Thursday, April 23, 2009

the head in the drain

After every pregnancy I lose hair. Lots of hair. It comes out in clumps for months. Good ole hormones doing their thing.

So, for months clumps of hair has been getting stuck in our drain. Wouldn't you know our drain doesn't come off? Who's the idiot that makes things like that??? This is the second house we've lived in where you can't take the drain 'cover' off. What if I wanted to clean down there! Last week Zach attempted to take the 'clean out' cover off and put a snake down there. He said he got a lot of hair out. It was quite a bit, but I knew there had to be more. And sure enough the shower was still backed up (and that is so nasty). Finally, last night I took a flat head screwdriver and was hoping to somehow just pop off the 'cover'. No luck. So I just stuck it down there and managed to pull up clump after clump of hair. I was going to take a picture just to show y'all! It was so gross! I felt like I was in a or something and I was pulling a head up out of the drain! Then I thought what a shame it was to lose so much hair...somebody could have used all that to make quite a wig! So that, my friends, is the story of my postpartum, fallen out hair! And now my shower is puddle free!


Anonymous said...

I have been praying over my head each morning in the shower. I don't have allot of hair to begin with and the bible says HE has the hairs on our heads numbered so I keep reminding HIM not to let me loose to much - Is that vain or what:)

I am there with you on this one!

Kim said...

Oh geez, I too always lose hair and I still haven't stopped losing hair, and it's been 2 1/2 years since Jalynn was born. It is really gross getting hair out of a drain.Our drains are the same way. They don't come off either. Ours is clogged too. We pour draino down it but that doesn't even really help. I hate "shedding", I always have hair on the back of my shirt or something. I really hate it when it falls out when I'm cooking and the kids go mom do we have to eat your hair. I wonder if it will ever stop falling out.

I am OK said...

LOL I use an old dental pick - works great on those pesky drains.

Amie said...

Gotta love the postpartum hair loss!