Sunday, August 09, 2009

to my long forgotten blogging friends...

Oh where, oh where I have been? Quite neglectful of my blog, that's for sure! I don't even remember what happened all week. I guess I can just hit on some highlights...

Thursday evening I went to dinner with two friends, Sadie & Genny. We then went to a homeschool meeting. We were supposed to 'start' our own group but that isn't going to happen this year so I decided to join one of the groups I was in last year. They have a lot of field trips and such which is my main reason why. They have many other cool things too, but it is just too expensive with 3 kids I'd have to pay for! The meeting didn't last long so Sadie & I got some ice cream from Wendy's and we all sat outside of Bbops talking until 10. It was wonderful and great to get out! Sweet Pea was with me of course, but she was so well behaved, aside from riding in the backseat alone!

Friday we decided to head to Omaha to the zoo. We've heard great things about it and thought it'd be fun to take a drive there. We stayed in the TLF at the Air Force base there, so only had to pay about $40 for a room! It wasn't the most 'ideal' room, definitely not a Hilton, but it certainly worked for us! I was amazed how many people were at the zoo at 9 am! WOW! It took awhile to get through some things, due to 'congestion'. It was unbearably HOT! They had some pretty cool exhibits though. We didn't even see it all because we were just so hot and tired after awhile that we said let's be done. Anyway, the animals we'd missed we've seen many times before. And like Zach said, "Who says 'Let's go to the zoo and see SNAKES!'" They sure had an abundance of them!

The monkeys are always my favorite, although I wonder why, being what nasty creatures they are! The first set of little monkeys we saw were ones I'll probably never forget. First, there were two that were just wrestling around. They reminded me exactly of my two boys! Then, a little birdie flew by the outside of the cage yet one of those monkeys swung down and swooped it up! That poor bird tried to escape but all the monkeys were surrounding him, trying to bite off his head or grab him. Then they took him down and drowned him! Before you knew it you saw a leg across the cage, a feather flying and one poor dead monkey. It was rather gross, yet interesting to watch!

The next cage of monkeys were just as entertaining. In front of us sat three- two bigger ones and a 'baby'. The two bigger ones were petting the baby and I was marveling how cute it was! The baby then moved away a bit and the one followed, still trying to touch the baby. But, baby's butt is in the air so that's what the monkey starts to grab at. That monkey was into that baby monkey butt and before long he pulled something off of that butt and stuck it in his mouth!!!! We were all like, "EWWWWWW!" It too was gross, yet funny.

So why my fascination with such nasty creatures? I don't know. They're pretty cute little things. The giraffes were real neat too. We got to watch one get a drink. He stood there for awhile, looking at the water and finally spread his front legs apart and was able to bend his neck and reach the water. It was neat to see! There were animals I'd never even heard of before! We had a great time!

Hopefully another week doesn't go by before I blog. This week proves to be busy though, with dinner guests Tuesday night and my cousin, Risa, and her kids come into town Wed-Fri! I can't wait, its been way too long since I've seen them!!! The kids are excited to see their cousins too, although they don't remember them (they just think its cool they get to play with a 'boy' and a 'girl').


Kim said...

You are We understand your hubby just got back and you guys have lots of catching up to do as a family. How wonderful you got to get away and go to the zoo. I just looked up the other day for a zoo and there are none here. Infact the only real zoo in this state is clear in billings. I was bummed about that. Geez even Little old Minot had a zoo. MOnkeys are cute, but yeah I agree, they are kinda nasty little things. Oh yeah sounds like you had a wonderful time out w/your friends. You needed that

I am OK said...

You're behind on blogging?? At least your better than me, Ha, ha.

Funny thing about those monkeys - they are fun to watch. S certainly thinks they are the best. I like the flamigos. But we both loved the Omaha Zoo when we were there. Sounds like you all had a great time.