Monday, August 31, 2009

Another year older...

I honestly cannot believe I am 32. I remember other people being 32 and me thinking it was getting up there. Not old but not young. And now here I am, one of them. When I first met a few of my friends over the years they were about 32. They were great sources of encouragement to me as a somewhat new mother, being more seasoned in their roles. I only pray and hope that I will be that source for someone not as 'old' as myself, that God will use me the way He used those women in my life who were in their "30 somethings".

I had a great birthday. Got up and Zach gave me my gift- an iPod touch. It is really cool. I really wanted a new phone (my contract is up soon so I'd have to wait), with the features of the iPod but oh well. I didn't like the price tag that went along with my gift, although it is extremely thoughtful of my husband because he knows how much I like my gadgets and internet! I had fun learning and playing with my new toy yesterday!

We went to church and heard a wonderful message about Joseph. Sweet Pea slept through part of it so I only missed the announcements and maybe one song! Zach did step out with her toward the end. I walk away so encouraged by the Word of God being preached. This church has cell groups. I mentioned about it to Zach last week. Apparently Zach gave our info to a guy we met weeks ago and talk to just about every week, regarding the groups. I'd love to be in one (I miss our CARE groups from Faith Alliance), but I just wanted to mention it to Zach and let God do the rest...

We didn't do a whole lot yesterday. I enjoyed sitting and playing with my children. Chatterbox put on a fashion show with me with her stuffed animals, as my birthday present. She wanted to play Clue with me too, for my birthday, but I told her that's HER birthday wish not mine! We went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. YUM! It was SO good. I got a mixed drink, wanting to test if I'd get carded still. I don't even drink!!! There's a Mudslide type of drink or something I've been wanting to try for awhile and never do (only because with the chocolate it looks good). Well, I didn't see that on the menu so tried something else. Yuck, I hate the taste of alcohol! No matter what it is it's so strong to me. Then I also wonder about my 'Christian witness'. I swear I recognized a lady there from one of the homeschool groups! Oh well, I didn't lose sleep over it! Anyway, I didn't even get carded so I guess I AM getting older!

The kids mentioned to the waitress that it was my birthday and she asked if I wanted to 'sit in the saddle'. I busted out laughing! Uh, not quite! She still did bring me a dish of ice cream, which mostly the kids ate. There was no way I'd embarrass myself by sitting in a saddle. Now my kids all want to go their on their birthdays so they can sit in said saddle! Funny!

It was a great day. Now tonight I am having a Pampered Chef party. People didn't really RSVP so I have no idea how many to expect here! Yikes! I hate that! We did school today and got quite a bit done without too many tears! Why does my 9 year old whine over mistakes on math???

Oh, and the best mom is coming to visit on Thursday! I just found out on Saturday! I guess she was trying to surprise me! Maybe she's making up for giving away the surprise that was in the card! I was surprised indeed. I think she'll stay until Monday or Tuesday (I forget which day) and then we leave Wed. for my brother-in-law's wedding in Connecticut. Exciting times!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

voddie baucham

This here is a great article. Please take the time to read it! I wish I hadn't missed our state's homeschool conference where Mr. Baucham spoke. I've heard such great things about him. Maybe I just need to order some of his materials!

Pray, PRay, PRAy, PRAY

I have a couple of requests I'd ask you to please, please pray for. First, my cousin Sherry's husband has cancer. Here is my latest update from her:

