Wednesday, April 22, 2009

oh beautiful day

I forgot to mention how Booty Shaker has been ending up in my bed every night since Zach's been gone! It's one thing that I sleep with Sweet Pea, I still get quite a bit of bed. But when BS comes in I'm the white creme inside an Oreo cookie! The other night as he was sleeping in my bed he jumped up and tried to climb out of my bed. I grabbed him and told him to come lay down and sleep. He was adamant about there being spiders in my bed, two big ones and two small ones. I had to turn on the bathroom light, but that wasn't sufficient for him to see that there were no spiders. I had to move the pillows and blankets around! Finally he laid back down snuggled in my arms! It was so funny!

We had a good time at the Botanical center. Funny thing though, when I picked up my baby-sitter, her mom and sister I had Chatterbox sit in the way back with her brothers. I'm not sure if it was their bickering about buckling seatbelts or that CB moved but Sweet Pea did not like that her sister wasn't by her! She cried the entire way there! I thought I'd have to nurse her, but as soon as she got in her stroller she was fine. She was so content. Until we got back in the vehicle to leave. And she cried most of the way back home! Stinker! I seriously think she didn't like that her sister wasn't by her. Normally she is fine in the car!

The weather was wonderful today. The kids got to enjoy the outdoors. We ate dinner at Sonic and got some ice cream. We ran to the library. It was a pretty productive day but boy I was exhausted. I'm tired of running around! I don't have anything Friday or Saturday (that I remember) and I hope to just take it easy and do nothing but relax. Being the only parent constantly is really taxing.

Ok, I'm going to attempt to make a slideshow of pictures. 'Night.


Kim said...

I love the comparison of you and an funny! You really are getting out and doing alot. Thats so much better than being stuck in a house. I bet by Friday you'll be ready to relax.

I am OK said...

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I sure hope you get to relax on your "days off". I know I get totally exhausted when S is out of town, and I only have one! But you seem to have a great attitude towards it all - how inspiring - keep it up.