Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Fun Visit

We had a fun visit with my Aunt Cindy. Princess enjoyed her sleepover but it will be the last one for years- she was so sassy today! I know all the kiddos were worn out from running around and playing but there's no reason to be so sassy! Luckily they went to bed real early tonight- I needed that break from them! It is so nice to have family visit and we are always sad to see them go. Princess was crying pretty hard saying she missed Aunty Cindy and we'd just left! Little Miss Sensitive. At least she's sleeping now...she sure needs it! Well, time for me to go and watch American Idol and get some zzzz's myself!
***Oh and Princess would not smile for pictures again...she needs a serious attitude adjustment!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Two Scares in One Day

Today, despite having company, it was quite the day. First I had some spotting. I'd thought I had some a couple of days ago but just dismissed it. Well, this morning I decided I'd better call the doctor. They gave me the whole rigmarole that since it wasn't bright and all, to just take it easy. Then they said they'd consult a doctor after the phone call, but when I told them of my last pregnancy and asked that they tell my doctor they told him right away and got me an appointment for the afternoon. It was great to have my aunt here to baby-sit (thanks Cindy). Well, I wasn't too concerned about it but a bit, but I've been feeling the little one move so figured all was fine but just wanted that assurance. And of course everything was fine. I really disappointed Zach in not finding out the sex...the baby was in the perfect position... I have my regular ultrasound next week so maybe I'll give in but I love, love, love the surprise at the end.

Well, on my way to the doctors I was driving along about to take my exit when some guy HIT me. I was LIVID and shook up! Then it appeared he was going to drive off. I pulled over right away and called Zach (even before I called the police). I finally saw the guy stop so I went up to where he was. I asked him what he was doing driving off, and I was not too happy when I asked! He claimed he was trying to find a 'safe' place to pull over so he didn't get hit...UH, buddy you just hit me in MY lane on the interstate...what are the chances of getting hit on the side of the road??? Then I called the police and the guy got mad- he just wanted us to settle it ourselves and exchange insurance info (I was not about to give him my info when it was not my fault). Anyway, my Prince Charming finally arrived right after the police. I need to call our insurance in the morning but we better not have to pay a dime since it was totally his fault coming into my lane and hitting me. The drivers side is banged up...not terribly bad but bad enough. Why oh why on our brand new suburban??? And he told the cop, "I just looked up and she was there". Where were you looking before that and how did you all of a sudden end up in my lane??? Anyway, I am fine and that is what matters.

Princess is having a sleepover at Aunt Cindy's. When we drove into the campground to drop them off it was just getting dark and she said, "Oooh its spooky in here". But she is really excited- so excited she forgot to kiss me good-bye and goodnight until I reminded her!

Company's Here!

Well, it seems we have some company! My Aunt Cindy is in town! She's stopping by for a bit on her way from Florida back up to Michigan! It is pretty exciting all of the company we'll be getting before we leave here- even if we only get to see you for a day or two! The kiddos are real excited (although I don't think the boys remember her too well) and I need to get us dressed and ready for the day so we can meet up with her. It's a blessing to have the campground across the street!!!

I'm entering another contest!

Along for the Ride is having a contest to win an Ergo Baby Carrier. I have been wanting one of these for quite some time and hope to somehow obtain one before the baby is born, maybe even winning this one!. If you are interested in winning go ahead and enter!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I won a prize!

So far I've been notified that I won a prize! It was a $32 gift certificate for Happy Panda. I ordered this (in green) for our new baby that is due in September. It will be the first new thing given or bought for this baby! I'm so excited!!! Thank you Happy Panda!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday in Pictures

I am relieved we left Iowa when we did what with the weather in that part of the country. I really feel terrible for those of you getting snow! That stinks!

Today I had to do some major shopping. I have maternity clothes but some were too small (how is that possible when I'm barely showing) and others are too big. And some are just stretched out and fall down. So Princess and I went to Martha's Tea Room for lunch. We sat outside and had a delicious lunch. I haven't had a salad that delicious in awhile! I hope to make it back there at least one more time before we move. Then it was off to the Outlets to shop. I tried on so many clothes it wasn't even funny. I had no idea what I'd actually like on me so thought I'd try it all on! I didn't buy nearly as much as what I tried on but I sure spent a lot of money (but when you consider that pretty much everything is $20 a piece you don't get much)! I was looking for clothes for church as well as some summer clothes. I found a cute long denim skirt (looks like this only denim).I bought this shirt which looks real cute with white capri's. We also went to Sonic for a hot fudge sundae as I've been craving ice cream! It was a wonderful date with my little girl!
I must have wore myself out! I came home and fell asleep on the couch! No that is not me, just an image borrowed from the web;)
Now I'm off to cook dinner for a hungry family!