Here's the latest on Paul:
*His cancer is stage 3, but the doctor said that people put too much emphasis on those numbers, and even if it was stage 4 they would give him a 50% cure rate.
*Paul has to have all of his teeth pulled before they start radiation. He goes to the dentist on Tuesday for that.
*We have to go to Marquette 5 days each week for 7 weeks for radiation treatments.
*Chemo will also be necessary and they'll schedule it around the radiation treatments.
*On a scale of 1 to 10, Paul's pain will be at least a 9. Apparently there are a lot of nerves in the neck area and that's why it's a bad spot to have cancer. They said pain wise brain cancer would be easier.
*The PET scan did not show where the cancer actually started, which has the doctors puzzled. We went for a tonsil biopsy today and are hoping that's where the cancer originated. If they can pinpoint the origin, they can aim the radiation directly at it instead of basically covering a larger area and hoping they get it all.
*Paul won't be able to eat solid food after about 3 weeks of treatment. We are really going to have to get what nutrition we can into him, otherwise he'd end up on a feeding tube and I know he would not like that. I guess people get sores in their mouth and can't eat, etc. This is all just so scary ~ I still feel like we are talking about someone else.
*We got denied for Medicaid....go figure. We have no health insurance. We had to let it go last Jan. because we just couldn't afford it.........not sure what will happen in that area. We will apply for disability next. He should be on it for his back anyway, but you'd think cancer would certainly be a disability. Nothing will surprise me though.
I can't think of anything else right now. I just know that Paul is really nervous and I have to be the strong one and get us through this, even though I've never been more scared in my life. My brain cannot even consider any outcome other than the cancer being cured. I just can't imagine anything else, and maybe that's a good thing. I don't think it's really sinking in my brain yet ~ in a way it is but I still feel like "maybe they made a mistake", I don't know. Sorry, I'm probably rambling......nerves, lol. I'll let you know as I know more.

Please pray for them. It is unreal and hasn't even hit me yet. I spent more time with Sherry this summer when I was home than I probably ever have as an adult. It was just so nice to visit with her and that side of the family that I barely get to see.

On another note is prayers for my friend Jennifer. I've known there was a 'situation' for awhile and to be praying and only recently was brought to 'light' on what it was. Her husband is seeking a divorce. They have two small children, ages 4 and 2 and she is 7 months pregnant. I'm not sure what triggered it, but it's almost like he's not thinking straight. He was leading a small group for their church and seemed to be growing in Christ, left for a TDY and then called and told her the news. He's been home for not even 2 weeks yet and just moved out last night. Jenn meets with a lawyer tomorrow. He is supposed to be meeting with a church elder sometime in the near future. It is such a devastating situation, so much more than I can type here. My heart is breaking for my friend and her family. Please pray for them. Pray that his heart turns back to God. Pray that he just hits a brick wall and realizes the mistake he's making here. Pray for Jenn, the children and the unborn baby (she's already been to the hospital a few times with many contractions).

Thank you so much my friends!!! I've seen God work in other situations and I know He can work in these ones as well.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Today must have been a day for milestones. I guess Sweet Pea thinks she can turn 1 and do it all! First, she took her little ride-on and pushed it to the loveseat. She climbed onto it and sat on it on her knees for awhile. Then she proceeded to climb onto the loveseat! I couldn't believe my eyes! A bit later she was standing against the couch but not holding on. Then I sat on the floor to see if she'd walk to me. She took one step and fell. I got her standing and she took two steps and then fell! My sweet baby is growing up and I don't feel ready for it! I love seeing her learn but I just want her to remain a precious baby for a bit longer. Yesterday I had her weighed at WIC. She's 20.4 lbs and 27 7/8 inches long. I guess I can put her foreword facing now!!! I'm going to wait until closer to our trip out East, so it's more of a 'treasure' for her!

Booty Shaker started his math today. He did 5 pages all on his own! Granted, there were only about 3 problems on each page. He was saying before math that he didn't want to do it and he hates math and yet he was so eager when he got started!!!

Junior Squirrel wrote his first journal entry today. In our Spelling they write journal entries. I hope it will get him better at writing and spelling and to process thoughts. He had to write about his summer vacation. He only wrote about 4 sentences but with this writing and a writing program I'm going to do with them this year I'm sure it will help!

