Friday, April 03, 2009

love the little baby antics

Let me tell you that I am so in love with my dear little baby. She is such a delight. You know one thing I just adore? When she's nursing she oftentimes looks for my hand and just wants to hold my finger. Or she'll rest her hand upon my breast or hold on to my shirt. I just love the tenderness in those touches. I love how she'll gaze up at me with her baby blue eyes and get a bit of a smile on her face. I love the little crease in her wrist where the fat is and her chubby little fists that hit anything that gets in the way. I'm so in love with my baby!


AmazingGraceTX said...

When mine were babies, I used to love their various smells. How their heads would smell all baby sweaty after their naps. I swear, they smelled good enough to eat. I also used to love how the babies' feet would smell after they were in a sleeper for a while. I know, weird, but boy they smelled good.

Kim said...

How sweet. I miss baby days. I too love those chubby little fists. I love all the baby fat and wrinkles. Babies are just precious little gifts.

Darlene said...

How sweet, you are such a good mommy.