Thursday, April 23, 2009


Another day down. It was another busy one too. I swear tomorrow and Saturday I am going NOWHERE. And not doing much of anything. I'm tired of running and being so stinking busy.

We ran to the chiropractor, Walmart, the park. We came home and our baby-sitter stopped by for a little visit. I tried to cook dinner while the kids played outside. It's hard to cook, try to care for a baby and watch all the little ones outside (I missed my fenced yards). No wonder I don't really cook when Zach's away! Because then after dinner is the clean up! And the kids do help but still I get the brunt of the work. The floors still haven't been cleaned but that can wait until the morning. I've got one last load of clothes washing (some throw rugs and my living room curtains...I noticed poop stains on the carpet...thanks Daisy). Then I'm hitting the hay. I'll probably be up late again but at least I'll be relaxing in bed doing so!

While we were outside today Booty Shaker had to use the bathroom. I told him to run in through the front since I was on the side of the house. Well, he must not have heard me too well for her yanked down his pants and watered the lawn! I sure got a chuckle out of that! Oh and after dinner we went for a walk. Then it was time to try to coordinate everybody getting a bath! Such fun!

It's nice that I'm busy in ways but in other ways not so. And Jamie, thanks for your comment about my attitude...honestly I must not come across too accurately in my posts! Because most times I feel like my attitude stinks. But really, there's nothing I can do about the situation so I just try to live it up, well as much as a mom of 4 little ones can! I told the kids that if they are good and go to bed good either tomorrow or Saturday night we can pull out the hide-a-bed and watch movies and sleep downstairs (though I'm going to enjoy my own bed to sleep in). They're excited for that! Let's just see if they're good...

Last night as I went up to bed I heard Chatterbox sniffling. I asked if she was crying and she mumbled something so when I asked again she said her music made her think of Malachi and she was sad. Oh, another thing about her...she met the new neighbor girl behind us. Apparently while they were riding their scooters she asked the girl if she knew Jesus! That's my girl! I was telling my mom how I love her innocence. I was always too ashamed and worried what people would think as a kid to say much about Jesus. But CB has such innocence and I hope it stays with her for a long time!


Kim said...

Wow you ran to the chiropractor w/ all the kids. How did you manage that? Oh how funny BS watered your lawn. Little boys for you. We were out in the woods this weekend and Jalynn had to go. Talk about fun having a little girl who had to go potty in the woods. Oh how sad CB was crying. That so great she has such innocence and shares with other kids about Jesus.Hopefully she does maintain that innocence throughout her life, because the world can still that away.

I am OK said...

CB is the best! Good for her! I am so glad you are so proud of her - that will keep her going.

Another great MOM day - no doubt.

Miss you tons.