Monday, August 03, 2009

I'm still around

I just don't usually know what to blog about these days. Plus with Zach home I don't have as much computer time with spending time with him and having to share the computer! Hmm...well Zach is home. We haven't done a whole lot. Went to eat at Ihop today (Kids Eat Free). Went the the mall the other day. We were going to eat at Olive Garden but it was super busy! We went to church yesterday. I know we've done more I just can't even remember what!

I'm getting a new front loader washing machine tomorrow!!! Our washer doesn't spin anymore so I guess it's time for a new one. I've been wanting one for awhile and just never had a reason to get one.

Anyway, Zach's taking the boys fishing right now. Sweet Pea is sleeping and Chatterbox is reading. I should try to get something done around here but I don't even know where to begin!


DDK23 said...

I am so glad that Chad and I saved and waited and got the front loader. They are so nice. It's weird not having to set the wash size (at least on ours) because it knows just how much water to put in. Enjoy the rest of the summer:-)

Kim said...

Wow, a new front loader, I'm jealous. Geez I need to look up the restaurants here and see if there are any that have a free kids night, and take advantage of that. it's like $15-$20 just for the kids to eat at some places. Well enjoy your new washer

Anonymous said...

So glad he is home.
I know it makes all the difference!

I am OK said...

I just sold my front loader. I had a fancy one that washed the clothes then stopped and dried them all in the same drum but it took forever and we have new ones in the new house. I got 800 bucks for it on Craigslist! I was so excited. The new house has a regular one and now I so miss the front loading one. Not the dryer part though. LOL>