chapter in the book and haven't done my Ephesians study yet. But I really wanted to share some things that spoke to me from the book. I'm only on the second chapter, but these really stuck out to me:

"God will never give you an assignment that He will not, at the same time, enable you to complete."
"If you were to do everything that Jesus tells you one day at a time, you always would be right in the center of where God wants you to be. Can you trust God to guide you that way?" (italics mine)
Whew, it's 'common sense' stuff but it really spoke to me! I have such a hard time focusing on one day at a time! Especially lately when I think of Zach being gone so much within the coming months. There was probably more I was going to say on it all but my children are being rather rude and interrupting me.


Anonymous said...

I get together each week with a friend of mine and my daughter for devotions. We call it "Tea and Word" sometimes we make hot tea and sometimes we just have sweet tea:) God's word is awesome and making sure to practice his presence each day is even better:)
Way to go,

I am OK said...

Thanks for sharing! I can always use the encouragement too.

Hey - Tea and Word sounds like an awesome idea! I might have to figure who I can join for that!

Becki said...

We did the Blackaby book probably about 10 years ago with a study group at our church. I'll have to pull it out again. I remember it changing our lives :)

Amie said...

I think I did that book in college, or it might of been adapted for college.