Sunday, April 19, 2009


Sweet Pea's tooth is in real well now (has been for at least a few days). I just discovered for sure tonight that she's getting her other bottom front one. Unreal. Seriously time has just flown with her! I keep feeling like I'm missing out on her, even though I'm trying to enjoy it all. It's so different from when you have your first baby and you can devote all your time to him. With my 4th sometimes I feel like SP gets jipped. I'll be busy doing school with the kids or whatever and realize I haven't had much time with Sweet Pea besides feeding and changing and maybe some smiles and tickles here and there. I guess we make up for it at night when she is pretty clingy! I just don't want to miss out on anything because time is f-l-y-i-n-g!

Earlier she was nursing and pulled herself off of me. As she did her tooth scraped me and I shouted "OW!" The kids were all wondering what happened and Booty Shaker came over to try to see and asked, "Is it broken?" lol I'm still cracking up about it.

Alright, it is really late. I suppose that means I'm going to be really tired tomorrow. The baby went to bed later tonight than usual, so by the time I finished school lessons and my Bible study...and now here I am.

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Kim said...

No matter how much time you spend with them it never seems like its enough, don't feel guilty. I know when Jalynn was a baby I tried to make time go slow too and just wanted to enjoy her, but she grew up so fast. Unfortunately we have no control over that. Wish we did though. Oh My I was cracking up when BS said is it broken. Kids are so cute and funny and always make us laugh and smile. They just bring us so much joy, don't they?