Don't forget to scroll down below the contest post to see house pictures! Some people (like my mom) have forgotten so I thought I'd send a friendly reminder;)

We have a Winner!!!

Using a random number generator the winner is.....mom2boys!!! Congratulations!!! Please email me your address and I'll get it in the mail this week! Thanks to all of you who participated! Now, I wonder if I'll win any of the many contests I signed up for...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Bloggy Giveaway

As if I really have time, but I have a brand new Pampered Chef pizza cutter sitting in my drawer at home waiting for such a time as this. Want to win? Simply leave a comment with a valid email address here (you do not need to have a blog to win as long as I have an email address). To make it fun tell me what your favorite Pampered Chef product is. I am only able to ship to the U.S. To see more great giveaways click here.

*Please note I will leave this on top until the contest closes Friday night at midnight. I'll draw a winner and announce sometime on Saturday. For newer posts see below this one. Thanks for stopping by!


For those of you who can't see images from here if you are interested I can email you some pictures. I forgot to mention that our carpeting will be the same color. I think our counters are different but I can't remember!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Back in the South

We made it home! It is good to be back in our own home, but I'm really missing Iowa (am I weird or what)? The south is just so different from the Midwest...I told Zach the south is like a whole different country! But its wonderful to relax in our home and have the space of a house rather than a room!

The other day Cuddly boy was talking about truckers. On the way up I'd told the kiddos how some truckers sleep in their trucks. I guess CB was quite fascinated by that because he remembered on the way back here. Then he said something about how he wants to be a trucker when he gets big. "And you can be a trucker lady and daddy can be a trucker daddy" he said! It was so funny!

We stopped at a Holiday Inn last night. We'd stopped there in Dec. on our way to Michigan and it wasn't bad. I remember the beds were awesome. Well this time it was a completely different story! It felt so nasty and I felt all itchy! I didn't even take a shower in that place but waited until I got home! I hate nasty hotels!

So we decided our house color will be called "Granite". We couldn't pick the wheat, which was what Princess really wanted and I really didn't want a white color. I'm debating whether a black door will look ok now. I have pictures to post of the house we toured but the laptop has a virus I'm trying to fix as I blog. So the pictures will have to wait another day!

Ever since I stepped outside here I've been stuffed up. It is so annoying! I hope it doesn't last and I sure hope I can sleep ok in my own bed and not be too stuffed!

One last important is my Mom's birthday!!!! Happy birthday Mom!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"I think I'm going to like it here"

That was the song I sang in my dream last night! That thought keeps floating through my head though! It is a bit 'farmy' like North Dakota, but unlike ND there are cities here with things to do! That makes a huge difference! And it makes me not quite mind the farms;) Ask me come January when I'm freezing cold though, and we'll see how much I like it! Oh, and when you pass a semi filled with pigs be sure and block your nose. Cuddly Boy was gagging terribly and had tears in his eyes that I couldn't help but laugh!

The other night we ate at Okoboji Grill. I wasn't sure what it was when we passed it- it sounded like a Chinese place. I was craving steaks and baked potatoes but I said lets try it. I was not disappointed and it wasn't Chinese. I was able to satisfy my craving! The waitress was so super friendly! I don't see that much where we live and it was wonderful to have such good service. It will be somewhere we will eat at again (thankfully there's one in Ankeny).

We've frequented Panchero's twice now! I don't think its as good as Moe's, but it is good. Today we tried Taco Johns (must be on a Mexican kick). I was not disappointed. Those hash browns were delicious!!! I've been one happy pregnant lady lately when it comes to food;) Zach even went and got me an Oreo Blizzard from DQ last night (we don't have a DQ near us).

Besides food there seems like there is a lot to do here (being pregnant food is a frequent thought). On our way to Des Moines we passed a sign for Living History Farms. It looks SO cool and you can bet we will go there!!! It seems like there will be a lot to do for field trips and such (a zoo, science center, etc). There are so many parks and walking trails in the different cities- it is really neat.

This morning we went to Des Moines and picked out the color of our siding, roof, door, floors, counters, etc. It was so much fun to do! Zach didn't really care too much, of course, though he did help with some decisions! I can't wait to see it all put together! Today they're already supposed to pour the cement for the flooring so they're getting underway! We'll have to drive by tomorrow and take a picture of where they're at.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Good news or bad?

