Sunday, April 29, 2007


Rumor has it that we are FINALLY getting a TARGET on the Gulf Coast (near to us). You have NO idea how many of us have been whining and complaining to have to drive 45 minutes to get to a Target. It's not like its a teeny tiny town! I sure hope this rumor comes true!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

That Tag...I am Weird

Beth tagged me and here is what you're supposed to do- tell 10 strange/weird/interesting things about you and then tag 10 people. I just did this on my myspace, but I'm changing some of my answers on here. I made it private in myspace, only so my friends can see, because some of it is more personal. Also, some of my answers may not be weird to some of you homeschoolers who are also QF! I get to think of some new ones... I know, I know, shouldn't be too hard considering how weird I am, but, well, it is hard...

1. I cannot swim real well and hate going in deep water.

2. I've always wanted a pet monkey.

3. Growing up I always had weird neighbors- one who said he was the Anti-Christ, one who peeked into my bedroom window through his bathroom window, and somebody who had been a Peeping Tom.

4. I didn't know how to cook until I was married. I could cook up a mean hot dog or box of macaroni and cheese in college, but beyond that I didn't know much. Now my husband deems me a fine cook;)

5. I have a social work degree yet am probably too conservative to ever be a social worker, if I had to be!

6. I never remember movies I've seen. I could look at the cover and read the back and still not remember if I've seen it. I have to ask Zach.

7. I HATE iced tea. Which may not be weird to you Northerner's, but living in the south, sometimes it seems like that is ALL they offer!

8. I had the biggest fear of living in the East and South. I thought you'd always see roaches skittering down the sidewalks and across floors- or flying straight for your forehead! Boy, was I disillusioned!

9. I obsessively wash my hands a million times a day- especially when I come home from somewhere- anywhere. I feel like they're so dirty and germy!

10. I have a fear of the dark. I have since I was a wee girl. Sometimes I lay in bed at night thinking I hear the noises of somebody breaking in or thinking I smell fire. It's from watching too many horror movies as a kid.

There ya have it. I'm too tired to think of anybody to tag, so if you decide to play along just let me know!


I took two of the children to the library today. Little Man found the comic books. I fingered through the one he wanted and it didn't seem too bad. Well, Zach was just looking through it and it was filled with indecent pictures of women! Terrible. Little Man is disappointed he can't have his book. I'm disappointed that they make comics like this. I know nothing of comics, so maybe I'm just naive.

I also got to go to lunch and dessert with my friend Canaan. What a treat that was! We both needed to get away from our children. It is so weird how on the weekends I feel fine, but when the end of the week rolls around I'm a mess. Last night I took a nap on the couch and sulked for a long time. But today I feel ok. It's like Zach is my strength to get through my days. It really helps when he is here helping with the kids. And I know I need to make JESUS my strength, but it is so hard.

I didn't mention that we bought a treadmill last weekend. That is how I've been exercising every day- 7 days straight. Tomorrow I will take a break from it! It sure makes me feel better about myself physically.

I got to sit outside today, soak up some rays and also soak in the Word. It felt good. We haven't been outside much, despite the warm weather because a) the gnats here are TERRIBLE b) the lawn NEEDS to be mowed and I hate the kids playing when there are weeds everywhere (never know where a snake may be) c) I don't want Cuddly boy to get too much dirt in his cast! I can't wait until he gets it off so we can swim and play outside!!!

Have a great weekend! Oh yeah, I've been tagged by Beth and will try to get to it soon...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Welcome to da UP, eh?

Watch this video. It is hilarious. This happened in L'Anse, MI, where I used to live and where my parents still live. This happens to be my stepdad's boss! Quite the strange one, I'd say! I've never met the guy, nor do I intend to, but I couldn't help sharing this, as I couldn't stop laughing.

Blah, Blah, Blah

Well, the week is flying by. Some moments are good, others not so good. Right now I am about to throw away all of the children's toys and books. The boys take out EVERY thing when I do school. It is very frustrating, especially when they take forever cleaning it up. Right now every book is off of the bookshelf in the closet. I purposely put things in the closet awhile ago so that they wouldn't get in there. I put a child thing on the doorknob, but they can still open it. So, tonight Zach will put a LOCK on the top of the door. At times I think my exercising and taking the St. Johns Wort is helping, but at other times I'm not so sure. I wish there were some magical cure for this, as one minute I could be fine, but the next I'm not. They say its 'normal' but for me it isn't normal and so I find myself getting more and more frustrated with how I am.

