Tuesday, April 14, 2009

hodge podge

Today was 'Park Day'. I set it up maybe about a month ago. I invited friends and a few different homeschool groups and circles I'm in. The 'bad weather' place was set to Burger King. We got quite a bit of rain yesterday. This morning it was mostly cloudy for a good portion of the morning so I thought I'd just make the location BK, not knowing what the park was like (wet, muddy, etc) and not sure on the temperature. So, I show up a bit early 'just in case'. I had three friends show up. Another lady came in and I asked her if she was with one of the groups (they're quite large and I don't know anybody). She wasn't but she does homeschool so I invited her to join us, which she did for awhile. And one other lady from one of the larger homeschool groups showed up for a bit. That was it. Out of probably 100 people there was about 5 moms. How sad!

In Mississippi I think we all lived for park days!!! Which is why I miss them (and Mom's Nights) so much. Which is why I went ahead and just started my own. I admit, after I invited all the oodles of groups I wondered why I did that. I'm not very happy with the groups I'm in. But I also thought maybe people would not be so cliquey at the park. Anyway, there was no way to find out! Oh well. Since a friend and I are going to start our own little group with just a small group of friends (does that make sense) we'll just stick to inviting us to park days. Because I will plan one again soon. And a Mom's Night.

I never thought I'd 'start' a homeschool group. I'm just not that 'type' of person. I don't mind helping or playing some role in a group but I'm not a leader. But, I miss the structure of my MS groups. I miss a small, close-knit 'family' of friends. And I know Sadie has things she'd like to see in a group here. I'm so thankful to have met the few friends I have so that we can make it what we want it to be!

On another note, I can't believe Zach leaves this weekend for 6 weeks. Whatever will I do? I know I'll have lots of playdates! We'll do lots of school. Hopefully I'll have a bit of company (the door is open to you all) to keep me sane! And hopefully I can utilize my baby-sitter once in awhile (I really want to start hitting the garage sales).

We had a quiet Easter. We went to a local church rather than our own because Zach's friend was here. It was a great service. It was a quiet day. I fell asleep with the baby. We went to eat at Olive Garden. I haven't been there in probably a year! I don't think I've ever eaten out on a holiday! It was nice to not have to cook! One thing I have to say is that I was surprised by all the businesses that were closed on Easter. I mean its a good thing, but I'm certain they don't close to celebrate the Risen Savior. And for Target to be closed is a double shocker! These are the people who won't let the Salvation Army have bell ringers at Christmastime yet they can close on Easter? I guess it's all about the famous Easter bunny, huh?

I went to the chiropractor yesterday but it was a 'guest' one. I don't know what that woman did to my back but it HURTS! I think I'm going to see if I can get in tomorrow rather than Thursday because ever since I left there yesterday I've been hurting (especially my sciatic nerve). See if I let any other chiropractor adjust me again! lol

I began reading Pride & Prejudice. This book is hard for me to read!!! I am forcing myself to read it. I hear how great it is so I want to see for myself but boy it doesn't really hold my attention. But I'm determined to finish it, even if it takes all summer;)

Well, the squirt is finally falling asleep so I need to spend some time in The Word.


Kim said...

That is really sad that only 5 people showed up. I know what you mean by cliques.I hate cliques. It is very hard to try to invite people when there in a clique because they don't want to abandoned there "clique" and they seem to not want to make new friends, IMO. Well hopefully you can get many playdates and moms nights out, just w/ the friends you have now. Zach is leaving already. Boy I hope time flies for you. That's a long time to be away from ea. other and have to be a "single" parent. I've never eaten out on a holiday before either,but that doesn't sound like a bad idea. No hassle with cooking and you don't have to clean dishes. Wonder why your back hurts so bad? I know they told Jess before, if you have a vertebrate out for a while, it wants to go back out because thats where it is used to be and weak. Yeah def go get seen again, no need to be in pain. Boy I wish I could read like you.I think I finished like 5 whole books in my life...lol

Amie said...

I love Jane Austen's books. If you keep reading you should get used to the writing.

I am OK said...

Ha - I have that book collecting dust on my shelf - I've started it a few times, but never get into it. I am shallow reader I suppose.

~Maria said...

Hi Jamie! I just wanted to stop by and say hello and let you know that I think it was really just because of the weather and the location change that more people didn't show up(bad experience at play place-we avoid them!). I know for us and at least a couple of other moms that I talked to that was it anyway. I hope you do try again because I do think that more families will come in our part of town! Don't give up yet! Hope to see you soon! :)

Angie said...

You can do it Jamie!!! I know how you feel about taking on a project like that too. Never in a million years did I see myself becoming apart of a spouses group on a base (try to avoid catty women!). And now I am the President of the group!!

Look at it this way~you are bringing a wonderful experience to a new area. There may be a ton of Mom's that want a structured playdate & Mom Night Out~but never had anyone take the reins and plan it. It might take awhile to build the group, but you can do it!!!

Enjoy it!