Thursday, April 02, 2009

almost friday already?

This week has FLOWN by. It has been so busy for us over here! I've been meaning to blog but never did find time so this morning I told myself first thing I'm going to do is blog. I didn't even go to facebook yet! haha

  • Chatterbox had a great birthday. We had Sonic for lunch and sloppy joes for dinner. One of our friends came over, bringing her a gift and cupcakes! Her friends from across the street brought a gift over in the evening, which was very sweet of them. We watched Chrissa, the new American Girl movie and I played Clue with her. She had a great birthday!
  • Yesterday was her 'second birthday' as she calls it. It was 2 years ago that she was baptized, 'reborn'!
  • Was hoping to get quite a bit of school done yesterday since we didn't do it on Tuesday but that didn't happen. Sweet Pea still hasn't been sleeping well at night so I finally decided to take her to the doctor. Poor girl has an ear infection.
  • In addition to that Junior Squirrel has the fever thing going on now. His appetite seems better but he's still getting fevers a bit off and on.
  • I thought Daisy may have hurt her leg or foot. Well, she did hurt it. She went to the groomers yesterday (its in the same place as the vet). I told the groomer how my son threw her (YES, he THREW our dog and got in a lot of trouble) and how she was limping at first, but running now but sometimes whining about it. The groomer didn't see anything wrong with it and didn't have the vet look at it or I would've had to pay. I'll just keep an eye on her and see how she does.
  • I bought some Silver Biotics yesterday and took some and today I feel SO MUCH BETTER! I SWEAR by SILVER. That stuff is just amazing! I don't think I'd feel as well as I do if I didn't take it. I contemplated buying it because it was expensive but I knew it'd be worth it. After all its for our well-being.
  • Going to try to get some pictures on here today. It's been awhile.


Kim said...

Yes this week seems to have flown by me too. Happy second bday CB. Poor baby. She must of been so miserable with that ear infection. Hopefully she'll get good rest now. Kids are so rough on animals. I think they can take alot though. Maybe she just sprained her foot when she landed. Glad you feel better.Loved all the pictures.

Darlene said...

The best thing in life is giving our life over to our heavenly creator.