I forgot to say/post a Happy Birthday to my mom on Tuesday! She is now 50!!! Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you! I wish we could have been there to celebrate with her, but what can you do? I keep rubbing in that she is 50! She certainly doesn't look 50...she looks so much younger.

Cuddly boy had his first dentist appointment yesterday. He did fine. Well, he has to go back for his cleaning on Monday. Why they can't just make the cleaning the same day is beyond me. Talk about a waste of gas!

No big plans for our weekend. Our lawn needs to be mowed, the oil needs to be changed, the house cleaned, yet Zach will be spending Saturday watching The Draft. So, I will try to find something for the kids and I to do so I don't feel cooped up in the house yet another day! Well, I better go and clean up these books that are scattered everywhere...

Monday, April 23, 2007

War? Peace? Sanity?

Our weekend went pretty well. On Saturday the National Park here had an "Earth Day" celebration. We do not celebrate "Earth Day", but it sounded like a cool thing. The kids had fun. They got some free pencils, bookmarks, key chains and things like that. They also got to see a King Snake, baby alligator and turtle. They put the owl away just as we got up to the table to see it. We enjoyed ourselves. It was nice to do something free and something different.

That evening we had our Bunko thing at church. Zach really did not want to go, but he came and had fun. There were about 14 people there (I think). We had a great time eating, playing Bunko and fellowshipping!

Yesterday was filled with church activities, as usual. We're almost done with Awana for the year. Princess will still have choir until the end of May. It will be nice to have a break from being busy on Sundays. I like Sundays (after church) to be family days- a day of resting and spending time together.

This morning we went to playgroup at the park. We had a good time. I figured I'd better get out of the house while I have the chance. I fear losing it with the kids! I've been taking the St. Johns Wort, but with Zach here on the weekend my sanity is better than during the week, so I'm not quite sure if it is working. I have not been sleeping well at night though. My body sleeps but I feel like my mind is constantly going. I've also started to exercise so I hope that will help me to feel better. This afternoon I'm not doing too well in the patience department and so I'm wondering if that stuff is even working. Stupid little things just get on my nerves. I hate feeling this way!!

Friday, April 20, 2007


So, I went to the doctor. Actually, I think I saw a nurse practitioner. A sweet older lady. I guess I have a dense mass on my head...explains the denseness! There's really not much to be done. I didn't really pursue it too much though, either. I just wanted it checked more for reassurance. I had to ask to be weighed. I knew I weighed more than normal and my clothes hardly fit. My butt and thighs seem so huge and I've been disgusted with myself. Well, I have about 8-10 extra pounds on me. So, I ventured over to freecycle asking if anybody has a treadmill. It's worth a shot. I wanted to cry when I saw the scale though! Now, most people say, "You're not fat" or "You're tall" or "I wish I was as skinny as you". But, you know when your body has extra weight on it. And when you're dealing with enough the last thing you want is to feel fat and terrible about your body. Anyway, this lady and I talked for awhile. She offered for me to go on some sort of depression medication. She thinks I'm suffering from PPD. I began taking St. John's Wort this morning. Even before I took it I just felt better when I awoke today. But, she listened and talked and even told me she thinks I'm really pretty. I don't normally get something like that when I go to a doctor appointment, much less anywhere. Not that I think I'm ugly and I don't remember how it came up (probably me complaining about my weight), but it is always nice to be complimented!

I now have a sore throat and drainage. My ears hurt. Princess has been extremely tired yesterday and today. I'm hoping we're well as tomorrow night our Sunday School class is having a fellowship and playing Bunko.

I seem to have emails disappearing out of my box for some reason. Slowly but surely. I know I've received a few and I go back to look for them but can't find them anywhere! So, if I email you asking to resend something, please forgive me!

