Monday, April 13, 2009

cleaning up

I went through my list of friends and deleted some. I feel horrible for doing so but I rarely check blogs these days. And some of those I deleted haven't updated in forever. And I am able to see who updates through my feeder, which makes it easier for me! So, please don't feel bad if you no longer see your name on the side. It's not personal at all. And if you begin blogging regularly again let me know! I know nobody seems to blog as much as they once did. I think facebook took over!


DDK23 said...

Ha, the way I have been blogging lately, surprised I am still there. Hopefully this next weekend we won't be going off in 12 different directions and I will have some time to make all the changes I have wanted to make. Hope you had a great Easter! Oh and yes we have been going to that same church. We just have yet to like sit down with the pastor to discuss actually formally joining. We just keep playing phone tag oh well:-)

Choppzs said...

Yup, facebook definitely took over for me! lol

paige said...

Funny - when i really got into blogging that fb took over. i just can't seem to get into fb. My blog is my fun outlet.
i've missed coming here forever! Man has baby ever changed. She's a beauty, Jamie... Ah, we are lucky mamas!