We really enjoyed the church! Even before we got in the building we were greeted by people- its a small church and they were expecting us! It was such a wonderful welcome! The people were wonderful- even the children coming up and shaking our hands! And it seems our kids made fast friends with other kids! The sermon was wonderful and the Pastor took us to lunch afterward. It was great getting to know he and his family better, especially after I'd been in touch with his wife for a couple of months via email.

We did more house hunting yesterday. One house (16th house down, in Stratford on Dryden) we went to was out in the country on 2.9 acres and was so beautiful on the outside. The inside was decent but needed work- like major paint jobs, new carpeting and a bit of updating in the kitchen. The bathroom had started being completed but wasn't finished. We really considered the house- it was so spacious, but would require work and money. Some of the other houses were ok, but nothing really stood out. There was one in Ames that I really liked. It had a nice sunroom, a nice playroom in the basement and was cute. Zach didn't like it, being an older home and it didn't have quite the number of bathrooms I'd like. Also, two bedrooms were downstairs and I wouldn't have wanted one of the kids down there alone! This one was so cool. Doesn't look old on the outside but on the inside it was so old- natural woodwork, cobblestone type kitchen floor. It was beautiful, but again not Zach's type. Which was okay with me, not sure its 'suitable' for young children to live in! We looked at a bunch of others but none really fit. I was a bit discouraged to say the least.

I haven't been sleeping well, in a strange smaller bed with hardly any room in the bed! Not to mention the stress of not finding something!!! We didn't have much of a game plan today and that concerned me, but we decided to drive back to Ankeny. Zach really likes this house which is being built and should be done sometime in May. I liked it too but thought the kitchen too small- not much cupboard space. So we met with our realtor and the listing agent and looked at it again. We also looked at another floor plan we didn't see the other day. My favorite of them all was this one which had a 'model' we could actually see The only thing different in the one they're building is that it will be 2 full bathrooms upstairs rather than the 'Jack & Jill' bathroom, which will add a bit of square feet. I liked the open floor plan downstairs. There is one of these being built, but they said it wouldn't be done until July!!! But then we found out if they 'sell' it they'll work on it quicker and put aside some of the work on the other houses that aren't sold. It's got the basement poured at this point and that is it!!! But we decided to make an offer on it and pray that it will be done pretty near to the time we move up. Our offer was accepted!!!! I took pictures of the model but of course I forgot my cord at home so I can't post them until we get back. Tomorrow we go to the builders service center to pick out flooring and all that...but we'll probably stick with the standard options as they are very nice.

It is weird that I'm not more excited about it all. I mean I'm very excited but not jumping up and down! I think I'm just so exhausted by it all at this point and it will kick in at some point! It is weird to think we'll be purchasing another home- a brand new one at that! We will have to build a garage at some point and also try to finish at least part of the basement to add more room. We haven't lived in a 3 bedroom home in a long time!!! But there are families larger than ours who live in homes smaller than ours and they manage! So...we have a home!!! Now maybe we can head back to MS sooner and quit spending money on lodging and food!

(I hope this post makes sense. I am tired and hungry and I'm not sure I'm thinking straight! I also have more I want to post about but just can't think straight!)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

We made it

We arrived in Ames yesterday evening but I was too tired to let y'all know! Plus the kiddos were dying to swim in the pool! We had a pretty uneventful drive up but ran into some heavy rain yesterday. I'm assuming that if we'd been awake we would have felt tremors from the earthquake as we were on the border of Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois. I hear they even felt tremors up here in Iowa! Crazy!

We looked at our first batch of homes today. Some we really liked but they were a bit on the steep end of our price range. Some were ok and others we liked. There are about 3 homes currently being built that we really like, but they're a bit small. They are beautiful though, and quite affordable. We will see what tomorrow brings as its another day of looking at homes!

We also get to try our 'new' church tomorrow. I am very excited for this. I've been in touch through email with the pastor's wife for some time and just talked with her on the phone. It will be so nice to finally meet them!

We haven't had much time yet to explore Ames. Zach mentioned doing it tonight but I think I'm too tired. We've got baths to give, clothes to iron and sleep to gain!

Some funnies I wrote down that happened on our ride up:

Princess: Mom, when we go to Iowa house hunting are we going to be on TV like other people? (referring to House Hunters)

Little Man upon seeing round hay bales in Iowa declares: MEATBALLS!!!! I laughed so hard and when I told my mom on the phone I couldn't even talk because I was cracking up so much!