Did I mention before that Zach has leave in May & June? We don't want to drive all the way home to MI. We'd love to see family but that drive is terrible. So, after throwing out some ideas I *think* we're going to head to Georgia to visit my friend, Kim. I recently mentioned her in another post- we were stationed together in North Carolina. THEN, on from Georgia I think we'll head to North Carolina to see our old friends there. I miss you all SO much and I think this will do me a world of good! It's not definite, but I think it will happen!!! If any of you are on the way, let me know! I'd love to meet some of you guys!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Family Times

The other night we played a few games together as a family. A lady I know is moving away and has blessed us with books, workbooks and games. We played Cariboo and Sequence Jr. Both were fun! Cuddly Boy won both games we played of Cariboo. While it was real simple for Princess, it got the boys to think about numbers, colors or shapes. They love Sequence Jr. Daddy even made popcorn for them- so it was a real treat!

Last night Princess and I made cookies. When my mom was here I found out Princess' favorite type of cookies are No-Bake Cookies. So, that is what I decided to make. As we were making them I was thinking of asking her who she'd like to bring some to and before I could say anything she asked if we could bring some to her friend Alex who lives down the street. She's got such a huge heart for giving! It makes me so proud!

My Boys

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I have recently been addicted to reading Nicholas Sparks books. Normally when I read fiction I stick to Christian material. But, awhile ago I read 'The Notebook' and 'The Wedding'. So, I've ventured further and now I'm hooked. It takes me about 2-3 days to finish one of his books! I've also recently read 'Forever' by Karen Kingsbury and 'A Promise for Ellie' by Lauraine Snelling. It seems there are others I've recently read but I can't remember off-hand. Zach just read 'The Saint' by Ted Dekker in like 3 days (a record for him). It must have been good. I have all these books sitting on my shelves waiting to be read yet I keep borrowing from the library! When I bought the Snelling book I didn't realize it was a new series, a break-off of the 'Red River of the North Series'. When I discovered those books I had to read them just because I'd lived in North Dakota and it was neat to see the different towns they talked about and know where they were or that I had been there. I also have a list of non-fiction books I'd like to read, including 'The Sweater Letter'.

I love to read and my passion has taken off into my daughter. She checked out this almost 300 page book from the library with Princess stories. It was big print and had pictures, but she finished that book in no time at all. But, when I asked her what the stories were about I was disappointed when she told me that in one of them "Belle could feel the future". I looked at the book and sure enough, there was a gypsy and she took Belle's hand and asked about the future. So, we had a lesson on that and straightened out that only God knows the future! Guess I need to pre-read her books to make sure she's not reading things we don't want her to!

**On a different note, Little Man is feeling much better today and has eaten all day. While my stomach has hurt off and on since yesterday afternoon I'm feeling fine at the moment. So far the other children seem fine too. But Zach is dealing with sinuses or allergies. Oh, the joys! Friday I go to the doctor to get my head checked. I have a bump on my head that I've had for like 2 1/2 years from when I had a seizure and hit my head on the floor at Wal-mart. At last I'm going to get it checked out because I hate seeing it on my forehead. Nobody notices it unless I point it out, but I know its there and I see it every time I look in the mirror. I just pray they can find out why it hasn't gone away and what we can do about it!**

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Is this CRAP ever going to END????

This morning Little Man said his belly hurts. He's been laying around all morning. He doesn't have a fever but he just doesn't look good. Princess is now saying her belly hurts, but I'm not sure if she's just saying it. She seems fine and is fighting with Cuddly boy. I seriously don't know how much more I can take of things going wrong. This is getting so old and frustrating and I just have no more strength to deal with whatever comes next. Why does my family have to live so far away???? Anyway, I'm running to the library to get my books I put on hold and hopefully they'll just lay around the rest of the day, behave and let me drown myself in my books (the only way I seem to 'cope' lately).

Update: Little Man didn't eat lunch. We ran to the library, but didn't quite make it there in time without him puking all over himself. At least it was contained on himself, but he didn't like that. I ran in the library and got paper towels to clean him with (since we were just about there it made more sense than just turning back home- he wanted to be cleaned). I was on E and fearful that we'd run out of gas. I got stuck behind every slow vehicle imaginable. Made it home with no gas in the van (was going to stop and get some until he puked). Cleaned up the boy, the seat and I'm airing out the van. Then change Cuddly Boy and his diaper looks like that of a nursing baby. So, is he next? How much more can I take?????

