Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blogger hates me

And I'm honestly not fond of it. The picture issues and now I can't even get to it without doing a google search on it! How crazy is that? I just don't get it!

Today has been a difficult, trying day. This is what I emailed to some friends who have gone before me in this endeavour:

This is my first year teaching all three older ones. We haven't even started our normal workload yet but are just doing a bit here and there this week but already I'm wondering how I will DO it! How do you have time to work with all plus take care of a baby? I feel like there are constant interruptions as I work with one and the other waits for their 'turn'. I just want to know what worked for you with teaching multiple. We do the same science and history but the other stuff is separate. I think Chatterbox will be able to pretty much work independently, but with me teaching her what she needs to learn each day. Booty Shaker's work shouldn't be too long or take too long each day. I guess right now, already, I feel overwhelmed and I just needed to hear from those who have been there with multiple children and grades! I know God will give me strength!
This is what I emailed Zach:
I have no idea how I'm going to do it. THIS is such hard work trying to teach all 3! I feel like I'm torn in so many different directions and wonder what on earth I will do when we begin our 'full load'. I have doubts about it all today. Especially when BS throws a fit over something silly and Junior Squirrel begins SCRIBBLING in his schoolbook like a retarded 2 year old.
This is what I emailed a couple of friends, venting:
Just sent this off to Zach...this really stinks. I could teach 2 kids. But 3? I'm constantly interrupted or redirecting, its impossible to watch Sweet Pea at times. Seriously, how will I do this? I feel like I'll have to get up at the butt crack of dawn in order to be able to do it all in one day! UUUUUGGGGHHHHHHH
I am not perfect. You can see from my honesty. I'm feeling better now. This afternoon we met some friend's at the park for a playdate and it was just a nice break from home and a great time of fellowship. I feel refreshed and encouraged. God knew it was what I needed. Tomorrow is a new day. I really just hope I figure out something to make schooling easier.
I came home from the park and could barely pull into my driveway! A truck was pretty much blocking one end of it and a motorcycle was parked on the sidewalk on the other end. But I squeezed myself in. It's so frustrating! Our street is very narrow, its crazy! It looks like there's a bunch of Mexicans next door working. Maybe my neighbors are going to get a garage. It looks like it'll be awfully close to our fence! Those workers better be careful!
Well, one good thing is Zach is bringing me home Taco Bell for dinner. Yum.


I am OK said...

Taco bell and chocolate - that is all a girl needs.

Maybe CB can help teach the younger ones, with work book pages, handwriting, and stuff - I bet she'd feel pretty important, and maybe it could help cut back the inturuptions.

Hang in there - you'll get into a groove before you know it.

Love yOu,

Kim said...

I never had to do that so I can't possibly say I've been in your shoes. But I was thinking maybe you can teach BS like 3 times a week instead everyday since its only Kindergarten. That way you could spend more time w/CB and JS on the days you dont have to teach BS. Maybe another way is to have certain times for teaching each kid.Like teach CB for an hour or so then go on to JS, then BS, and have the other kids reading or something till its their time.BUt that way may take too much of your time. Well hang in there, try not to get overwhelmed,Im sure you will be able to adjust to it, after all you are Super Mom ;)