Cuddly boy asked (while playing with his sandals), "Where's our 'now boots?" He cried when I told him there was no snow right now!!! Thursday night when we'd stopped for the night I walked into the room to find him laying in bed with the hotels Bible on his lap!

And a note to my self: don't stop at 'hickville' gas stations. There are not enough regular gas pumps and you will pull up to a diesel not realizing it. The 'regular' pumps will be full...with a whole 2 cars!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tender Hearted Girl

My dear, dear Princess. Today while I was upstairs packing she was in her room listening to one of her Cd's. I don't know what else she was doing, it looked like maybe writing. A while later she came into my room with a paper with tears in her eyes. I had noticed that she had been listening to 'Amazing Grace' repeatedly and wondered about it. It was the song sung at Malachi's funeral and it makes us think of that now. Sure enough she had drawn a picture of Malachi happy and her sad with a broken heart. I saw it and began bawling which in turn made the tears pool from her eyes. It was so sweet. She's got the biggest heart and really misses her dear brother, as do the rest of us.
I'm not sure when I'll be blogging again. I'm really excited to be leaving in the morning to begin this housing journey.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Comic Relief

I thought I better cheer up the mood on the blog. Maybe it will rub off on me?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hodge Podge

Last night was our last night teaching Cubbies since we won't be here this coming Sunday. I have to admit that while there I was relieved it was my last time. I had a splitting headache (which I've been getting every day) and I had a child who disobeyed me many times that I was not happy with. But I will really miss those kids! They've grown on me- especially the girls I've had the last two years. As I watched them playing games I wondered what they'd be like 4 years from now. Would they even remember Ms. Jamie and Mr. Zach? Well, they'd probably remember Mr. Zach, they love him! He had the privilege of dressing up in the Cubbie costume last night and I think he got a kick out of it! The kids sure loved it.

Today was definitely a Monday. Loads of laundry piled high. School to crack down on. We did go out and play with friends at the Golden Arches though and that was fun! I just can't wait until this month is over! I'm trying to do school with the kids and get things ready for our trip to Iowa, making sure I don't forget whatever important papers I will need for this or that. Oh, and then the disobedience from my about drove me nuts. The one that was the worst today is still up, although he should be sleeping with his daddy- I REALLY could use a break from him!

Speaking of Iowa, we did find a house we like but its about 20-30 minutes from Ames. Which is okay. Zach would rather live in a nice house we can afford and drive that distance than live in a dumpy house. Me too, of course (though I don't have the commute). Zach loves this house but I'm having second thoughts on some things. It's only 3 bedroom (but most are), it doesn't have a garage (I don't think, and I think that's important in the elements of Iowa), and from looking online it doesn't seem like there is much storage space (essential for a homeschool mom). I know it will all work out though! It is beautiful...if only we can get a finished basement and garage added;) Did I mention it is brand new? I'd post the link but I don't want to...I just want to wait and see what we come up with later in the week and then I'll show you. I've got a list of about 20 houses to possibly see! Is that too much??? I think I have too much time on my hands!

Hormones, hormones...I've experienced them well today. Cried twice today at the drop of a hat! Not to mention my spells of getting rather upset with these children, namely the one jumping all over the floor as I type. I guess maybe I should head to bed so I no longer have to deal with it...but I really prefer some quiet not being in my bed! And the back pain lately has been awful! Not sure how I'll survive the 16 hours to Iowa!!! HELP!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

'The Revelation'

The other night Princess and I ran out to the store. When we were leaving she commented on the weather and I began to tell her how it was weird all over- that there were tornadoes in states an snow and ice in others. She then told me, "Maybe its the revelation", apparently meaning the end times. Ah, my girl you are so smart!