Monday, April 16, 2007


This morning my doctor called. I guess the chromosome test they did on Malachi couldn't really show anything (probably because the baby had been dead for awhile). So, the doctor ordered some more tests to be done on me and since I was headed that way anyway I decided to get the blood drawn today (I HATE needles). In a way, I want there to be a problem with me, so I would know how to 'fix' it in future pregnancies. But I really think that there isn't anything wrong. I do already have 3 healthy children, after all.

The two older ones had dental appointments today. My children are weird- they LOVE the dentist. They did great and have no cavities. Little Man's tooth is due to hitting it at some point and I'm to watch it, but it looks ok so far (no abscess). I am so thankful for that! Next week I'll take Cuddly boy for a dental appointment- it will be his first one.

I'm still in my 'mood'. At times I feel 'fine', but other times I just wanna blow up or crawl in a hole or something. I guess maybe it is still grief and all that. I don't really know, but I feel like a basket case a lot of the time. I hate feeling that way, but I can't seem to change it. But, like always, I press on and I'll get through it all.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

My 'Perfect' World

While cleaning Little Man up from dinner last night he says, "Mommy, you never play with me in my room." I could feel the knife cut deep to the heart. Then Princess pipes up, "Yeah, you never come and play Barbies with me." Twist that knife and the bleeding is severe. Talk about adding to the guilt I already feel.

Last night Cuddly Boy woke up crying. So, I went to sleep with him because I thought I'd just be there a short while and be able to go and enjoy my bed. Have I mentioned that I haven't slept well all week as he's been waking at night? Or that my back is KILLING me? So, he just does not want to fall back to sleep. He's tossing and turning, playing with my hair which tickles my face. He's laying half on me and I'm on the edge of the bumpy, most uncomfortable mattress I've ever slept on. Finally I went back in my was almost 5 am. So I probably got about 3 hours of sleep. And I wanna be a good, patient mommy today, but with so little sleep? I just feel like a bear about to erupt. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it.

As I was laying there, endlessly thinking and wallowing in self-pity I had a thought. Here it is...

If life were differently, this is how my day would go. I'd wake up about 4:30 am to spend time with Zach, make him breakfast and a lunch for work before he headed off for the day. Maybe we'd even pray together. I'd go back to sleep after he went to work and wake up before the children, maybe about 7, so I could read my Bible and pray, take a shower and just enjoy a quiet morning. And when I got dressed I'd feel beautiful and clothes would fit me. Around 8 the children would awaken and I'd greet them with smiles and hugs and cook them a good breakfast instead of them eating cereal. While eating breakfast we'd read the Bible together and pray. We'd clean up the kitchen together, get them dressed and make their beds. We would then begin our school time, first reading together and then working on individual lessons. Then we'd play, paint or bake something together. We'd make and eat lunch together and then have a quiet time in our beds. We'd get up and maybe head outside or to the park or to play with some friends. We'd come home and I'd get dinner started, teaching Princess how to cook. Zach would come home, we'd all greet him and talk about our day. We'd sit down for a nice dinner together, enjoying the company and conversation at the table. We'd clean up together and then we'd sit and read the Bible, pray and read, maybe a classic (we're trying to read Moby Dick). We'd play (including mommy playing with the children), take baths, pray and tuck in the children. Zach and I would have some time together and we'd pray for the children and spend time cuddling, watching a movie, playing a game or something. And this would be our 'perfect' day. We'd have no fighting over toys, sassy words, fits or disobedience- on both the parents and childs part. All would be happy and honky-dory. If this were a perfect world. A woman can dream, can't she? And that is what I was doing last night and I lay there trying with all my might to sleep.

Friday, April 13, 2007

I can't remember where I saw a link for this post as I've read so many blogs tonight. But, this post describes exactly what I'm yearning...go see for yourself. If only you, my blogging friends, lived right down the street!

