Tuesday, April 07, 2009

do you ever wonder just what to title a post?

Last night I went to a homeschool group meeting. I'd invited a few different friends but nobody was able to make it. It was ok. I saw a lady there that I met back at the September meeting (I haven't been to one of their meetings since November). It was nice to see a familiar face amidst a room of unknown people! As I said before, people here just aren't as open or something. It's like people know people but don't realize if you're a new face. So it was nice to 'know' Angela. I also knew another lady. Guess what she told me? A grocery store here carries PASTIES!!! Her mom is from the U.P. and when we went home I'd brought back a couple of pasties for her mom, who lives here now. So to hear that Dahl's has pasties...I need to head over there soon and get some! What a treat that will be!

Anyway, back to the meeting. They broke up into groups and shared some of the curriculum they use and what they like about it. I saw My Father's World up close. It looks really, really good. I really like what we do now but after seeing MFW I feel like I could switch! I probably won't but its a thought! I also learned about a few other interesting books.

This group is a big Charlotte Mason type group. Which is fine but I'm not quite as CM as most of those people. And not like it matters because I won't be joining it next year anyway. I think I'll join NICHE just to get the discounted price for the conference, but I have to make sure I can go to that first!

I was changing Sweet Pea's diaper a bit ago and noticed she's going to have a tooth popping through soon! Her gums have been swollen for some time now but its really white now, you can see the tooth just underneath the gum. My little baby is growing up way too quickly!

I know there was more I was going to write about but I seriously can't remember what I wanted to say. Obviously nothing real important! I finished the Glenn Beck book already (its on my reading list) and recommend it. It was real good. I think I'll just go kick back and read for awhile while the kids play. Maybe I'll think of something exciting to write later.

Oh, but I'll leave you with this. It's from Glenn Beck's book:

Sometimes the hardest part of the journey is believing that you're worthy of the trip.
Love that.
**Let me clarify that the Glenn Beck book was 'The Christmas Sweater' and not a Mormon book!


Darlene said...

Better read that part about changing diaper and then on to tooth! Somehow I don't think you find her tooth anywhere near her diaper. Just funny. Love you. Mom

Jamie said...

LOL well hopefully you get that when I was changing her I noticed the almost tooth. I sure hope there's no tooth near her diaper;)

Kim said...

Oh how funny about the tooth and diaper thing. Isn't that really the only time moms can see when a tooth is coming in because the kids don't let us look any other time. I'm not sure what a pastie is but it sounds sweet and I like sweet, so sure they are good. Oh about titling a post. I start off talking about what my post is titles then always get side tracked and go off rambling on other things as well.

I am OK said...

I am so crude - I just keep thinking of those tassles that strippers use - aren't those called pasties too?

However - I can appreciate your excitement. I went to a BBQ last summer and a lady had made these mini hotdogs with a sauce I had only ever had in Massachusetts. I asked around the party to find out who made them, and once I found her was complimenting and asking where she got the sauce and she said "oh, I was just home in Mass and picked some up" She even offered to give me an extra bottle if I wanted. LOL

Also in Minot I use to make S take me to the mall to the drug store just to buy cape code potato bread. It was the only place that had it and it was like 3.00 a loaf!

Shari said...

Huh, I thought the same thing as your mom .

Todd was wondering which book you were talking about. I could only remember mentioning the Christmas one to you. So funny. We haven't even read it all yet. Glad to hear it was good. Maybe I should pick it up again since I don't have any Kingsbury books to read.

Christine said...

My Father's World does look really good. I would love to attend a conference! Blessings!