Wednesday, August 19, 2009

busy, busy

Monday night Zach pretty much told me to leave (nicely). So a friend/neighbor and I went out to dinner at Legend's and then went to the mall. I wanted to see if I could find a dress for me for the upcoming wedding. Instead I found a dress for Chatterbox that is super cute, dressy and was only $15!!! It had originally been over $50! Ended up finding clothes for Sweet Pea for next summer for like $2 at Sears. I love sales and really can't pass that stuff up.

Yesterday was a pretty good day school-wise. The kids ate lunch out on the deck and we did science out there. We're learning about creation and yesterday learned how it happened in a certain order. I guess I just always believe what I believe about God creating everything and never put too much thought into it. They cut out different pictures of creation and we mixed them up and it really made you think. Like, you can't have animals without land and plants being created first. Or without the gases and atmosphere. Very good stuff. I also really like our Bible stuff we're doing. CB's learning about inner beauty as opposed to outer beauty right now. The boys are learning about responsibility and loving God with all of our being.

Sweet Pea is getting another tooth and has been a bit cranky lately. She slept great last night and already napped once today but the two days before she wasn't sleeping or napping! She'd be happy up until about 5 where she just had had it!

Today we're strumming along with school. Did our first spelling lessons. Booty Shaker is always so eager to do his schoolwork and he learned about the letter T today. We've all also been reading Flat Stanley and hope to make him and send a few copies of him out...I just have to figure out where we could send him (any takers). I also would like to find some missionary kids that my kids could become penpals with.

Lunchtime is here already so I better get on top of it!


Kim said...

School sounds like fun.Jarrett did Flat Stanley in Kindergarten and sent him to my mom and dad. They really enjoyed getting Stanley. Creation of the earth is so cool for your kids to be doing. I know I always enjoyed that when I was kid.

I am OK said...

It all sounds like fun! We love Flat Stanley over here too. Soooooo cute. Enjoy.