The Battle Within

Note: This email contains things I've been struggling with. It comes from my heart and has not been proofread to be put in proper paragraphs, so it may jump from one subject to another.

Today marks a month that we laid Malachi's little body in the ground. In ways it seems like just yesterday, but it also feels like ages ago. I feel like life just continues (which it does), but I also feel like sometimes I don't want to move on. I feel like I just want to sit and think about my baby- what he would have been like, who he would have looked like, what it would feel to hold him in my arms, to comfort and nurture him. And I won't ever get those times to cherish with him. I feel like the rest of the world has forgotten that we recently lost him. Life just continues on as normal, and there is no mention of Malachi. Which is fine, at times. I don't expect him to be brought up in every conversation or email but he is never far from my thoughts. Even my children talk about him less and at times it grieves me. Just yesterday Little Man asked if I had another baby in my belly. Oh, how I wish. I keep thinking that in a 'perfect' world I already would have had the baby I lost back in August, so we'd be enjoying a baby in our home. In a 'perfect' world if that baby hadn't been formed then I'd be 24 weeks pregnant with Malachi. I'd be feeling him move, kick and hiccup. In a 'perfect' world Cuddly Boy wouldn't have broken his leg, because if Malachi hadn't died we would have gone to that friend's house back in February and not Monday when his leg got broken. Of course, this isn't a perfect world, but you do think of things like that (at least I do).

For the most part I am ok. I don't constantly think of Malachi (who has time with three other children). And that bothers me. I know I shouldn't be consumed with thoughts of him, but sometimes I feel like I should think about him more. Sometimes I feel like maybe I'm being punished by my babies being taken away and with Cuddly Boys leg. Maybe I'm not a good enough mom. I yell too much and don't discipline properly. I don't get down on the floor and constantly play with them. Sometimes I spend more time on the computer than doing things with my family. All of this eats away at me at times and I wonder if I'm just not cut out to be a mom and if I will even be blessed with more babies. I'm having the hardest time even picturing anymore babies in our family and that bothers me too. I'm fearful to get pregnant again (and don't anticipate 'trying' for awhile), but at the same time my heart and arms ache to hold a baby- MY baby- in my arms. I keep hearing news of other ladies expecting, and while I'm thrilled I'm also angry, jealous and sad. Why them? Why not me? Am I undeserving? Then all of that guilt sets in again about possibly not being a good enough mother. Or wife. I know there are things I should be doing that I don't do. There are things I do that I shouldn't. I know it all and yet I can't seem to change. Will I ever change? I know God wants better things of me, but how? When will I wake up and change my ways? You'd think I'd already have had a wake-up call.

Sometimes I feel forgotten. So many phone calls, cards, emails, visits in the 'thick' of our storm. But now? My phone barely rings. My inbox isn't as full. Visits? What are those? You see, my heart still hurts for the one I lost. Like I stated earlier, I feel like everybody else has forgotten. They don't have to live with the knowledge that their body is not as it should be. Which is a whole other problem of mine. I feel so fat. I hate my body. After all, it can't seem to continue a pregnancy when it should. My thighs are becoming thunderous...every step I feel like the boom, boom, boom gets louder. My waist disgusts me. Normally I have a baby, nurse and am tiny. Well, the past two times I've been pregnant, lost the baby, and while not gaining too much weight, I've also not been able to lose it. And it makes me mad. If I'm not pregnant, then I want to be skinny and to feel good about my body.

Another thing that has been bothering me is my social life, or lack thereof. What is a social life? How do homeschool moms socialize??? I know there are park days, field trips, etc, but what if those don't work out? I think I feel lonely. You see, in North Carolina and North Dakota I had close friends. Sometimes I think I have them here, but not always. Well, my friend, Angie, has been a dear to me and always calls to check up on me (and I appreciate that, Ange). But she's moving this summer. So, then what? Why can't I seem to just have at least 1 good friend. Somebody to talk to when times are tough. Somebody to pop in on spur of the moment. To share lunches, play dates, laughs and tears? In NC I had a friend, Kim. We were always together- our children always playing. I know life is busier as I have added on a child since then, in addition to having 'school' now, but homeschool moms still have close friends, don't they? Maybe I'm just feeling sorry for myself today. I miss my friends, my family, my babies. I feel inadequate in my life right now, like I just can't get a handle on things and do what I should be doing.

