Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I've heard before how some people pick a Bible verse for their year of schooling. I've never done that before but what a great idea. I've been reading through the book of Isaiah. What a great book! So many verses I've written down, pondered and shared with friends. Today I read this verse:

All your sons will be taught by the LORD, and great will be your children's peace. Isaiah 54:13
It really hit me. I read it. And reread. And read again. And I read different versions of it. I don't normally do that, even for verses that may stick out to me on a given day. But this one really impacted me and got the wheels turning! So, I will try to voice the thoughts I have going through my head...lol.
Here I sit at home and teach my children. Why do I homeschool? For many, many reasons. One is that I want my children to KNOW the Lord, to WALK in His ways, to be taught of Him and to learn to LOVE Him with all their hearts. Am I teaching them these things? Am I myself walking in His ways so that they will learn through my footsteps? Hmm, I must be honest with myself and God (and you) and say that no I am not. I selfishly do this or that. Sure, lately I've been in the habit of spending time daily in God's Word after they're in bed (which is GREAT). But it's more than that. What about the times they see me on the computer? Couldn't I be reading my Bible, reading them the Bible, playing with them or doing something else? Uh, yeah! So, anyway, back to tying in the verse:)
"And your sons will be taught by the Lord"...it doesn't say they'll maybe be taught or perhaps they'll be taught but it says they WILL be taught! And who will they be taught by? The LORD! So to apply this to my life I need to allow the Lord to work in MY life so that He can teach my children! WOW! God wants to teach MY children! That's awesome! Especially considering today I was thinking of how cool it would be if those same children went to school outside of the home. Wow, what quiet walls I'd have during the day. The things I could accomplish in a given day! BUT, God has shown me that he desires me to teach my children at home AND He too will teach them!!! Oh, Father God, how I desire you to use ME this year to teach my children in your ways. More important than fragments, multiplication facts, and addressing envelopes is learning how to live our lives for You. And Lord please teach my children, not only through ME, their mother and teacher, but in all other ways. Make me your vessel. Make my children your vessel and use us all to further Your Kingdom.
"And great will be your children's peace"...so as our children are taught by the Lord it tells us they have great peace. Lately I feel as though my house is not one of peace but of disorder, chaos and grumbling. Why? Probably because of what I stated above in how I'm not allowing the Lord to use me to influence my children's lives for Him. Ok, sure I'm sure He does use me daily in their lives, but not to the extremes I could and should allow Him to. I'm too busy doing my own thing and not seeking what God wants me to do to ensure that my children have great peace. Not just any kind of peace but GREAT peace. So often we see strife within our children's lives and do we stop to think where it develops from? Probably from us! If we're not peaceable mothers, we're not going to have peaceable children! Father, give ME peace- peace in my heart, my home and Lord please work your peace into my children, who are YOUR children. Lord, give us not just a little peace or mediocre peace but GREAT peace. Let YOUR peace fill our walls, fill our hearts and overflow into those around us. Thank You for Your promise of peace. Forgive us for not following You and turn our hearts back toward Your ways.
So, this year I am going to make this the verse of my heart and home. I am teaching my children for the Lord. It's not for records or the state or even my own peace of mind and convictions. In turn, the Lord will give my children great peace. His great peace. Thank you Jesus for your Word, for shining it forth in my heart tonight. For the encouragement that You have provided as I prepare for this new school year.
*This is in no way insinuating that those who are not homeschooled cannot be taught of the Lord, for wherever we are the Lord can teach us and give us peace. This is simply what the Lord showed me in my life through this verse*


Amie said...

Well said :)

Kim said...

How wonderful and very encouraging

Darlene said...

Yep, it is okay to let the house go and and spend time with the kids. It isn't important if you can eat off your floor, importance is in relationships. (and I know you could eat off your floor before the dog came along:)

DDK23 said...

what a great idea to pick a verse for the school year. I think it would even work for non homeschooling families. There are so many teachable moments in everyday life, and having a verse each year to help guide would be cool.