Friday, April 24, 2009

skip day

First I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my WONDERFUL Mom. I LOVE YOU!!!!! I'm so thankful for a mother like you! You are the best and I hope you had a blessed day!

Today we ditched school and instead we hit the garage sales. I love that here you have garage sales sometimes on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. I will have to try to get done with school quick so we can enjoy those sales while we're here! The kids love it too! Today we got some things, but not much. A lot of old people were having sales selling old people things it seemed. I got quite a bit of things for Sweet Pea for the fall/winter. I think CB got a few shirts. I got me a sweatshirt, some delicious smelling (Red Velvet Cake and Frosting) body wash and a basket for misc. junk for my kitchen counter. And of course the kids used their spare change to waste on new toys.

At one sale Booty Shaker couldn't find anything and the other two got something. So the lady gave him this ugly old teddy bear. Yuck. I hate used stuffed animals. I think its so gross, even if they do get washed. So when we came home after I let him love on it a bit I told him it was going to have to go in the garbage and that I'd give him some money instead. I said we just don't know what people do with stuffed animals and sometimes there's dangerous stuff in them. So then at a sale we went to this evening they saw stuffed animals and were inspecting them for drugs. Oh boy!

I've had a headache since like 1 pm. I took Tylenol awhile ago. It's slowly somewhat fading. I think I'll have to take something else again soon. My ear is hurting a bit too so I think I'm going to try some silver.

The kids are having their sleepover night. Oh, the weather was up to like 86*! It was real windy though, but it was gorgeous. Now its thundering and lightning out. I guess its a good thing they'll have their sleepover. The hide-a-bed is out and ready for their night. Right now they're playing their new Wii game Daddy sent them (Monsters vs. Aliens). Well, I was playing a bit. They couldn't figure it out so Mom got stuck doing it. I'm a genius! haha Anyway, I'm glad they'll be sleeping down here with the storm. My *big* fear with Zach being gone is that we'll have the tornado siren go off in the middle of the night and how will I get all 4 kids in the basement (sorry if I've already mentioned that before). SO, with them downstairs no worries;) Afterall, this IS Iowa and it IS April which IS tornado season. It was reassuring when I was talking to one friend (an Iowa native) who's so afraid of tornadoes (she was in one). Glad I'm not the only one. I do love thunderstorms now though. I was always afraid of them as a kid, I think because I'd see my Grandma afraid and jumpy (she was struck my lightning).

For awhile I went and sat up on my deck upstairs. I was trying to rock the baby to sleep. It was lightning in the distance. The sky was beautiful- stormy looking yet you could see the setting sun.

Ok, I better get off and take something for myself. I also need to have them finish their game soon so we can watch a movie. Perfect night for chilling out with the chillens! Also want to turn this off and unplug it, just in case I may need it to check weather in the middle of the night (I'm so paranoid)!


Kim said...

First of all I didn't read this posy yesterday, So tell your my mom Happy Birthday for me. I lvoe thunderstorms to. They are so nice to fall asleep to, unless youlive in tornado ally like you. Thats got to be scary. I've been wanting to go to garage sales too, they just dont seem like they use to be on base here. Hope your ear is doing better, geez you can't afford to get sick. Sounds like the kids had a cool sleepover. Wii sounds so fun, Maybe one day I'll get a chance to play it.

Amie said...

Wow, I didn't realize tornado season started so early!