Chatterbox has been a huge helper. She's been doing chores around here without me helping. Today I finished my lunch and took SP upstairs to put her for a nap. I expected to come down and have to clean the kitchen but here was CB cleaning up! Later on I found her cleaning the downstairs bathroom! It's not the first day I've seen her doing work that I never asked her to do. I haven't even stated it needed doing! Way to go my big girl!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

blessed day

How has a year already gone by? It sure has flown!!! About this time last year I was told I was able to go ahead with the c-section, that her lungs were developed. What a relief as I was in so much pain with the kidney stones and all. To think that I'd had an amnio and was willing to be cut open again! What a blessing our little girl has been to us. I just am amazed that it's been a year! We love you dear girl!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009


The party went real well. We had 4 other children here, so when you factor that in with my 4 it was just the right number! The kids played kickball, had a water balloon toss, ate cake and ice cream, opened gifts and played. Everybody was great and got along great. I managed to get everything done I needed to and actually was relaxed during the party! Thank you to those who came to celebrate with us and make the day a special one! It is so hard to believe how much my babies are growing. We went to McDonald's and were going to let the kids play there but realized that we didn't have socks so we took the food to a park. I got some awesome pictures there. Sweet Pea sure loves the slide! She eventually conked out last night! Oh boy, did she ever dig into her cake too! She didn't hesitate in the least about it but just dove in. It was really cute! Guess she'll have a sweet tooth like her mama. Today I'm trying to clean the house a bit but also want to spend time loving my children and playing with them. Since we did so much celebrating yesterday we probably won't do a whole lot today. Happy birthday to my boy!


I cannot believe my little guy is 5. He was the baby of the family for so long it just seems unreal that he's already 5! BS, I love you so much and I'm so thankful for the blessing you are in our lives! I pray you have the best birthday today!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

party planning

Wow, it took about 4 hours to shop this morning! I had birthday presents to buy (from us and my mom, who sent money), party supplies to get and more! Insane! I feel like I spent way too much money, but my mom had a good point- it was for 2 children not just 1! I took the girls with me. We had lunch at Culver's. Yum.

I attempted to get all of the gifts wrapped and hope to decorate once the kiddos are in bed. We were going to go to 'The Bash' tonight. I was really looking forward to going. I had gotten a card back in July at the Summerfest parade about it. We did a drive-by and it didn't look like what I'd imagined. It had said something about games and I thought like virtual type games, plus I knew it was a Christian concert. I didn't see any games. They were supposed to have free food but I didn't see that. I saw a bunch of teens skateboarding. So we went out for pizza instead. Zach didn't get to try this pizza place I took the kids to when he was gone called Wig and Pen so I said let's go there. Oh yum! ONE piece of pizza FILLS you up! Although now that we're home again somebody is digging into the leftovers already! Piggy! I hate the service there though, its just not the best. But you can't deny that the pizza is the best ever. I was pretty bummed about The Bash turning out to be The Dud.

Speaking of bashes, tomorrow is the 'big' birthday party. As far as I know only two families are coming, with is 4 extra children. It's nice that its not a huge crowd yet at the same time I think back to Chatterbox's and Junior Squirrel's first birthdays and the huge parties they had. Booty Shaker didn't have a great turnout either as everybody was preparing and evacuating for Hurricane Katrina then. Oh well, we'll still have a great time! And I will be glad when it's all over- parties, no matter how small can be such work!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blogger hates me

And I'm honestly not fond of it. The picture issues and now I can't even get to it without doing a google search on it! How crazy is that? I just don't get it!

Today has been a difficult, trying day. This is what I emailed to some friends who have gone before me in this endeavour:

