Saturday, July 30, 2005

Home Again, Home Again

We are finally back home. Boy, I never thought I would be so glad to be home but I sure am! Being gone for almost a month and a half was too long! We had such a nice drive back down though. We took a different (much longer) route, but at least we got to visit some family along the way. I was gone for so long that I forgot where I kept certain things! Now that is bad! I felt a bit disoriented in my kitchen. I am already unpacked and the house and van are clean, so now I just gotta grocery shop and then I can kick back and chill in my own home. The kids are so happy to be home too. They went to sleep so early last night and when H woke up this morning she said she slept so good! I have to admit that I slept better than I had in a long time! I had a great time in Michigan, but it is great to be home again. I am really looking forward to getting back into my own swing of things. I can't wait to catch up on blogs, emails, egroups, etc.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

We Are Family

As I sit here waiting for the minutes to tick by when I can leave to pick up Zach from the airport, I reminisce about some of my times here in Michigan thus far. I have had a fabulous time.

Last week we had our 'family reunion'. My uncle and aunt that live in Washington and their two daughters and their children all came to the U.P. to visit. My cousin from Indiana and her family also came up. My uncle from Washington was in the Army, so we never really grew up around them or saw them often. I think I heard somebody say it had been like 15 years or something since we'd seen them. It has been a LONG time! So, I spent the week up at another cousin's house so that I could be around all week to spend time with everybody. What a fun time it was! It was so neat to have our children get together and play. We had a huge family picnic at the beach one day and that was a blast. One night us 5 older cousins and spouses (besides Zach) went out to dinner. We had our parents baby-sit. There were 12 children under the age of 6 and there were only 5 or 6 adults! I bet they had fun;) We sure did as we talked about everything from being kids and driving our grandma nuts to boobs and balls and the likes:) I guess that is what happens when you get parents together. I was bummed that Zach wasn't able to be there to meet all the family and be a part of a fun week with me. Seems he always misses out on things like that. I had my school reunion Saturday, but I skipped it. I had only went to that school for a year and a half so I didn't really have many strong ties there so I decided not to go. I had had such a busy week running around that I decided I better take it easy at least one day. Sunday I was able to go to Marquette and go to church there. Our old campus minister is pastoring a church and it was neat to go and see him. Reminded me of His House all over again in a way. We had a little get-together at one of our college friends' houses with about 5-10 people and their families there. That was super fun too. Even my kids had fun playing with all of their kids. Again, Zach had to miss out, but today is the day he comes home! I can't wait to see him! Until next time...

Saturday, July 09, 2005


I have been SO busy that I haven't had any computer time. We have visited with many family and friends. I got to see my friend, Rebecca from high school that I probably hadn't seen in like 8 years and her two kiddos! That was a good time. I also saw an old college roommate and her two girls. We have seen most of our family now, but have yet to see my dad. One of these days we'll make it there.

We had a good 4th of July. Took the kids to the parade in Baraga and they got to see Grandpa Larry marching for the Legion. Then we went to the campground where Aunty Cindy was camping and had a fun time. Another U.P. thing occurred that day- it was about 100 degrees at the parade and about 2-3 hours later the temperature dropped 40 degrees and it was only like 60! It got so cool we could see our breath! We were going to watch the fireworks but H & J were so tired they just wanted to come home and sleep. So, we watched about 2 and drove off:)

The weather has been messing with my sinuses and allergies. I feel like I've been coughing since before we came up here! I think today the kiddos will finally be able to swim in the little pool I bought them. It is a hot one. Speaking of weather, hurricane Dennis is on the move. Zach will have to go and stay in a shelter tonight. At least it looks like it will be east of us. I just feel SO bad for those people in Pensacola as it looks like they'll get hit AGAIN! That is the only thing I hate about the south is the hurricanes.

I am really looking forward to when he can come up and vacation with us. Although coming home isn't much of a vacation when you gotta try and squeeze everybody in for a visit in a limited time. I also can't wait to go back home- to my own home. I am hoping that it is intact and clean when I get back:) I'm hoping maybe we'll drive through lower Michigan so we can stop and see some family along the way. I'd love to meet our nephew when he arrives!

Anyway, just a quick update...It will be nice when life returns to normal in Mississippi in August!