I just wanted to be honest. On the outside, I look ok. I look normal and sound like things are fine. And sometimes they are. But, I just feel such an inner battle right now. And I hate it. And I hate that I'm burdening you all with more of my woes. Well, if you don't like it, then just quit reading my blog...because its MY blog!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Right now, Princess is copying the Preamble to the Constitution. Did I tell her to do this? No, she asked if she could write it! She LOVES history, just like her daddy. Today we talked about George Washington, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. I love watching her fascination as I read facts to her.

Little Man has amazed me the past few days. When my mom was here she asked him if he could write his name, and she spelled out the letters and he wrote them down. Besides the J being backwards he did an awesome job! We bought the three Explode the Code Primers for him and I started that with him yesterday. Thanks for telling me about those, Canaan. He loved it and he even knew what sound F said (I was amazed). I just never really think he pays attention, and here he does.

Poor Cuddly Boy is trying to adjust to his cast. He scoots himself all over the house on his bottom and sometimes I'll find him crawling with his casted leg trailing behind. It is so pathetically sad, yet cute. Makes me think of a baby! At times he still says he doesn't want it on him, but hopefully he'll get used to it. I think he is killing my back though. Yesterday afternoon my back really started hurting. I couldn't figure out if I was getting sick and achy or if it is from carrying him around. I really think its from trying to carry him. It will be nice when he starts walking on it! I was able to get the dentist appointments moved up to Monday. Thanks for everybody's advice on that!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More Pictures


Well, we were playing at a friends house. I'm not sure exactly what happened as I didn't see it. Little Man said 'the boy' kicked Cuddly Boy (which wouldn't break a leg). Cuddly Boy said he was pushed and the other boy said that he was carrying him and dropped him. Which makes the most sense, and being that the other boy is the oldest I think I tend to believe it. So, I think he fell on his leg when he was accidentally dropped. He was up 3-4 times last night and I barely slept! I have a splitting headache and my throat really hurts. I have attitude problems with my other two today and poor Cuddly Boy keeps saying he wants his cast off. He still won't walk on it yet, but will at times stand on it. And he is able to scoot around on his bottom a bit, but mostly I have to carry him everywhere. Which is fine, I'm sure in time he'll be walking and happy as usual. The house has never stayed as clean as it is since he's been able to move around!!! Anyway, thanks for your prayers. Hopefully I'll get to pictures this afternoon.
**Update: Little Man's front tooth seems to be turning black for some reason. It doesn't hurt him, it appears a bit loose and is coloring. It is very strange. I need to call the dentist, but he has an appointment in less than 2 weeks anyway, so I may just wait. Princess has a small rash on the side of her face. Seems we're all falling apart!

Monday, April 09, 2007

What's NEXT????

That is what we're asking ourselves tonight. This afternoon, Cuddly boy broke his leg. Poor boy has got a cast covering his entire leg. I will update more later as I have pictures I want to post and all, but I just wanted to ask you all to pray. He's gotta wear it for 4 weeks. Now, I can't imagine this active 2 year old in a cast, but the doctor said it won't stop him from running around!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Rest of the Week...

We've been keeping busy and having fun but I wanted to write a bit. A few nights ago we did some Resurrection eggs. I found the idea in Little Man's school book and had to try it. Here is what you do:

Gather 12 plastic eggs and number them 1-12. Fill each with the corresponding message, scripture and small item as listed below. Open the eggs in order, and discuss how each relates to the scripture. (I had the eggs for the children to find, since we don't do 'Easter').
1. Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. The people waved palm branches. Matt. 21:1-11 Piece of a palm branch
2. Mary poured expensive perfume on Jesus' head. John 12:2-8 Small cloth with perfume
3. Jesus shared the Last Supper with His disciples. Matt. 26:17-19 Piece of cracker or cereal
4. Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Matt. 27:3 Three dimes
5. Jesus carries His own cross. John 19:17 A cross
6. Soldiers place a crown of thorns on Jesus' head. John 19:2 Small, thorny branch
7. Soldiers cast lots for Jesus' clothes. John 19:23 Swatch of fabric
8. Jesus was nailed to the cross. John 19:18, 37 A nail
9. They gave Jesus vinegar mixed with gall on a sponge to drink. Matt. 27:34 Piece of sponge
10. Spices were used to prepare Jesus for burial. John 19:40 Some whole cloves
11. The stone covering Jesus' tomb was rolled away. John 20:1 A small rock
12. The tomb was empty- Jesus was alive! Matt. 28:6 (Leave egg EMPTY)