This is my first year teaching all three older ones. We haven't even started our normal workload yet but are just doing a bit here and there this week but already I'm wondering how I will DO it! How do you have time to work with all plus take care of a baby? I feel like there are constant interruptions as I work with one and the other waits for their 'turn'. I just want to know what worked for you with teaching multiple. We do the same science and history but the other stuff is separate. I think Chatterbox will be able to pretty much work independently, but with me teaching her what she needs to learn each day. Booty Shaker's work shouldn't be too long or take too long each day. I guess right now, already, I feel overwhelmed and I just needed to hear from those who have been there with multiple children and grades! I know God will give me strength!
This is what I emailed Zach:
I have no idea how I'm going to do it. THIS is such hard work trying to teach all 3! I feel like I'm torn in so many different directions and wonder what on earth I will do when we begin our 'full load'. I have doubts about it all today. Especially when BS throws a fit over something silly and Junior Squirrel begins SCRIBBLING in his schoolbook like a retarded 2 year old.
This is what I emailed a couple of friends, venting:
Just sent this off to Zach...this really stinks. I could teach 2 kids. But 3? I'm constantly interrupted or redirecting, its impossible to watch Sweet Pea at times. Seriously, how will I do this? I feel like I'll have to get up at the butt crack of dawn in order to be able to do it all in one day! UUUUUGGGGHHHHHHH
I am not perfect. You can see from my honesty. I'm feeling better now. This afternoon we met some friend's at the park for a playdate and it was just a nice break from home and a great time of fellowship. I feel refreshed and encouraged. God knew it was what I needed. Tomorrow is a new day. I really just hope I figure out something to make schooling easier.
I came home from the park and could barely pull into my driveway! A truck was pretty much blocking one end of it and a motorcycle was parked on the sidewalk on the other end. But I squeezed myself in. It's so frustrating! Our street is very narrow, its crazy! It looks like there's a bunch of Mexicans next door working. Maybe my neighbors are going to get a garage. It looks like it'll be awfully close to our fence! Those workers better be careful!
Well, one good thing is Zach is bringing me home Taco Bell for dinner. Yum.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

busy, busy

Monday night Zach pretty much told me to leave (nicely). So a friend/neighbor and I went out to dinner at Legend's and then went to the mall. I wanted to see if I could find a dress for me for the upcoming wedding. Instead I found a dress for Chatterbox that is super cute, dressy and was only $15!!! It had originally been over $50! Ended up finding clothes for Sweet Pea for next summer for like $2 at Sears. I love sales and really can't pass that stuff up.

Yesterday was a pretty good day school-wise. The kids ate lunch out on the deck and we did science out there. We're learning about creation and yesterday learned how it happened in a certain order. I guess I just always believe what I believe about God creating everything and never put too much thought into it. They cut out different pictures of creation and we mixed them up and it really made you think. Like, you can't have animals without land and plants being created first. Or without the gases and atmosphere. Very good stuff. I also really like our Bible stuff we're doing. CB's learning about inner beauty as opposed to outer beauty right now. The boys are learning about responsibility and loving God with all of our being.

Sweet Pea is getting another tooth and has been a bit cranky lately. She slept great last night and already napped once today but the two days before she wasn't sleeping or napping! She'd be happy up until about 5 where she just had had it!

Today we're strumming along with school. Did our first spelling lessons. Booty Shaker is always so eager to do his schoolwork and he learned about the letter T today. We've all also been reading Flat Stanley and hope to make him and send a few copies of him out...I just have to figure out where we could send him (any takers). I also would like to find some missionary kids that my kids could become penpals with.

Lunchtime is here already so I better get on top of it!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy 1st day of school!!!

Anybody else have issues getting to blogger? Lately when I type it in my address bar it comes up as page cannot be displayed. So I have to go to google, type it in there and it works. One more reason I should make the switch. Last night I did create a wordpress account but haven't really familiarized myself with it all yet. Anyway, today was the first day of 'school' (but not a full load). Here's a rundown:

  • We did Bible time at breakfast. Overall it went well, but I had one boy who would not really cooperate. This boy tested me in other areas today too and I threatened public school (on the first day of 'school'!).
  • We did some chores and then began 'school'. Booty Shaker couldn't wait to begin! I got out the book 'Chicka Chicka Boom Boom' and we read it together while the older two worked on handwriting. BS got to make a tree with his name on it as a project and colored a sheet where we'll add a letter each time he learns a new one.
  • Chatterbox did about 6 pages of handwriting! I think that's her favorite subject! Of course, how hard can it really be? Meanwhile, all Junior Squirrel did was 2 simple pages. Sigh. The difference between children...
  • I got a phone call from an old college friend. We've been playing phone tag over the past week and it was so nice to reconnect with her. If only it wasn't such a crazy morning! Speaking of crazy, Sweet Pea was quite clingy this morning too. So I'm sure Chris wondered what kind of madhouse I live in! A madhouse indeed, but it is MY madhouse:)
  • Booty Shaker wanted to do his 'normal' kindergarten books so we did a couple of pages in them. It's so weird how with my oldest I had time to do all sorts of listed activities and such and with BS I pretty much just skimmed the lesson. But he does already know how to write and hold a pencil so it was very basic indeed!
  • We began our science. We're using Considering God's Creation and will also throw in God's Design Science. We talked about creation and they got to draw pictures for each day.
  • Which reminds me, did I ever share how much money I actually saved on homeschool books from buying from ebay or people? I saved $277!!! Isn't that INCREDIBLE!?! I'm psyched!
  • For lunch we got Happy Meals from McDonald's. I had to run out and bring my CPI forms to the school district office and thought I'd get them a 'treat' for their first day.
  • I ran to Hy-vee and ordered Sweet Pea's and Booty Shaker's birthday cakes. Then we ran to Wal-mart for some needed items.
  • We came home and the doorbell wouldn't stop ringing. The deck guy picking up the wood, the lawn guy spraying the weeds. It seems it rang more than that but I guess not. Maybe just because I was busy at that time!
  • I bought a shepherd's hook, bird feeder, bird food, and hummingbird feeder. The only thing is I can't figure out the hummingbird feeder. There's a hole at the bottom so how does the water stay in it??? Weird. I got the food out on the hook in the backyard. We've noticed quite a few birds perched on the fence lately so hopefully we'll be able to bird watch a bit.
  • I also bought a little aquarium for the boy's sea monsters (triops) that their cousin Luke brought for them. Now we'll grow those and see what happens.
  • We got a package from my mom full of much anticipated sewing items so then the kiddos sat at the table sewing!
  • Much more learning went into the day than I intended! It is a good reminder that not all learning has to be book learning or 'planned'. It was a wonderful day! Now if only I can get my children to quit fighting and start obeying!
  • Oh and another thing...I was pretty mad to have stepped in dog pee before we ran out! Good thing it wasn't the baby crawling in it! YUCK! Here I just mopped a couple of days ago!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

go figure...

So we didn't get to enjoy the deck too much today. We did manage to eat dinner out there before more rain came through. Of course Zach couldn't get the grill started so I was stuck cooking on the indoor grill:( Nothing like more work!

I forgot to mention that I got the sweetest thank you letter from my cousin Emily that stayed with me. I felt like I wasn't the best example that I could've been, ya know? Yelling at my kids, my kids not exactly obeying well...but obviously God was still able to work through it! She said how she's been reading her Bible every day, how she's made life goals and how she's not as afraid of babies. It's so cool! Thank you Jesus!

So I ended up running to Hobby Lobby and the mall to get what I needed for making our timeline for history. I was able to go to Bath & Body Works and save $ and share a coupon I had with a lady (I had 3 of the same one).

Tonight Sweet Pea was a bit overtired, to say the least. The past couple of nights she and I have fun crawling around together, 'chasing' each other. We were both cracking up! I love it! She's at such a fun stage, learning how to be more playful and such.

Wow, two posts in one day! Amazing! Oh and I plan to get pictures of the deck when it quits raining! Now we'll just have to see if blogger allows me to post them!

How on earth?

How is it already the MIDDLE of AUGUST??? Wasn't it seriously just the 4th of July? It sure seems and feels that way. This week has been crazy busy. I feel like my life will be that way for at least another month! I just want it to slow down already!