My revelation? Subway is my new best friend! I am quite addicted to it lately...I imagine I'll be wanting to stop there a lot on our trip. At least its healthier than many other places!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Park Day

Today was Park Day and we finally got out of the house and went! I feel like I've been so cooped up lately and it was wonderful to get out! I wanted to snap lots of pictures. Princess wasn't too happy about that but Cuddly boy was all about it and was bugging me to take more! The only real smile I got from Princess was when I took a picture of her and her friend. Little Man was compliant and smiled big as always! The weather was gorgeous and the company was wonderful! But when I came home all that fresh air had exhausted me and so no schoolwork was done! Oh well, its Friday! The last few pictures are of the boys at home. They received a package from Nanny & Papa today and love their new drawing tablets and crayons (paperless ones). It has kept them occupied all day! By the way, the boys dressed themselves to match! It was too cute!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Drip, Drip, Drip

Picture loud, shrieking, constant noise. That is how I feel I've been living today. My children are like a constant dripping. I sent them out on the trampoline after school and all they could do was fight or whine. So in they went into their beds. Now they're down here again and I hear it again. I can't stand hearing the bickering between them! One will do something, the other tells and another whines and it is a constant cycle. And right now I'm so tired and lazy I don't really want to do anything about it. So I'm going to lay on the couch and pray the baby-sitter, er TV keeps them occupied until I get up to begin dinner...oh man which should be started soon too. But I am so tired!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Olympics & Art

Today in history we learned about the Olympic games. The activity was to partake in your own 'Olympics' so we did a bit of that, however we were clothed. Don't think the neighbors would appreciate my children running around naked outside!

On your mark, get set...


Discus Throwing (Frisbee)

Arm Wrestling

Little Man's painting from yesterday (I was so impressed with how well he painted)

Cuddly Boy's painting...pretty accurate with brown "fishies"!

Princess is learning cursive. This is something she had to write today. Not bad. I hated cursive and she complains about it yet normally it is much better than her normal handwriting!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Is it really Monday?

***UPDATED TO ADD: It is not a problem of getting a's just well-meaning people at this point. I'm sure we'll have no problem with obtaining a loan, thankfully!

Today has flown by. If I haven't been teaching a child or throwing a load of laundry in the washer I've been cleaning up or on the phone. I've contacted different lenders in regards to rates and all that fun (NOT) stuff. We need to get pre-approved before we head to Iowa next week. The whole house hunting thing has been rather frustrating, to say the least. Some people seem to think we make poor financial decisions and that we can't even afford to buy a house, or at least one over $100K. Our home when we moved here was over that and we made less money so I really don't see how that is possible, but to each his own. Hopefully tonight we will get online and begin the loan process, or being pre-approved for one. It's been one of those days. At this point I even dread going to Iowa and I just wish we were moving somewhere where there was military housing. I don't see how we are supposed to drastically downsize our living space when our family will be increasing within the next 4 years. Whatever. I'm so tired of it. I just want to be in Iowa, in a house that I like and settled with a new baby. Maybe I wouldn't be so annoyed and adamant about the whole thing but I live in my house. It is where I am all day every day. I don't go to work outside of my house. It is my home. Therefore I want it to be a place that I enjoy, one where I feel comfortable in. I know I keep coming back to this house issue but I'm so over it at this point. Hopefully in two weeks we'll know more and I'll be a bit happier about it all.

Cuddly Boy wanted to sleep in underwear last night. Um...he still sleeps with us. So I had to break out the waterproof pad I have plus put two towels down and of course he peed his pants. That's something I won't be doing every night! I can't be waking many times a night using the bathroom myself and then changing him! I know he should be potty trained at night by now but he just can't get it. He also insisted on doing school today and kept breaking out his books. I'm sure he enjoyed mom spending time with him and he did great with shapes, numbers and patterns.

Then they all had to paint today. Yesterday one of Princess' friends brought her a birthday gift, in addition to something for the boys. So all day I was harassed, or rather begged to paint. Finally once school was done (which its really not) they were able to paint. Little Man sure has some artistic abilities, for one of his pictures is awesome! He must take after Zach's side of the family...some of them are pretty artistic.

Ok, off to try to rest or begin dinner or something like that. There is so much to do I can't even think straight. Life is busy!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Lazy Day

Today was the laziest day. I didn't sleep well last night because the thunder kept waking me. We were supposed to get together with friends, but that fell through (and the weather wasn't exactly cooperative). So, I fell asleep on the couch before lunch. It sure felt good but I couldn't seem to wake up all day. After lunch I read for awhile and finally later in the day we took a ride (we had to run to the store and Cuddly Boy needed a hair cut). The kiddos were so well-behaved today. They played Lego's together for the longest time and all 3 of them even picked up together (without fighting)! Then Princess and Little Man sat at the table together coloring. It was such a nice atmosphere today I wondered why it couldn't always be this way! Princess' friend came over to play but we said not today. I really enjoyed the fact that nobody was bickering or whining. I wish more days could be like this...well besides the fact that I was so tired. Maybe the baby is going through a growth spurt?