I thought this was so much fun and so did the kiddos! Today we are going to make Resurrection cookies. We've never made these before and it will be neat to see them in the morning!

We went to New Orleans on Thursday. Got stuck in major traffic over a bridge as they were doing some roadwork, so that put us over an hour behind when we should have gotten there. Oh well, we still had a really great time, as you can see from the slide show. We even ran into some friends from church there! My mom had never been to NO, not like it is much to see, especially since Katrina. We drove through the French Quarter and even drove down Bourbon street. I love the architecture of the buildings, but it is not the safest or Godliest place, that is for sure! Those balconies with the plants hanging...ah, it was beautiful!

Yesterday Zach and my mom went to shoot his 9 mm. If you know my mom, you know she likes to hunt, but she's not too familiar with a handgun! It was so nice that they went and did something like that- the first time ever! They're definitely improving on mother/son-in-law relations!

Then last night Zach & I went on a date. Thanks to Christine, my dear sister in Christ (whom I've never met in person), for the gift card for Cracker Barrel. So, we went to eat and then walked around Barnes & Noble. I know, I know, how geeky- but it was a totally free date! Free baby-sitter (Nanny), free dinner, free browsing the books. Boy, could I spend a lot of money in a bookstore! Zach wanted to go to the movies but we really couldn't afford that. And we didn't just want to come back home! After we got home we put the kids to bed and played Life and Scrabble. I, of course, won both times. No conceit going on here;)

This morning my dear mother cleaned my oven. It was so gross. I really need a self-cleaning oven, but at least I have one that works! I am so thankful that she did that for me. I couldn't do it when I was pregnant and I just didn't feel like doing it. She is such a wonderful mom!

Not sure what the plans are for the rest of the day. We were supposed to garage sale, but there weren't any advertised, plus it is so chilly out. I know Kelly is supposed to be driving through our area this weekend, so I may possibly get to meet her!

Hope you all have a blessed Resurrection Sunday! He is Risen!!!

At the Aquarium!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Pictures from the Weekend

Here is Princess- the birthday girl!

Cuddly boy had fallen asleep under his bed twice in a row- so I had to capture a picture. It was actually dark in the room when I took this!
Cuddly boy enjoys hanging like a monkey!
Little Man really enjoyed the monster truck at Chuck E. Cheese!

Little Man
Daddy and Cuddly Boy enjoying some jet skiing!
Princess and Nanny had fun on the roller coaster!

These are pictures from the weekend. We had so much fun at Chuck E. Cheese celebrating Princess' birthday- just us and my mom. It was my mom's first time ever going there! Princess was very excited to be going there for her birthday- that is all she had talked about wanting to do! Nanny (my mom) had problems with getting her luggage- it didn't get here until a day and a half after she got here! Pretty frustrating! So, she had to go out and buy some clothes. We have been having a lot of fun- shopping, eating out, shopping, playing, shopping. Have I mentioned we have been shopping? Zach will have the rest of the week off. We may be heading to New Orleans, maybe to a museum, the aquarium or zoo. Yesterday we went to Mobile, AL for the day. Hopefully we'll get some cool pictures with Nanny & the kiddos someday!

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Well, I have attempted numerous times to get the video on my blog, but it just is not cooperating! Princess ended up getting very scared before she was baptized- she was afraid she was going to drown! Poor girl! But, she is now a baptized daughter of Jesus Christ! I am SO proud of her! Here are a few pictures!
This is before church and then before she was immersed.

Here she is with Dr. Mike, our pastor. You can tell she's very nervous- she was really clinging onto him! This is our baptized girl- shivering and shaking and still not fully recovered from fear!