My cousin, Risa, stopped through on her way East. I hadn't seen her in quite a few years and it was great seeing her and her two kiddos. She's got a boy and a girl and so my kids had new kids to play with. The girls hit it off great! Fast friends! The boys had fun wrestling for a short time, until my little boy got hurt. We went to Ledges, Sonic, the splash park and geocaching while she was here. We also walked to the park, ate Marble Slab ice cream and pizza. It was so fun! I wish she could have stayed at least one more day as it just flew! But, lucky for me, she's stopping in again on her way back home!

Our deck is FINALLY built. Wow, is it nice! I didn't expect it to be as big as it is. Here I was looking at this little patio set from Wal-mart for $100. It had a smaller table and 4 chairs. Well, that would have looked ridiculous on the patio! Plus its not like my family can fit at a table meant to seat 4. So I found a different set at Menard's. I had to pay a bit more but its worth it! I wanted to sit out there today but it's been rainy:( Bummer! I am not too pleased with the company that built the deck though. They're the same ones who built our fence. They left this HUGE pile of dirt under the deck. Uh, hello? When they were finished they'd done the same next to every fence post. So now we have this enormous pile of dirt under our deck. We'll be contacting them about coming to remove it. It was bad enough that Zach did the piles around the fence. And we could always use under the deck for storage.

Sweet Pea sure is getting around. She's walking along furniture! Right now she's standing holding onto her swing. She sure chatters a lot. Yesterday as we were checking out at Wal-Mart she started waving 'bye' as if she knew we were getting ready to leave. What a little smarty pants! Maybe that should have been her nickname instead!

Monday we're going to begin school. Not sure we'll begin with a full load but we'll at least start something. I was hoping to make our timeline this weekend but have been unable to find supplies I need. I was out all night last night shopping for patio furniture and looking for school stuff! I ran out this morning looking a bit too but figured I'd just wait. I didn't want to spend my whole Saturday running around! I did go to the Farmer's Market today. I managed to get all sorts of stuff- a watermelon, onions, cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes. And I didn't have to pay for it, thanks to WICs Farmer's Market checks!

Booty Shaker got his own library card yesterday. He was really excited about that. He's been practicing writing his name for quite awhile now.

I'm sure there's more exciting news in our house but I can't think of it right now! I still need to figure out what to do about putting pictures on here...grrr.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I've heard before how some people pick a Bible verse for their year of schooling. I've never done that before but what a great idea. I've been reading through the book of Isaiah. What a great book! So many verses I've written down, pondered and shared with friends. Today I read this verse:

All your sons will be taught by the LORD, and great will be your children's peace. Isaiah 54:13
It really hit me. I read it. And reread. And read again. And I read different versions of it. I don't normally do that, even for verses that may stick out to me on a given day. But this one really impacted me and got the wheels turning! So, I will try to voice the thoughts I have going through my
Here I sit at home and teach my children. Why do I homeschool? For many, many reasons. One is that I want my children to KNOW the Lord, to WALK in His ways, to be taught of Him and to learn to LOVE Him with all their hearts. Am I teaching them these things? Am I myself walking in His ways so that they will learn through my footsteps? Hmm, I must be honest with myself and God (and you) and say that no I am not. I selfishly do this or that. Sure, lately I've been in the habit of spending time daily in God's Word after they're in bed (which is GREAT). But it's more than that. What about the times they see me on the computer? Couldn't I be reading my Bible, reading them the Bible, playing with them or doing something else? Uh, yeah! So, anyway, back to tying in the verse:)
"And your sons will be taught by the Lord" doesn't say they'll maybe be taught or perhaps they'll be taught but it says they WILL be taught! And who will they be taught by? The LORD! So to apply this to my life I need to allow the Lord to work in MY life so that He can teach my children! WOW! God wants to teach MY children! That's awesome! Especially considering today I was thinking of how cool it would be if those same children went to school outside of the home. Wow, what quiet walls I'd have during the day. The things I could accomplish in a given day! BUT, God has shown me that he desires me to teach my children at home AND He too will teach them!!! Oh, Father God, how I desire you to use ME this year to teach my children in your ways. More important than fragments, multiplication facts, and addressing envelopes is learning how to live our lives for You. And Lord please teach my children, not only through ME, their mother and teacher, but in all other ways. Make me your vessel. Make my children your vessel and use us all to further Your Kingdom.
"And great will be your children's peace" as our children are taught by the Lord it tells us they have great peace. Lately I feel as though my house is not one of peace but of disorder, chaos and grumbling. Why? Probably because of what I stated above in how I'm not allowing the Lord to use me to influence my children's lives for Him. Ok, sure I'm sure He does use me daily in their lives, but not to the extremes I could and should allow Him to. I'm too busy doing my own thing and not seeking what God wants me to do to ensure that my children have great peace. Not just any kind of peace but GREAT peace. So often we see strife within our children's lives and do we stop to think where it develops from? Probably from us! If we're not peaceable mothers, we're not going to have peaceable children! Father, give ME peace- peace in my heart, my home and Lord please work your peace into my children, who are YOUR children. Lord, give us not just a little peace or mediocre peace but GREAT peace. Let YOUR peace fill our walls, fill our hearts and overflow into those around us. Thank You for Your promise of peace. Forgive us for not following You and turn our hearts back toward Your ways.
So, this year I am going to make this the verse of my heart and home. I am teaching my children for the Lord. It's not for records or the state or even my own peace of mind and convictions. In turn, the Lord will give my children great peace. His great peace. Thank you Jesus for your Word, for shining it forth in my heart tonight. For the encouragement that You have provided as I prepare for this new school year.
*This is in no way insinuating that those who are not homeschooled cannot be taught of the Lord, for wherever we are the Lord can teach us and give us peace. This is simply what the Lord showed me in my life through this verse*


Little Sweet Pea is 11 1/2 months old. That is so hard to believe! It doesn't feel like almost a year has passed. It's hard to believe that a year ago I was in so much pain due to kidney stones, a stent and pregnancy! And I'm very thankful I'm not where I was a year ago:) Anyway, for at least the past couple of months I keep feeling like I'm going to get my period. You see, its been forever since I had it- since November of 2007!!! Isn't that awesome and crazy!?!? One of the many benefits of breastfeeding! In July I was cramping pretty bad I was certain it was coming. I even took some Motrin for the pain. Again in August around the same time of month I felt the same way. But nothing. Yesterday I had a tiny bit of spotting though. So I'm not really sure what is going on. I'm sure Sweet Pea isn't nursing as often so I'm sure one day soon those cycles will kick in. And don't' get me wrong, I'm certainly not complaining about being 'free' from it! It is wonderful! I just hate the feeling that I'm going to get it and I wonder and worry...after all nobody wants to start when they're not at home!

Speaking of Sweet Pea, boy does this girl wake up early! This morning she woke pretty much when Zach did and never did fall back to sleep. Which means I didn't either. I hate early mornings. I hate mornings period. Maybe that's a bad attitude. It's not even 8 am and I've got whining, crying, fighting children. I hate it. Makes me want to send them to school next week! Oh and speaking of school I'm thinking I just need to start it back up again and maybe they'll behave better, bounce off of walls less and not fight as much. Highly unlikely I'm sure. I'm seriously fed up with the disrespect I get from them! And they're totally different creatures when Daddy's home. What's up with that?

Ok, I better get off of this machine and get started on my day...even though all I desire is to crawl back into bed.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

to my long forgotten blogging friends...

Oh where, oh where I have been? Quite neglectful of my blog, that's for sure! I don't even remember what happened all week. I guess I can just hit on some highlights...