The excitement of the day was that we saw a suspicious character on the highway and decided to call the police about it. Zach doesn't want me to give more details for fear of the man reading this!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Mathematical Maniac

This morning before we were even dressed you could find Little Man working on his math. Notice he is still in his pajamas. I was about to hop in the shower when he requested to do his math. I can't argue with that! He is always saying math is his favorite thing to do in school! I'm so thankful, since both Zach & I hated it and still do. Hopefully he'll be a math genius so he can help us that are not as great at it. I think he did two whole chapters this week! Go Little Man!


I admit with my apology last week I wasn't as sincere as I could have been. And while I want to drop this whole thing I feel like I could have done better. I was still a bit angry when I apologized and it just wasn't as sincere as could be. This week I've really been convicted about it. I want my life to be honoring and pleasing to God- all aspects of my life. That includes my blog. And while I am human and I like to show you my humanness and not put on a facade, I still need to try to honor the Lord in what I write. So Father, I am sorry for not being as honoring to you as I could with my words. As for my apology, this time I apologize with sincerity. For my readers, I am sorry if I haven't always come across pleasing to the Lord. I will still show you my true colors, yet at the same time be pleasing to God.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Cuddly Boy & The Pledge

I was finally able to capture him doing it! He was being pretty shy about it for a couple of days! Pretty good for a 3 year old I must say!

A Visit to Dr. Buddy

Who, you are asking, is Dr. Buddy? Why its the kids' dentist of course! Princess has had this adult tooth coming in for quite some time. The baby tooth would not loosen up and come out and it had been like this for awhile (she seems to have this problem with some teeth). Last week she managed to hit her mouth on the railing (shouldn't be running on the stairs!). She made that baby tooth go up into her mouth even more! I kept forgetting to call the dentist about it and I wasn't going to at first since they all have check-ups May 1. But I figure I'd better. I preferred for that tooth to be pulled out so the adult tooth can come in better.

Today was the day! She was a bit nervous about it, understandably so. They decided that yes the tooth did need to be extracted. I was relieved, although as I sat there with my daughter in the back I prayed fervently. I wanted her to be okay and wished she didn't have to go through with it! But she was such a trooper and did wonderfully.

Here is her tooth:Notice the small size? Most of her tooth had dissolved and this is what was left! Pretty much it looks like only the part that we could see! It was unreal! I'd never heard of that before! And below you have the cute little treasure box that they put her tooth in!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hump Day

Our AC downstairs has been out for some time now. They're finally supposed to come today to fix it. It's been getting pretty humid down here.

Monday after my doctor appointment we met Erica at the park. It was our first time getting together and I enjoyed getting to visit with her. Hopefully we get to do it again soon.

Cuddly Boy is a genius. Well, okay not really... We've been doing the Pledge of Allegiance before school every day and yesterday he did the whole thing by himself- missing only about 3 words! Then last night he was playing with our Leap letter magnets and comes up to me with a G saying, "Mom, I start with this!"

Little Man did 4 pages in his math book yesterday!!! We really plugged along at our schoolwork and accomplished a lot. Hopefully today is as successful.

Princess is disappointed in the weather. It's been rainy-ish lately. We got her a scooter for her birthday and she wants to ride it! Hopefully the sun shines soon!

Books Recommendations

Becky is hosting a carnival of sorts. If you go here you can read all about it. Pretty much you post about a good book you've recently read. The book she recommends looks good and I'm going to have to look into that one! I've been on a reading frenzy lately (just look at my reading list).

One good book I enjoyed was Cape Refuge by Terri Blackstock. This is a Christian mystery/suspense. It was the first book I'd read by Terri Blackstock and I was hooked. I immediately went to paperbackswap and ordered the second and third books.

Another good one was Between Sundays by Karen Kingsbury. Karen Kingsbury is one of my favorite authors. I love all of her books. Definately girly-girl books. Not something I could imagine my husband reading, although it was about football!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Screams from the Shower

What do you do when you're in the middle of your shower and the doorbell rings??? Your children are the type to go bounding to the door to see who's come for a visit! Well, this was the case just a bit ago. I'm trying to get through my shower and I hear 'Ding Dong'. For a split second I froze then I began yelling, "DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR! DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR! DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR!" I'm certain the person outside heard me, but I am not taking chances! Thankfully they did not open it and Princess came to tell me it was FedEx. I'm sure the man wondered what kind of lunatic was yelling about not opening the door! Oh well, better safe than sorry! Now off to begin school.