Friday, April 10, 2009

weird dreams

Ok so I was craving egg salad sandwiches this week. Now on to the weird dreams. I know for a fact I am NNNNOOOOOOTTTTT pregnant but boy, weird.

So, the dream last night. We were looking at an older house to rent or something. The realtor took us to the house and began to explain that it may not be in the best shape because of the circumstances surrounding the situation. For some reason I'd figured out that it was a homeschooling family with 8 children and the mother had recently passed away. Understandable why the house wouldn't be completely picked up! And for some reason in my dream I'd heard of a family in that situation so though I didn't know them I'd heard of it all, if that makes sense. (In real life recently a homeschooling mom around here did pass away but I am not sure how many children she left behind).

We looked through the house and eventually children kept popping out of places. They were all shy. We never did see the dad but for some reason we saw the Mom!!! How is that possible when she was dead???? But then I got to thinking maybe she was helping out the family and how she looked so much like Michelle Duggar!

We were then left alone with all these children, plus our own were somewhere in the mix. We ended up staying and having a blast with the kids and spent the night. For some reason I was really mad at Zach about it all because I remember waking up in the morning (in my dream) mad at him. He was downstairs in the house cooking pancakes for the brood of kids- 12 total kids! Eventually they all arose and then my dear Sweet Pea woke me up IRL (in real life) by pulling my hair. So I have no idea what happened. It was a strange one!

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Kim said...

It's so funny what we dream. I see you spelled out what IRL was that for me.