Thursday evening I went to dinner with two friends, Sadie & Genny. We then went to a homeschool meeting. We were supposed to 'start' our own group but that isn't going to happen this year so I decided to join one of the groups I was in last year. They have a lot of field trips and such which is my main reason why. They have many other cool things too, but it is just too expensive with 3 kids I'd have to pay for! The meeting didn't last long so Sadie & I got some ice cream from Wendy's and we all sat outside of Bbops talking until 10. It was wonderful and great to get out! Sweet Pea was with me of course, but she was so well behaved, aside from riding in the backseat alone!

Friday we decided to head to Omaha to the zoo. We've heard great things about it and thought it'd be fun to take a drive there. We stayed in the TLF at the Air Force base there, so only had to pay about $40 for a room! It wasn't the most 'ideal' room, definitely not a Hilton, but it certainly worked for us! I was amazed how many people were at the zoo at 9 am! WOW! It took awhile to get through some things, due to 'congestion'. It was unbearably HOT! They had some pretty cool exhibits though. We didn't even see it all because we were just so hot and tired after awhile that we said let's be done. Anyway, the animals we'd missed we've seen many times before. And like Zach said, "Who says 'Let's go to the zoo and see SNAKES!'" They sure had an abundance of them!

The monkeys are always my favorite, although I wonder why, being what nasty creatures they are! The first set of little monkeys we saw were ones I'll probably never forget. First, there were two that were just wrestling around. They reminded me exactly of my two boys! Then, a little birdie flew by the outside of the cage yet one of those monkeys swung down and swooped it up! That poor bird tried to escape but all the monkeys were surrounding him, trying to bite off his head or grab him. Then they took him down and drowned him! Before you knew it you saw a leg across the cage, a feather flying and one poor dead monkey. It was rather gross, yet interesting to watch!

The next cage of monkeys were just as entertaining. In front of us sat three- two bigger ones and a 'baby'. The two bigger ones were petting the baby and I was marveling how cute it was! The baby then moved away a bit and the one followed, still trying to touch the baby. But, baby's butt is in the air so that's what the monkey starts to grab at. That monkey was into that baby monkey butt and before long he pulled something off of that butt and stuck it in his mouth!!!! We were all like, "EWWWWWW!" It too was gross, yet funny.

So why my fascination with such nasty creatures? I don't know. They're pretty cute little things. The giraffes were real neat too. We got to watch one get a drink. He stood there for awhile, looking at the water and finally spread his front legs apart and was able to bend his neck and reach the water. It was neat to see! There were animals I'd never even heard of before! We had a great time!

Hopefully another week doesn't go by before I blog. This week proves to be busy though, with dinner guests Tuesday night and my cousin, Risa, and her kids come into town Wed-Fri! I can't wait, its been way too long since I've seen them!!! The kids are excited to see their cousins too, although they don't remember them (they just think its cool they get to play with a 'boy' and a 'girl').

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Sweet little baby, held up above
Everlasting arms, indescribable love.
Jesus needed you in His care
Infinite mercy, always there.
I can't help but wonder what could have been
Wonderful Counselor, Faithful Friend.
Mama misses you with every breath
Giver of Life, Determiner of Death.
We think of you today with heavy hearts
King of Kings, Changer of Hearts.
Thank you Lord for the gift of life
Hearer of prayers, Shining Light.
~In honor of my baby "Grace" that was taken into the arms of Jesus 3 years ago.

Monday, August 03, 2009

I'm still around

I just don't usually know what to blog about these days. Plus with Zach home I don't have as much computer time with spending time with him and having to share the computer! Hmm...well Zach is home. We haven't done a whole lot. Went to eat at Ihop today (Kids Eat Free). Went the the mall the other day. We were going to eat at Olive Garden but it was super busy! We went to church yesterday. I know we've done more I just can't even remember what!

I'm getting a new front loader washing machine tomorrow!!! Our washer doesn't spin anymore so I guess it's time for a new one. I've been wanting one for awhile and just never had a reason to get one.

Anyway, Zach's taking the boys fishing right now. Sweet Pea is sleeping and Chatterbox is reading. I should try to get something done around here but I don't even know where to begin!